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Full Zoolz Intelligent Cloud Management Software Review – All You Need To Know About Zoolz Intelligent Cloud

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud

What is Zoolz Intelligent Cloud?

Zoolz intelligent cloud

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With the tons of data that businesses and enterprises have, they need a platform that can help them manage, organize, distribute, access and protect the data.

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud is the solution that can help enterprises organize and manage their data. It is an innovative data management software that blends conventional tools for data management and process together with artificial intelligence.

The software is the product of BigMIND, a leading market provider of cloud based storage, whose mission is to provide secure and affordable cloud solutions for individuals and businesses.


Zoolz intelligent cloud

Easy to use

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud has the user in mind, and you need not have technical expertise or knowledge to use it. Simply upload data and the software does the rest.

Discover files like search engines

Don’t waste time searching through the folders. Zoolz Intelligent Cloud delivers relevant results in seconds. You can even preview sentences like you would with a search engine.

Watch Media Files Like Netflix

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud’s advanced technology lets you stream audio or video files without buffering, as BigMIND supports hundreds of media file formats such as 4K, HD, mp3 and WAV.

Convert scanned PDFs

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud solves the time-consuming and unproductive search for scanned PDFs using its Optical Character Recognition that not only converts documents that are scanned to searchable data, but also extracts texts from TIFF or JPEG images.

Intelligent features

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud, intelligently analyzes images uploaded to it so you can save the effort and time of searching by camera, location, resolution, dominant color, or date taken, and much more. You are also able to add data tags for photo organisation.

Saves you money

This is the main priority for Zoolz Intelligent Cloud as you protect your data assets to make them accessible and secure. It eliminates the need for expensive IT resources like overpriced on-premise storage equipment, so you only pay for secure on-demand storage you require.

SLA and Support

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud ensures 99.9 percent uptime for cloud services so there won’t be interruptions of transfers and downtime chances are very slim.


Zoolz Intelligent Cloud has more than 15 years of experience in software with more than 3 million users globally who trust and use it. Some include Dell, Harvard University, AOS, Acer, and many others.

Best service equals best price

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud has an intuitive design that combines features for enterprise level such as centralized management, scalability, data tiering, reliability and others affordably. It leverages on AWS technology and its powerful backend to offer a solution that lets businesses of all sizes move to the cloud easily. There’s no bandwidth capping, plus upload/download speeds aren’t capped and there are not limitations on upload/download file size.

Flexible viewer

This is a lightweight, powerful file browser that lets you view image previews of all JPEG and RAW camera images, search files instantly, share easily and a lot more. You can drag/drop to upload files/folders anywhere and/or create new ones.

Ship data in terabytes

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud lets you bypass the Internet and move large amounts of data to their data centers through the Zoolz Import/Export that has two highly-secure means: Snowball appliance and BYOHD (Bring Your Own Hard Disk). Snowball appliance is sent to you by Zoolz to ship your data on and is ideal for more than 10TB, while BYOHD is for you to copy your data to your hard disk, ship to Zoolz and once it completes transfers, they’ll wipe the disk and send back to you.

Remote Restore

You can, at any time, initiate file restoration to any PC from your centralized web console. Zoolz Intelligent Cloud has a restore client that will restore the file automatically to an alternate location or the original based on your preferences.

Ease of deployment

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud simplifies migration of users to the system. It uses Deployment via Active Directory so your entire company’s backups are up and running in no time. If you have a team that is distributed globally, send email invites or you can import CSV files.

Saves bandwidth and space

In Zoolz Intelligent Cloud, all the files pass through a check for machine and organization level deduplication for faster backups. For large files, block level backups are taken and retention of files done in a number of days/versions. You can limit the amount of storage for each user.

Cold storage: Pay less, store more

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud has an innovative Cold Storage which lets you backup rarely accessed files instantly for cheaper than when you store on-premise. Files get stored in reliable, secure, and durable Amazon AWS that needs Zero restore time with Hybrid+ or about 3-5 hours restore time. You’ll receive an email to restore once you’re ready to download the files. If you want to store photos, you can get image previews in this feature.

Reliable and secure

Data in Zoolz Intelligent Cloud is encrypted prior to leaving your machine using military level 256-AES encryption. The data is transferred to Amazon S3, a secure and reliable system that applies the 256-AES encryption, that are stored on similar encrypted servers on Amazon S3. This security level complies with regulatory and legal requirements for safe processing, transfer, and storage of data like HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, PHIPA, CLBA, PCI-DSS, the Joint Commission and FISMA.

Other benefits include:

  • Continuous And Smooth Backups (Green Backups)
  • Powerful user management
  • Zoolz Intelligent Cloud for all your devices and files
  • Protection and support for Windows-based servers
  • Keeping track of clients’ location and bandwidth usage
  • Private and secure collaboration
  • Mobile access


Zoolz intelligent cloud

Automatic backup

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud makes automatic backup of your files easier from any data source, and in one place.

