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Full PTC Windchill PLM Software Review – All you need to know about PTC Windchill

PTC Windchill PLM Software

The PLM industry is growing and it is becoming a challenge to select the most appropriate PLM solution for your business. However, with proper information, you’ll be able to make the right decision in relation to your business needs. PTC Windchill PLM software and other PLM systems help companies to cope with the increasing complexities and engineering challenges that are part of new product developments for the globally competitive markets. The PTC Windchill PLM System supports the creation of innovative designs through a multidisciplinary approach to product development right from the requirement definition phase.

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When companies implement the PTC Windchill PLM Software and use it effectively, they are likely to become more competitive and even beat the competition. This PLM system supports most of the features and capabilities that are necessary in today’s highly competitive business world. Companies nowadays compete towards producing cutting-edge products which must be released into the market faster. The products should also be of better quality, produced at a lower cost, and with more desirable features. This is what PTC Windchill aims at achieving through its features and functionalities.

Through the implementation of a PLM system, companies are made able to collaborate across more of the enterprise throughout the lifecycle of the product and this is driven towards meeting the necessary product demands. PLM solutions such as PTC Windchill PLM Software could also be used to capture product data when it is operational for the purposes of using that information to make dramatic improvements to the existing and future products.

Product lifecycle management is about the management of the descriptions and properties of a product throughout its development and its useful life. PLM is one of the four major cornerstones of the information technology structure of manufacturing companies.  However, all companies need to be in their best position which enables them to effectively manage communications and information with their clients, their resources within the organization, their suppliers and fulfillment, and their product planning and development. It, therefore, means that these companies should highly perform in customer relationship management, supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, and their product planning and development (PLM).

The benefits of people-centric PLM systems which PTC Windchill is part of are:

  • Increased profitability
  • Reduced time to market
  • Improved product quality and reliability
  • Reduced wastage
  • Decreased costs of prototyping
  • More savings as a result of reusing original data
  • Manufacturers can access centralized product records
  • Maximized supply chain collaboration
  • A framework for product optimization
  • Ability to identify sales opportunities and revenue contributions
  • More savings through complete integration of engineering workflows
  • Seasonal fluctuation management which necessitates greater forecasting in order to reduce material costs.

What is PTC Windchill PLM Software?

PTC Windchill PLM software is a comprehensive PLM system that helps companies to undertake the seamless management of their product development. This application provides a compact package which offers manufactures all the important tools for transferring, distributing, visualizing, and publishing of product-related data.

When accessed from the internet, the PTC Windchill PLM System gives companies the ability to coordinate and operate from multiple locations across the world. In this case, business leaders and company managers are able to manage the whole lifecycle of a product and its related services from remote locations. Companies across different domains and industries and especially those from the manufacturing industry rely on PTC Windchill PLM software for the purposes of streamlining their product development processes.

PTC Windchill provides breakthrough PLM capabilities as it releases more data to more stakeholders across your company via a single source of truth for product-related processes and data. This PLM system will help companies to improve on the quality of their products by enabling teams to have direct access to live operational data.  Implementing the PTC Windchill PLM system translates to a reduction of the information technology burden and overhead while it guarantees accessibility and security when its either deployed on cloud or on-premise. PTC Windchill is a real end-to-end PLM tool which is IoT-ready.

PTC Windchill PLM software offers direct benefits to its users by enabling the creation of a consistent system which simultaneously manages the delivery components of hardware and software.

This tool will expand other enterprise systems such as CRM and ERP as it allows them to access product-related data throughout the organization. PTC Windchill can also be integrated with PTC solution for software and systems development (ALM). This is useful in accelerating software development as it necessitates efficient and faster production of smarter and more competitive products.

PTC Windchill helps manufacturers to optimize the development process as it offers comprehensive features for all the phases of the product’s lifecycle.

Benefits of PTC Windchill System?

PTC Windchill PLM System comes with a number of benefits to their users and they include

Comprehensive product data

Apart from offering a better user experience, PTC Windchill goes deeper by offering product-related data such as technical information, documents, calculated product specifications, CAD models, and illustrations which help manufacturers to have access to more authentic sources of information with ease. More importantly, PTC Windchill PLM software has inbuilt search algorithm which guarantees that users will be able to access the required information without much hustle.

Offers better security to product data

With PTC Windchill, product-related data is secure. PTC bears the responsibility of ensuring that their systems are up and running.

Has a flexible pricing model

Because the PTC Company has the option of deploying their products in the cloud, one is able to pay for only what they need. This means that companies could access only the features and functionalities of the PTC Windchill PLM system that they can pay for at the moment. You can, therefore, choose to implement the most import features that you need at the moment.

Customizable user interface

Immediately after acquiring Windchill back in 1998, customers complained a lot because the PLM system lacked user-friendliness of the interface. From that time onwards, PTC has implemented a lot of changes and most specifically in its 10th edition.

PTC Windchill PLM system now comes with an interface that is more personalized and customizable. Currently, the users have the ability to configure the interface and choose the modules and tools that they frequently use as the ones to be displayed on the interface.

Updated Architecture

From being first introduced to the market more than 19 years ago, PTC Windchill has undergone several updates. The latest version is a complete overhaul of the previous systems to make the system compliant with the most current requirements of today’s industries. With the continuous updates of this PLM system, there is a guarantee that manufacturing companies of today’s world are able to improve on the productivity and efficiency of their manufacturing processes.

