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Full VelocityEHS Compliance Management Software Review – All you need to know about VelocityEHS

: VelocityEHS Compliance Management Software

Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) management and sustainability of data on spreadsheets have proven to be costly and inefficient. In this regard, you can take advantage of the capabilities offered by VelocityEHS Compliance Management Software and through this, EHS can be managed from a single point and information such as safety processes and incident reports can be centralized. VelocityEHS software is comprehensive, robust and addresses complex business requirements and demands simply and faster. Companies that rely on this EHS management solution are able to achieve their implementations with speed and under budget as opposed to the expensive and complicated nature of traditional enterprise software products.

Why does compliance matter? Most companies choose to indulge themselves in product development and running their business and they would ignore putting in place an effective compliance management program which is very important. Previous evidence such as the Verizon 2012 Data Breach Investigation Report has indicated that 92% of data breaches were identified by third parties. In this view, it would be appropriate to suggest that majority of businesses only focus on compliance management after being informed about a breach by their partners or customers, or even worse, after being aired in the news. The same report also indicates that 97% of the data breaches were avoidable only if the companies would have acted responsibly towards their customers, business partners and employees by considering their environment and shareholders. These companies could have implemented a solution such as VelocityEHS Compliance Management Software to overcome the difficulties associated with non-compliance.

And what are the consequences when a compliance has been violated?  When business partners, customers, and employees handover their confidential information to your organization, it means they choose to do so because they trust you.

In the event that these data is stolen as a result of not putting in place proper security measures, then you are the one who must bear the burden of the potential consequences resulting from such breaches. The consequences could come in form of heavy fines and penalties without forgetting legal costs, reputation damage and losing the loyalty and trust of stakeholders. Possibly, you could even end up losing your whole business. So, if you are thinking that compliance costs are too high for your business, consider the ultimate cost of non-compliance. To avoid huge penalties and fines associated with non-compliances, consider implementing VelocityEHS software as your chosen compliance management solution because of the benefits it brings.

It seems as if implementing a compliance management program requires a lot of work and would cost a lot of money but the truth is that it doesn’t cost a fortune. You should consider the following seven keys to implementing a compliance management strategy that is successful.

  1. Establish a tone from the executive which supports compliance. This is because the top management in your organization needs to be committed to ensuring the effective development and implementation of a compliance program that is successful.
  2. Evaluate the risks and compliance directives based on services, products, markets, and countries that your company interacts with. Before initiating a compliance program, it is important to perform a compliance risk inventory and assessment. In this way, you will be able to examine the potential risks that your business could face.
  3. Study industry standards. Research on the best practices, and the public discussions and comments in which compliance risks and directives have been identified.
  4. Authorize the use of external sources like lawyers, consultants, regulators, service providers and insurance companies as resources for guidance and answering compliance matters. You can also use them as the third party for transferring risks or part of the compliance responsibility.
  5. Train employees about compliance not only to maximize their compliance with laws and rules but also to reduce the risks associated with litigation, fines, and adverse publicity due to non-compliance.
  6. Involve compliance staff such as compliance manager, data protection officers, and security officers during the development of new products and services as this would help you to fully address the risks of non-compliance by these products and services.
  7. Ensure that the compliance program is effective.

What is VelocityEHS Compliance Management Software?

VelocityEHS Compliance Management Software is a comprehensive and robust EHS management solution that addresses complex business requirements and demands in a simple way and fast. Organizations that rely on VelocityEHS software for compliance can speed up their implementations while staying within budget as compared to those that rely on complex and costly traditional enterprise software solutions.

With VelocityEHS software, companies will be able to meet the compliance requirements of the environment, health, and safety (EHS). Velocity EHS software is a sustainable EHS management solution which is friendly and very effective when it comes to managing business challenges that are complex. This application will provide you the visibility to all the facets of your organization and operations, enabling you to manage the operational risks while at the same time improving performance throughout your entire architecture.

As a user of VelocityEHS Compliance Management software, you will enjoy the services offered by its in-house team which is always ready to deliver a world-class service and fully implements VelocityEHS software within a short period of between two to four weeks.

Without VelocityEHS, compliance Management software, it could prove inefficient and costly to manage EHS and also sustain data on spreadsheets. VelocityEHS software provides a single point for EHS management which will let you centralize your data and information such as incident reports, environmental spills, and safety processes will all be available in one place. This EHS management solution will give you the insight you need in order to enhance the environmental, health, and safety impacts while having a global view of the operational risks at your workplace in real-time.

VelocityEHS software - incident manegement

VelocityEHS Compliance Management software can easily solve complex business challenges and its implementations are faster, less costly and more successful when compared to traditional enterprise software solutions. The real value of this EHS management solution is not the software itself but its ability to allow you to do your job and attain your goals with ease.

VelocityEHS software is designed for the cloud and delivers less costly, more predictable and quicker implementations usually within 2 to 4 weeks. When you are a user of this EHS management solution, you will have a fundamentally unique user experience that is centered on the most important information and tasks to your business. VelocityEHS Compliance Management software offers the easiest way of boosting productivity, improving user adoption, increasing data quality and reducing training. This EHS management solution runs on any mobile device and therefore gives you and your employees the ability to access it from anywhere.

EHS management solution - reporting

As a user of VelocityEHS Compliance Management Software, you will have access to the latest releases and this will help you to keep the pace with your changing requirements and regulations. VelocityEHS software has been built to help you run your EHS programs as per industry best practices and thus it offers you some of the best functionalities while still remaining configurable to meet your specific requirements.

Velocity EHS as a company is a new kind EHS software provider that helps you attain your environmental, health, safety, and sustainability goals quicker.


