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What To Look For In Business Management Software

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There are all sorts of different businesses that have very unique individual needs.

For example, there are entrepreneurs that are at the head of multiple companies, and those who run a small business while maintaining a day job.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what sector you are in – every entrepreneur should be doing everything that they can in order to optimize their business.

That’s why business management software is so important.

Whether an organization is a small business or a global conglomerate; business management software can help to optimize productivity, and provide unique solutions to existing issues.

Obviously, there are advantages and disadvantages to business management software – and finding the right business management software can be essential to the success of your business.

Let’s examine some options that might be advantageous to both you and your organization.

Smaller Budgets/No Budget

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Of course, first and foremost, the individual has to decide on the amount of money that they are willing to spend on business management software.

This will obviously vary very widely. If you are a first-time entrepreneur who simply wants to streamline operations for a single retail store – you clearly don’t have the same budget as a global conglomerate who is willing to spend as much money as possible on business management software in order to improve the bottom line.

The first step is to find the amount of money that you are comfortable spending. It’s also important to remember that you might find that the business management software ends up paying for itself through improving your operations.

So it might be best to consider setting aside a certain amount rather than opting for free solutions.

However, for those who spend or invest in their business more conservatively, starting off with free business management software might help you identify exactly how you want to utilize software.

There are even options for those who want to explore the potential of business software management without a budget at all.

Yes, believe it or not – there are free business management software tools out there. Of course, it goes without saying that they do not share the same features as services that charge, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be helpful.


One obvious option for those who are seeking a free business management tool is Bitrix24.

Bitrix24 has gained some serious traction in the business world, with over 4 million organizations utilizing the software, and having being written up in respected publications such as Forbes, PC World, and ZDNet.

Here is a breakdown of what one can hope to utilize with a free plan, as compared to plans that cost:

business management costs

As you can see, one key reason why many businesses are attracted to Bitrix24 is the fact that one can utilize online storage and toggle between 12 users for free!

This is certainly rare, and a clear advantage for those who are running a small business that employs 12 or less individuals.

However, it should be noted that Bitrix24 isn’t a good choice for a large modern organization. The design is a bit dated, the layout isn’t as sleek as one would hope, and it simply might not serve the needs of a larger corporation.

However, when it comes to free options for a small business, who are looking for ways to communicate through group chat, maintain an activity stream, and track time – Bitrix24 might make complete sense, and can certainly save a small business lots of money.


bitrix business management software

Another solid option is Knack.

Like Bitrix24, there is a free plan available at Knack – however, it does limit the users to three, which is only 25% of the users that you can utilize for free on Bitrix24.

However, there are some other advantages.

While both Bitrix24 and Knack offer mobile apps, Knack’s layout is more sleek and pleasing to the eye. In addition, it does offer much more in the accounting department.

This is important, for those who might require more accounting organization than anything else. It should also be noted that unlike other free business management software options – Knack actually offers 24/7 support.

This might bring peace of mind to a solo entrepreneur or small business who wants to learn more about how to use the software fully to their advantage.

The support is not even limited to a particular support portal – a user can contact the company 24/7 through e-mail, chat, Skype, or phone. Knack’s biggest selling point is that it is easy to use.

Ultimately, everybody wants to utilize software that isn’t confusing, so that their organization can be more productive. In this particular aspect, Knack excels.

Larger Budgets

Of course, there are businesses that are already up and running – and for these organizations, money might not be an issue.

These businesses might want to invest in business management software that will improve workflow to a point where their company is optimized for the long-term, rather than focus on the more affordable options.

While Bitrix24 and Knack do have some affordable and competitive pricing plans – for these kinds of organizations, their needs might be a little more nuanced and complex.

For example, what about companies that truly are “in the field”, with all sorts of logistical factors to take into account?

There are countless organizations that would be optimized if they knew exactly where their employees were at all times, so that they can maintain the right relationships with their customers and clients, and ensure their satisfaction.

In these cases, the company might not be looking for business management software that can improve their accounting – they have taken care of that aspect. However, what could save them thousands, or even millions, of dollars – is truly knowing where their employees are.


jobber business management softwareWell, you would be looking for something along the lines of Jobber.

Jobber is specifically marketed to companies that are constantly “in the field”. While all sorts of companies in the business management field offer modern features such as mobile apps, help desk functionality, and automated workflow – Jobber stands out in one important way: it offers GPS Tracking.

This is a very smart purchase for those in any field that services residential or commercial areas.

It doesn’t matter whether the company involved in the electricity, pest, construction, handyman, landscaping, or other industries that require employees to constantly visit clients and attend to their needs – it is clear that Jobber could end up paying for itself in no time.

For its features, it is priced affordably, as well, as Jobber is able to connect up to 10 users for $129 a month, and offers connection to unlimited users for $259 a month.

For those with a small booming business of two to fifty employees; Jobber might be an extremely smart investment when it comes to saving time, money, energy, and resources. Of course, the plans come with standard features, such as CRM, invoicing, scheduling, reporting, and support.

It’s no surprise that Jobber has won two awards last year: becoming the 2017 FrontRunners leader over 400 other software products in the same field, and also beating out dozens of competitors to become the 2017 GetApp Category Leader, as well.


Similarly, for those who are concerned with asset data – there is an obvious option in AssetPulse.

AssetPulse utilizes RFID technology to help improve up-to-date data with regards to valuable assets, and this is obviously geared towards construction companies, companies in the oil/gas sector, and laboratories, as well.

This could help tremendously in terms of not only labor cost, but time and money spent on recovering a missing asset, for example.

In essence, for any company that needs constant information about inventory, AssetPulse could help make that organization much more productive.

Business Management Software: Lots of Choices

Ultimately, there are all sorts of different types of business management software tools out there.

To find the one that fits for you, first determine your budget, or how much you/your organization is willing to invest.

Of course, for those who are thinking long-term, remember that the software can often pay for itself within months or years, depending on how you utilize it.

After this step, it’s important to think about the ways in which you need the software. It’s also important to keep in mind that as your company grows – its needs grow, as well.

If you invest now in software that might prove useful later, it could be a smart investment.

Lastly, ensure that you enjoy the software, and that it is easy to use. No matter how useful a tool is – employees have to feel comfortable in order for it to ultimately be successful.

This also means that you might want to examine whether you should update your software or switch it up every several years.