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Full Sage 50cloud Accounts Receivable Review–All you need to know about Sage 50 Cloud Accounts Receivable

Sage 50cloud Accounts Receivable Main

Sage 50cloud Accounts Receivable Main

Sage 50cloud is a capable accounts receivable software which provides users with a mix of both desktop and cloud technology. It’s useful for small to medium sized businesses. Moreover, it can be integrated with Microsoft Office 365, allowing for ease of access to your accounting information.

You can keep track of your responsibilities like the amount of taxes you will owe, bills that need to be paid etc. without having to do a lot of manual labor with this software. Simply enter your data and let Sage 50cloud take some of the hassle out of your already busy life.

What is Sage 50cloud?

Sage is logically laid out and is structured in such a way that you don’t have to be a professional accountant in order to use it.

You can handle all of your accounts receivable needs efficiently with Sage 50cloud. This software facilitates the handling of with its diverse feature set which aims to take the hassle out of the process, letting users focus on their business.

In addition, Sage 50cloud has functionality which lets business owners manage their payroll, expenses, send invoices both online and on the go with mobile devices, and connect with Outlook.

Multiple dashboards are also available which provide information on different aspects of your business. With this information you can optimize your sales and generally just have everything in order. This in turn makes it easy on your accountant when it comes time for them to work on your accounts.

Sage 50cloud Benefits

This service has lots to offer, and aims to make users’ lives as easy as possible while still maintaining stability. Here are some of the major benefits:

  • Since Sage 50cloud’s software is a hybrid desktop/cloud solution, multiple backups are made according to date. This means that you can restore data to an earlier time if needed. This is especially useful in the case of equipment failure or errors made in data entry.
  • The software integrates with Sage Payment Solutions which allows users to accept mobile payments.
  • Users can create quotes and proposals which can then be easily converted into sales orders and invoices with a single click.
  • Invoices can be create online and on mobile devices. Customers can pay them online.
  • Sage 50cloud has built-in inventory management capabilities.
  • Sage 50cloud offers automatic invoice reconciliation.
  • Accept customer payments, pay vendors, and pay employees using the Sage 50 Direct Payments addon for Sage 50cloud

Sage 50cloud Features

We touched already on what the software is capable of in the Benefits section but lets take a deeper look at Sage’s features.

Informative Dashboards

Information is power. Sage keeps you informed about how well your business is doing through informative dashboards which provide information on how various aspects of your business are performing. Essentially you are able to track revenue and budget trends.

Syncs with Office 365

Sage 50cloud_office 365 Accounts receivable
Sage 50cloud integrates easily with Microsoft Office 365. This integration allows for features such as screen sharing as well as communicating through chat, meetings, and calls. These features mean that your team can collaborate on everything accounts related even when not in office. This is a powerful asset which helps to streamline your business and makes keeping track of your accounts as hassle free as possible. This is a productivity asset which could potentially save a lot of time.

Integrated Bank Feeds

Sage 50cloud Accounts Receivable Bank Accounts

This software allows users to connect their bank account to the software. This therefore means that business owners can log their banking transactions in Sage 50cloud automatically, saving time on entering transactions manually. This also makes account reconciliation easier.

Sage Drive

This feature lets you share company data to the cloud. You can access data from anywhere Sage 50cloud is installed and there is an internet connection. Additionally, changes made to any data are automatically synced. Sage Drive even lets company accountants access data.

Daily Business Manager

The daily manager is a handy way of keeping track of daily business responsibilities. It’s essentially a shortcut tool which allows you to keep track of due dates, recurring entries, and to save time on processing entries. It lets you carry out common daily tasks from a single location.

Manage Taxes

Sage 50cloud comes with tax rules built-in. If these rules change, they are automatically updated.

This helps you avoid tax penalties. You will even be able to submit your taxes online with Sage 50cloud.

In-depth reporting

Sage50cloud accounts receivable reports

Sage 50cloud can provide helpful information on a number of different categories which fall under your accounting.

