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Full RapidMiner Review – All You Need To Know About RapidMiner


There are some analytics platforms which tell you what happened in the past, such as how many visitors visited your website yesterday, or what pages they looked at. That information is of course extremely valuable, but wouldn’t it be more valuable if you were to get predictive analysis that would take that information and give you future stats? RapidMiner is one such service.

What Is RapidMiner?

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RapidMiner is a predictive analytics platform which delivers its data via the use of advanced workflows and various scripts. Their suite of analysis applications is complemented by machine learning, and takes data which you think is useless and turns it into something you can actually use.

In other words, it’s a data scientist’s dream come true.

RapidMiner Benefits


Here is a broad overview list of benefits that RapidMiner brings to your company.

  • Prototyping Of Predictive Models – set up visual workflows with built-in templates to prototype and validate predictive models.
  • Discover Patterns Or Quality Issues – view your data to figure out patterns, quickly identify missing values, and more.
  • Connect To Any Data Source – connect to over sixty file types and formats for structured and unstructured data.
  • Clean Your Data – filter out any anomalies, remove duplicates, and set up maps.
  • Auto Model – entering your data, Auto Model will make a prediction or identify clusters, based on what you ask of it.
  • Interact Directly With The Data – from data sourced from databases, applications, social media, and API’s, you can filter and cleanse the stats until you can make sense of it all.
  • Server Built-In Security Controls – keep information on a centralized server inside your organization and keep it secure.
  • Real-Time Scoring – predict how your customers will behave, when industrial parts will break, or the risks involved with a particular customer or business action.

RapidMiner Features

Let’s now analyze in detail the features of RapidMiner, to see how they can predict what will happen in the life of a business.

Get The Most Out Of Your Data Analysis


Take advantage of over 1,500 machine learning algorithms to take your data and build predictive models with it. Supported file types include HTML, PDF, RTF, Excel, Access, and CSV. If any data is missing, the algorithms quickly identifies it and lets you know.

It also pulls information from online sources such as Salesforce, Twitter, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and Zapier.

Make Your Stats Speak To You


After your data is loaded, RapidMiner will start looking for correlations and missing values. You can select from a variety of algorithms, depending on what outcomes you are trying to get. This could be anything from Native Bayes to Logistic Regression.

Then use these algorithms to run “what if?” scenarios. See every step of the way how the algorithm came to its conclusions.

Advanced Server Queuing


If you choose to install the server software inside your company, you can optimize your analytics operations with server queuing. The server will allocate out resources to teams, depending on what projects they are working on.

The high performance hardware can take on large jobs on its own, making these tasks go much faster. You can also set up scheduled workflows so certain models are continuously run automatically.

RapidMiner Pricing

RapidMiner is available in either the Studio version or the Server version. Prices for either one vary depending on your needs and your budget.

Since the prices are for the whole year, there doesn’t seem to be any discounts for annual billing.



The “Studio” option is on the RapidMiner servers and offers a free option.


The free option kicks in after a thirty day free trial of the “Large” plan. Under the free plan, you merely get one logical processor, ten thousand data rows, and access to the user community.

In essence, this plan is really only suitable for testing the service, before upgrading to a paid plan.


The “Small” plan is billed at $2,500 per user, per year. For this price, you get two logical processors (which doubles the speed of the platform), one hundred thousand data rows, Auto Model, Turbo Prep, and Enterprise customer support.


The $5,000 “Medium” package includes four logical processors (increasing the data processing speed four times), one million data rows, Auto Model, Turbo Prep, and Enterprise support.


The “Large” plan is $10,000 per user a year, and comes with unlimited data rows, unlimited logical processors, performance speed which is ten times faster, Auto Model, Turbo Prep, Background Process Execution, and Enterprise support.


The server version is the offline option for companies who have their own data processing center. Information can be kept offline, such as behind a password-protected company Intranet.


The “Small” plan is $15,000 a year and comes with the following features :

  • 16GB RAM.
  • Four logical processors.
  • Unlimited use of the web service API.
  • “Enterprise” customer support.
  • All of these extra features (too many to list here!)


“Medium” is $30,000 a year and has the following upgrades from the “small” plan.

  • 64GB of RAM, instead of 16GB.
  • Eight logical processors.

The other features are the same as the “Small” plan.


Finally, the “Large” plan is $60,000 a year and differs from the other two plans in the following ways.

  • Unlimited RAM.
  • Unlimited processors.

Apart from that, the features remain unchanged from the other two plans.

Cloud Server

If you want, the company can also arrange for you to have your own server in the cloud, where you don’t share space with anyone else. The services they use for this is either Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure.

The big benefit of this plan is that there is no contract. Instead you “pay as you go” and cancel at any time. Hourly rates start at $3.21. This is a feature not many companies in this industry offer.

RapidMiner Technical Details


RapidMiner is available both as an open API and as an “on-premises” solution.

The open API is where you can log into their system online and do everything through your customer account. This obviously means that the platform is compatible with all operating systems and devices.

The “on-premises” option is where you install the RapidMiner software on your private company server or data center. This means that access to the system is confined to computers linked to your company network. But this also has the benefit of additional privacy, since everything is stored on your server, not RapidMiner’s.

RapidMiner Support Details

RapidMiner has various support options for both new and existing customers.

  • Contact form : Customers can fill out the form to have someone contact them right away.
  • Snail-mail addresses : RapidMiner has offices in the USA, UK, Germany, and Hungary. Obviously this contact option would be for non-urgent queries only.
  • Phone number : each office (with the exception of Hungary) has a contact phone number. The USA office also has a fax number.
  • Live Chat : you can speak to a member of the RapidMiner support team which is obviously good for quick questions.
  • Documentation : this section is a wealth of information, ranging from installation guides to in-depth tutorials.
  • Online Community : sometimes the best answers can be found from other users, as they may have gone through the same problem as you. That’s why RapidMiner’s user community is so invaluable.
  • Personal Support : if you are on the Enterprise plan, you can get “personal support” from the customer support team. How this differs from regular support is not made clear on the site.


Lots of web analytics tools are focused on what has already happened. But it could be argued that what is most valuable is predicting what is about to happen in the future. Only then can sensible business decisions be made based on the data analysis.

Using predictive tools, stats and facts can be broken down to form an accurate pattern of what a business can expect to happen. RapidMiner is therefore a valuable part of whether a company succeeds or fails.

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