Smart PLM

PTC Windchill PLM software is a smart PLM as it keeps people connected to a single source of truth for product-related data and processes. It has new role-based apps for faster, easier and contextual delivery of the right product-related information to more people.

Connected PLM

As a connected PLM, PTC Windchill PLM system improves product quality much faster through its support to live operational data.

PTC Windchill PLM System for companies

Flexible PLM

PTC Windchill PLM software reduces the IT burden and extra costs of PLM because it is uniquely flexible, secure, robust, and scalable. This is independent of whether it has been deployed in the PTC cloud or on-premise.

Complete PLM

Being a complete PLM, PTC Windchill allows you to manage the broadest set of product data and processes. This PLM system has BOM management and BOM transformation capabilities which support parts-centric design and this reduces time to market, streamlines collaboration, and improves accuracy and speed of decision making.

PLM system

Features of PTC Windchill PLM System?

As a PLM system, PTC Windchill PLM software comes with a lot of useful features and capabilities and they include the following.

  • Product Management
  • Integrations
  • Quality Management
  • Product Configuration and Change Management
  • Design details
  • Reliability Management
  • Cost Estimation and Analysis
  • Outsourcing Management
  • Suppliers’ Management
  • Process Management
  • Collaboration Management
  • Technical Knowledge-base and Assistance
  • Customer Experience and Feedback Management
  • Design Generation
  • Data Visualization and Analysis

Through these features, PTC Windchill PLM Software offers different capabilities and functionalities that benefits the whole product development process. Below we offer some insightful capabilities of PTC Windchill PLM System by summarizing its capabilities through some selected features.

BOM management

Without a proper, digital BOM, teams in companies will experience certain challenges with some of them being increased costs, delayed time to market, and decreased product quality. With PTC Windchill PLM system, manufacturers are able to adopt a parts-centric approach in the management of BOM while relying on a single source of truth for all product-related data across the company.

PTC Windchill - document management fro companies

Configuration and change management

With PTC Windchill PLM Software, companies are able to make dynamic, coordinated, and fast-paced changes throughout the product’s life-cycle and this serves to ensure that all stakeholders are in a position to access the most current information. By being traceable, scalable, and tailor-able throughout a product’s life-cycle, PTC Windchill offers better organizational visibility and faster and more accurate response to market pressure.

Requirements management

Products have to meet industry standards to guarantee the safety and security of customers. The requirement management feature in PTC Windchill will allow you to trace requirements throughout a product’s life-cycle. Change management notifications for CAD designers are linked with the requirements to enable teams to make the right decisions while relying on the most current data. With this feature of PTC Windchill PLM system, manufacturers are able to satisfy the customer-specific needs who demand smarter, innovative, high-quality products and systems.

Quality management

When poor quality products find their way into the market, it can prove very damaging to companies in relation to reduced or lost market share, increased costs, and bad reputation. To solve this problem, companies need to ensure that their products are of the highest quality by integrating their quality department into the rest of the product development process.

PTC Windchill PLM system supports the connection of product information with quality information. This is to enable the efficient handling of any issues that could arise in the product’s life-cycle for the purposes of improving the product and keeping customers happy at low costs.

Performance Advisor for smart and connected support

PTC Windchill PLM system leverages on IoT technology to automatically notify PTC technical support of its issues. PTC’s Performance Advisor feature for PTC Windchill can be used to improve the end-user and administrator experience while enhancing reliability, PLM performance, and uptime.

PTC Windchill PLM Software - bridging of IoT

Secure IP while increasing collaboration

This feature builds on the capabilities of PTC Windchill 10 by adding security labels and security label attributes to structural components.

Product data management for companies

Average engineers will lose 25% of their time in data management. To avoid this kind of time wastage, PTC Windchill PLM software makes data management easy by offering a single view to the most current multi-CAD and product data. It supports secure sharing of more consumable data with non-engineering colleagues by offering role-based, self-service applications and 3D visualization.

PTC Windchill PLM System

Integration and standards

There are seamless integration and standardization with the use of PTC Windchill. PTC embraces and leads in defining industry standards.

PTC Windchill PLM Software - integration


The pricing for the different packages of PTC Windchill PLM software can be only revealed upon request. You can contact the company or other verified vendors for more details while you also ask for a quote. The different PTC packages include the following.

PTC PLM Standard – preconfigured in the cloud and has the latest PLM features, and is suitable for small companies

PTC PLM Premium – has customized modules and properties, PLM SaaS, dedicated database, and is suitable for medium-sized businesses

PTC PLM Enterprise – has all the features of the Premium package, advanced-level configurations, advanced-level integrations, and is suitable for large businesses

Technical Details

The PTC Windchill PLM System supports different devices that run on different platforms and they include Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows Mobile and Web-based. The languages supported by this PLM solution include English, Spain, Japan, China, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, and India. The product’s pricing model is based on a quote. It supports the following business types – large business, medium business, and small business. It is deployed through cloud hosting.

Support Details

Vendors or owners of PTC Windchill PLM System offer their support through phone, email, live support and tickets. You can contact the product owners at ptc.com.

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