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Full ManageEngine Application Performance Monitoring Review – All You Need to Know About ManageEngine

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Full ManageEngine Application Performance Monitoring Review – All You Need to Know About ManageEngine

Every business needs to have a high-performing IT infrastructure. If your application, application servers or databases stop performing, your end-user loses trust in your service. And no business wants that. Therefore ManageEngine’s server monitoring solutions can help you build trust with your customers.

That is why ManageEngine built a powerful application performance management software for your IT infrastructure.

No matter how widespread your servers or applications are, ManageEngine gives you a holistic performance management experience. It has multiple indicators to show you how is everything working behind the scenes.

It is one of the easiest to use, yet most effective application monitoring and server monitoring solutions.

What is ManageEngine?

ManageEngine is an application performance monitoring software which can help you track and monitor the performance of critical applications and data centers.

This application performance monitoring software allows people to monitor the performance of crucial components of their daily operations including web servers, applications, databases, virtual resources, public cloud services and application servers.

Having these integral components operate at high efficiency is crucial for any business.

With ManageEngine’s application and server monitoring solutions, you get a business-oriented view of its performance, so that you always know what to do and are able to resolve issues fast.

It is important to have a diagnostic tool like ManageEngine Application Performance Management Software if you want to resolve system problems before they affect your operations at the end-user level.

It comes with an integrated management solution which helps you resolve issues faster than usual.

Businesses can check the performance of various applications from a single online console, get alerts when any problems arise, diagnose and troubleshoot problems, track performance trends and plan performance capacities with the help of integrated reports.

Monitor All Applications

ManageEngine, one of the best application performance management software, is capable of all kinds of application and server monitoring solutions – whether it is physical, virtual or cloud IT infrastructure.

It is good that you can use a single web console for application monitoring or server monitoring solutions in large capacity. In fact, ManageEngine also has mobile web clients for all mobile devices, and apps for Android and iOS phones.

ManageEngine supports Oracle, SQL, DB2 and other databases. As far as web servers are concerned, it supports Apache and IIS.

ManageEngine Application Performance Monitoring allows you to conduct application performance monitoring with complete visibility: from the URL to the code line.

You can get visual data of application dependencies, auto-discover application topology and monitor applications while getting insights at the transaction level.


There are four primary functions of the ManageEngine Application Performance Monitoring software:

  1. Monitoring – Whether you have 50 applications or 500 applications running in your heterogeneous IT infrastructure, ManageEngine can help you manage all of them without any hassle. ManageEngine shows you the entire monitoring from a single console which is available through web and also on mobile devices
  2. SLA Management – ManageEngine monitors your website every second, every hour of the day to ensure that it complies with performance SLAs. It ensures that your applications have high availability and performance and that you get the maximum ROI by smart allocation of your IT resources.
  3. Reporting – There are more than 100 types of prebuilt reports you can use to improve your applications and servers’ performance. ManageEngine gives you detailed insights into the performance of your applications. These insights are actionable, so they directly improve your IT infrastructure. Apart from this, you can create custom dashboards of performance reports and share them with your colleagues or managers to help resolve any issues efficiency and quickly.
  4. Alerting – If any problems are found with the resources or performance, the IT operators are immediately notified with alarms, so they can handle the issue in real time.

ManageEngine Benefits

Unified View

ManageEngine Applications Manager is an Application Performance Management Software that provides a holistic view of different components of your IT infrastructure. Whether it contains web applications, web servers, application servers, databases or other systems and services – you can see how is everything performing in an integrated view.

One-Click App Discovery

ManageEngine provides top ADDM functionality (Application discovery and dependency mapping). With this functionality, users can discover applications with a single click and smoothly design and align their relationships to acquire detailed insights of the complex IT infrastructure.

If your business has multiple applications or servers in its IT infrastructure, ManageEngine gives you a holistic point of view to manage their performance efficiently.

Track 50k Servers

With the enterprise edition of ManageEngine Application Performance Monitoring software, a company can monitor up to 50,000 applications or servers in their IT infrastructure.

Whether your IT resources are located in different networks or geographical locations, ManageEngine offers you a holistic view of the resources and allows you manage them from a single online console.

Powerful Reporting

ManageEngine provides powerful reporting tools that help managers bring effectiveness to their operations. Detailed reports help managers troubleshoot issues quickly and plan capacity for future operations.

The ManageEngine application monitoring system is made to dig deep and find bottlenecks so that issues can be resolved quickly. Root cause analysis is shown in a hierarchical manner and one can access it from any page of the web client.

Monitor a variety of KPIs

ManageEngine shows you more than a hundred key performance indicators (KPIs) of the applications in your IT infrastructure.

These KPIs include processor or memory utilization, remaining resources, response time and other parameters.

Want more? You can track the performance of multiple applications as a group. This makes ManageEngine one of the most efficient application monitoring and server monitoring solutions.

Integration with Other Solutions

ManageEngine gives you REST APIs that can be used to integrate it with other monitoring solutions and internal portals. There is a World Map Business View function that brings a clear understanding of the distributed network.


ManageEngine has a lot of features that make it a suitable application monitoring software for all kinds of businesses. It has the following features:

Application Monitoring with a Single Console:

  • ManageEngine, an Application Performance Management Software, is an integrated monitoring tool that lets you manage all your applications, servers, databases, application servers, web servers and services, virtual and cloud resources — all from a single console. It is a holistic management of your entire IT infrastructure.
  • You don’t need to install multiple monitoring products, just install one software and get your applications going in no time. It is one of the most capable application monitoring and server monitoring solutions.
  • It has a large capacity to monitor as many as 50,000 applications with the Enterprise edition of the software.
  • The best part is that you don’t need any prerequisite learning. The service is one of the most very user-friendly among all application monitoring or server monitoring solutions.

