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Full F(x) Data Cloud Backup Software Review – All You Need to Know About F(x) Data Cloud

F(x) Data Cloud
F(x) Data Cloud

What is F(x) Data Cloud?

It is a software that is used for Cloud Hosting Services. It offers affordable, high performance and easy dedicated cloud server and also cloud database packages that are all based in OpenStack. Also, they offer an SSD storage that we customized, multiple OS and relational and non-relational DBS. Each of the packages that they offer is scalable and it boasts 99.95% uptime.

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Also, F(x) Data Cloud offers all of the users that it has a diversified IaaS with some DBaaS plans with it as well as combination plans of the vCPU and Ram and Disk. All of the users can also choose to customize their own SSD storage which can be more than almost 12 times faster compared to the normal HDD storage. All of their plans support a good number of operating systems that are popular, which includes the Fedora, OpenSUSE, Debian, and Ubuntu. The pricing that they have is very affordable and moderate which makes all of those that are interested in the program be able to avail when they want to.

F(x) Data Cloud Benefits

If you will use F(x) Data Cloud, your organization, business or just you yourself will have the chance to have a very high-performing, affordable and amazingly simple cloud hosting services that are still based on OpenStack. This is so that even when you are just working on a very small company or one large enterprise out there, F(x) Data Cloud will still provide you with a good number of plans that will definitely suit up the budget that you have. All of the plans that they are offering to the customers are ranged at competitive prices but still, with the very high specification.

F(x) Data Cloud Packages

All of the package that you can find in F(x) Data Cloud can be implemented depending on the variety of the purpose that you have chosen. F(x) Data Cloud also a has a very good number of offering that will definitely address all of your requirements that you are looking for, just like the Infrastructure as a Service, Backup as a Service, Database as a Service, Networks as a Service, Object as a Service and Block as a service. All of these services are made available and are then scaled easily and also, it has a very high Uptime guarantee. With all of that, you will not have a chance or moments that you are losing your track regarding the project.

F(x) Data Cloud FeaturesF(x) Data Cloud

F(x) Data Cloud and its packages also come with a couple of features. These features include the Resize Instance, Shelve Instance, Custom SSD Storage, Suspend Instance, Pause Instance, Soft/Hard Reboot, Lock Instance and so much more. Each of the packages that are here is also designed to help all of the users to achieve a certain level, preferably the high level of productivity that will not seem to have even if they do their best in the other services providers that you can find on the market.

F(x) Data Cloud on Databases

F(x) Data Cloud is also very functional in terms of the databases. It works well on some or most of the popular databases that most of the programmers use. This includes the PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, CouchDB, Percona, Couchbase, Cassandra, Percona XtraDB Cluster, and of course the MySQL. Not just that, since F(x) Data Cloud offers a huge variety of options and functions to all of the users, also their databases must be available there 24/7, this makes the customer service support of F(x) Data Cloud available 24/7 and real-time via phone and online chat system.


If you will look closely and compare F(x) Data Cloud to the other service providers that offer more or less the same services that F(x) Data Cloud has, you can see that it has the most affordable rate. It is very affordable so that everyone that desires to have this product may have it as well. It may be used on a very small business or to those that are really large worldwide, or you just desire to use this program for your own performance or practice then you may do so. Since it offers diversified plans to all of its customers, you can definitely know more and learn more regarding this product, but still, at a very affordable rate.

Support System

It surely is a very complicated service with lots and lots of functions and features, which means that there must be a lot of people out there that are using this program who will probably question and have some sort of problem that will be encountered along the way. But worry not, F(x) Data Cloud’s customer service support together with the technical direct support team, is very accessible to all of its customers and users 24/7. They will reach out to you and will definitely respond to you real-time. You never have to worry a lot about losing your time and dwindling the productivity that you have as F(x) Data Cloud will be able to assist you regarding that matter.

Low rates, more services

It is very odd to look at F(x) Data Cloud, simply because it has a lot of services that it offers to all of its customers, but then still with a very low rate. Many Infrastructure-as-a-service providers that you can find in the market do not have a DataBase as a Service. But then if you look closely, F(x) Data Cloud, even it at its very low price, it still offers 6 different cloud services that you mostly cannot find to other providers. These services are mentioned in the previous paragraphs and phrases.

