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Full Oracle Agile PLM Software Review – All you need to know about Oracle Agile

Oracle Agile PLM Software

In the PLM industry, we have tools or applications that help organizations or companies to manage the complete lifecycle of a product. Oracle Agile PLM Software is one of the most important tools in this industry. This PLM application helps manufacturers to manage the life cycle of a product right from the ideation stage to the recycling and disposal phase. With the implementation of Oracle Agile PLM tool, there is process efficiency, cross-functional collaboration, rapid innovation, risk mitigation, closed-loop quality control, and cost effectiveness.

The most important element captured by Oracle Agile PLM software is its Oracle Agile Product Collaboration. This capability facilitates the connection between globally dispersed product teams, customers, and suppliers in a collaborative environment and thus enabling organizations to accelerate product launches.

Product Lifecycle Management as a process goes through four phases.

  1. Initial Design – at this initial phase, design teams and engineers in organizations use a PLM application such as Oracle Agile PLM to create and manage the product within the PLM package. The PLM solution holds all the aspects of the design process and this includes notes, sketches, measurements, and specific directions.
  2. Prototyping – in this phase, the initial builds of the product design are tested. A testing lab utilizes centralized instructions. The testing lab has clear access to the design and all of its specification through the same PLM application.
  3. Manufacturing – the manufacturing stage only initiates when the prototyping has been completed and the final design determined. In this stage, the manufacturer is able to directly access the 2D or 3D product structure. In the event that the PLM application has been integrated with other manufacturing systems, the items and the BOMs are created automatically.
  4. The Engineering Change Notice (ECN) Process – this process takes place throughout the whole product development process from design to manufacturing, to disposal stages. It allows anyone who identifies a problem in the product to create a report. Using a PLM solution such as Oracle Agile PLM tool, all of these reports are integrated for the purposes of creating an ECN request with assigned tasks for everything that has to be changed. Changes could be initiated on part information, user manuals, CAD designs and documentation, sales brochure among others.

A PLM solution such as Oracle Agile PLM application is more comprehensive as it is able to assist teams in design, prototyping, manufacturing, and in the ECN processes.  A PLM application is known for being the single centralized version of the truth and it comes with lots of advantages to the company which includes the following.

  • Reducing inaccuracies and reliance of out of date information during documentation. Thus, a PLM solution such as Oracle Agile PLM tool will make it possible for teams working for organizations to avoid costly manufacturing mistakes.
  • Increased efficiency within organizations as PLM support the reuse of designs and this, therefore, reduces the amount of inventory investment.
  • With PLM application, all people involved in the product’s lifecycle management have access to all the designs that are critical for decision making and, therefore, there is a higher likelihood of parts being reused.
  • Implementation of Oracle Agile PLM software or any similar PLM application in organizations will mean that there will be support and streamlining of the entire product development process and this reduces time to market.
  • With PLM application, organizations still have to make sure that they hire people of different skill sets with regard to PLM use. Nowadays, participants in the PLM arena have the advantage of accessing role-specific user interfaces that have commands which are appropriate to their functions and expertise.

What is Oracle Agile PLM Software?

Products and their requirements are increasingly becoming more and more complex. With Oracle Agile PLM tool, you have the ability to innovate profitably. It is the broadest and most comprehensive PLM solution that has efficiently streamlined processes, centralized product data, and launched a quality product with more speed.

Oracle Agile PLM Tool - Management dashboard

Oracle Agile PLM software effectively manages product value chains and lifecycles for organizations. This tool is very user-friendly, is customizable, and offers clear visibility into the product data. With its integrated framework, it allows for collaboration between cross-functional teams that work on co-related tasks collectively. Data is also synchronized with external and internal pools.

With Oracle Agile PLM, organizations experience acceleration in product innovation, maximum profits, improved product design, support and launching and optimization of their global product network. Agile PLM can be implemented with different organizations in different industries by acquiring a module that fits their needs. This PLM application can be tailored to suit the specific needs of different organizations in different industries which include consumer goods, industrial manufacturing and pharmaceutical industry, and semiconductors among others. With its mobile applications, Oracle Agile PLM allows users to conveniently access all their data or processes with speed and ease and thus making it possible for them to complete the job while on the go.

Oracle Agile PLM tool is a tool that makes it possible for businesses to experience accelerated product innovation, increased profitability through proper managing of information, processes, and decisions that affects a product’s lifecycle across its global network. As one of the most comprehensive PLM solutions in the industry, Oracle Agile PLM software comes with an extensive suite of PLM applications and time-to-value focused implementations.

With Oracle Agile PLM tool, you can effectively manage a company’s product record. Since products define the competitive advantage of organizations, their profitability, and long-term growth, a product record is a key intellectual asset for organizations. The product record holds the information that uniquely defines every aspect of a product in its lifecycle phases.

Oracle Agile PLM software is also helpful in optimizing the global product network. This PLM application offers complex organizations the support that they need for the purposes of implementing and integrating the product lifecycle process. Agile PLM is uniquely built from the ground up to support networked businesses as it offers a single view of products across business processes and geographical locations. Oracle Agile PLM optimizes the global product network and this allows users to attain crucial business objectives such as products reaching the market at a faster speed, improved product innovation, lower costs, shorter time to volume, regulatory compliance, and improved product quality. Some of the functionalities of Agile PLM include its ability to do the following:

  • Users can securely access preliminary and released product related information.
  • It allows clear visibility into pending and released changes and the items that have been affected by those changes.
  • Product management can be carried out efficiently across global and multi-tiered supply chains.
  • Enables the creation of an environment for managing and controlling manufacturers and their product content.
  • Supports automation and streamlining of change management processes by relying on intelligent workflow.

