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Full Zoho Invoice Accounts Receivable Review – All you need to know about Zoho Invoice Accounts Receivable

Zoho Invoice Accounts Receivable Main

Zoho Invoice Accounts Receivable Main

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Accounts receivable software is important for the success of your business. Zoho invoice is a useful online, cloud-based tool which will help you get on top of your business related finance and accounting needs.

What is Zoho Invoice?

With Zoho Invoice you can send invoices physically and electronically, send estimates, record expenses, and even track your time.

This accounts receivable software is made with small to medium sized businesses in mind as well as freelancers. This  service aims to aid these groups in maximizing on the time they spend running their business and minimizing the time they spend worrying about sending out bills.

Zoho keeps it simple, allowing users to quickly start using the service and getting on with monitoring their income. As a testament to the quality of this product, 30 millions users  scattered across the globe trust Zoho’s products such as Zoho Invoice.

Benefits of Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice Overview

Whether you’re a freelancer, musician, or consultant, Zoho Invoice can be of use to you. A service such as Zoho invoice which is able to make your life less hectic can be invaluable. Here are some of the ways Zoho Invoice will help you to do just that:

  • You can create polished looking invoices with Zoho Invoice with customizable invoice templates.
  • There are lots of options available when it comes to sending invoices. You can view your invoice history, keep track of changes, send invoices in multiple currencies and languages. On top of that you can even set up automatic billing.
  • Zoho Invoice makes your accounts receivable hassle-free. You can track refunds and credits. Additionally, payment reminders can be sent as well as thank you notes on receipt of payments.
  • Zoho Invoice allows you to efficiently manage the tracking of your expenses. Users can automatically create recurring expenses, generate expense reports, and even attach pictures of receipts to recorded expenses.
  • You can integrate payment portals such as Paypal with Zoho Invoice. This means that you can automatically log payments received if this is done.
  • Zoho Invoice is a useful tool for teams since it allows you to add users to a Zoho Invoice subscription, and assign them permissions which dictate the activities they can carry out.
  • It’s possible to quickly generate reports on sales, expenses and taxes which give a summary of how your business is doing in these areas.
  • The beginning of your relationship with a client will probably begin with an estimate. This service allows you to convert estimates into invoices with a single click.
  • Budgets can be defined based on the total project cost or total hours spent working on the project.

Zoho Invoice Accounts Receivable Software Features

Zoho Invoice is a useful resource which takes the complexity of accounts receivable out of the equation for small business owners. This software is both easy to use and powerful.

With that in mind let’s cover some of the top features of Zoho Invoice outside of those already examined under the Benefits section of this article.

Record offline payments

Zoho Invoice Record Offline Payment

Zoho Invoice caters to offline payments in addition to payments made online. Simply head to the Invoices section of Zoho Invoice, navigate to the relevant invoice and select Record Payment. Enter the relevant details and you’re on your way.

Customizable Invoice Templates

Zoho Invoice Customize Templates
Zoho Invoice comes with invoice templates which you can tweak to add your business’ personal touch to it. This can help to set you apart from competitors. You can add your business logo and a background image and customize the fields which are present in the invoice. An option is also available to assign a template to a specific contact.

Manage Online Transactions With Your Client Portal

Zoho Invoice Client Portal

With Zoho Invoice, you can set up a client portal which allows clients to access estimates, invoices and timesheets through a secure website. You define your custom link and enable client portal access to your contacts.

When a client views or pays for an invoice, you will be notified. In addition, you can choose the option to share project details with a client and even request feedback through your client portal.

Users can collaborate in real-time with their customers. This makes finalizing estimates and negotiating deals simple since communication is seamlessly facilitated.

Setup Recurring Invoices

Zoho Invoice Recurring Invoice

You send invoices at a defined interval such as weekly, monthly, yearly etc. This is useful in the case of a service which is regularly provided or for a subscription based service. This feature lets you store a customer’s bank account/credit card details. This means that payments are automatically deducted when payment time comes around.

Run Payment Reports

Zoho Invoice Payments

This service provides detailed information on payments such as which customers are slow to pay, and which invoices have been paid. You can also view detailed information on credit notes and refunds issued.

