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Full Scoro Contact Management Software Review – All you need to know about Scoro


Are you among the companies that deal with the creative industry and is looking for a highly effective business management software or sales management solution to streamline your work and eliminate routine tasks? Look no further than Scoro CRM. Scoro contact management software will streamline your work, eliminate routine activities and make sure that your business runs in the most efficient and smooth way possible. Scoro software or Scoro system will help in planning the time and projects of your team, manage your customers, track your business results, and send invoices.

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Contact management software is all about combining your sales processes and activities on conversion and lead-to-quote basis and also offer performance assessment and reporting capabilities. Applications such as Scoro system are designed with the objective of bringing together several sales data within minutes and less time is to be spent on a task when using the system as compared to a case where you use a spreadsheet to do the work.  Additionally, a contact management system such as Scoro CRM will serve you with details about the crucial indicators such as conversion rates, lead time, and win-loss ratios.

CRMs allow managers to get the accurate picture of how effective are their sales teams with reference to different products, territories, and clients. With contact management software, you will be able to fast-track your sales lifecycle and this helps you to speedily attain your goals.

As a business person in any industry including the creative industry, you need to identify the things that are important to you when it comes to sales management because it’s sales management that increases your revenue. Of course, the main aim of a business is to increase sales and thus increase revenue.  Some of the most important things that you should consider as a Sales Leader are as follows.

  •  A good business management software or sales management solution should help you to dynamically, instantly and visually review your pipeline, manage the risks associated with revenue, forecast sales, and collaborate with your sales team.

Scoro - Pipeline

  • Optimize the way your salespersons sell through targeting the right buyers, being uniform and predictable and focusing on the right leads.
  • Effective systems such as Scoro CRM should allow you to access data in real time by making it possible for you to analyze win/loss rates, set goals and important sales metrics, review the performance of your sales agent, team or territory, and provide leading and lagging indicators.
  • A good business management software should be easy to use and simple to learn its visual sales tool. With Scoro contact management software and similar applications you should be able to intelligently cut through the noise, focus on activities that yield more value, and access everything from a single location and thus you shouldn’t require multiple tools.
  • An effective contact management software should make it easy for you to follow the sales process by clearing the pathway through the sales cycle and guide you on correct activities and actions.
  • With a reliable business management software, you should be able to identify, profile and chart buyers plus their roles in a sales process and also the important contacts in a company for the purposes of managing accounts.

With Scoro system, you will perfectly manage your tools, projects, finances, and clients from a central location and this means that you will not have to move between different systems and emails or bother people to get your work done. The software is priced starting at $11 per user for every month and goes up to $35 per user for every month while it also has a 14 day trial period. The application also offers an additional fee per month for every user when it comes to training.

What is Scoro Contact Management Software?

Scoro contact management software is a complete business management software for creative and professional services. The main value proposition from the vendor of Scoro CRM is that this application pushes and pulls data to and from distinct apps in order to make users in charge of their entire workflow.

Being an all-in-one business management software, the application is designed to bring together your team, projects, and sales.

This cloud-based contact management software can be used by small and medium-sized business organizations in advertising, IT, and consulting industries among others. With Scoro system, you will have access to a control hub which displays account information, outstanding tasks, important performance indicators, calendar events and more from a single screen.

Scoro software comes with project management tools that make it possible for users to design project budgets, allocate work that is billable and that which is not billable, manage tasks, meetings, expenses, invoices, files and more. This business management software allows you to manage all project information from a single location and you can also track the progress of your team in real time.

Through Scoro system, users can configure statuses and tags and this gives them the ability to manage a project’s portfolio in a way that best satisfy their business needs. Users can use Scoro Planner to plan and schedule work as it provides them with an overview of individual workloads, potential overbookings, available slots, and deadlines that are reasonable.

Through Scoro CRM, users can also schedule meetings via a shared calendar and this can be linked to projects and customers in order to provide stakeholders with a full overview. The business management software allows every user to manage their individual task list according to deadlines, statuses, task priorities and projects. Calendar events and tasks that have been completed will be automatically added to employee work reports and this foregoes the need for time-sheets.

Scoro system allows users to have a full overview from a central location, including projects, contact details, orders, quotes, invoices, linked files, communication histories. Users are able to search, filter, and sort contacts based on locations, activity, categories, and configurable tags. Users can also use Scoro software to track the billable and actual hours that have been worked for a client or on a project and transfer them to invoices with the option for custom rate for different currencies.

Scoro business management software is cloud-based and targets both medium and small businesses that operate in advertising, information technology, consulting, and other sectors. The features that this product offers to business organizations include work scheduling and tracking, customer relationships management, collaboration, project management, dashboards and advanced reporting, and quoting and billing. Scoro CRM has a user-friendly interface which eliminates the need to shuffle between email clients and solutions.

The most important feature for Scoro system is its control hub through which account information, tasks, calendar events, and crucial performance data and other business aspects are displayed. This and its user-friendly interface makes it easy to work with the business management software even if you are a first time user. Scoro contact management software also comes in form of localized solutions meant to serve specific countries within the European market.

Benefits of Scoro CRM

Scoro System has several benefits that it offers to its users and these include the following.

Ability to manage every aspect of a project from single page

With Scoro software, users are able to manage every aspect of a project from a single page and these include tasks and planned meetings, invoices, time billed and spent, expenses, comments, files, and more.

Scoro software has a planner that makes it easy to schedule work and assign tasks

Users of Scoro software will access the planner which will provide them with an overview of available time slots, team workloads, deadlines that are realistic, and potential over-bookings when planning work schedules and task assignments.

