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HOW TO MAKE PASSIVE $100,000 IN BITCOIN & Other Cryptocurrency

You can make unlimited passive amount of money in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency with using CloudWallet.

       What Is CloudWallet?

 CloudWallet is the world most advance cryptocurrency wallet with profit sharing. Its a New Global revolution digital wallet App at BIT BETA SYSTEM BBS . Cloud token wallet CTO is the 4th generation Blockchain BBS wallet Dapp. Cloud token team focus on “Strategic trading” that Ai robot JARVIS will analyze all relevant exchanges world wide data of price to execute buy sell trading. Any profits will move directly through main net chain to the Dapp account without 3rd parties involvement. The dapp will distribute the profits to the wallet users as schedule.

   Features/Advantages CloudWallet

 . You have 100% Control over your Money and Wallet Private Keys
• Decentralized digital asset wallet
• Decentralized trading platform
• Support multi-currency storage, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies
. High Frequency Hedge
 . Risk-Free Brick Arbitrage

How To Make Money With Cloudwallet

1. You Will Earn 10 to 18% monthly Profit of your investment for just depositing and activating AI Jarvis profit sharing without doing any other work. You have Total control over your fund and can withdraw or use it at anytime you like.
  2. By referring other users too you will earn more up to 15 levels as follows:
          Referral income:
1st level (direct referral) =100%
2nd level = 50%
3rd To 15th level = 5%
16th To 21st level = 5%.

Please use code this:  1157854114

        How To Get Started

   CloudWallet is available only on mobile in Appstore for iOS and Googleplay for Android. To get started you need to Download and install the for your device

          Playstore Link

          Appstore Link

– Once Download Completes And App Opens, Click “Create Account” Copy And Paste This  1157854114 Referral Code
– Set Strong and memorable password
– Back up your Mnemonic
ATTENTION: iPhone requires you to allow this native app to be installed. Follow these steps to get the app on your iPhone
Settings > General > Device management > Click on the YFC Technologies  > Trust.
Watch Video Here https://vimeo.com/334042964
– Set Up Your Google Authenticator 2FA
See Video Instruction here: https://vimeo.com/335268158
3. Deposit Fund To your Wallet
  See Video Instruction Here https://vimeo.com/334043109
    See Video Instruction Here https://vimeo.com/334043251 or read text below

             How AI Jarvis works?

1. Members deposit ETH/ BTC into Jarvis Asset Management Pool
2. Varoom gathers data on Pair and Trade Size from 38+ cryptocurrency exchanges
3. Varoom assigns asset to Jarvis AI BOT
4. Varoom sends instructions to Jarvis
5. Jarvis perform trades on exchanges (TA/Arbitrage)
6. Data collected from the latest price of CoinMarketCap.com
7. Affiliate Program rewards members in CTO via the “ Jarvis Dispersant Wallet + Engine”
8. The rest of the Deposits Asset Earnings transfers to Jarvis Asset Reserve
9. Jarvis Asset Reserve maintains float in conversion wallet. For actions e.g. Withdrawal actions
10. Members can always convert CTO to ETH, BCH etc