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Full Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio Predictive Analysis Software Review – What You Need to Know About Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning StudioMicrosoft Azure Machine Learning Studio
Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio

What is Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio?

Machine learning is one of the hottest trends nowadays. People are digging more into machine learning, rather on just coding. It is a little bit going to the track of artificial intelligence, but it’s not. However, machine learning has been helping a lot of people ever since. It includes all the systems, the approach, and so on.

It is a tool that you can use by just dragging and dropping where you can collaborate with other users and then test, build and deploy some analytics solutions that are predicted to all your data. It develops all the models situated as services from the web that can just be used by the apps that are customized or BI tools just the same as Excel.

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio Benefits

So, this studio will help you learn more about Machine Learning, where you can see that almost all data is related to data science, cloud resources and predictive analytics.

It focuses on improving developers on their current knowledge of the APIs. Where they can gain access to such and then infuse it into their own model to enhance cognitive algorithms and transform the artificial intelligence.

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning StudioThis is perfect for all developers that focus on a model that predictive analysis, as Machine Learning focuses on that certain area. You just use some data from a source or many sources then analyze and transform it through lots of various statistical functions. Also possible with data manipulation, where you will generate a set of results.

It has a visual, interactive workspace that is so simple to build, test, change and publish on an analysis model that is predictive. Also, you can just work on by dragging and dropping the analysis and datasets modules to a canvas that is interactive.

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio Features

It has lots of features. Take note that most of these features are all designed for you to learn about machine learning and instill that passion in your heart to do this. Take a look at them:

Cortana Intelligence

The Cortana Intelligence Suite, a suite that will analyze your data, your data that is managed fully into an action that is intelligent. This is the reason why everything will seem easier and simpler while doing the Machine Learning stuff. All your data will be analyzed into a much simpler data, then predictive results with analysis will then be given.

Platform of Interaction

It will make all your developing models more fun through the interactive platform design. The fast, simple an easy drag-and-drop function that definitely works on the datasets and analysis modules. These are used to create experiments that are in the program. Saving a copy, converting, editing, running and publishing all your experiments is just a one-click, one simple easy process. Because of this, not complicated programming needed, then you can create more models quicker than ever, and even produce more and more with the saved time!

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning StudioWeb Deployment

All the models made within this software are all going straight to the cloud web. This will then be discoverable by people who seem to have a need on this, or they can use it for their own projects. This will let users send a particular data to the certain model and then calculate and receive predictions straight from it. Then it could be applied to their own processes. But when changes will occur, they will still have to manage and access them through whatever the platform’s web services portal is.

Collaborative Environment

It gathers developers together from different places through the Cortana Intelligence Gallery. It is a part of the platform where all the users could share and collaborate with each other. There they can see a different solution that they could potentially use to others or for themselves.

At the same time, the community is also a very good helping hand to all of the developers to collaborate more. There they could check errors, rooms for improvements and many more. One question, suggestion, or comment from other developers could change your machine!

Cloud Functioning

Since it is available for everyone who has Internet, this means that this studio could also be accessible online! Remove the hassle of needing to install programs on one or more devices. This only means that all your developed programs could be utilized and deployed on any desktop, laptop or computer. This makes all of the developers have the ease to work on their project wherever they go and whatever they use, just for their convenience.


One amazing feature of the Machine Learning Studio is that dataset. It is a data is being   uploaded to the studio that could be used for the future modeling process. If you have a couple of datasets that you plan to use or are already included inside the Machine Learning Studio just so you can work on with, then you can then upload more and lots of datasets as you need them.

Machine Learning Algorithms

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning StudioIt has a lot of machine learning algorithms that you could check on together with the modules that will help you with all your data output and input, preparation and also visualization. Using all of these components, you can then develop a predictive analysis experiment, where you could check on it, then furthermore use it to train your own model.

Everything is made accessible with the Machine Learning Studio. Just with one small simple click, you can fully operationalize your own model using the Azure Cloud where you can just use it to score new data.

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Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio offers varied services of different types with different pricing. All to set to your expectations and needs.

Free – Free

  • 100 Modules per Experiment
  • 1 Hour per Experiment
  • 10GB Storage Space
  • Single Node Execution/Performance

Standard – $9.99/month

  • $1 per Studio Experimentation Hour
  • Unlimited Modules per Experiment
  • Up to 7 Days per Experiment, 24 Hours per Module
  • Unlimited – BYO Storage Space
  • On-Premises SQL Data Processing
  • Multiple Nodes Execution/Performance
  • Production Web API
  • SLA

Here is also example pricing for some of their popular products.

  • App Service – $0.013/hour
  • Virtual Machine – $0.008/hour
  • Azure SQL Database – $0.021/hour
  • Blob Storage – $0.002/GB
  • Azure Kuberenetes Service – $0.008/hour
  • Functions – $0.20/million executions

Check this link to calculate all your possible expenses. Depending on your estimation.

Support Plans

There are also lots of plans that will also be just for you in regards to Azure Support, all for your support needs.

  1. Developer – $29/month
  • Has less than 8 hours response time.
  • Recommended for non-production and trial environments.
  1. Standard – $100/month
  • Has less than 2 hours response time.
  • Recommended for environments with production workload.
  1. Professional Direct – $1,000/month
  • Has less than 1 hour response time.
  • Recommended for business that depend or criticality.
  1. Premier – Contact Azure Support for pricing
  • Has less than 15 minutes response time (if you want Azure Rapid Response oro if you want Azure Event Management).
  • Has less than 1 hour response time (if you don’t have Azure Rapid Response).
  • Best for substantial dependence across multiple products.

Cost Management

It is recommended that you manage your costs in Azure Machine Learning Studio. Manage your could spend with utmost accuracy and transparency. Always have the best out of Azure and all the different clouds using Cost Management. Use the tools to check, optimize and allocate proper costs to securely boost future investment.

With cost management, you will be able to:

  • Check on historical data, all to enhance forecasting for usage in cloud and expenditure.
  • Regularly monitor how you consume your cloud and its cost trends.
  • Optimize it all sizing all the virtual machines right and removing resources that are idle.
  • Enhance your organizational accountability, all by allocating properly the costs of your cloud to the some of the business projects and units.

To check some of the other features and pricing in Azure Machine Learning Studio, check this link.

Technical Details

It is available on any platform out there. May it be in Android, iPhone, or iPad.

Also, there is a desktop application for this with an available web-based interface. With this, it outpowers most of the software out there because it will seem to be more powerful.

Their database is all located to the Azure Cloud, which where you can check whenever you have the time to do so. The Azure Cloud is made available anywhere you will be, as long as you are authorized.

Support Details

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio

Also, if you have no idea on a certain thing in this software, Azure Trainings are also made available, all to develop your Azure skills. Here is the best thing, they offer all of those for free! Learn from the best and from their own developers and creators.

Now, what are you waiting for? Learning from what the Azure Machine Learning Studio gives, it is pretty obvious that it is really one heck of a machine learning software. Create projects and develop modules now!