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Full Microsoft Power BI Data Visualization Software Solutions Review – All You Need to Know About Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft Power BI

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics tool that is created to help businesses scrutinize data and share this data across the teams. Their subscription-based service is pretty attractive and has coherent compressible visuals that make it easier for users to organize and ultimately devise effective strategies for their businesses. Their subscription-based software is useful when users want to be in the know in identifying trends and steering the business’s towards success.

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Microsoft Power BI Benefits

Minimal Costs

Power BI is a subscription-based service. This means that clients do not require to buy licenses, have the support team to help them because they have access to every single tool and services once they have subscribed. After subscription, clients can build their own dashboards in order to collaborate with their colleagues. In addition, Power BI has a trial version which clients can use before deciding on whether to buy the software.

Microsoft Power BI


Viewing Power BI Report across Different Platforms

Power BI brings three ports to your laptop or smartphone regardless of what profession you are in. In addition, since Power BI is cloud-based software, you can access all this information whether you are on a road meeting or on a vacation. Besides, there are common native apps that are built and available for both iPhone and Android. In addition, the dashboard is not squeezed even if you access it on your phone. This gives managers the experience to check every day even if they are on their phone.

You Can Consolidate Multiple Sources through Power BI

Power BI is a common platform because it is not only exclusive to Microsoft systems. Therefore, its compatibility feature will help any user I extract data from any source. You can connect to different data sources such as Excel, shared folder, access database, MySQL database, Sybase database, and Oracle databases. Once you have subscribed to Power BI, you can connect all your data sources and consolidate all information into a dataset. Afterward, you can begin building your reports.


Share Dashboards

Power BI has a functionality that allows managers or other team members to share their dashboards with the rest of the team. All you need to do is to email your colleague the link to the dashboard. Once they received this link, they are able to access the dashboard through the platform of my office 365.

Drag and Drop Functionality

Power BI has very dynamic templates. This allows users to create their own reports in just minutes. They can take a template and drag it to the dashboard and they did it. Power BI gives users full control and thus, users can change the customer lists, add any amount field in any different value column they’d want and also list customers in a specific order.

Advanced search engine

Power BI has a functionality that makes it stands out from the rest. This functionality allows users to drill into visualization and look at what all the data comprises. For example, if a user has sold products to a top customer, they can easily check what kind of product was sold to them. This can be done by clicking the budget and ultimately, Power BI will drill into the sales record for that specific customer and the user will assess the kind of products the customer bought.

Microsoft Power BI

Schedule Data

Power BI makes it easier for users to schedule their data to refresh within a specific, Whether it is on a daily basis or even hourly period this makes it easier for users to track their sales in terms of the number of customers who have purchased and the value of the product within a short period of time. Power BI Is well aware that keeping track of product sales is what makes businesses successful.

Users Can Interact with a Growing Community

Power BIs are quite successful because subscribers who are still using the software are able to interact with their fellow colleagues in different businesses but have a subscription with Power BI.  Therefore, even if a certain user has some challenges, they can contact their fellow users to help them out. Power BI has its belief in the power of community and collaboration. In addition, developers can customize the report using the API and they can get the scripts or codes on GitHub.

Proper Planning

Once data is sent into Power BI, it is processed and a report is generated. This information is useful for business owners because it helps in planning for the future. Business owners can use this information to know what kind of products they should sell and what kind of customer base to target. Keep in mind, the interest of customers will often change as a result of the various businesses. That is why as a business owner you require Power BI to help you know what to focus on going forward.

Easy-To-Use Application

Power BI is a very easy-to-use application. In most instances, users do not require any type of engineering. Unlike most subscriptions that are in the same category, Power BI is focused on providing the best kind of quality services, by making the software easy to use and rest and to its clientele. Only have to do is to create an API key and plug it into the application. If the organization already uses Microsoft systems, Power BI will feel so natural because it easily integrates with office 365 and Microsoft teams.

Customized Reporting

With Power BI, clients can schedule different types of the report as well as the amount of time they want to be receiving according to their needs. For example, since a business has to generate several reports within a specific time, business owners can schedule this report in two different categories. The first can be the data-driven schedule and the second they went driven schedule.

Data scheduled reports will only be sent to a business owner if the data changes. However, the event-based scheduled reports are sent if a certain event occurs. The event can be a slight increase or drop in the number of consumers or sales. Besides, there are various formats you can also schedule the report with and this includes pdf, excel, and jpg.

Easy to Interpret Reports

Power BI is well aware that some business owners and employees in that specific business, might not have the skills to interpret the report, especially if the report is detailed. This is why Power BI is focusing on generating visual reports. This reports are easy to interpret and can be checked at a glance.

