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Full Zoho Expense Review – All You Need To Know About Zoho Expense

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Nothing in life is free and that includes running a business. When running a company, there are a wide variety of overheads and expenses involved and you have to keep track of them all. If not, you will get into difficulties with the taxman, as well as make a loss on any profits you make. This is where Zoho Expense comes to the rescue.

What Is Zoho Expense?

Zoho Expense is part of the cloud-based Zoho platform which also offers Zoho Books and Zoho Invoice. As its name implies, Zoho Expense focuses more on the expenses side of the business, keeping track of costs. You can monitor the running costs of any business and/or client and see at a glance if and how to reduce costs to improve your profit margins.

Zoho Expense Benefits

Here is a list of the features of Zoho Expense, which immediately highlights the benefits of immediately signing up.

  • Scan and email receipts.
  • Import your card transactions (manually and automatically).
  • Track your car mileage expenses.
  • Track per diem allowances.
  • Add expenses in bulk.
  • Customize your expense fields so they say exactly what you want them to say.
  • Define your expense policies to cut down on overheads.
  • List expenses in different currencies.
  • Automatically calculate exchange rates.
  • Secure your information with SSL encryption and two-factor authentication.

Zoho Expense Features

Let’s now examine some of the best features of Zoho Expense.

Scan & Email Your Receipts

Paper has a bad habit of getting damaged and/or going missing. Digital copies remain forever. Scan your receipts into Zoho so you always have backups.

Then email them to whoever needs them, such as another employee, your bookkeeper, or your accountant.

Expenses In Other Currencies Get Automatically Converted

It is very common for employees to travel all round the world on business. Therefore expense reports in multiple currencies is going to be very commonplace in a company that does international business.

To ensure your employees are reimbursed the proper amount in their local currency, Zoho Expense will automatically calculate the amount based on the current exchange rate.

Forward Receipts From Your Email Inbox

A lot of receipts end up in the email inbox, either sent by employees or clients. But having it in the email inbox is no good. You need it in Zoho Expense.

Therefore you can email all your receipts from your email directly into Zoho Expense, where they will be automatically scanned and recorded.

Approve Or Deny Expense Reports Easily

If you have a large company with a lot of employees, that could mean a lot of expense claims on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Backlogs in approving or denying the claims can lead to unhappy employees.

The solution to this is to streamline the process. Give the employee an easy interface to file a new expenses claim. Zoho Expense lets the employee add in details of where the expense was incurred along with the name of the customer and the project.

Define Expenses Limits

To try and prevent expenses abuse, you can define general policies where limits are set on how much can be claimed as a business expense. Anything that goes above those limits will then be rejected.

Create Custom Rules For Automatic Expenses Approvals

Certain expense claims can be automatically accepted if they meet certain criteria. Just add the criteria based on different sets of conditions and if the expense claim meets all of the criteria, it is automatically approved. Less work for you to do in the long term.

Generate Reports To See Who Is Violating Your Expenses Policies

Even if you define expenses policies, there may still be some employees who will decide to chance their luck and see if they can steal money from the company. These people will obviously eat into your profit, so they need to be quickly identified before they cut too much into your overheads.

Zoho Expense can generate reports at the click of a button to show you who is routinely violating your expenses policies. Then you can fire them if need be.

Zoho Expense Pricing


Unlike the other Zoho finance products, Zoho Expense has only two plans – Free and Standard. Free is….well, obviously free of charge. The Standard plan is $15 a month. This makes things extremely simple to choose between.

They also technically have a custom-made plan for any accounts with over 1,000 users. But no pricing is revealed on the website for that one. You probably have to negotiate with the company.

As an added bonus, Zoho Expense seamlessly integrates with Zoho Books and Zoho Invoice. It also integrates effortlessly with QuickBooks and Slack.


The free plan gives you three users to the account and a maximum of one hundred scanned receipts per month. The free plan does not allow online reimbursements via ACH (Automated Clearing House). You also do not have a feature called “Multi-Level Approval”.

Apart from that, the free plan and the standard plan have pretty much the same features, with a couple of other differences which will be highlighted in the next section.


The Standard paid plan gives you a maximum of ten users to the account per month (with additional users an extra $2 per month). Once you get to 1,000 users, that is when the custom plan kicks in and you need to contact Zoho Invoice for a special deal.

You can also scan as many receipts as you want and allow online reimbursements via ACH.

For the full list of features shared by both plans, see the Features section above.

Annual Discount

If you pay for a whole year up-front, you will only have to pay for ten months of that year. The other two months is free of charge. This makes the paid plan $150 a year instead of $180.

Zoho Expense Technical Details


Zoho Expense, like all its sister apps, is a cloud-based system. Being cloud-based, it is not reliant on any one particular operating system or device.

So whether you use Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, or Android, as long as there is a browser in there, you’re all good to go.

As well as English, Zoho is also available in Spanish, Portuguese, German, and French.

Zoho Expense Support Details


Zoho always does a stellar job of supporting their customers, no matter what product people are using. So there is no difference with Zoho Expense.

Here are the ways you can get support from Zoho in case of problems.


Zoho Expense is a nice user-friendly platform for keeping on top of your business expenses. It has a nice pricing structure and plays well with other platforms. There is absolutely no reason why this should not be part of your business accounting solution.