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The 5 Best SEO Company Websites You Should Bookmark

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Google has around a 100 billion searches a month, and your company’s livelihood depends on these searches. So narrowing down which best SEO company deserves to give you that extra bit of help is crucial for your business.

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A lot of companies tend to handle their own SEO themselves, hoping for the best. This normally doesn’t provide the results they were hoping for.

The following are a few companies that will get your business more users, keep them coming back and boosting your bottom line.

DMA (Digital Marketing Agency)-Albuquerque, New Mexico

dma best seo company

DMA has been in business since 2002, with their revenue officially crossing $10 million.

This company is great for medium or large-sized businesses that are looking for immediate results on a domestic or international scale.

One of the impressive perks when it comes to dealing with DMA is that the reports they provide customers have a reputation for being transparent, with plenty of reviews complimenting their work ethic. Customers report that the company is easy to deal with.

Here are a few quick facts that you could skim through to understand the company better:

  • Brands they have worked with: Kohler, tripadvisor, Blockchain, Avva.com, etc.
  • DMA does have a pretty high monthly budget in comparison to other companies with most businesses that come to them having to spend upwards of $5000.
  • With more than 80 members of staff and 500 regular clients, DMA focuses on SEO, Pay per Click Management and Social Media Optimization services primarily.
  • The company has been recognized as one of the best SEO companies around, winning over 30 awards from reputed award shows like BIMA Awards as well as the Lincolnshire Digital and Tech Awards.
  • Other services handled by the company are reputation management and web development which are perfect for growing businesses.
  • Branches can be found in 10 different countries including the United States, Canada, Hong Kong and Germany.
  • Contact information: DMA can be contacted at their main office at +1-800-569-2754.

Boostability-Lehi, Utah

boostability seo company

Founded in 2009, Boostability is the go-to SEO service for small businesses to depend on, with a project size of anything less than $10,000.

Their client focus is small, local businesses and they focus on retail, e-commerce, hospitality and professional services.

Clients consistently mention that the management team carries out their campaign well and that the customer service representatives are incredibly helpful no matter which representative you are talking to.

The company is ideal for businesses that have less than 20 employees and are looking for online leverage. Some companies have even recorded an increase of 75% in their web traffic after working with Boostability.

Here are a few quick pieces of information that you should keep in mind before approaching Boostability for a quote.

  • Boostability primarily deals with SEO and social media marketing that help with audience reach and generating qualified leads for the company.
  • The company also offers web design services to their clients but most clients are small businesses looking for SEO.
  • In terms of pricing, there is only one option listed on their website at the moment which is $40 an hour no matter what service you are looking for. If you would prefer a more accurate quote approaching Boostability at their main branch at +1-800-261-1537 would be ideal.
  • Boostability also has offices at Orem, Utah and Berlin, Germany.
  • Artbeats, Alegria shoes, Dexter Law and other companies are their most notable clients.

WebFX-Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

webfx seo company

WebFX has proven itself right from the beginning in 1995 as a force to be reckoned with in the SEO industry. The company has over 700 clients willing to back their claims.

WebFX has become synonymous with SEO and marketing over the years, and has a reputation for being the best in the game when it comes to serving medium to large size businesses effectively.

A great addition to their website that really draws visitors is that they list every possible figure, from revenue and leads generated to testimonials and happy clients.

  • WebFX has over a billion in sales and 4 billion leads generated so far which are both extremely impressive numbers for a company.
  • With a 91% retention rate and some big-name clients like Buffalo Wild Wings, Auntie Anne’s, DTE Energy, Verizon, Gladstone companies, Wranglers and Hilton Hotels and Resorts; WebFX is considered premium.
  • They have an average hourly rate of $125and an average project budget of anything from $20,000 to a million dollars for big names.
  • SEO, Pay per click management and web design are the categories dealt with primarily while marketing and advertising are also services listed.
  • WebFX deals with a range of companies, 25% of which are enterprises which means it is a great bet for a big company with a lot of needs that is willing to doll out the cash. In return, you do get amazing service and amazing reporting from their team.
  • The company is also involved with plenty of charities and has a different one that they help each financial year.

Contact information: 888-601-5359 is their toll-free number or you could call one of their main offices across the United States directly if you are looking for services for a smaller business.

Straight North- Chicago, Illinois

straight north seo company

Established in 1997, Straight North has some impressive clientele to back its name. It’s the best SEO company for mid-market sized businesses with 40% of their clients being medium-sized businesses.

The company specializes in SEO and web design with a lot of their clients giving them rave reviews for an increase in web traffic.

Business services, consumer products and manufacturing are industries where they have the most clients and they also have an impressive portfolio you could take a look at. Straight North is also consistently garnered compliments for being extremely responsive and on the ball when it comes to project management with one company review mentioning an $835 reduction in cost-per-conversion rates.

  • Straight North also handles Pay per click management and email campaigns. Content strategy, analytical tools, marketing and advertising are services they offer clients as well.
  • They also have published content on Forbes and NBC news which is worth taking a look at if you are looking into working with the company.
  • Their average hourly rate is similar to WebFX with it being anywhere from $110 to $150 depending on the services you are looking for.
  • Straight North has worked with some notable clients like Harvard, Chicago Bears, IDEX and others.
  • The company has eight different locations you could reach depending on where you are located and you could call them for more information at 855-388-4992. All of their locations also have a separate page you could skim through by visiting their website.

ThinkBIG- Huntington, New York

thinkbig seo company

ThinkBIG has been in business since 2007, and is perfect for small businesses or medium-sized businesses.

With over 75% of their clients being small businesses, they also have a very cost-effective solution to SEO with an hourly rate of $25 to $40 depending on the services.

Clients have noted their reporting techniques as being transparent and dependable with their team being around at all times with replies for queries.

  • Airbnb and Lyft are some of their most notable clientele with ThinkBIG covering a range of industries.
  • Their primary services are SEO and pay per click management.
  • Their key areas of focus within SEO have been link building and site optimization.
  • You can also call ThinkBIG for more information at 888-300-1496.

Choose the Best SEO Company for You

Choosing an SEO company isn’t always easy. The choice boils down to reputation, expertise, and the personal needs of your own business.

It’s worth reaching out to any of the companies above and interviewing them to determine if they have the background and skills that’ll serve your needs well.

Thanks to client feedback and transparency on their websites, the SEO companies above make up some of the best SEO companies in the industry. If it sounds like they may suit your business well, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask them for more information.

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