Scoro Software provides users with effective management of contact details and other activities

As a user of Scoro business management software, you will be able to effectively manage the contact details of the customer, linked projects and files, communication histories, invoices, quotes, and orders. The application also gives you the ability to sort, search, and filter contacts by category, location, configurable tags, and latest activity.

Scoro - Contact-list

Users of Scoro contact management software can get access to insights

Through its reports and real-time dashboards, Scoro CRM provides its users with various elements which include project progress and statuses, hours that are billable and those that are not billable, unassigned tasks, missed deadlines, delegated tasks, completed tasks among other things.

Scoro - Project-status-report

Scoro business management software can be customized

As a user of Scoro system, you can customize its activity types, tags, statuses, and fields. You will also be able to select templates or create them for orders, quotes, reports, invoices while you can also configure user permissions.

A single location from which you can control your business

Users of Scoro system will confirm that the application is the most comprehensive solution for work management that is available in today’s market. This is the only tool through which a business can be controlled from a single location. Users of Scoro software always stay ahead when it comes to business performance as it allows them to see every change in real time.

Through this application, you can schedule tasks by day, week, or month and automatically compile a list to be sorted by a user as required.  Scoro contact management software is also a secure application because users are only allowed by levels and these ensure that only the relevant staff will work on a certain project.

Scoro CRM supports seamless integration with several systems

Scoro business management software can successfully and seamlessly integrate with different systems and these include iCal, Google, Outlook and other calendar apps. Scoro CRM users can rely on their Dropbox accounts for accessing files from any location and at any time.  The application will also integrate with MailChimp for the purposes of synchronizing mailing lists and XERO for managing financial data.

To make things even much better, Scoro system for mobile version was recently released and it supports both Android and iOS. Users are therefore able to access the platform even while on the go.

Scoro CRM - mobile app

Scoro software save businesses precious time

In project management, Scoro system is able to save precious time as business organizations are able to add tasks and make the process faster. The tasks can be successfully linked to customers. Another important thing is that email tasks can be archived in a smart box and they are subsequently displayed in a task list.

Features of Scoro Contact Management Software

Scoro contact management software has several features that make it a leading business management software and these features include

  • Business dashboard
  • Quote management
  • Customer management
  • Calendar management
  • Invoices & expense management
  • Project management
  • Task management
  • Scheduled invoicing
  • Comparative reports
  • Financial reporting
  • Resource planning
  • Custom fields
  • Custom tags
  • Work-time billing
  • Multi-currency
  • File management & sharing
  • Late invoice reminders
  • Configurable statuses
  • Multi-language
  • Automated alerts
  • Company news feed
  • Commission calculator
  • Lead management
  • Budgets & forecasts

Below we summarize some of the capabilities that are necessitated by some few selected features.

Project management

As a user of Scoro contact management software, you will be allowed to view what is exactly happening with your projects and also provided with information about the next steps. You can also manage all aspects relating to your project from a central location and this includes time billed or spent, expenses and invoices, planned meetings and invoices, files and comments. You will be able to allocate non-billable and billable work in real time, create budgets, and manage the portfolio of your projects by configuring statuses and tags. For example, statuses can be configured as completed or in progress and tags as department, type, and market.

Scoro business management software - Project-view

Work scheduling

With Scoro system, you will be able to plan effectively using the Scoro Planner, schedule meetings,  and everybody will be able to manage their own task list. As a user of Scoro software, you will notice that the billable and non-billable time can also be tracked. Scoro CRM also automatically adds completed tasks and calendar events to your work reports and therefore there is no need of time-sheets.

Financial management

Scoro business management software allows for automation of late invoice reminders, recurring and scheduled invoicing. Scoro system allows you to keep track of your costs and purchases etc.

CRM and Quoting

Through Scoro Contact management software, you will be able to manage your clients and track sales, have a complete overview of your contacts from a central location, filter, sort, and search your contacts among other things.

Scoro software - crm and quoting

Pricing Details for Scoro Software

Scoro system comes in three pricing plans and all these require five users on the lower side, and the plans are paid per month. Scoro CRM also offers a free trial plan. Here are the three pricing plans offered by Scoro Business management software.

Scoro system- pricing

Plus –  costs $22 for every user in a month

  • Minimum of 5 users
  • Invoices & expenses
  • Basic project management
  • Calendar & task management
  • CRM & quote management
  • Onboarding from $899
  • Financial & work reports
  • Calendar, Toggl, Dropbox & MailChimp integrations
  • Business dashboard

Premium – costs $33 for every user in a month

  • Minimum of 5 users
  • Work-time billing
  • Planner
  • Onboarding from $899
  • Advanced project management
  • All Plus plan features
  • Late invoice reminders
  • Low-volume QuickBooks and Xero integrations
  • Scheduled invoicing
  • Advanced task management
  • Advanced & comparative reports

Ultimate – costs $55 for every user in a month

  • Minimum of 5 users
  • Budgets & forecasts
  • Onboarding from $899
  • FTP server integration
  • All previous plans features
  • Unlimited customizability options
  • Advanced resource planning
  • Commission calculator
  • High-volume QuickBooks & Xero integrations

Sign up for 14 days free trial at scoro.com 

Technical Details of Scoro Software

Scoro contact management software supports devices that run on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, and Web-based. The application only supports the English language, the pricing model is based on monthly payment, customer types include small businesses and medium businesses, and deployment is through cloud hosting.

Support Details for Scoro System

Providers of Scoro system provide their support through Email, phone, and training. Also, visit their blog for more updates.

Get more support in form of guides, knowledge base, and video tutorials at help.scoro.com.

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