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Full Sailthru Contact Management Software Review – All you need to know about Sailthru

Sailthru Contact Management Software

Sailthru contact management software provides help to globally innovative digital publishers and retailers that make them more reliable in the eyes of any prospective and current customer.  Businesses that have relied on the capabilities of Sailthru CRM /Sailthru software are able to experience higher revenue, improve the lifetime value of their customers, and eliminate churn and this is possible because of Sailthru-powered email, mobile experiences, and web.

Businesses can rely on contact management software such as Sailthru CRM to cross-sell their goods and services in the marketplace. Some CRM applications are able to create a personalized website for businesses within a very short moment. Every contact management software differs in their enterprise logic and how they structure data. Some of the applications are almost offered free or have free trial while others call for a must purchase.

A contact management software such as Sailthru CRM will offer a faster response and it can also store every detail for every transaction.

Almost all contact management software do not need to be downloaded as they can be used online.  You have to try a CRM software such as Sailthru software to get the real picture of how these systems operate. A good CRM application has to embody simplicity of use and familiarity.

Sialthru contact management software has made history by being the largest sender of personalized email in the world. It also won an award from Facebook in 2016 dubbed the Facebook Innovation Spotlight for Personalized Marketing at Scale.

Digital publishers and retailers are empowered by Sailthru software to deliver dynamic 1:1 email which are responsible for long-term revenue and short-term conversions. Marketers share the confidence that Sailthru software will deliver high-performance email that will land in the inbox, and that it can be easily automated, and scaled for the purposes of growing your business.

As a customer and user of Sailthru CRM, you will be able to personalize your mobile content and website. This takes place on a real 1:1 level by relying on the unique three-pronged approach to personalization offered by Sailthru software which leverages on a combination of interest data, predictions made from the robust customer profiles behind the leading email personalization of Sailthru, and interest of the crowd.

Sailthru software - mobile manager

For digital publishers, email marketing remains to be an important driver of revenue as almost 81% of media marketers and leaders in audience development point out that they take the increasing traffic from email as a priority.

Using Sailthru Contact Management software, publishers are successful at increasing traffic through email by involving themselves in the organic growing of lists through

  • Personalizing acquisition tools on websites and building similar audiences for acquisition programs that are paid for.
  • Personalizing content that has been recommended across mobile apps and websites.
  • Personalizing the content, send time, cadence and advertisements in email newsletters that are recurring.
  • Creating onboarding email series that have been personalized for the purposes of sharing leading posts and other ways for engaging with the brand.
  • Segmenting audiences based on previous behaviors, interests, and predicted behaviors.
  • Deployment of personalized re-engagement campaigns and action calls across mobile and web.

What is Sailthru Contact Management Software?

Sailthru contact management software is a customer retention application which is cloud-based and aims to make it easy and possible for modern marketers in leading media and retail companies to develop deeper and long-lasting customer relationships. With Sailthru CRM, individual customer experiences are personalized throughout several digital communicating channels including email, websites and their mobile applications with the guarantee of 1:1 marketing.

Through using Sailthru software, the most innovative digital publishers and retailers globally become highly reliable in the eyes of their prospective and current customers. Companies that have Sailthru-powered email, mobile, and web experiences benefit from increased revenue, improved customer lifetime value and elimination of churn.

Sailthru Contact Management software is an effective email manager because it is the largest sender of personalized email globally and also won a Facebook Innovation Spotlight for Personalized Marketing at Scale.

The application is also known for empowering digital publishers and retailers such that they provide dynamic 1:1 email which results in long-term revenue and short-term conversions.

Marketers share the confidence that Sailthru CRM will deliver high-performance email which will land in the inbox and be easily automated and scaled to grow together with your business.

With Sailthru’s email manager, you can transcend the customer journey as it allows you to control the journey and dynamically adapt to the preferences of each individual and predicted actions. Sailthru software allows you to, win-back campaign or post-purchase communications.

With Sailthru CRM, you can also create and test campaigns with much ease by leveraging on its best-in-class testing, the A/B split testing, for the purposes of optimizing creative, subject lines, action calls, personalization, and other email components.  After your campaign is done, you can measure the long-term effects to revenue, the lifetime value of a customer, and other metrics through predictions and cohort analysis with less effort.

With Sailthru contact management software, you will benefit through a profitable audience growth which is achieved through integrations with Google, Facebook, and Twitter, downstream analysis of acquisition sources, building similar audiences by relying on predicted page views and other metrics that impact revenue.

As a user of Sailthru Contact Management software, you will be able to aim at and reach clients whose emails are highly personalized whenever they are ready for engagement.  This could include a subject line that is dynamic and is based on the leading products, email that is sent during the time when it is very likely to open – personalized send time, a product selected by editor and has been chosen certainly for newsletter, product recommendations that have been personalized with reference to the interest of the customer, and dynamic content that has been personalized based on the customer profile on Sailthru.

Using Sailthru software, you can specifically engage every customer by using personalized subject lines, send times, product recommendations, content among others at scale through its personalized email marketing automation and recommendations. The best thing with this capability of Sailthru is that the marketer continues to have full control of the content type that is being delivered to the customer and therefore he/she is at liberty to mix content that has been personalized with those that are editorially curated.

Because it uses data from all channels for the purposes of powering relevant and email content that is real-time, Sailthru CRM collects customer information that relates to interests, behaviors, purchases, predicted actions, engagement level, and browsers and devices. This is for the purposes of fuelling a dynamic 1:1 recommendation and personalization in relation to the messages from your email marketing.