Changes the Focus

As a business owner, your interest is to see the business grow. However, business owners are white concerned and occupied by various things. This is why they have to get data that will help them improve their business overall. In most cases, without the use of good applications, they might end up focusing on things that might not have a great impact on their business. But with Power BI, business owners can now focus on specific things that will have a great impact on their business. This is because the application provides them with insights and visualizations into the various reports.

Microsoft Power BI Features

Microsoft Power BI


Dashboards are interactive panels on Power BI that correlate with data. The essence of having dashboards is to link different datasets with each other, compare and evaluate. These datasets can be shared with colleagues and they can customize them in the best way possible.

Question and Answer Box

The question-and-answer box allows business owners to explore data by asking questions in a natural language. This means that they do not have to know any programming language or ask in a specific way using specific dumps. In most cases, the artificial intelligence software will give them a solution by going thru and weeding out some of the questions already asked and finding an answer to a question that was ready asked before which is similar.  In addition, Power BI embraces the concept of community. This allows different business owners to interact, share views and share solutions to specific methods on the platform.

Content Packs

Content packs on Power BI’s platform are useful when integrating or getting data from other embedded queries. Using this feature, Power BI acts as an accounting software that can generate all the information found on each dataset, compare and help you evaluate the growth of the business. In addition, things such as profit margin or sales volume are stored by use of this embedded query feature on Power BI.

The Dax Analysis Function

Power BI has a Dax analysis function that has over 200 functions and counting. They reach DAX formula has a whole library of interesting capabilities that help computerize any business. The feature allows business owners to create powerful analytics from their data.

Business Intelligence

Another interesting feature of Power BI east the business intelligence feature. This means that with Power BI, users can use Power BI to analyze their business and come up with resolutions that will help boost the return on investments.

Reasonable Pricing Model

When you’re working with an application like Power BI, you mediately think that it’s going to be extremely expensive. This is, in fact, the case with most applications in this category. However, Microsoft application cost significantly less than what any user would expect. This is because the application has so many features in the different pricing plans that are helpful for various businesses. For example, the basic plan of the product has a capacity of up to 1 gigabyte which is available for free. The paid version only costs $10 per user per month and it has around 10 gigabytes.

The Unlimited Connectivity

When you’re working with newer software, the challenge is finding one that can blend with other software that you already own. Microsoft has developed this application to run simultaneously and seamlessly with other applications in the field. In fact, Microsoft is working to expand the connectivity of the system by enabling users to import from other various data sources.

Collaboration Tools

This is quite an interesting feature in Power BI. It is one of those features that allow different teams to collaborate regardless of where they are in the world. As a result of Microsoft’s desire to come up with a seamless way for collaboration, they have made this application to be available on Windows, and Android. In addition, users get a lot whenever there is an update or a change in the existing data.

Stunning Visuals Feature

The stunning visuals feature is quite an interesting feature because it is very resourceful especially for beginners. People, who don’t understand or can’t easily interpret the data, use this feature because it breaks down huge chunks of data into easy to digest data. This means that even if you are a noob when it comes to this application, you do not have to worry about going on a course to learn more.

Unlimited Access to Information on the Cloud

When you’re using Power BI, your data is quite safe. The data is usually collected and stored in the cloud. This means that information can be accessed at any location in the world. In addition, all the information that is stored in the cloud is safe because there is an in-built connector that helps protect and streamline the importation and exportation of data.

Customizable Dashboards

Microsoft’s interest to help businesses and understand that each business is different from the other is an important factor that led the team to come up with customizable dashboards. This means that if a user wants to expand their business, all they have to do is to customize their dashboards to suit that expansion. In addition, smaller companies can use customizable dashboards sure that their business is running smoothly.


Microsoft Power BI

The Microsoft Power BI comes with two pricing plants which users can choose from. The first pricing plan is a free trial plan that is quite extended. Here are some of its features:-

  • 1-gigabyte data limit
  • Users can create personalized dashboards and report
  • The author can put content
  • Data exploration by uses
  • It can integrate with various applications in the market
  • Users can publish reports and dashboards on the internet
  • Users can consume content packs from various data sources such as google analytics

The second pricing plan known as the Power BI pro costs $9.99 per month.  Here are some of its features:

  • Users get a chance to access all previous features
  • Users can consume love data sources with access to interactivity features
  • Users can collaborate with our team using office 365 groups
  • Users can create and view content packs
  • Users can share data queries through catalogs

Technical details

Microsoft Power BI


Power BI is a subscription-based software that can be accessed on various supported platforms. These platforms include windows, android, and windows mobile. The subscription-only supports the English language but you looking forward to expanding into other territories.

Support Details

In case you’d like to get in touch with the support team of Microsoft’s Power BI, feel free to get in touch through their phone number or email. In addition, Microsoft also provides training to some of its clients who have subscribed.

Users can access data regardless of where they are in the world.

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