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Remote Landlord Property Management Software Review – All you need to know about Remote Landlord

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Are you a landlord or a property manager? Are you looking for an efficient tool to help you manage your properties remotely? Look no further, Remote Landlord is just the right solution for you! This property management software is built to provide you with everything, needed to effectively manage your properties from the comforts of your home or office. Read this review by Skyose to get a comprehensive view of the software.

What is Remote Landlord?

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Remote Landlord is a web-based property management software, designed to simplify the day-to-day tasks of property managers and improve overall efficiency. The software offers dynamic sets of accounting and lease management functions, which are all connected to one another, to provide a unified solution to your property management functions.

In addition, Remote Landlord is equipped to effectively execute almost all rental management functions. Some of its most significant tools include Legal Calendar, Account Payable, Paperless Office, Tenant Portal, Receipts and more. These features work as a unit, to provide you with a complete property/rental management solution.

Besides that, this property management software hosts a user-friendly interface, which makes it fairly easy to navigate. Nevertheless, users are offered all round customer support, to guide them technically and provide them with every assistance required to optimize their experience while using the software.

Furthermore, the software is web-based, which means it requires no installation before you can use it. Hence, any device with an internet connection is able to access the platform and explore all its functionality, as well as its benefits.

In essence, Remote Landlord is a simple, yet sophisticated set of accounting and rental management software. The accounting solution is complex, while the rental management module is relatively simple and easy to use. Both modules are offered in one package, with the concerted goal of improving property managers’ profitability.

Nevertheless, Remote Landlord is an applicable property management software for the following types of property:

  • Residential Property
  • Homeowners Association
  • Commercial Property

Benefits of Remote Landlord Property Management Software


remote landlordRemote Landlord’s web-based/cloud-hosted platform makes it easily accessible via any standard web browser. As such, you can easily access the platform from your smartphone, desktop or tablet.

Furthermore, it doesn’t require any form of installation, as you can easily access its interface from any durable web browser. Notable web browsers, which are suitable for this software include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and a few others. With any of these modern web browser on either your smartphone or desktop, you are all set!

Essentially, you don’t need to stay in your office to effectively manage your properties; you can do so from anywhere, provided there is an internet connection.

Cloud Storage

Remote Landlord affords you the opportunity of storing all your data on its cloud servers, thereby eliminating the unnecessary clutter of paper files. All files saved on this platform are continuously backed up to guarantee data safety.

Basically, uploaded files can easily be retrieved, simply by logging onto the platform via your account. With this, you can easily save any document, ranging from lease agreement to invoices to legal documents.

Also, you are able to save time, cost and manpower by having your files hosted on the cloud. This is because, cloud storage effectively eliminates the traditional archiving and indexing of files/document, which often takes hours. With this function, you can retrieve any file within seconds or worst, few minutes. Also, the cloud storage functionality effectively eliminates every form of clerical error, as the software has a built-in solution, designed just to correct clerical flaws.

In essence, Remote Landlord provides you with a durable avenue for storing your important documents; (texts and images). Hence, you can do away with the clutteredness of traditional paper file storage and computer file directory.

Financial Control

Remote Landlord offers you a complex accounting module, which is designed to help you gain absolute control over your finances. This is achieved by monitoring your expenses and income and ensuring you don’t overstretch your limit, with respect to your budget.

Furthermore, this property management software analyzes key metrics of your finances and generates insightful reports, which reveal, at a glance, your business’ financial status, as well its overall growth. These reports are deep; revealing key productive areas of your business (and properties), as well as the less productive ones.

In essence, Remote Landlord ensures you keep all your spendings on each property unit strictly on the budget. This also applies to your firm’s running cost. In the same vein, you are provided with a clear view of “how well your business is doing”, via in-depth reports. This enables you to adjust (if necessary) as appropriate, towards achieving optimum profitability.

Unified Workflow

Remote Landlord is a hub of various tools, which serves as the control unit where every task is executed. The software unifies all the functioning parts of accounting and rental management on its interface, to facilitate the execution of all your property management tasks.

Basically, Remote Landlord synchronizes accounting features like accounts payable/receivable, reports, online application and tenant portal; with lease management functions like vacancy tracking, prospect (lead) tracking, work orders, paperless office, custom forms and so on. The two sets of features are streamlined on one platform and each feature performs its own special function(s).

In a nutshell, Remote Landlord is not solely a rental management software, as it incorporates a wide range of accounting functions, to provide you with a complete property management package.

Ease of Use

Remote Landlord hosts an intuitive, user-friendly interface, which requires no advanced tech skill to effectively navigate. It centralizes all your information on one location, thereby providing you easy access to any information you need.

In addition, there is a dashboard, which provides you with a visual display of all your information. You are provided with a comparative display of rents billed against rents received. With this, you are able to figure out, at a glance, which of your tenants is/are still owing. You can also customize your dashboard to display only what you want to see.

Furthermore, this property management software hosts interactive channels like the tenant portal, which facilitates communication and rent payments. These payments are made without any form of a hassle, as your tenants can even run it on their smartphones.

