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Top 20 Best Shared Web Hosting Companies/Providers in 2018

Shared Web Hosting Companies

A web hosting platform is more like investing in Real Estate where you set a solid foundation for your property. It is a fundamental component of a website to make it accessible to your intended visitors. A Shared Web Hosting Service is typically a type of cloud hosting service where a number of websites are located. Unlike a dedicated hosting where only your website resides, a shared web hosting is more practical because operational costs, bandwidth, and disk space allocation are divided between users. Also, with a shared hosting, your business does not require to have highly technical staff because maintenance and administration are fully managed by the hosting provider.

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In a lot of sense, choosing whether to go for a dedicated server or a shared website hosting service all boils down to what your business needs are. Maintenance and upfront costs are also considerations you have to determine. For small to mid-sized businesses, a shared domain is the most popular option because it is relatively cheaper and much more convenient. Choosing though doesn’t have to come at a bargain price.

There are many cheap domains out in the market offering reliable services akin to a dedicated server. These companies and service providers give you the bang-for-your-buck and ensure you get top rated web hosting.

As not all shared domain hosting providers give the same quality of services, choosing the most appropriate one for your business would mean you have to consider the qualities they provide. Some of the most vital considerations you have to determine when choosing a reliable shared web hosting service provider include:

  • Backup Solutions
  • Data Security
  • Analytics
  • Scalability
  • Customer Service Support

Getting a shared web hosting service is not a radical approach but is more of an accepted means for companies and businesses in need of a strong online presence. While a dedicated server allows you to have the best bandwidth and server disk space, it has a premium price which over time can have a toll on your overall business longevity. A dedicated server is more for big companies and enterprise while a shared domain is for general businesses.

Before purchasing a web hosting service, ask yourself these questions. It will help you determine the right solutions for your own business:

  • What kind of website are you trying to build?
  • What kind of hosting needs your business demands – Small, Medium or Large Enterprise?
  • What are the renewal and upfront costs?
  • What platform do you intend to use and will it need a special coding software? e.g. WordPress, .NET, Java, PHP, etc.
  • What is your target website traffic volume?
  • Do you foresee building multiple websites?
  • Does the shared web hosting provider offer account upgrade options?
  • What type of security measures do they offer?

Answering all of these questions will help you determine the most suitable shared web hosting service provider for your business.

Here, we have listed the Top 20 Best Shared Web Hosting Service Providers and Companies of 2018 offering the most reliable services. They were gathered across the field based on the criteria we have determined based on scalability and to help you answer the questions above. These best web hosting service providers are industry leaders and have had positive reviews from most the website owners and account holders.



An industry leader, HostGator has been servicing the Internet community with reliable feature-packed hosting plans for every business. They provide excellent plans for shared hosting domains even catering to non-tech website owners. HostGator offers an extremely robust web-building software with an excellent customer service. The only downside to  their service is that they do not provide a Window-based VPS Hosting, but nonetheless, they have everything you need in setting up your own website. HostGator offer a user-friendly website building interface with an array of plan selection for different-sized businesses and novice webmasters.


DreamHost has one of the strongest security features in the industry so if you want a shared web hosting company with the knack of providing top-rated data security, DreamHost would be your ultimate provider. The shared hosting provider is also an awarded WordPress-compatible host, giving you brand a domain name that ends with .life, .online, .store, .tech among others. DreamHost also has an extensive set of domain management tools which would simplify your website building. What’s more is they offer unlimited data transfer/month and an exceptional array of VPS and cloud hosting plans.


With a reliable and rock-solid Uptime, GoDaddy sets the bar along with HostGator. The company has more than 17 million members and ranks as one of the most sought-after web hosting providers in the world. Currently, GoDaddy supports more than 72 million domains and triple the number of websites within its shared web hosting service. The web domain service provider supports both Windows and Linux run web servers with high integration for WordPress hosting. They also have flexible tools for website development, giving you the ROI you need.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting has one of the most decent uptime and offers plans that include unlimited email. They also have easy-to-use and friendly website building tools which you would find really convenient. Non-techy business owners can rely on InMotion Hosting to provide them with their needed website without going through extensive training learning any language. InMotion Hosting has attractive features and plans with feature-stacked services. The hosting reseller only lacks a monthly payment plan and Windows server support which keeps them from ranking #1.


An undisputed shared domain provider, Bluehost offers the most unique package in terms of user-friendly interface and low pricing. They have a free hosting domain and a website builder which makes it extra attractive for businesses seeking a shared web hosting provider. Bluehost also has a WordPress one-click installer for users who find it convenient to develop their sites using the tool. The website builder even advocates Bluehost and has partnered to dominate the website building industry. Bluehost has a hundred percent in-house services with its own infrastructure including data centers, fiber connections, and custom-built servers operating on the Linux kernel.  The company can help your business by leveraging it in Google and on Bing advertisements.