Know Application Topology and Dependencies

  • With the Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM) feature, you have full visibility of your monitoring environment and the relationships between IT components. So you can map them effortlessly.
  • Get health status overlay of each IT component or get it for a logical group. The software is designed to indicate performance and health in the best possible way.
  • Gone are the days when you needed to manually configure the settings as your application changed. The software is dynamically updated.
  • It is a powerful application monitoring tool as all the connections between IT components are at your fingertips. So you can easily locate faulty components by directly reaching the ones that are connected to the faulty application.

Application Monitoring with transaction-level insights

  • You can record response times with code-level information on your monitoring environment. Know which code is working, which isn’t; which SQL statements increase performance, which don’t.
  • With application monitoring, you can check the precise invocation pattern and transaction information for all your applications. Immediately notice slow transactions and know what is hindering their speed
  • You can observe the implementation of database queries. Know the performance of database: slow calls, long running transactions and so on.
  • You receive information on transactions that occur on background/non-web threads for enhanced monitoring.
  • Apdex scores tell you the impact of your performance optimization on the end-user experience. Compare the before scenario with the after scenario.
  • Discover and resolve problems on your production servers only – least amount of overhead

Performance Monitoring of Your Web Servers/Services

Monitor your web servers/services with respect to the applications they support for your organization. Whenever any issues arise, you are notified immediately.

You can get to the root of the problems in your network and find solutions before the problem impacts the end user.

Application Server Monitoring Solutions

ManageEngine Application Manager helps you acquire actionable insights into the functioning of your application servers.

Know about CPU and memory usage and other performance indicators to ensure that all operations are running with full efficiency.

With its server monitoring solutions, you have visibility into the ongoing processes, JVM usage and others. Your team can resolve any server issues before they have an impact on your critical business applications.

Monitor Databases

ManageEngine Application Performance Management Software employs agentless methods to give you in-depth insights into the functioning and performance of your databases.

Fault Management With Root Cause Analysis

ManageEngine Application Performance Management Software helps you get to the bottom of any issues and take corrective action before the end user suffers any inconvenience due to those issues.

Your team gets notified via email and SMS when any issues arise. You can automate troubleshooting by using corrective scripts and SNMP traps.

Certain threshold breaches can trigger automatic actions such as turning on/off or restarting Windows services and VMS.

Integration With Other Software

  • ManageEngine Application Performance Management Software, officially known as ManageEngine Application Manager, can integrate with other software from ManageEngine.
  • ServiceDesk is a help desk software that allows you to track troubleshooting alarms as tickets in its system.
  • ServiceNow helps you to automate logging of problem tickets for particular alarms and handle incidents with Application Manager.
  • Site 24×7 allows you to monitor your website, sync alerts and see performance data in custom dashboards.
  • Analytics Plus allows you to track the performance of your various applications and servers using 100+ key performance indicators and work with the insights on interactive dashboards, facilitating a collaborative team effort.

List of Features of ManagEngine Application Performance Management Software:

  • Web Transaction Monitors
  • App Server Monitors
  • Database Monitors
  • NoSQL Monitors
  • Middleware/Messaging Monitors
  • Web Services/SOA
  • Services
  • Server Monitors
  • Virtualization Monitors
  • Cloud Monitors
  • ERP Monitors
  • Windows Monitors
  • Integration
  • Mobile Apps
  • Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM)
  • User Defined Custom Monitors
  • Fault Management
  • Anomaly Detection
  • SLA Management
  • Capacity Planning
  • SSL Certificate Monitoring
  • Rest APIs
  • Scalability


ManageEngine Application Performance Management Software is available under three types of plans: Free, Professional and Enterprise

Pricing is based on the capacity of application monitoring or server monitoring solutions.

The Free plan allows you to monitor up to 5 apps or servers in your IT infrastructure and is available for use at no cost. Yes, you can keep it forever without paying a cent.

The Professional Plan is available under different categories. The pricing is based on number of monitors you use.

Number of monitors is the number of application instances, servers, services or Web URLs that you need to monitor. The Pricing under the professional plan is as below:

As you can see, the professional edition of ManageEngine Application Management Software will cost you anywhere from $945 to $7,195.

The company also offers add-ons which you can use to boost your IT infrastructure. These add-ons are:

The add-ons are available annually provided that you are in the overall monitors category. Note that the above two pricing charts are from ManageEngine’s Annual Subscription Model.

They also have the Perpetual Licensing Model, which has the following pricing:

application performance management

application performance management

The Enterprise Plan has the following pricing:

application performance management

application performance management

Technical Details

ManageEngine is a powerful application performance management software. It supports many devices including Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, online and iOS.

Languages Supported: English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Swedish.

It caters to different types of customers including small business, large enterprises, medium business, and freelancers.

Support Details

If you have any queries, you can reach out to ManageEngine’s support team via email, phone or live support. You can also launch a ticket for your query or go through their training material.

Their toll-free phone number is: +1-888-720-9500

Their support email address is: support@manageengine.com

In addition, they have a detailed troubleshooting section on their website, which has a knowledge base to solve all common problems that users face.