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The 10 Minute Guide to Understanding SEO Services

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The meaning of SEO is search engine optimization. What’s this is all about is tweaking, changing or improving your content in a way that it ranks well on Google or any other search engine.

SEO is like having an old, rusty beat-up car that you want to increase its value in the market. The only way to do that is by repairing it. This is the same way SEO works in terns of websites or content, you are tweaking them to making them better.

If you’ve written content on any topic, you can’t just publish it online and expect it to magically be viewed more times on Google without using some form of SEO.

SEO Services Work

What if I told you that learning and understanding SEO doesn’t need to confuse you to death? Better yet, what if the different SEO services could make your content rank well on Google and actually get people to read it?

You’d probably think I’m making it up. But the truth is ranking well on Google or on a different search engine will be easy as long as SEO is applied. I’m going to show you how to get SEO  benefits for free, so you can have content that’s actually read and viewed by as many people as possible with as little effort as possible.

For that to happen, you have to learn about the different SEO services that are available.

On-Page SEO

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On-page SEO involves everything happening within the content or any other on-page element of your website. Does the article have an eye catching headline? Is the topic of the page mentioned enough times? These are just some of the factors that influence your success as far as ranking and traffic is concerned.

Let’s get back to the car example. You have repaired only the interior part of the car, from the new leather seats to a new sound system. But if you look at the car from a distance you don’t see these improvements because it’s still old and rusty on the outside. On-page SEO is only the interior of your car.

Let’s take a look at a few more elements of on-page SEO.


A good headline can be your ticket to ranking well and attracting readers to your content. This is the first thing people will see from your website; if the headline is boring, don’t expect them to read the article. But if the headline is eye-catching and unique, people will click it and find out what it’s all about.

The content under the headline has to live up to the hype of what’s stated in the headline.

For example a header of “15 free money saving apps for Android” means that in the article, those apps have to be highlighted and the reader will expect that they’re free and compatible with their Android device.

The headline is the bait which reels in your readers or audience.

According to Neil Patel, there are the “4 U’s” of writing attention driven headlines. The fours U’s are:

  • Make the headline unique.
  • Be ultra-specific.
  • The headline should convey a sense of urgency.
  • Your headline has to be useful.

Remember to use numbers as part of your headlines, especially odd numbers like “7 ways to…..”

Also, using power words like foolproof and incredible as part of your headlines will help, because you are using emotive words.

You can check out Smartblogger for more on power words.

The Content

You still have to create good content that will be engaging and informative to your readers.

The role of any search engine is to give the searcher the best results it can in the fastest time possible. For instance if you’re searching Google for “best gaming apps”; you’d expect the search engine to give you results that truly reflect the best gaming apps.

If you click on the first 3 results and you find the information provided isn’t useful, so you have to leave the site to keep searching, this is called bounce rate. Bounce rate is if a user finds the information not useful and moves to a different site to find the required data.

That site will be degraded by Google, and won’t appear as the first result in Google’s listings. Of course, the result of this is that the site that offered more useful content will be upgraded due to its usefulness.

So content cannot be disregarded in any way.

Keyword Research

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Keyword research is the best way to ensure your content is visible and well classified. If your content is about “places to travel during the holidays”, you want to make sure people who are searching about holiday travel will find you.

You’ve got to do some keyword research that involves finding out what angle, problem, or solution your website will portray.

What would you write if you were searching for information about travel? Google those queries and see the different search results to determine what the best keywords are to use.

Remember that the keywords shouldn’t distort the flow of writing but actually seem natural when applied.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is all about the website.

You’ve done all the necessary repairs on the interior of your car, so now you have to give the exterior a new paint job.

The exterior is what is referred to as off-page SEO. If the exterior looks nasty, no matter how good the interior is, nobody will dare take a ride in that car.

Authority and trust

What you have to look out for here is the website’s authority and whether it is trustworthy, because search engines don’t want to introduce their users to spam sites.

Besides putting out informative content, you should also ensure that your site loads fast and has a good design.

Social Media

If you aren’t promoting your site or content with social media, you’re limiting your site’s authority or strength.

The more people who stumble on your websites through social media, the more trust and authority Google will have toward your site.


Also remember the backlinks; they’re like referrals you get from other sites. Probably the best way to get those referrals is by asking or reaching out to sites you like.

You might offer some kind of value like promoting their site or content to your own audience in exchange for a backlink.

The websites you request for backlinks must be trusted sites, because your ranking will improve since Google will consider your site more reputable too. Backlinks are an important part of what SEO services often work toward building for websites, and they are critically important.

Local SEO

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Local SEO means that your SEO efforts have been localized. For example, your bar business is in Houston, so you need to make sure people in the Houston area to find you.

You need to tweak your website to rank well from people searching for a bar in Houston. This will be the only way to increase the likelihood of potential customers who live in Houston to become your new customers.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO involves all of the technical aspect of your website that will have an impact on your ranking.

Mobile Friendliness

The first thing you have to consider and work on is to ensure that your site can be viewed on a smartphone device. Besides being viewed on a desktop, is it possible to view your site on a mobile device?

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A majority of people use their phones to search for information online and if your site isn’t mobile friendly you are losing out.

Website Speed

How fast your website loads plays a role too. How much time does your website take to load on a mobile device or on a desktop? The slower it loads, the higher the likelihood of people leaving your site.

Google is concerned about the searchers’ experience; will a slower loading site frustrate the searcher or improve his experience? If the user is frustrated, then Google will rank that site poorly because what it’s ultimately concerned about providing best results to their users. A slow site won’t achieve this, so ranking won’t be favorable.

Secure Website

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Security is another site factor that has an effect on ranking. Is your site free from malware? You’ve probably stumbled on such websites where Google gives you a notification that a site isn’t secure.

You don’t need searchers receiving these notifications as they check out your website. According to Neil Patel there are two security protocols: HTTPS (a secure version of HTTP) and SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

This is what’s needed to ensure the credibility of your website. Being more credible equals a better ranking.

Getting More Traffic

SEO is all about getting more traffic and visibility for your website or business in an effort to attract more potential customers.

All of these SEO services are a necessary requirement for anyone wanting to have a visible online presence.

But what many people seem to forget is that SEO is a long term project or goal. You can not expect to optimize your content or site today then tomorrow have your site ranked as the first result.

Be smart enough to realize that you don’t need to be an expert at SEO, just knowledgeable enough of the different dynamics at play. With SEO, achieving goals like more traffic and more sales is entirely possible.