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Full Promapp Compliance Management Software Review – All you need to know about Promapp Software

Promapp software

As an employee or a business person, you always interact with business processes. The effectiveness and efficiency with which you interact with these processes highly depend on whether your organization takes compliance management seriously or they just ignore putting in the measures needed to improve their processes. One of the most important things to do to ensure effective compliance management or process management within your organization is to implement a compliance management software such as the Promapp application which can also be identified as a process management software. Promapp software improves process management for organizations by giving them the ability to build, enhance and share their knowledge of processes via a single online repository. The Promapp system will improve your processes by simplifying your process mapping and as a result, a business team relying on this application will be able to own and enhance their own processes.

By implementing a compliance management software or a process management application such as the Promapp system, organizations will be able to guarantee their compliance with legal, security, industry, and other regulations. Most businesses, companies, and organizations are in need of following and abiding by several regulations and rules. Promapp software and similar compliance management software help you to collect complete compliance knowledge within a single roof and also support the regulation and maintenance of the needed compliances.

More importantly, if your company choose to rely on a process management software like the Promapp application, you will be able to effectively manage the risks associated with compliance through real-time governing and tracking of your domestic and global regulatory requirements. In addition, these applications will come with features such as compliance library or customized calendar which necessitate compliance actions for every legal body and guarantee that they are updated automatically when regulations change.

You can use a process management application that is cloud-based, and for this case, the Promapp system to develop and store organizational processes online. As an important thing to note, Promapp software won its company’s 2017 Expert’s Choice Award and also the 2017 Supreme Software Award. Not only does this confirm that the Promapp application is a very effective and highly reliable tool which businesses can use in compliance management through ensuring that they comply with the necessary rules and regulations but it can also be used for many other process management activities.

As an organization, when you fail to effectively manage your processes and, more importantly, when you fail to comply with rules, specifications, and regulations, you are putting yourself at the risk of experiencing costly consequences. A good example of a failure in compliance or process management is the infamous Walmart Photo Center Data breach through which hackers tampered with the credit card details of customers. The court ruled that the company will pay $450, 000 as a compensation to its customers. Walmart was also tasked with allowing the affected accounts to be monitored at $350, 000 price and pay the plaintiff’s legal fees of $500, 000. The court concluded that Walmart did know about compliance requirements, but ended up failing to implement and enforce them.

The above example makes compliance management sound like something that requires a lot of extra effort. However, despite requiring commitment and some effort, relying on tools such as the Promapp application can really simplify your compliance management. The Promapp system and similar tools rely on modern technology and necessitate a paperless workflow. Promapp software and other compliance systems or process management software will ensure that your company meets every important compliance requirement in any location.

Implement the Promapp system in your organization if you want to be involved with dynamic processes that allow you to react faster in response to the changes that take place with regard to market conditions.  A process management application put your company in the lead by allowing your processes to live, evolve, and breathe on a single online repository.

What is Promapp Software?

Promapp software is a process management application that is cloud-based and which can be used for the purposes of creating and storing business processes online. The Promapp system is easy to use and full web-based thus allowing process changes to be implemented and approved online, in the cloud.

In addition, the Promapp application allows large and medium-sized businesses to be involved in the creation and sharing of process knowledge via a central repository. This application suits several industries including education, retail, transportation, government, healthcare and more.  More importantly, teams relying on the Promapp system will be able to transform Visio charts, procedure maps, and process maps into centralized processes.

When you choose to implement Promapp software for process management and compliance management, you are provided with a simple to use tool regardless of how complex are your workflows. This is because the system processes and monitors change in real time, and allows you to complete and approve processes in the cloud. With Promapp application, you don’t have to worry about training or maintenance fees.

And why should you choose Promapp? The digitized process management field is a highly competitive field in which only a number of apps are effectively revolutionizing operations and are exerting a genuine impact on the way business is conducted online. The Promapp system gives business teams the ability to transform their Visio charts, process maps, and procedural documentation into simple visual tools that could be accessed and understood by anybody. Additionally, users even like this application more because it has a streamlined navigation and it makes it easy to share and exchange files and processes.

promapp application

The center of Promapp software is its business mapping tool which is an intuitive process management asset possessing a central repository that is cloud-hosted for holding all the important information. This asset is based on a rationale that guarantees safer and smarter working practices and simplified methods. In this case, the Promapp application will also provide risk management, business continuity tools, and quality assurance capabilities.

As an advantage, Promapp software also seamlessly integrates with any EDRMS and this includes SharePoint or any other intranet. This system has an open API infrastructure that allows it to be used in synergy with any third-party application and thus you will only effect minimum adjustment within your current application landscape. If you implement the Promapp system, you would have acquired one of the leading and secure business process management applications in which all data is protected with SSL 128 bit encryption, and stored on various servers to guarantee painless retrieval.

People working with Promapp application interact with a collaborative environment for sharing process improvement ideas in real time. While interacting with the Promapp system, you will be able to write processes as text after which you will generate visual process maps. The process management software also has drill-down features which allow users to extract details from documents such as policies, guides, and forms.

Being moderately priced, Prommap software is one of the affordable compliance management systems or process management applications for developing and mid-tier market participants. Users receive pricing quotes that have been calculated and distributed with reference to their personalized package designed to meet their needs. You only need to visit the company’s official website and establish contact with its sales specialists.

Benefits of Promapp Process Management Software

Promapp system for business process management -report view

Promapp is one of the leading mid-market choices for attaining success in business process management and this is mostly because of its unique personalized navigation. In fact, Promapp software, unlike other BPM systems which promise uncompromised customization, highly supports user’s creativity when it comes to designing workflows. With the Promapp application, users will own their business processes and be accountable and in charge of improving them. Many compliance management or process management software will come with several benefits. Some of the benefits that come with the installation and reliance on the Promapp system are as follows.