In a nutshell, Remote Landlord ensures every aspect of the software is designed with a touch of simplicity (even the complex accounting). Hence, you are able to easily set it up and have it running within a few hours (with or without assistance).

Customer Support

Remote Landlord offers you a client support line, which is always available to provide swift and credible answers to all your questions, related to the product. Also, you are offered dedicated support to specific areas of the software. This is, however, only available upon request.

Key Features of Remote Landlord Property Management Software

Paperless Office

remote landlordThis property management software hosts a “Paperless Office”, which allows you to save all tenants documents on its platform. You can also scan pictures and store them on the platform’s cloud storage support.

Typically, documents like rental renewals, receipts, invoices, bank statements, schematics, lease agreements, maintenance forms, images and more can easily be stored. To retrieve any of these files, all you need to do is simply log on to the platform and you are all set. Also, there’s an adjoining module tagged “Filing Cabinet”, which organizes every uploaded document, to facilitate its retrieval, when needed.

Nevertheless, the Paperless Office serves as an avenue, which facilitates the storage of your documents on the software. This eliminates the cumbersomeness of keeping files on storage drives.

Tenant Manager

This features provides you with an avenue for effectively managing your tenants, on a daily basis. It hosts a function known as “tenant snapshot”, which provides you with comprehensive information about every tenant.

This feature tracks your tenant’s rent payments and notifies you once a payment is received. Also, the software is able to keep track of defaulting tenants, and it is able to set extra charges for late payments, with respect to your billing tradition.

Besides that, Rent Landlord’s Tenant Manager is like a virtual rental manager which provides you with managerial assistance on how to handle your tenants’ tenancy affairs.

Legal Calendar

remote landlordThis is a court-related function, which is designed to help you manage every litigation issues that may arise from your rental management business. This calendar notes down and monitors your court schedule and appearance (if any).

Basically, Legal Calendar serves as your map, which guides you on legal processes. It takes note of all the steps involved in any legal process involving you or your firm. This could be a legal process between you and your property owner/tenant or between your tenants and another stakeholder. In both instances, the Legal Calendar facilitates the billing of your tenants on every legal action taken. The charges on such bills are termed “Service Charges”.

Also, the Legal Calendar stretches beyond just managing and keeping track of court/legal cases. It also assists you in keeping track of “promised” payments. This property management software, through this function, notes down the expected (promised) payment date and notifies you on the D-day.

Essentially, Legal Calendar enables you to keep track and stay in-the-know about all your legal/court cases. In the same vein, you are able to keep track of expected payments from defaulting tenants.

General Ledger – Robust Accounting

This is the feature which provides you with the ultimate accounting experience offered by Remote Landlord. It offers you a comprehensive accounting solution, which facilitates the generation of financial reports for your business.

The ledger, although a bit sophisticated, is fairly easy to use. Any accountant can easily get a good grip on the software’s accounting. However, a layman can also make use of the software, to run simple functions like the generation of financial statements.

Furthermore, Remote Landlord’s General Ledger affords you the opportunity of creating comprehensive financial reports on every core area of your business. It also provides you with a set of reports known as, Budget Variance Reports, which allow you to compare your budgets and finances across different periods.

Conclusively, General Ledger/Robust Accounting help you stay on top of your firm’s finances, to ensure they are appropriately managed and controlled, towards improving your revenue base.

Smartphone Module

remote landlordRemote Landlord comes with mobile applications for iOS and Android mobile devices which provides you with real-time access to the platform from any virtual location. With any of the mobile applications, users can view detailed information about disparate properties, tenants, tenant balance and more. Besides that, you can get a checklist of property issues in real-time.

Other notable features of Remote Landlord property management software include:

  • Check Printer
  • Cash Receipts
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Accounts Payable
  • Custom Forms
  • Owner Portal
  • Tenant Portal
  • Prospect Tracker
  • DHCR Support
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Budgets
  • Online Rent Collection
  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • Alerts
  • Work Orders
  • Schedule Maintenance
  • Inspections
  • Vacancy Tracking


remote landlordRemote Landlord is an ideal property management software that is applicable for any kinds of property business most especially SMBs or even large enterprises.

Nevertheless, Remote Landlord offers custom pricing, which is only available upon request. You can contact their support line to get a suitable pricing plan for your business.

Furthermore, you can also schedule a demo with the Remote Landlord sales team in order to evaluate the platform before you make a subscription commitment.

Technical Details

Supported devices: Any web-enabled devices, Windows, iPhone/iPad, Mac

Locations serviced: Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, United Kingdom, Europe, Germany, India, Canada, Netherlands, United States, Middle East

Pricing model: Quote-based

Supported Language: English

Customer Types: Property Managers, Tenant Coordinator, Small Businesses, Medium Businesses, Homeowners Association owners, Large Enterprises, Property Owners

Mobile Applications: Android, iOS

Deployment: Cloud-Hosted

Support Details

Remote Landlord has a dedicated support team which offers its customers the following after-sales support:

  • Email Support
  • Phone Support:
  • Online Support Center
  • On-Going Training
  • Live Chat
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