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Full Infor PLM Discrete Software Review – All you need to know about Infor PLM Discrete

Infor PLM Discrete Application

Companies need a competitive edge by being able to introduce new products and successfully deal with the lots of challenges faced by the growing international market. In their path to grow revenue and lower the costs of manufacturing, manufacturers face a number of challenges which include demanding customers, outsourcing and contract manufacturing, tighter regulatory requirements, and increasingly complex supply chains among others.  To succeed in overcoming these challenges, manufacturers need a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution.  By integrating a PLM application such as Infor PLM Discrete Software with companies’ ERP and CAD systems, manufacturers will be able to speedily get their products into the market, design more efficiently, and lower the costs of introducing new products into the market. Infor PLM Discrete application allows employees, partners, and suppliers to share a single version of the truth regardless of the location in which product information is gathered and stored.

PLM Discrete and others like it will enable better and faster decision making, effective collaboration, short cycle times for making changes and approvals, improve productivity, and lower scrap and rework. As a cutting-edge solution, Infor PLM Discrete allows for the integration of several applications, therefore, enabling customers to specify exactly what they want.

A PLM application or solution is that which provides a systematic approach to the management of the changes or processes that a product undergoes. This is right from the design and creation up to the time of retirement. PLMs such as Infor PLM Discrete are mostly associated with manufacturing but their management structure can be useful in service provision and software development.

PLM applications are tasked with helping manufacturers to manage the lifecycle of their products by providing a data warehouse which holds product-related information. With Infor PLM Discrete and others, there is automation when handling product-related data and integrating that data with other processes like ERP and manufacturing execution systems (MES).

PLM software such as Infor PLM Discrete application are associated with several advantages as illustrated below:

  • A PLM application provides scope for innovation – when manufacturers use PLM applications to manage product information, it means that there is more cross-functional collaboration in the workflow. This is associated with global product development calendar that wholesalers and retailers use during their innovation and development of new products. Use of a PLM tool in the manufacturing process allows for quicker product release into the market.
  • Greater efficiency and Coordination – because time is money, implementing an effective PLM tool will save a lot of time that could otherwise be spent on using things like emails, spreadsheets, and document sharing. A PLM application will bring all these actions under a single umbrella and therefore improve efficiency and coordination. Time is also saved as manual errors that could lead to huge losses of money are reduced.
  • Use of a PLM application creates competitive advantage – through the streamlining of all processes within the product development lifecycle, product costs are lowered and so is wastage and reworking, and the time-to-market. A competitive advantage is created in the event that products reach the market faster.
  • Reduced scrap and production rework – Infor PLM Discrete Software and other PLMs enable the instant reviewing of any changes made to a product by all the stakeholders who are online. This makes approval to be faster and comprehensive as opposed to the use of a paper-based process.
  • Reduced Design time – there is better management resulting from the capability of a PLM application to offer immediate access to all design information. This saves design effort that could be avoided during the loss or damage of files. Manufacturers who have successfully implemented PLM software such as Infor PLM Discrete report up to 75% reduction in time-to-market.
  • There are reduced costs of clerical and administration work – These costs are reduced when a PLM application is implemented and as a result reduces the need to hire administrative and clerical staff like clerks, analysts, and document checkers.

Generally, when manufacturers implement a PLM solution towards managing their product lifecycle management processes, the risk profiles of these organizations are reduced. The PLM application will, therefore, offer a clog-free pipeline. The application offers an information backbone through integrating data, personnel, and processes with business systems. The benefits of a PLM software such as Infor PLM Discrete are related to cost, quality and time all of which are critical to the growth and success of a business.

Infor PLM Discrete software - benefits information

What is Infor PLM Discrete Software?

As a PLM solution, Infor PLM Discrete is specifically designed for helping discrete manufacturers to effectively manage their seamless production.  Infor PLM Discrete application will improve the production process by easily integrating with CAD/CAE/CAM systems together with other ERP systems. This makes production fast, easy, and flawless.

PLM discrete help discrete manufacturers such as those involved in industries like automotive, toys, electronics, and pharmaceutical to design efficiently, communicate effectively, properly manage data, collaborate effectively, and manage change properly. This optimizes productivity and improves quality. Infor PLM Discrete guarantees putting all the stakeholders of a manufacturing firm on the same page while also keeping them updated, equipped and ready to handle the situations during the product development process.

When using PLM Discrete, suppliers, partners, and employees have access to a single version of the truth regardless of the location where information is gathered or stored. Infor PLM Discrete software enables better decision making, effective collaboration, short cycle times with regard to changes and approvals, reduced rework and scrap, and increased productivity.

The PLM Discrete application helps in the management of products and their related documents from idea conceptualization to product retirement. This reduces costs and improves efficiencies. Manufacturers who have implemented Infor PLM Discrete experience the following – access to a single version of the truth, better and faster decision making, increased throughput of engineering changes, effective collaboration, speedy product development, reduced total cost of ownership.

Vendors of Infor PLM Discrete software have more than 30 years of expertise in solving business challenges like those affecting manufacturers. Currently, Infor PLM Discrete application comes with Infor 10x technology enabling a consumer-grade user interface that is flexible, easy to use, and environmentally designed to increase productivity. With PLM discrete, you’ll have automatic and timely access to transparent and critical product information which you can share across your network of suppliers, developers, stakeholders, subcontractors, and customers.

