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Full HubSpot Sales Contact Management Software Review – All you need to know about HubSpot Sales

HubSpot Sales Software

In order to effectively and efficiently manage your business, you will have to implement some of the best tools that are available in the market today and HubSpot Sales Software is one of those tools. Significantly, it is important for companies to leverage on tools for the purposes of streamlining and magnifying their sales and marketing efforts. Since tools cost money, they have to be cost-effective and also increase productivity and HubSpot Sales CRM solution will do just that. HubSpot CRM solution comes in three modules.

  • Marketing hub – All-in-one marketing software
  • Sales Hub – All-in-one sales software
  • Service hub – All-in-one customer service software

Considering pricing, the HubSpot CRM solution or HubSpot Sales Software starts at free pricing which is attractive. However, there is no free tool that will support all your sales and marketing efforts. Consequently, you will have to acquire and coordinate several independent sales and marketing analytical and production tools such as Dreamweaver, HootSuite, WordPress, Google analytics, and MailChimp, which help to research keywords. This could be difficult and frustrating.

Starting at free pricing doesn’t mean that HubSpot is free. The HubSpot CRM solution or HubSpot Sales software incorporates a series of specific tools for handling virtually all the aspects related to marketing creation, sales, reporting, delivery, and evaluation. These tools are all integrated.

A contact management software or a CRM solution such as HubSpot Sales Software helps you to put together your sales process and activities on conversion basis or on lead-to-quote basis while also offering reporting and performance auditing functionalities.

The contact management system is designed to combine several sales data within minutes and therefore you will not need to spend hours on a task as it would be the case when working on a spreadsheet. Additionally, a Contact Management System (CMS) will allow you to get the details on key performance indicators such as lead time, win-loss ratios and conversion rates. Managers are also given the ability to view the accurate picture with regard to the effectiveness of the sales teams handling various clients, products, and territories.

With a CMS such as HubSpot Sales software, you will be able to fast track the sales lifecycle in a way that will help you to reach your goals faster.

HubSpot Sales is a frontrunner among the top contact management applications. This is so because users of HubSpot Sales software will be able to automate and personalize outreach and establish lasting customer relationships among other benefits.

On automating and personalizing outreach, the application can help your agents to conclude more deals and this will increase your revenue within a short period of time as compared to the use of traditional sales software. The application supports easy automation of outreach and queuing up of a sequence of personalized emails while avoiding the risk of communicating with leads in an improper way. HubSpot Sales software will deliver all due reminders automatically and these will include those sent to you whenever a person performs the desired action – opening of an email, clicking on a link etc.

In order to establish customer relationships that last, HubSpot Sales software will allow you to create your individual personalized email templates, and utilize among them that which is the most repetitive for the purposes of measuring performance. With this application, you will be able to add meeting links for each and every email such that your clients wouldn’t miss your phone calls or fail to view your emails.  They would rather contact you at a time that is most appropriate for them.

What is HubSpot Sales Contact Management Software?

HubSpot Sales CRM solution

The Inbound approach to sales and marketing is becoming an increasingly popular and effective way of driving business growth. Therefore, one is not surprised by the abundance of tools available in the market for sales and marketing. This makes it challenging to decide on which tools you should use and figuring out whether they can work collaboratively. As a result, implementing these tools is not a simple walk in the park. However, Hubspot CRM solution puts all your sales and marketing tools in one platform including the HubSpot Sales software and this makes it a great choice.

HubSpot Sales software is a sales application that allows you to acquire deeper insight into prospects, automate the activities that you don’t like doing, and make more deals quicker. So, with this software, you will not need to go it alone. Through the services and customer teams of this award winning contact management system, you will be helped to master its inbound methodology, your questions will be answered, and they will ensure that you get the most out of your tools. Additionally, you will be provided with comprehensive help documentation, training programs, and educational resources and this means you’ll never feel as if you have been left out to strive alone.

HubSpot Sales software helps you to take control of your inbox using tools that make email comfortable and better for every individual including the salespersons. Since the application runs on a browser, you can access it from any location to interact with the valuable information about the contacts and the organizations you find and connect with from the web and in your inbox.

With its real-time notifications, HubSpot Sales software or CRM solution tells where, when, and how you and your prospects are engaging when you open or you click your emails, visit your website and more. Through reporting, you’ll be able to trace and understand the activities of your team and how their messages are performing.

As a user of HubSpot Sales Pro, you will have access to everything you need to improve your productivity, reduce dead cycles, and ensure the sales process is increasingly human-friendly while avoiding additional workload.

This application is a smart eCommerce software that reduces the time it takes to make more sales while automating business-specific sales processes. HubSpot Sales software won the Best Sales Software Award for the first quarter of 2018.

This CRM solution has been developed to serve the needs of different industries and teams and can be easily customized, and it even provides a free pricing package for those who are using it for the first time. The system is very simple that it can be used by inexperienced agents.

Another thing that makes HubSpot Sales more attractive and a good alternative is that it is completely paperless and it can be connected to your online and local databases in distinct ways. All data can be viewed on a dynamic dashboard and accessed by any device.

HubSpot Sales is part of large and widely known productivity software group, and you can buy it independently or via a CRM + Marketing Growth Stack.

Benefits of HubSpot Sales

Why should you make HubSpot Sales software your contact management system of choice? This application has a proven reputation for increasing revenues faster and comes with a number of benefits as we explain below.