Promapp Software is Easy to Use

Promapp is among the simplest process mapping software that is available in the market today. This is because the application was designed by considering its everyday users from the first plan. As a user of Promapp application, you’ll receive the benefits of hassle-free and intuitive navigation patterns while maximizing on its potential features without any expertise or training.

The Promapp system has a simplified mapping

In case you are in search of a process management system that can map processes by applying only a few clicks, then Promapp is the answer. This tool provides the user with a clean and simple interface that has now become its trademark and this allows the users to move between processes without difficulties. While using the Promapp system, you will be able to write processes for the purposes of generating dynamic process maps, drill down to forms, guides, or policies, or rely on quick search in order to save some additional time. Here, you have an opportunity to use a business process management tool that allows nice and quick movement between processes.

promapp -simple process mapping

The Promapp application has a personalized navigation

As we already hinted before, Promapp key feature is its personalized navigation because it allows the planning of all the processes in accordance with the client’s mode of operation while he can see them as ‘Processes I own’ and ‘Processes I’m in.’ Using Promapp software, you will be able to prioritize processes and tasks and identify the favorite ones.

promapp system - personalized

Team Collaboration

When using the Promapp system, you and your colleagues will be able to share ideas and improvements while you keep on engaging through inspiration from the application’s dashboards, social media, and conversations within the app. Being a collaboration-friendly system, Promapp software supports suggestions and comments on personalized dashboards, and it doesn’t obstruct files exchange. Users are able to chat with one another and rate improvements while all their communications are stored in a central database.

promapp process management system - team collaboration

The Promapp system allows users to view process health at a glance

The Promapp application supports automatic tracking of processes and team engagement which gives you real-time process summary – In Progress, Published, Awaiting Approval, and Out of Date. This includes function-by-function comparisons and benchmarking.

promapp - process health

Complemented and improved methodologies

Promapp software offers its users an array of guides and tools, expert advice, and notation styles that they can use for complementing their process improvement methodologies. The Promapp system will complement SIX Sigma, LEAN, ISO and other methodologies with process descriptions that are simplified, and ensure that users are able to adopt them as quickly as possible.

Risk Management

With Promapp, control points are embedded into live processes. You can enable mandatory signoff, notifications, and escalations directly from control points. Promapp application gives you the ability to receive notification of process changes associated with the real-time analysis of risk impact. As a user, Promapp allows you to run efficient and successful risk management programs that are tasked with monitoring and analyzing perils across the whole value chain and all crucial activities, including the role of suppliers, key stakeholders, customers, and partners. By embedding compliance and risk requirements into your processes, risk management becomes a simplified daily activity as opposed to being an error-prone and cumbersome procedure.

Quality assurance management

As a user of Promapp software, you can simplify quality management while maximizing the return coming from your QM systems by relying on a unique change control methodology. Stakeholders will be able to receive instant email notifications for all changes, and every process version will be permanently kept in special change logs.

HR management

Promapp developers were driven by the idea to create an end-to-end business process management application and so they dedicated special attention to its HR capabilities and allowed workforce management teams to eliminate complex flowcharts and manuals. In this case, they can put to use detailed HR templates for laying out the basics of every employee management duty and these include handling serious misconduct and breaches and hiring staff.

Features of Promapp Application

The Promapp system comes with a number of features which necessitates effective and efficient business process management activities. Some of these features are

  • Collaboration tools
  • Single sign on
  • Process maps and mapping
  • Dashboard notifications
  • SharePoint integration
  • Process diagrams
  • Improvement module
  • Process costing
  • Personalized navigation
  • Risk module
  • SSL 128 bit encryption
  • HTML 5 standard

Let’s take a look into further details regarding the capabilities and functionalities associated with some selected Promapp features.

SharePoint integration

Promapp software has a one-click sharing capability which allows you to embed dynamic processes into intranet and SharePoint pages, mobile device apps, CRM screens, and ERP transaction portals and menus. With Promapp, you don’t need web part customization. You will be able to include Promapp links in your intranet within a few minutes.

Risks and compliance management

Organizations need to be aware of risks continuously in order to be successful at risk management. The Promapp system integrates compliance and risk requirements directly into processes and this makes it a daily activity that incorporates automatic live feed updating of compliance and risk records. Promapp’s compliance and risk add-on support ISO compliance.

Incident and improvement tracking

Promapp has an improvement add-on that has replaced spreadsheets and emails when it comes to managing the improvement cycle which includes improvement suggestions and projects, incidents of non-conformance, product quality issues and defects, customer complaints, and logging and tracking internal audit findings.

Collaboration tools

Promapp has collaboration tools and one-click process feedback and change logs meant to encourage the engagement of teams.

Business process approval

The promapp application gives you control of your processes. You can obtain secure, online signoff for every process change through your nominated approvers. This process management system has a Process Approval Workflow add-on which has replaced a paper-based signature approach when it comes to managing the approval of changes associated with processes, increasing the control, efficiency, and audit trail of the approval process.

Pricing of Promapp application

The Promapp system pricing information for small, medium and enterprise businesses is only available after making a request. Contact the company at promapp.com for more details, and provide them with your quote.

Technical Details

The Promapp systems run on devices that are Windows-based, Mac-based, or web-based. Promapp only supports the English language. Its pricing model is based on monthly payment, one-time payment, annual subscription, and quote-based. The type of customers that are served by Promapp includes medium and large enterprises. The application can be deployed in the cloud, on Open API, and On-Premise.

Support Details

Promapp vendors offer their support through phone and email. Visit promapp.com for more details.