Benefits of Oracle Agile PLM Tool?

Oracle Agile PLM Software has the unique benefits that have made it one of the best comprehensive solutions in the PLM industry. Some of these benefits are as follows.

Effective management of a product’s lifecycle

Agile PLM takes a strategic approach to the management of a product’s lifecycle from requirements to design, prototyping, manufacturing, certification, service, customization, and retirement. With Oracle Agile PLM tool, organizations have access to all the tools and support that they need for efficient and effective implementation of the lifecycle process. Its design supports networked businesses and provides complex enterprises with a single view of their products from different geographical locations.

Organizations using Agile PLM are able to achieve their strategic objectives

Through relying on Oracle Agile PLM Software, organizations are able to accelerate the time to market. Agile PLM enables organizations to turn time into a competitive advantage by enabling collaboration across an extended supply chain to design, source, and build products which suit the market. This application also helps companies to improve quality, lower costs, comply with regulatory standards, and innovate.

Improve quality

On quality, it is an accepted fact that there is a lot of difficulties and irregularities involved when you manage the design and manufacturing details affecting your product quality without a PLM solution. Oracle Agile PLM tool allows its users to put in place the processes and product improvements that are needed for improving quality and customer satisfaction. This PLM application allows you to design higher-quality products, enhance product reliability, and reduce issue resolution times among other things.

Compliance with regulation

With regulatory compliance, Oracle Agile PLM software helps you to turn it into a competitive edge as the PLM application offers tight control over product lifecycle processes. This reduces business risks and ensures adherence to regulatory standards.

Lowering costs

Oracle Agile PLM tool supports tight linking of sourcing activities to common product record and this enables manufacturers to develop sustainable sourcing strategies. This leverages the full expertise of suppliers and lowers the ongoing production costs. This results in reduced material costs, product costs, shortened sourcing cycles, and the rapid introduction of products.

Driving Innovation

With Oracle Agile PLM software, innovation is accelerated without compromising supply chain flexibility or engineering creativity. Agile PLM allows scattered product design teams from across the globe to collaborate in real-time so as to leverage insight, core product designs, and creativity. With its capability, manufacturers are able to compress cycle times from conceptualization through to release, protect and leverage intellectual property, and increase output from expensive engineering resources.

Oracle PLM Mobile Apps increase profitability and innovation

The mobile Apps that are integrated with Agile PLM help organizations to experience maximum product profitability while also accelerating innovation through eliminating bottlenecks associated with approvals. Process managers are therefore able to flexibly manage the product lifecycle on the go from any location.

Features of Oracle Agile PLM?

Oracle Agile PLM software comes with a number of features which enable users to collaborate while performing some specific roles. Some of the features of Agile PLM include:

  • Portfolio management
  • Product lifecycle analysis
  • Product record management
  • Product collaboration
  • AutoVue Enterprise Visualization for Agile
  • Cost and Quality management
  • Regulatory compliance and governance
  • Customer Needs Management
  • Global product network optimization
  • Engineering Collaboration
  • Variant Management
  • Materials and Equipment Management
  • Mobile Apps
  • Product Lifecycle Analytics
  • Pedigree and Serialization Management

Here are summaries to some of the above-listed features for the purposes of understanding how Oracle Agile PLM functions.

Agile PLM product portfolio management

With the product portfolio management feature, you will be able to optimize your investment of production through tight synchronization of the program and product information, maximizing the utilization of resources, and providing visibility across programs and also decision support for the entire product lifecycle. This feature supports phase-and-gate product development processes while also incorporating the best program management practices throughout the enterprise.

plm application

Engineering collaboration

Agile PLM’s engineering collaboration handles the unique requirements of the engineering organization to ensure that best practices and development processes are fully leveraged with design partners across the entire product lifecycle and throughout the extended organization. Engineering collaboration links the initial engineering design activities with the organization product record and provides a complete and current definition of your products. It, therefore, pushes rapid and effective engineering-to-manufacturing transitions while implementing design integrity. This guarantees that products are developed within schedule and budget.

Oracle Agile PLM - integration for organizations

Regulatory compliance and governance

Agile PLM’s regulatory compliance and governance feature allow you to manage your product and program in a way that is compliant with established industry standards and regulatory requirements. Compliance professionals are able to transform their activities from reactive and highly manual systems into repeatable and auditable processes and as result reducing the risk of business interruption.

Agile PLM Application cost and quality management

The Oracle Agile PLM software supports efficient management of the product’s cost throughout its lifecycle and this allows users to make early and informed sourcing decisions through synchronizing the processes and product cost data throughout design, manufacturing, sourcing, and supplier tiers.

The product quality management feature of Oracle Agile PLM tool ensures tight integration of quality, customers, products, and compliance information within a closed-loop system which necessitates corrective action.

Product collaboration

Agile PLM has the capability to enable users to view and manage new and evolving product data throughout the lifecycle of the product and the extended supply chain. With its complete and updated enterprise product record, teams are able to work collaboratively across the globe from a single source of truth.


The pricing of Oracle Agile PLM tool can only be accessed upon request. All you have to do is to contact some verified vendors or the owners of the product through oracle.com. You will receive more details about the product from the company you’ve contacted and you’ll also be able to ask for a quote.

Technical Details

Oracle Agile PLM supports several devices that run on different platforms and these include Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, and web-based. The languages supported by this PLM application include English, Japan, France, Germany, China, India, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Italy, and Swedish. The pricing model for Oracle Agile PLM tool is based on a quote as already stated. It supports small businesses, medium businesses, and large enterprises. Deployment is through cloud hosting, and open API.

Support Details

The vendors and owners of this PLM application offer their support through Email, phone, live support, and training. You can contact oracle.com for more information.