HubSpot CRM solution comes with a user-friendly interface

In many instances, the complexity associated with an extensive sales pipeline would result in the creation of unproductive systems which will then require a lot of training time. To solve this problem, HubSpot developed HubSpot Sales software in order to meet the needs of developing and small businesses. The application incorporates a modern and intuitive navigation and users take very little to learn how to work with the system. Additionally, this application is hosted in the cloud and has no complex installation procedures or costly installation fees.

Tracking of communications

If you are a salesperson involved in documentation and keeping track of the communications with your prospective clients, you know what kind of a headache it can be. This is necessary but it gets in the way of your main job which is selling products and services. However, HubSpot CRM solution handles this problem perfectly as it allows you to directly email your clients from the platform and immediately logs the correspondence within the contact record of the lead. HubSpot Sales software even comes with a feature which allows users to record their phone calls.

HubSpot Sales Software has a personalized and automated outreach

Users of HubSpot Sales software have the ability to allow their agents to close a lot of deals and therefore increase revenue within a limited amount of time in comparison to traditional software. HubSpot Sales software supports easy automation outreach, queuing up of a sequence of personalized emails while avoiding communicating with leads in an improper way.

HubSpot users will experience automatic delivery of due reminders including those that were sent to you in the event that a prospect undertakes an action – opening an email, clicking on a link and so on.

HubSpot Sales software integrates with HubSpot’s marketing system

HubSpot also has a marketing system which can be successfully integrated with HubSpot Sales. With this capability, it means that your sales and marketing efforts seamlessly integrate and communicate with each other without much effort. In this regard, you will avoid using multiple systems in order to gain an understanding of your sales and marketing activities and this saves a lot of time.

HubSpot Sales

HubSpot gives you the ability to establish lasting relationships

HubSpot Sales CRM solution facilitates the creation of your individually personalized email templates, and utilize the most repetitive of these to measure performance. With this CRM solution, you can add meeting links to every email so that your clients will not miss your phone calls or fail to view your emails. These clients would rather contact you at a time that is convenient for them.

Hubspot sales - connect with leads - email

Flawless Follow-ups

With HubSpot Sales software, you can keep a close eye on the behavior of your customers. Once all data has been entered into the system, you’ll start getting notifications every time your customers open their emails or after they have clicked on an attachment or a link. This CRM solution will also score the leads on your behalf and make sure that the hottest ones are kept within the loop.

Provides a paperless pipeline management

With HubSpot Sales software, there is no manual data entry. The system allows you to import your contact bases and display them on a dynamic dashboard, or have critical metrics like location, clicks, and contact info to be logged automatically once a client opens an email.

Real-time updates

HubSpot Sales software allows a real-time update to sync after every 10 minutes and this means that the information that salespersons have at their fingertips is the one that is up-to-date. This builds their confidence of reaching out to leads with the most recent, accurate and reliable information.

Features of HubSpot Sales

HubSpot Sales software has several features enabling its functionalities.

  • Sales Automation
  • Documents
  • Inbox Profiles
  • Gmail & Outlook integration
  • Email Tracking History
  • Email Click Notifications
  • Email Templates
  • Email Scheduling
  • Email Open Notifications
  • Calling
  • Pipeline Management
  • Meetings
  • Prospects
  • Sequences
  • Custom reports & report templates

To understand how some of these features function, below we provide summaries of a selected few.

Sales Automation

With HubSpot Sales software, the manual and time-consuming activities that your salespeople do on a daily basis are automated. The system rotates leads, creates tasks and deals, and more.


HubSpot sales has a calling and call tracking feature which prioritizes and creates a queue of your everyday sales calls using engagement and property dating from the CRM solution and this allows you to spend more time selling and less time dialing.

Hubspot - tracking calls

Pipeline management

Users of HubSpot Sales will be able to focus on the right deals because this CRM solution will swiftly come up with a new deal during the time it is adding them from an organization or contact record. It achieves this by populating most of the deals automatically and with the most recent information. This means data entry will take little time while more time will be left for prospecting.

Hubspot sales software - manage pipeline

Document tracking

With HubSpot sales, your sales documentation have been centralized.  You can build and share a single document or the whole library of your sales content to be accessed by your entire team.

This CRM solution also instantly notifies you when a lead has opened a document and therefore you can follow up without wasting too much time and in a relevant way.

Email scheduling

Users of HubSpot Sales don’t even have to leave their Gmail account in order to schedule an email. They only have to simply hit on the schedule icon within their Gmail composition window and select a time. By scheduling your emails, your recipients will receive them at the best time.

Email tracking

Eliminate the guesswork in email tracking using HubSpot Sales software. You are notified once a lead has opened an email and clicked a lead inside. Such notifications will help you to send a perfectly timed follow up.

Pricing Details

HubSpot Sales software comes with the following pricing plans

  • Free
  • Starter which is priced at $50 for every user per month
  • Professional which is priced at $400 per month
  • Enterprise – starting at $1200 per month

Hubspot sales - pricing

Technical Details

HubSpot Sales software runs on devices that support the following platforms – Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Web-based, iPhon/iPad, and Windows Mobile. It supports only the English language and its pricing model are free and monthly payment. HubSpot sales can be implemented by small businesses, medium businesses, and large businesses. The application is deployed through cloud hosting or Open API.

Support Details

The sellers of this application offer their support through email and phone. For more details visit HubSpot.com.

Blog – blog.HubSpot.com.

Twitter – @HubSpotSupport