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How To Save Up To $2000 Monthly Using Free Coupons


The term “extreme couponing” has been popularized by the TLC show of the same name, and it shows the commitment some people have in using coupons to get huge discounts and even free stuff.
Of course, you don’t have to adopt their lifestyle because extreme couponing is a full-time job. If you’ve seen the show, you would have known how they go through great lengths—even rummaging through people’s trash—to gather some coupons.
Fortunately, websites like Coupons.com offer a convenient way to save money without having to go through your neighbor’s trash.

            Couponing 101

The one mistake most beginners make is to expect huge returns right away.
When you are just starting, you have to take into account the learning curve. At this point, expect a disproportionate ratio between your effort and the deals you gain.
If you are really serious about this, here are the things you will need:
– A laptop or a desktop
–  A colored printer (preferably with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi capability)
– Binder or folder to store your coupons
– Newspapers or coupons subscriptions



So, here’s what you are going to do:

1. Find the time — When you are trying to learn something, you need to set aside a time for you to learn all the tricks of the trade. Luckily, the Internet is such a rich resource to help you soak up the knowledge. If you spend just two hours per week and save up to $100, that’s already $400 per month or about $4,800 a year easy! That’s already a good trade-off, right?

2. Join coupons groups – Yes, there’s such a thing. They can help shorten your learning curve by pointing you in the right direction. Google is your friend.

3. Do the legwork–You do have to put in some sweat equity for couponing. You can subscribe to your local newspaper and look for coupons at the bulletin boards or at the entrance of the shopping malls. Or you can download coupons apps so you can just swipe and print.

4. Subscribe to digital newsletters – Visit store websites and you will usually find coupons there. You can also subscribe to their newsletters, which typically contain great deals. To make sure you don’t miss out their emails, set up a separate account just for this. In fact, Coupons.com has its own SuperSaver Newsletter.

5. Read the fine print – Don’t take the coupon code for granted. The devil is in the details, they say, and there might be something extra for you. For instance, most coupon codes will also throw in free shipping.

6. Coupon doubling–This is when the store will double the coupon’s value. This doesn’t happen often mind you because it has to be a special event like a store anniversary or customer appreciation day. Under this program, the stores will shoulder out-of-pocket the succeeding value of the coupon while the manufacturer will reimburse them for the face value of the single coupon.

7. Contact your favorite brands – Now, this is taking it to the next level but if you are a loyal customer, you can contact customer service and tell them how much you love the product. You can then ask if they have some coupons for you so you can continue patronizing their products. Prepare a template letter so you just need to change the address and manufacturer’s name. You really don’t lose anything if your request is declined. At least you tried.



How to Save Money from Coupons.com

First, you have to register with Coupons.com.
In fact, when you download the app at Google Play or Android, you immediately get $100 worth of deals that you can redeem right away. The best thing is you don’t have to print a thing! Paperless couponing is the wave of the future, after all.
The app has a list of more than 100 paperless coupons ranging from your favorite brands or to new products. This is a great way to try out new products because you are essentially getting them for free. Who knows? Maybe you will have a new favorite brand.
Here are some of the ways you can save more money by using this app:
1. Join the Savings Club – If you join the club, you will be given preferential treatment when it comes to new deals and huge discounts. Simply put, your coupons will have a higher value compared to the standard coupons being offered in the site. The app will scour the Internet for the best offers and then list them to you in the app.Essentially, the tool will do all the hard work for you so you can just sit back and relax. In fact, Coupons.com is offering a free membership for one year for the Savings Club, or an equivalent value of $30.

2. Weekly Alerts – The app offers weekly savings alert that will provide you with a list of the great deals for the week. The list is constantly being updated so this ensures that you don’t miss out on a promo offer because you failed to check out the app at the right time. This is why you need to subscribe to the SuperSaver Newsletter.

3. Coupon Codes – As already mentioned, don’t ignore this handy tool since it can provide you with something extra on top of the savings you get from the coupons. In fact, before you make a purchase, check out the coupon codes first.
It’s really no exaggerations that you can save thousands in a year if you make use of coupons. For instance, a $100 per week savings wouldn’t be a stretch if you are just starting. In one year, that already translates to $4,800 in savings.
With Coupons.com, all the great deals are laid down for you. The app is working double-time looking for sweet offers even while you sleep. You can print out the coupons that you like and store them on your plastic binder. You can save thousands while doing a fraction of the work. There’s no better deal than that.


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