Infor PLM Discrete application creates the foundation for the faster development of quality products. Manufacturers are likely to experience or acquire a significant value within months of implementing this solution. This is so because Infor PLM Discrete software supports out-of-the-box interoperability with ERP and CAD systems and also come with robust analysis and real-time reporting capabilities. The application helps in to integrate people, processes, data, and business systems. As a result, products can reach the market faster, people can work collaboratively, there are central control and vault of stored information, more efficiency and accuracy during manufacturing, reduced cost of change management, improved and efficient design and reusability, reduced cost of new product introductions, and easy administration and maintenance of the system.

Benefits of Infor PLM Discrete Application

PLM discrete like any other PLM software comes with a lot of benefits to manufactures. Some of the benefits associated with Infor PLM Discrete Software are as follows.

Increased speed to market

With Infor PLM Discrete, employees at all levels of your organization’s value chain are able to respond faster to change than ever before. They’ll perform better in determining requirements, prototype building, concept development, design creation, engineering and procurement, assembling, manufacturing, maintenance, distribution, and obsolescence. PLM Discrete gives executives clear visibility across projects and, therefore, they are made able to make informed decisions necessary for improving product success rates and margins. This application offers the avenues for eliminating bottlenecks between outside partners and internal stakeholders.

Infor PLM Discrete Application - sales for manufacturers

Creation of quality products

Infor PLM Discrete application can deliver value within months of implementation because of its discrete’s out-of-the-box interoperability with ERP and CAD systems and also provide robust, real-time analysis and reporting capabilities. The infrastructure offered by PLM Discrete integrates people, processes, data, and business systems to offer more benefits.

Better product data management

With Infor PLM Discrete application, you are able to manage product structures, product relationships, and their related documents as they change throughout the phases of a product’s lifecycle. This tool allows you to use automated workflows for easy distribution of design changes to the engineering teams for evaluation and code design. Information or files related to a product can also be accessed from anywhere and at any time across the enterprise.

Enterprise content management optimization

With Infor PLM Discrete software, teams are able to work faster and with more efficiency, as they capture, share, marge, track, and store documents, product information, and tasks in a central data repository. For the purposes of fostering standardization across your organization, you will employ role-driven retrieval and reuse of information. Infor PLM Discrete application also supports easy capture of decisions for future references and adherence to regulatory and compliance requirements.

Improved efficiencies

As a consolidated solution, Infor PLM Discrete helps manufacturers to effectively manage everything from idea conception to product retirement and this reduce costs and improve the efficiency of the processes involved. Users will have a single version of the truth, make faster and better decisions, and collaborate more effectively among other things.

Ability to view product information at all lifecycle phases

Infor PLM Discrete application enables its users to have access to product real-time data that is stored in their ERP system. Users are able to proactively conduct impact analysis for the purposes of understanding the effects that possible changes could have on cost, cycle time, inventory, quality, and production schedules before approving those changes.

Accelerated collaboration with suppliers

Using Infor PLM Discrete Software, manufacturers are able to streamline and simplify a two-way collaboration of procurement, billing information, and performance.  PLM Discrete enables more efficient and effective collaborating and execution with suppliers independent of the systems they use or the language they speak.

Infor PLM Discrete Software- collaboration

Accelerated collaboration within your company

With Infor PLM Discrete application, you will use a unified social networking platform which can connect colleagues in private and public communities while it also supports the secure sharing of information, content, and conversation.

 PLM Discrete - collaboration

Use several CAD systems

PLM Discrete supports a multi-CAD environment because of its out-of-the-box interoperability with CAD systems. This increases the accuracy and efficiency of design, improves design and approval processes, and reusability.

Features of Infor PLM Discrete

Infor PLM Discrete software has several features which provide unique functionalities to manufacturers and other types of users. Some of its features are listed below.

  • Product management
  • Secure data storage
  • Cost management
  • Data imports
  • Data exports
  • Data analysis
  • Role-based data retrieval
  • Compatibility with CAD tools
  • Change management
  • Integrations with data management and design tools
  • Workflow and routine management
  • Customized interface and work areas
  • Communication management
  • Revision management

To understand how these features function, below we provide some useful information on some functionalities or capabilities of Infor PLM Discrete software.

Seamless Integration with Infor ERP

PLM Discrete features out-of-the-box integration with Infor ERP solutions and this makes comprehensive and accurate product-related information be readily accessible by anyone within the organization for the purposes of fulfilling their tasks.

Integration with major CAD solutions

With Infor PLM Discrete software, discrete manufacturers will be able to use all major CAD solutions to streamline their newer processes related to product design. After creating the design in CAD, an efficient way of using that information to engineer and produce the product is required. Infor PLM Discrete application is CAD-neutral, therefore, eliminating the obstacles that could interfere with the efficient utilization of design information in other business processes.

Some of the best PLM capabilities for Manufacturers

With Infor PLM Discrete application, manufacturers have the unique capabilities necessary for streamlining product design, increasing the success associated with new product introductions, and improving the overall product performance. Some of the best capabilities that are included in PLM Discrete are product data management, product lifecycle analysis capabilities, and enterprise content management.


The pricing of Infor PLM Discrete software is only available after making a request. You can contact the company to be provided with more details as you also ask for your quote.

Technical Details

Infor PLM Discrete application supports Windows, Linux, Mac and Web-based devices. The languages supported by this application are English, Dutch, and Polish. Pricing model as already revealed is based on a quote. The customer types for this application are small businesses, medium businesses, and large enterprises. PLM discrete can be deployed on cloud, on-premise, and through open API.

Support Details

The vendors of Infor PLM Discrete offer support through email, phone, live support, and training.