Sailthru software also makes it possible for you to activate audiences who are dynamic. With Sailthru email manager, you will be able to access all information from customer profile within Sailthru and use it to create audiences with ease and dynamically update with regard to interactions that are real-time.

Benefits of Sailthru Software

Sailthru contact management software comes with several benefits which include the following.

Sailthru Smart data

As a business intelligence solution for Sailthru software, Sailthru Smart Data offers proprietary consumer insights that are actionable.

Sailthru software provides 360-degree Consumer View

By utilizing cross-channel data, Sailthru contact management software is able to consolidate the behavior of users, the interest of consumers, purchase data and other important metrics that you define to create an eternal view of every customer.

Sailthru CRM provides a personalized customer experience

Sailthru software can rely on customer data in order to create a one-on-one personalization that is based on limitless variables and complete interest graphs. With Sailthru CRM, you will be provided with individual recommendations, content, and offers for every customer of yours.

Sailthru contact management software supports multi-channel content

By relying on Sailthru’s iOS and Android mobile SDKs, you can deliver SMS and push notifications that have been personalized. You will also be able to serve in-feed sign up forms, specific content, and targeted offers to social audiences. Sailthru software gives you the opportunity for automating your email campaigns in a personalized manner.

Account management

As part of its account management activities, Saillthru will provide you with an integration consultant, implementation engineer, and designer of creative services, project manager, 24/7 support, individual courses, training programs, a team for creative services, and another for expert analytics.

With Sailthru CRM, you will experience increased traffic from email

For digital publishers, email marketing has always been and is still the primary source of revenue. Almost 81% of media marketers and leaders in audience development acknowledge email as a top priority in increasing traffic. Publishers achieve this by doing a number of things which include

Personalization of content across mobile apps and websites

  • Using personalized acquisition tools from websites to grow lists organically and develop similar audiences for acquisition programs that are paid for.
  • With Sailthru software, publishers are able to personalize content, advertisements that recur in email newsletters, send time and cadence.
  • Segmenting audiences based on previous behaviors, interests, and predicted behaviors.
  • Publishers would come up with onboarding email series which have been personalized in order to share leading posts and other ways for engaging with the brand.
  • Sailthru contact management software would allow publishers to deploy campaign re-engagements which are personalized and action calls across mobile and web.

Sailthru software - mobile marketing

With Sailthru software, you will acquire new audiences

To increase the number of readers who produce revenue in your pool of audience, top digital media companies use Sailthru CRM  to connect their audience acquisition activities plus retention activities.

Sailthru - customer retention analytics

With Sailthru software, your audience will grow profitably through downstream analysis of the sources of acquisition

  • Integration with Google, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Creating similar audiences through relying on page views that have been predicted and other metrics that impact revenue.
  • Sailthru software also allows you to use personalized and customizable audience acquisition tools for mobile apps and websites belonging to publishers.

Users of Sailthru CRM will experience increased page views and repeat visits

Audience volume has always been the hallmark for many revenue strategies but as of recently, forward-thinking publishers have realized that when they cultivate a loyal audience, it not only leads to increased revenue with time, but it also strengthens their selling proposition to advertisers. In this regard, publishers will rely on Sailthru contact management software for the following.

  • Segment their customer audiences based on the amount of page views that individuals are predicted to deliver.
  • Personalization of email marketing, mobile messaging, website experiences, and in-app content.

Sailthru software - personalization

  • Audiences can also be segmented by relying on their behaviors for the purposes of optimizing mobile messaging content and newsletter and cadence.
  • With Sailthru, you can also deliver and measure onboarding emails that have been personalized and designed to create repeat habits in reading.
  • Sailthru software also necessitates the deployment of re-engagement campaigns that have been personalized and action calls throughout mobile and the web.

Sailthru CRM- personalized email

Decrease Churn

When you are constantly working to replace disengaged or churned subscribers and readers, you add no value to audience growth. Sailthru contact management software provides you with proactive strategies that you can use for predicting, preempting and preventing audience attrition.

Using Sailthru CRM, publishers will protect their lists through personalizing email marketing, mobile messaging, website experiences and in-app content for the purposes of maintaining engagement among other things.

You can connect to any customer using personalized engagements

Through using Sailthru’s personalization, email marketing, and cross-channel automation capabilities, you will be able to connect with any customer through engagements that are personalized while also providing you with the ability to synchronize such experiences over the web, mobile and email for seamless interaction.

sailthru - personalize mobile experience

Sailthru - personalize web experience

Features of Sailthru

  • Email manager
  • Mobile SDK
  • Prediction manager
  • Performance dashboards
  • Secure data environment
  • Test builder
  • Audience builder
  • Site personalization manager
  • Recommendation manager
  • Smart strategies
  • Zephyr
  • AdTargeter
  • Personalization engine
  • Open customer retention APIs
  • Campaign reports
  • User administration
  • Retention analytics

Pricing Details for Sailthru software

Considering pricing, Sailthru is quote-priced and every user will receive an individual enterprise or SMB pricing package which corresponds to their needs.  You can contact the company at sailthru.com for more details and even ask for a quote.

Technical Details

Sailthru contact management software supports devices that run on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, and Web-based.  Any customer would access the application using the English language which is the only one supported. The pricing model is quote-based. Sailthru CRM is for medium businesses and large enterprises. The application is deployed through cloud-hosting.

Support Details

The vendors of this application offer their support through Email, phone, and training

You can request a demo at sailthru.com 

Also, visit the company’s blog for updates.