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Full PeopleAdmin Review – All You Need To Know About PeopleAdmin


A lot of online human resources platforms are aimed at businesses, but there are many other institutions which also have their own HR needs. PeopleAdmin is one such platform which has a very specific niche, targeting educational institutions such as university and college. Like company employees, faculty and staff can also get goals and performance reviews to help them improve.

What Is PeopleAdmin?

PeopleAdmin is an online human resources platform, specifically aimed at educational establishments such as universities and colleges. These places obviously have staff too, and that staff need managed just as much as the staff at a regular business.

From goals to performance reviews to hiring and promotions, everything has to be tracked from hiring to retiring. That’s where PeopleAdmin come in to simplify the process. But the platform focuses mainly on the hiring process.

PeopleAdmin Benefits

Here are the broad benefits of an educational institution such as a university or college signing up for PeopleAdmin.

  • Make Recruitment Easier – streamline your recruitment and hiring processes with job postings, search committees, and references. Automated workflows make the whole hiring process faster and more efficient.
  • Make Your Jobs Page Mobile-Friendly – everyone accesses the internet on their mobile device these days. So make your PeopleAdmin jobs page mobile-friendly to encourage more applications.
  • Go Where The Applicants Are – seamlessly integrate with social media sites such as LinkedIn. Integrate with higher education jobs boards as well.
  • Set Up Automated Communications – when a job vacancy of interest comes up, make it easier for an applicant to get in touch.
  • Enable Resume Uploads Via Mobile – encourage even more applications by letting applicants upload their resume to you via their mobile device.
  • Create a Search Committee – everything in a university and college is decided by committee. So set up a search committee for each job vacancy and assign staff to them.
  • Set Up An Efficient Impressive Onboarding Process – on their first day, the new employee will form their first impression of you. Make it a good one with superior training and a warm welcome.
  • Let New Hires Log In To Do Important Documents – to save on time, let new staff sign into PeopleAdmin to fill out tax forms and other important employment documents.
  • Get The Review Process Going – even if the new staff member is in their probationary period, you can still get them enrolled in annual or monthly reviews. Employees can give their own feedback, as well as receive feedback from their peers. Employees can sign into the portal and view the feedback privately at any time.
  • Refine & Tweak Job Descriptions – make sure that the employee’s job description matches what they were hired to do. Having clearly defined duties helps the employee know what is expected of them.

PeopleAdmin Features

Now that we have looked at the broad overview of features that PeopleAdmin offers, let’s now take a much closer look at its best features.

Write & Define Exact Job Descriptions

When posting a job, you must clearly define the duties and obligations of that job. You must also check that the job hasn’t changed in any way since you last filled it.

Having a clear job description will also make performance reviews easier. By matching job performance with the duties laid out in the description, it will be easy to see if the employee is performing as expected.

Clear job descriptions also streamline promotions and job transfers, as well as ensure that the employee is paid fairly.

Create a Mobile-Responsive Welcoming Jobs Page

Everything these days is rapidly moving to mobile devices. So your website has to be instantly responsive to different sized screens. You must also make it easier for applicants to apply for jobs on potentially much smaller screens.

Without these factors in place, potentially top calibre applicants are going to turn their backs on you and apply elsewhere. Make a good first impression and show people what it is like to work for you.

Create a Search/Screening Committee For Applications

When it comes to hiring faculty and deciding tenure, decisions are usually made by committee votes. So when using PeopleAdmin to take over your hiring processes, you can also set up a committee.

Appoint a chairperson to lead the committee and other staff can be assigned to the other places. Direct all applications for that particular job towards them automatically, and let them all have the ability to comment collaboratively on each one.

Let Staff Log Into The Portal

When you hire a member of staff, there is a lot of paperwork needing to be completed. Especially tax forms. Instead of human resources having to deal with a mountain of paperwork, leave it all digital.

Let the staff member sign into the portal and complete the forms online. Electronic signatures ensure no unnecessary paperwork is printed out. But if something has to be printed out, printer-friendly views ensure no paper is needlessly wasted.

Integrate With Third-Party Jobs Boards

If you are looking for top-quality staff, you need to go to where they hang out. This can be somewhere well-known like LinkedIn, or another educational jobs board.

PeopleAdmin seamlessly integrates with third-party jobs boards so the right people see your vacancies instantly.

Start The Review Process From Day One

On the first day of work, a new staff member may be on probation. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be enrolled into your review process. With PeopleAdmin, you can start performance reviews from the get-go.

Just decide how frequently you would like to review the employee, set quantifiable goals for them, and then review them annually or even monthly.

PeopleAdmin Pricing


PeopleAdmin does not reveal any pricing structure on their website. Everything is done on a per-quote basis. So you must contact the company, tell them your particular needs, and a custom quote will be provided for you.

This is good because you will only pay for what you need. But it is also bad because it’s impossible to know if you can afford the service without contacting them first. Some people merely want to window-shop without committing to anything.

PeopleAdmin Technical Details


PeopleAdmin is entirely cloud-hosted, so the only technical requirement is an Internet browser and a fairly fast web connection. Regardless of whether your university or college uses a particular operating system, PeopleAdmin will work wherever you have an online connection.

PeopleAdmin Support Details

PeopleAdmin actually has rather dismal customer support options. Its website is entirely optimized for sales only, so there is virtually no indication of the support options for existing customers.

Other online sources claim that the only support options for existing customers are email and phone. While this may be enough for some people, it wouldn’t hurt to also offer live chat support. They also have a Twitter page but there is no indication anywhere that they respond to comments left on their page.

If you have no actual problem as such, PeopleAdmin do offer resources such as a blog, podcasts, webinars, and training courses.

For people considering signing up, you can phone the sales number or complete a form to request a demo.


With all of PeopleAdmin’s competitors focusing solely on the more lucrative business market, it’s nice to see another company targeting a more specific niche – the educational market. Whether you work at a university or college, on the faculty or the staff, PeopleAdmin will help you to organize your staff.