Attach Files To Invoices

Zoho Invoice Attach File

Zoho Invoice lets you attach files to your online invoices. It can be easy to downplay a feature like this but it is very useful since you can use it to attach additional information such as requested marketing material.

Integrate With Third Party Apps

Zoho Invoice Integrations

You can integrate many different apps with Zoho Invoice. This allows for access to information from these apps from directly within the Zoho Invoice environment. Some of the categories and associated apps are as follows:

  • Payment Gateways: Paypal, Razorpay, 2Checkout, Stripe, Authorize.net, Braintree, Forte, Worldpay
  • Gsuite: Google Contacts, Zoho app (available in Chrome Webstore)
  • Documents: Zoho Docs, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Evernote, OneDrive
  • Zoho Apps: Zoho CRM, Zoho Reports, Zoho Projects, Zoho People
  • Other Integrations: Postal Methods, Clockodo, Temponia, Slack, Office 36

Keep Track of Time Spent On Projects

Zoho Invoice Timesheets

This accounts receivable service lets you take control of how you track your time. It’s as easy as entering your project details, then hitting the project timer.

Options are available for hourly billing or fixed billing. In addition, the admin user can grant role based access to timeheets. Moreover, expense tracking and activity can be displayed with a calendar view.

The design of Zoho Invoice makes it easy to invoice instantly for your project hours. Users can automatically fetch logged hours when preparing an invoice.

It’s even possible to generate reports which can give insights into projects such as the amount of unbilled hours.

Send Snail-Mail Invoices


You have the option of sending snail-mail invoices with Zoho Invoice. Some clients might request snail mail invoices so it’s convenient to be able to organize the from directly within the service. If you need to send physical invoices, Zoho’s service will definitely save you time.

Zoho sends out your physical invoices in double window envelopes with professionally printed text on them. A return envelope is sent with invoices, which makes it easy for customers to send payment your way via a suitable method such as by check or money order.


Zoho Invoice Accounts Receivable Pricing

Zoho Invoice has 4 pricing tiers. Each tier caters to a certain sized business. This is an efficient pricing model since it allows customers who don’t need all of the bells and whistles to access a useful service at a price point well suited to them. We will walk you through each pricing tier below.


The free package caters to invoicing up to 5 customers, 1 user can access the account, and you have the option of automating 5 workflows. This tier is probably quite appealing to freelancers, such as freelance writers, who might not have a lot of clients.


The basic package bumps up the number of allowed customers to 50. Users can automate 5 workflows and 1 person can access a subscribed account. This package has a price of $9 per organization/month.


The standard package has a price of $19 per organization/month and allows for the invoicing of up to 500 customers. Furthermore, 3 users can access the account and 10 automated workflows are allowed.


The professional package is the highest tier. This package lets purchasers invoice an unlimited amount of customers. 10 users can be access a subscribed account, you can automate  10 workflows, and set a custom domain for the client portal. The price for this package is $29 per organization/month.

Technical Details
Zoho Invoice Technical Details

Zoho Invoice has a fully functional web interface. However, there are also apps available on the iOS app store, the Google Play Store as well as the Microsoft Store. There’s even a Zoho Invoice app for the Apple Watch which lets you display outstanding invoices, send payment reminders, and track time spent working on projects.

The client portal, invoice templates, and email templates are flexible and allow users to set 1 of 14 available languages. This is an asset in today’s world where business is commonly done across borders.

Support Details

Zoho Invoice Support Knowledge Base

Zoho Invoice offers support via phone for 24 hours on Monday to Friday to paying customers of Zoho Invoice in the USA, the UK, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, France, and India. In addition, a large knowledge base of articles is available which contains information on topics ranging from changing the client portal URL to how to download payment receipts.


Zoho Invoice is a versatile online, cloud-based accounts receivable software package which is suitable for small businesses, freelancers and even medium-sized businesses if you purchase the Professional package.  With its built-in time tracking feature, you will save time figuring out how much to charge clients as you can use your timesheets to automatically invoice customers. In addition, the handy client portal allows your customers to see their invoices and other important documents like estimates through a custom link which is unique to each Zoho Invoice user.

















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