Benefits of VelocityEHS Compliance Management software

Similar to other Compliance Management software, VelocityEHS also comes with its own benefits to the user.

VelocityEHS software offers better visibility to your organization

As a user of VelocityEHS Compliance Management software, you will gain better visibility into some of the deepest aspects and areas of your organization which is hardly attained when relying on costly and inefficient spreadsheet-based systems. While using VelocityEHS software, you will be able to centralize all your information including incident reports, safety processes, environmental spills, and near-miss data.

In addition, this EHS management solution will provide you the insight you need for better comprehending of your business while also giving you the information necessary for improving the environmental, health and safety impacts of your company.

VelocityEHS helps you to be better

VelocityEHS prefers the approach of partnering with their customers to ensure that they are all working from clearly defined objectives that provide value and empower the customer to be a more selective leader of EHS.

No spreadsheets

Spreadsheet-based systems are inefficient. With the use of VelocityEHS software, you will eliminate spreadsheets and forego the traditional ways of managing and staying up to date with environmental, safety, and health standards and regulations. This EHS management solution centralizes all information and accelerates all processes and this saves you the time you spend on collecting data. As a user of VelocityEHS Compliance Management software, you will be able to access information, generate reports, and come up with insights of evaluating and preventing, if not managing, operational risks.

VelocityEHS software delivers value to businesses

VelocityEHS Compliance Management software has been designed through partnering with EHS professionals and therefore VelocityEHS is able to quickly understand your complex challenges and help you create best practice solutions that are well-designed for delivering value to your business.

VelocityEHS Software can spot gaps in compliance and notify users when these are updated

This EHS management solution has been built with an ability to spot gaps in compliance while notifying users of these updates. You can, therefore, achieve and maintain compliance easily using VelocityEHS. The application has automated everything and thus organizations will operate with total confidence in the view that they have attained compliance standards. Companies will be in a position to avoid fines and penalties as VelocityEHS software observes strict adherence to industry regulations and standards.

Solving complex problems with simplicity

As a user of VelocityEHS software, you will notice its ease of use and intuitiveness. With this simplicity, your companywide engagement with reference to EHS programs will be faster, and you will be in a position to better identify and manage risks while leading a safer, and more sustainable business organization.

Features of VelocityEHS Software

VelocityEHS Compliance Management software has several features which offer users different functionalities and capabilities.

  • Incident Management
  • Ergonomics
  • Air Emissions
  • Compliance Management
  • Training Management
  • Performance Metrics
  • Management of Change
  • Risk Analysis
  • Reporting & Dashboards
  • Chemical Management
  • Audit & Inspection
  • Corrective Action
  • On-Demand Training
  • Water Quality
  • Safety Meetings
  • Waste Compliance

Let us now look into some of the functionalities and capabilities that come with these features.

Reporting and dashboards

  • Users of VelocityEHS Compliance Management software can run everything seamlessly on a single dashboard.
  • Real time data access can be done from anywhere and at anytime
  • Information can be easily managed throughout the organization with a single powerful platform that allows you to explore data in exciting new ways.
  • With this EHS management solution, you’ll discover new inefficiencies and answer your most pressing questions quickly and efficiently.

VelocictyEHS Compliance Management software also allows you to generate powerful reports and visualize risks and performance metrics with accuracy.

VelocityEHS Compliance Management Software- Reporting and Dashboard

Compliance management

VeloicityEHS software will allow you to maintain ongoing compliance.

  • You will be able to monitor policy and regulatory requirements, permits and the relevant tasks in a simple compliance calendar by location.
  • The EHS management solution allows you to create and maintain a library of regulatory, legal, and reporting obligations.
  • Standardize and consolidate comparisons and calculations of data into one system.

VelocityEHS Compliance management software also gives you the ability to streamline organizational responsibilities and reduce compliance risks.

VelocityEHS - Compliance Management

Audit and inspection of Velocity EHS management solution

As a user of VelocityEHS Compliance Management software, you will be able to improve your efficiency and consistency.

  • You will boost your employee engagement through audit and inspection programs.
  • Audit and inspection activities will be streamlined for effectively managing risks and reducing costs.
  • VelocityEHS software provides users with consistent processes and protocols for standardizing performance throughout the organization.
  • The EHS management solution enables quick and accurate evaluation of compliance with management standards, policies and regulations.

With VelocityEHS application you will also be able to drive compliance and performance and undertake flexible and extensive reporting.

VelocityEHS software - inspection and auditing

Management of change

VelocityEHS Compliance Management software allows you to reduce operational change complexity.

  • Only assign approvals to the appropriate persons
  • Use integrated checklists and approvals to control changes
  • Create configurable forms, checklists, and workflow for reviewers, designers, and approvers.
  • Maintain a full record of changes and approvals in a single central location
  • Users can issue or access change requests via their mobile devices.
  • You can also share information that has been affected by changes such as documents, pictures, and discipline-specific data.

With this EHS management solution, you will also be able to mitigate risks and hazards, perform enterprise-wide visibility, and simplify compliance.

VelocityEHS - management of change


As an enterprise, you will receive the pricing information of VelocityEHS software and other details by contacting VelocityEHS at ehs.com. You can also submit a request for a demo to see if the software is a perfect fit for your system.

Technical Details

VelocityEHS Compliance Management Application supports devices that run on Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone/iPad, and Web-based. The EHS management solution only supports the English language. The pricing model is quote-based. The application supports small businesses, medium businesses, and large businesses. It is deployed through cloud-hosting.

Support Details

The vendors of VelocityEHS software offer their support through phone and tickets. Full contact details are available at ehs.com.