1&1 offers both Linux and Windows-based website development. They have user-friendly website building tools and a no setup fee for the basic services. 1&1 offers affordable web hosting with its rich tools and great customer support. They offer cheap web hosting for those who would like to instantly setup their websites. The hosting provider has developed their name as one of the trusted leaders because they have an in-house management and monitoring team monitoring your website’s performance.  They offer hosting service for WordPress including a dedicated email address to match their sites domain name. 1&1 has WordPress Basic and Unlimited, cPanel for Basic Windows Hosting, and Unlimited Windows.

A2 Web Hosting

A2 Web Hosting is packed with rich website building features and robust packages for shared web hosting and domains. They have a wonderful uptime which gives you great coverage for your investment. The web hosting service provider can help you build a solid foundation for your website with its ultra-reliable Uptime commitment and 24/7 Guru Crew Support. Shared web hosting plans start at a very reasonable price including personal blog hosting, WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla optimization, and Turbo servers which is 20x faster than most service providers.



SiteGround has a good uptime and has an improved security and performance level because of its integration with CloudFare. One thing that sets SiteGround apart from its competitors is they offer an SSL Certificate for all their shared web hosting plans. They also include free services for many of their plan features and include a strong security for their data storage.


A Minecraft server option, Hostwinds offer a wonderful shared hosting plan with highly functional tools that will assist you with your website building. The company offers a strong customer service and has also a reliable reseller and VPS hosting for those who are looking for alternatives.


TMDHosing is an exceptional WordPress-based shared web hosting provider offering wonderful tools so you can build stunning websites.  They also offer various website hosting plans including cloud and reseller. TMDHosting offers a decent uptime and they offer excellent customer service.


BlueDomino can be traced back to the early inception of the Internet in 1996. They have a solid experience when it comes to shared web hosting and provides extra services including their site management tools. BlueDomino is an A-lister with exceptional server performance and bandwidth allocation. They do not experience downtimes and has an impressive bracket response time of 351-558 ms.


With a long history to back its performance level, iPage has been an industry staple since 1998. They provide several unusual plans for their customers which are cheap and reliable. iPage has no downtimes but the only downside to their service are slow loading issues. But overall, they provide a reliable shared web hosting service with a great customer support. They have affordable plans, a good hosting service, and an extraordinary service performance.


HostPapa, though the name may not be all that great-to-hear, has the most number of positive reviews from their subscribers and account holders. They offer an average response time similar to the most shared hosting service provider and has quality uptimes. HostPapa offers low prices for their shared web hosting which starts at less than $4.


Though the shared web hosting provider is a relative newcomer, they already offer a wide range of services. Shared hosting is one of their greatest  products because of their reliable uptimes marked at 99%. They have a more than satisfactory ratings over the last couple of years with a server performance that continues to improve over the years. GreenGeeks has a positive business outlook and is  touted to be at par with some of the most prominent service providers over the years to come.

Web Hosting HUB

A relative newcomer in the shared web hosting scene, Web Hosting HUB has statistics that most web  hosting providers would be jealous about. Their servers rarely experience downtimes and their uptime has always shown impressive performance since they introduced their web hosting services in 2010. Response time though is optimal between 700 to 1200 ms, but for a price lower than $5 is more than a bargain. Web Hosting HUB is a good alternative and a great option business owners can consider.



With an eccentric mascot that easily captures your attention, FatCow is a farm-themed shared web hosting service provider you would want to have a deal with. They have been remarked for their impressive and stable uptime over the last couple of months and their performance has been solidly praised for its consistency, stability, and reliability. FatCow offers free back-ups, offers a solid server performance, and a decent response rate.


The website’s landing page is what captivates you to try their services. The shared web hosting service provider has been around since 2004 and is run by a single person. The domain host only has 3 servers with over 400 websites residing on its humble abode. Though only run by one person, Bihira has an impressive uptime of 100% and has a response time of 400-650 ms. The shared web hosting provider has a cheap starting price of less than $3, a good price for a starting company and small businesses.


A Singapore-based shared web hosting provider, CyberUltra has a clean website feel. They have managed to have an impressive server performance since they started providing services and has a response rate that ranges from 300-750 ms.  CyberUltra offers cheap domain pricing and a cheap web hosting pricing.


Without a single instance of having a downtime, WireNine is the most impressive shared web hosting provider in the market. This impressive company also offer a response time of 400 -800 ms which makes it an ideal business partner. WireNine though does not offer its services at an affordable price but it compensates for the quality of service they provide.

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