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Why a Good WordPress Custom Theme Designer is Important

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WordPress is the world’s leading CMS (Content Managing System). Over 25% of all websites have been built using this tool.

WordPress is well suited to both personal bloggers, non-profit organizations and businesses. There are various options when it comes to choosing or tweaking existing themes, or finding a WordPress custom theme designer who can build you a completely unique website to fulfill your specific needs.

There are two options when it comes to existing themes on WordPress. There are a host of free themes and then a collection of themes you can purchase, which tend to cost between $50-$100.

Customize Your Own WordPress Theme?

Unless you are an expert coder or you are adept at using lots of plugins, some of the existing WordPress themes can be quite restrictive.

Many of them don’t allow you to easily change the font, the color scheme, the design of the icons, the footer and header placement, the widgets or the menu format.

There is also a good chance that lots of other bloggers and businesses will recognize your theme, as they are also using it or they have seen it elsewhere online.

It is important to distinguish between customizing your own existing theme in WordPress, or employing a custom theme designer to create your website from scratch.

Customizing your own theme includes:

  • Tweaking the theme code
  • Using code to edit the color scheme
  • Code changes to alter text box sizes
  • Modifying header or footer placement

You need to ask yourself how many changes you are looking to make.

If you just need to alter a couple of elements, it may be worth finding someone who is capable of making these changes without the need for a WordPress custom theme designer.

But if you want to change the majority of the elements in an existing theme, then finding a WordPress custom theme designer is a must.

Finding a Reputable WordPress Custom Theme Designerusing a laptop

There are so many people out there claiming to be WordPress experts on forums and on various websites. So, if you are selecting a custom theme designer, it is very important to check their credentials to ensure that they really are capable of delivering a unique website which ticks all of your boxes.

Your website is one of your biggest assets, whether you are a blogger or you are running a business. Your website needs to work effectively for you in order to entice people and draw them in.

A website can make or break a business. It can make the difference between having a large following as a blogger, or going unnoticed.

It’s important to verify that a custom theme designer has experience in building a website from scratch, and that they’re not simply planning to tweak an existing theme.

As mentioned above, the two tasks are very different.

Ask to see samples of their work and look for reviews from satisfied customers online. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations in forums.

Also be aware of theme designers’ prices, as often the initial quote bears no resemblance to the final cost. They often use “add-ons” to boost prices for additional features.

Designing a WordPress theme from scratch is not a cheap option because it is very labor intensive. Vast amounts of code need to be written as part of the process.

However, if you’re planning to tweak an existing theme beyond recognition, then asking a designer to create an entirely new theme may be quicker and cheaper.

The Importance of a Good WordPress Theme Designer

Custom theme designers usually have a team behind them, which includes a qualified and skilled graphic designer who can create the typography and designs in a template format. Then there is the developer who transforms the templates into code.

This team should:

  • Spend time getting to you know you, your brand, your customers, your target market, your followers, your products and your aims before starting work.
  • Ensure that you share a common vision for your customized WordPress theme.
  • Ensure that they create a theme which is user-friendly for you and your team, as there is no point in them creating something which is so complex to operate that only they are able to do so.
  • Ensure that your site works correctly across mobile devices and different browsers.

Many existing WordPress themes are built to work correctly across many platforms, but it’s important to make sure that your custom theme does as well.

Advantages of a Good WordPress Custom Theme Designer

wordpress code is poetryIn general, custom designed WordPress themes will update whenever WordPress issues an automatic update. But in some cases, there may be some glitches.

These glitches can occur either when an existing theme has been customized, or when a new theme has been created and the altered code affects the core WordPress installation somewhere else on the site.

Any good designer knows that the way to avoid this is to ensure that any plugins you are using are updated regularly. Preferably automatically.

One advantage of getting a WordPress custom theme designer to build your website is that they will ensure that your site doesn’t contain a lot of elements which aren’t being used.

This can happen with existing themes or with customized themes themes. If installed plugins or other unnecessary elements are minimized, your website will have a faster loading time.

Not only is this great for your visitors, but it can can also improve Google rankings.

Hire a Custom WordPress Theme Designer

It’s worth employing a WordPress custom theme designer if:

  • You want your site to be totally unique
  • You don’t like any of the existing free or paid themes
  • To make existing themes suit your needs, you would need to do a lot of tweaking
  • You want a fast-loading page which will soar in Google rankings

If you do choose to hire a WordPress designer, it’s vital to do your homework and to make sure that you get a full quote, including all potential add-ons and not just a baseline quote which is likely to be significantly lower than the actual price.

It’s also worth finding out what qualifications the graphic designer has and to prepare a thorough brief so that the theme design team can deliver a website which suits all of your needs, and really captures and enhances your brand.

Check reviews of the company or designer you plan to use and ask to see samples of their work before employing them.

Most importantly, make sure that they give you a clear demonstration of how to use your new site and find out what kind of follow-up and support services they offer, should you have queries once your new website has been launched.

Make sure you know how to use, operate and update every element of your customized theme, and then enjoy this unique creation which you have played a big part in bringing to life!