Hourly and Monthly Plans

There are certain times that you are not sure of the project that you have been looking for. Or maybe, you do not know how much would it cost you so you just want to have your hosting services be paid less than a month or less than a day for that matter. In F(x) Data Cloud, they offer you hourly price plans so that you will be able to cancel your subscription in just a matter of hours or so.F(x) Data Cloud

Service Types

  • Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS. F(x) Data Cloud and its instances are cloud servers that are dedicated and they also have a very complete access which also includes a root user. You can then harness the full power of fully controllable cloud services full of different capabilities so that you can resize the instance that you have with ease.
  • Database as a Service or DaaS. F(x) Data Cloud and its instances are cloud servers that are dedicated and they also have a customized preinstalled database of your choice. With this, you can do database replication and database backup in just a matter of very few clicks with absolutely no codes needed for the actions.
  • Block Storage as a Service or BSaaS. You can also choose to attach a multiple disk volume towards your cloud server. This can be done using a block storage as a service. One good thing with F(x) Data Cloud is that they offer you and they provide you very highly efficient volumes of SSD. You can detach and attach the disks at the moment you want to do so.
  • Object Storage as a Service or OSaaS. With this type of service, you can choose to manage and upload very large media files, which are the media files, backup images, videos and the likes. You can even choose to set your own file accessibility restrictions to them if you want it private or public. These steps are all done with a very huge level of super security that is patched with an Authentication API based access.
  • A network as a Service or NaaS. You can also experience a very high-speed internet with a speed of up to 1 Gbps. F(x) Data Cloud provides you an industry grade of 99.99% network uptime. You can also choose to create your own virtual private network if you want to, absolutely for free. Also, you can create your own virtual router for free.
  • Backup as a Service or BaaS.
    • Cloud Server Backup.
      • Weekly Backup Period
      • A retention time of 3 weeks Backup Type
      • Instance Snapshot of Backup Type
      • 20% of computing pricing Backup Price
    • DB Cloud Server Backup
      • Hourly period Backup
      • A retention time of 3 Days backup Type
      • Incremental backups Backup Type
      • $0.0000199 GB per Hour Backup Price

PricingF(x) Data Cloud

F(x) Data Cloud does offer a wide variety of several enterprises and SMB pricing plans that the users who have a desire to purchase can choose from. You can have a look at the details that are provided and then you can decide if which of the plans will suit best for your business.

  • Fx Galileo – $1.99/month.
    • 1 vCPU
    • 5 GB RAM
    • 10 GB SSD
    • $0.0029/H IP
    • 1 TB Net
  • Small – $5.99/month
    • 1 vCPU
    • 2 GB RAM
    • 15 GB SSD
    • 1Free IPv4
    • 3 TB Net
  • Fx Edison – $15/month
    • 4 vCPU
    • 2 GB RAM
    • 40 GB SSD
    • 1Free IPv4
    • 3 TB Net
  • Fx Curie – $30/month
    • 4 vCPU
    • 4 GB RAM
    • 100 GB SSD
    • 1Free IPv4
    • 4 TB Net
  • Fx Newton – $60/month
    • 8 vCPU
    • 8 GB RAM
    • 200 GB SSD
    • 1Free IPv4
    • 5 TB Net

Take note that in the following services with different price ranges, this is because each of the plans could still get better and better depending on the choice that you want. This is one thing that makes F(x) Data Cloud amazing, if you want your plan or your certain chosen service to be better than the default service offered, then you may do so. Which means that you customize the plans that you have chosen to fit it according to your needs.

Technical Details

F(x) Data Cloud

F(x) Data Cloud works on all of the types of services that you want to have. In fact, since it does offer all of the customers a good number of services with different specialties, which then make the hosting services very powerful and full of different functions and features.

Also, with the customizable plans available, you can make your system, no matter how weak or how strong it may be, there is a certain plan that will fit for you. Also, if you want to have more than what is being offered, you may also contact F(x) Data Cloud and its support team if you want to have what is not offered in the software and then receive a quote from them.

Support DetailsF(x) Data Cloud

Since F(x) Data Cloud is a cloud hosting service which means it is available online and anything could probably happen along the way, the support service system for the customers of F(x) Data Cloud is made available online or through the phone 24/7. Not just that, you can also have the chance of asking them or having a certain inquiry to them and receive a real-time answer to your query or to your question.

Overall, if you will look closely upon F(x) Data Cloud, it really is a powerful cloud hosting service. One huge factor for availing it is the cheap, moderate and the affordable rates that it offers. Yet, it has a huge variety of different services that will certainly fit out to the needs that you, or your small organization or your very large company may need.

This is one of the few companies that are found in India who has developed an IaaS which is powered thoroughly by OpenStack. Also, it is a scalable one which means it will give you a very hard time looking for an alternative to this. So if you are someone that wants to start your cloud hosting life or whatever you want to do with your database, then this is one of the best services that you should avail. Check them in this link right here.

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