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Full Online Invoices Review – All You Need To Know About Online Invoices

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When looking for an invoicing platform, everyone naturally gravitates to the big names such as FreshBooks, QuickBooks, and Zoho. But there are also lots of smaller ones which offer facilities for statements, estimates, and cheaper invoicing for a large number of clients. One good option is the unimaginatively named Online Invoices.

What Is Online Invoices?

Online Invoices is an impressive looking, more affordable online invoicing platform. It will appeal to business people who are looking for something not too bloated in terms of features.

Despite its name, Online Invoices also offers add-on widgets to extend the functionality of the core product. These can be added and removed as and when you need them.

At the time of writing, three widgets are offered which are client follow-up and management, online accounting and CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and inventory management and control.

Online Invoices Benefits


Here is a snapshot of the large number of benefits of switching your invoicing system over to Online Invoices.

  • Create templates that can be pre-filled with certain client data.
  • Set up pre-saved product and service descriptions to add to those templates.
  • Multiple different template design possibilities.
  • Automate the system to send out unpaid invoice reminders.
  • Online Invoices supports multiple forms of tax such as VAT and GST.
  • Set up a client area where each client can log in online to view their invoices.
  • Create estimates templates which can be quickly filled with pre-set information.
  • Create client statements showing payments made.
  • Secure online payment links can be generated to encourage the client to pay immediately.
  • Track your time with timesheets and turn them into invoices.
  • Scan your receipts and not worry about losing them ever again.

Online Invoices Features

Some features jump out more than others. Let’s now take a look at them.

Allow Your Clients To Pay a Deposit & Pay The Rest Later

Cash flow problems. We all have them and there is nothing more inconvenient for a self-employed person when one of their clients is having a cash flow problem. Therefore allowing them to pay a deposit as a goodwill gesture will make the client grateful.

Then when their financial situation improves, they can pay the rest off. But until that happens, you will have at least a little bit of money to tide you over.

Attach Customizable Terms & Conditions To Your Invoices

If an invoice is ultimately unpaid, it becomes legally difficult to collect the money if the business did not specify their terms and conditions up-front. If it can be proved that the debtor has violated the terms and conditions of the invoice then it becomes easier to collect through the courts.

Online Invoices gives you the option of attaching terms and conditions to each invoice and if the exact wording is not to your liking, you can alter it.

Either Use An Online Invoices URL Or Your Custom Domain


Looking professional is the priority of all companies looking to make an impression and one of the easiest ways is to have all of your invoices on your own website.

By default, Online Invoices gives you a sub-domain on their own site where the invoices can be accessed. But if you have your own domain, you can use that instead. Set up a client portal where clients can log in to see their invoices and pay you securely.

It’s the little things like that which will separate you from the competition.

Generate Client Statements Showing Payments Made


Every so often, a client will request a summary of all the payments they have made within a certain time period so they can double-check against their own records.

If you receive such a request, all it will take is one click inside Online Invoices to generate a PDF file.

Track All Company Expenses To See What Is Being Spent


Expenses are the one sure way for profits to drop. So all businesses, especially when first starting out, have to keep their expenses as low as possible.

In Online Invoices, you can track all company expenses and see where the money is going to. This will then help you decide if it is an essential expense or a frivolous one that can be cut.

Profit & Loss Reports Will Show Your Profit After Expenses

online invoices

Every quarter, half a year, or yearly, you have to assess the current financial situation and see if you are operating at a profit or a loss. After all, the whole point of a business is to make money.

Invoices Online will automatically generate Profit & Loss reports showing expenses and other deductions which are then taken off to show your overall profit (if any). See at a glance whether or not products are doing well and whether projects should be continued or not.

Add Extra Staff Members To Share The Work Burden

Just because you are the boss of the company, it doesn’t mean you have to do all of the paperwork. If you have someone in the company good with figures and accounts, then you can add them to your Invoices Online account to help with the invoicing, statements and estimates.

Online Invoices Pricing

Online Invoices offers four possible plans for you to choose from. One is free and the other three are paid. What is great about these payment structures is that each one is reasonably priced depending on how many clients you are billing. So you are not likely to struggle paying Online Invoices’ fee.


The Free plan is a good way for an up-and-coming business to get established without the burden of a monthly fee. The Free plan allows for fifteen clients per month, fifteen invoices a month, seven subscriptions a month (also known as “recurring invoices”), thirty estimates a month and two invoice layouts.

The only slight hitch with the free plan is that there is an Online Invoices logo on every email and invoice. This may not bother some but others might feel it looks unprofessional. That’s the downside of going the free route.

This is a great plan because by the time you have fifteen regularly paying clients every month, you won’t have any problem upgrading to the first paid plan – the Silver plan.


The Silver plan is a very cheap $9.95 per month and allows for up to three hundred clients a month and three hundred invoices. Subscriptions are raised to thirty a month, estimates to a hundred and twenty and twelve invoice layouts are available.

The Silver plan is the first plan where no Online Invoices logo appears in the emails and invoices that you send out. It is also the first plan where you can add additional users to your account for an extra $4.99 per month, per user.


The Gold plan is $19.95 a month and this is where you can go all invoice crazy. But weirdly it allows for up to 2,500 clients a month – but only 1,000 invoices. Which makes you wonder what you do if you have a hugely successful month and more clients need billed than Online Invoices will allow?

On this level, subscriptions are now fifty a month, estimates are a maximum of a thousand, and the number of invoice layouts is thirty. Additional users to the account are also $4.99 a month per user.


The Platinum plan is the most expensive of all at $39.95 a month, but this plan looks to be designed for companies making a lot of money. So forty dollars a month would be a drop in the bucket for companies like that.

Everything on this plan is unlimited. Unlimited clients, invoices, estimates, subscriptions and invoice layouts. The only thing which is not unlimited is the number of additional users which remains fixed at $4.99 per month per user.

Annual Discount

Online Invoices operates on a month-to-month basis, and therefore offers no discounts for up-front annual payments.

Online Invoices Technical Details


Online Invoices is all fully online in the cloud. This has the advantage of the user being able to access their financial information anywhere at anytime. They don’t have to access installed software on one particular computer.

All that is needed is an Internet browser and an Internet connection. So this service is fully cross-platform compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

The site also claims that you can generate invoices in virtually any language in existence and any currency. So this platform is ideal for people all over the world.

Online Invoices Support Details


Online Invoices is very restrictive in how people can contact them. You can either phone them or email them.

These will be the two most likely forms of communication for most customers but a FAQ, a Twitter account, or a user forum of some kind would also have been helpful.


Online Invoices is a very feature-rich, robust and affordable solution for those who may find the bigger name brands too expensive or feature-heavy. Online Invoices provides a nice counter-balance, offering more reasonable prices as well as only giving you the invoicing features you are likely to need in your day-to-day business.