You can generate reports for the following areas:

  • Bank payments and receipts
  • Cash payments
  • Cash receipts
  • Credit card payments
  • Credit card receipts
  • Customer receipts and payments
  • My bank account reports
  • Purchase and bank payments
  • Reconciled and unreconciled ransactions
  • Reconciled transactions
  • Sage Pay
  • Sales and bank receipts
  • Supplier payments and receipts
  • Unreconciled transactions


Sage 50cloud Accounts Receivable Pricing Packages
Sage is a powerful, effective tool and this is reflected in it’s pricing. There are 4 packages available which are all in excess of $400/year. On the surface this may seem intimidating but a serious business requires proper accounting tools. Microsoft Office 365 is not included in the prices of the subscription packages but customers can add it for a price of $150/year.

Sage 50cloud Pro Accounting

This package goes for $447.78/year. It provides all of the essentials needed to handle your business’s accounting. This package lets you organize and manage your finances, get paid or pay bills, manage cash flows and costs, access your data from the cloud, and enjoy the benefits of Sage 50cloud’s Office 365 integration.

Sage 50cloud Premium Accounting

The Premium Accounting package allows up to 5 users. For 1 user, the cost is $692.58/year, for 3 users $1120.98/year, and for 5 users $1641.18/year. You will also be able to compare budgets across a 4 year time period. Another handy feature provided with this package is the ability to track warranty claims and recalls with serialized inventory.

Sage 50cloud Quantum Accounting

This is the top tier package which supports up to 40 users. For 3 users the prices is $1763.58.year. This version includes industry-specific features for the construction, distribution and manufacturing sectors. This package also lets you manage your accounting, customers, inventory, service, jobs, and employees in one central software package.

Technical Details

Sage 50cloud Accounts Receivable

This software is available on Windows, Android, iOS, and through a web-based interface as well. Unfortunately only English is supported at the moment.’

Support Details

Sage ensures that users can navigate their software by providing lots of educational material. Explanatory guides, ebooks, and infographics are available for perusal. In addition, take note of the resources listed below.

Sage University

Sage University provides training resources to help Sage customers master using the software. This can help reduce difficulty for users learning the program, improve productivity, as well as mitigate against compliance risks. Lots of the material is available through videos which can be accessed at any time.

Training is led by knowledgeable instructors and there are various options for completing training sessions. Live sessions are held in various locations in North America. Online learning is also available.

If you happen to miss a live online class, they are usually available for 90 days. Replays can be viewed at any time and you’ll even be able to listen to questions asked by students during the class.

Sage Knowledgebase

The knowledgebase is searchable and provides information on a wide variety of topics. Product documentation and the latest software downloads and updates are also available through the knowledgebase.

Sage City

Sage City lets you connect with industry peers, certified partners, and users who have lots of experience with Sage products. This is a great place to ask questions you may have. Alternatively, there may be some tips that you have that you can share here, as well as your product experiences.


Sage has an informative blog which provides information on many topics such as advice on how to keep your cashflow in check and challenges with financial modelling tools.


Sage 50cloud is a powerful tool aimed at up to medium-sized tool. The mix of desktop/cloud technology makes it stand out when compared to other solutions.

It also offers the stability of traditional desktop technology while embracing the flexibility of the cloud. This will be comforting to some users who prefer to have a safety net with the desktop app.

Additionally, it’s mobile apps are useful for doing business on the go. Productivity is enhanced even further by the support for integrating with Microsoft Office 365.

While this software may appear to be a bit pricey it’s a powerful tool. Although it may seem slightly outdated because of the requirement to download software but some may view this as an asset since you do have the option of working locally.

You should also note that only 1 person is able to edit data shared across the cloud at a time. You will have to communicate with your team to ensure that you don’t run into problems due to this limitation.

In some ways the desktop software may make the software appear to be a bit rigid but if you are looking for a no-nonsense tool that will help you keep the reins on your accounting and save you time in the process, then it’s worth your while considering Sage 50cloud.