Document discovery

You can find documents with zero stress. This feature sorts files automatically and you can upload files and the technology organizes your documents, PDFs, financial spreadsheets, and presentations, plus they’re more accessible.

Search by content and filter results

You can search by phrases or words, as Zoolz Intelligent Cloud understands language variations and sentence structures so from any device or PC, you can search any word and get the relevant results. You can also filter results or data by file size or type, document owner, or date created and modified.

Transparent auditing

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud has a straightforward control of file access to users/groups so your sensitive documents are accessed by the personnel they’re intended for. You can restrict and/or allow access to specific data. It also logs all restores, backups, searches, deletes by user or timestamp, and views.

File retention and version control

You can maximize storage space and set the versions and/or days you want to keep files. Version history shows the history of all files stored to undo any errors. If you delete a file by mistake, you can instantly restore it as it is saved on cloud. Once you don’t need it on the server, a data destruction policy can be set.

Multi-language support

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud has support for 22 languages in its indexing technology, including: Croatian, Arabic, German (standard and Fraktur script), Catalan, Danish, Italian, Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Hindi, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, Greek, French, Hebrew, Slovak (standard and Fraktur script), Indonesian, Thai, Hungarian, Korean, Latvian, Japanese, Norwegian, Turkish, Lithuanian, Polish, Spanish, Romanian, Russian, Portuguese, Serbian, Tagalog, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Swedish, Tamil, and Vietnamese.

Stream videos on-demand

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud has transcoding technology that optimizes all media files to be viewed fully regardless of size.

Smart Filters

You can point any media file without spending time on searches and Zoolz Intelligent Cloud extracts metadata so you can narrow results by camera, location, resolution, dominant color, or date taken, bitrate, duration, quality, and much more.

Media Preview

You can hover over a file and view a sample preview of the video or click to play it for easier sharing and faster loading, instead of downloading the full size video file. Audio and photo previews are available too.

Mobile Friendly

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud protects files from any device, whether tablet, smartphone or PC, from where you can log in and your data is analyzed, organized and indexed using its advanced architecture; this it does without impacting your device’s performance.

Designed For Massive Data

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud has a patent pending massive data technology, and this can handle tens of millions of transactions concurrently, per single account, whether it’s backend processing or client’s side.

AI Photo detection

This is a free feature that uses AI so you can discover photos by the objects therein. It is fast and accurate, but not available currently in traditional backup services.

Tag Cloud

You can add this to give a dynamic illustration of whatever you want to take a photo of. Each tag’s size is determined by the number of times it has been assigned to images.

Faces: Facial and photo recognition

The accurate facial recognition and photo detection engine by Zoolz Intelligent Cloud  keeps photos easily accessible and organized. Once uploaded, it scans and detects faces in a photo and creates custom thumbnails for them. Any new ones matching the faces will be under the created thumbnail.

Complete audit

The Zoolz Intelligent Cloud audit log records all data that’s security relevant, chronologically, that are performed on the system including user access and/or management tracking, device and admin activity.

Centralized administration

A central admin console is used to deploy, grant access, configure, restore and audit data to users without leaving your seat.

Active Directory Deployment

With Zoolz Intelligent Cloud’s Active Directory Support, you can make installation easier. Group Policies let you implement configurations specific for users and PCs, so you can push the backup policy, sign up credentials, and storage limits. Once deployed, the backup starts automatically. For globally distributed companies, Zoolz Intelligent Cloud has various options to simplify deployments of users using email invites, CSV import, client locator, centralized user management, etc.

Tribrid backup

Data isn’t necessarily handled the same way. Some want data stored for compliance and archival uses, others at their fingertips. Zoolz Intelligent Cloud has the first Tribrid backup in the world that helps businesses protect produced data while saving storage costs without data being sacrificed. This happens through instant, cold, or local storage.

Intelligent archiving

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud offers low-cost storage (lifetime) with instant access in real time, to what matters.

Cloud MS SQL Backup

Databases are critical to business, so by not protecting them, the consequences can be catastrophic. Zoolz Intelligent Cloud offers a simpler way to protect and restore them using backup in three types: Full, differential and transactional.

Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA adds more protection besides login credentials, and its goal is to create a layered defense for increased security of your account in BigMIND. Once enabled, users enter login credentials and authentications sent to their mobile devices. It is an optional feature and you can enable/disable it for any user.




  • 2 Users
  • 10GB of Hot Storage
  • 50 OCR Pages
  • 1 Server

Starter Plan

  • 100GB of Cold Storage
  • 500GB of Hot Storage
  • 1 Server
  • 10 Users
  • Account Manager
  • 500 OCR Pages

NOTE: Free and Starter plans both offer Auditing and Customer Support, Support Mobiles/Tablets Backup, Support Cloud Services Backup, Media Streaming, Content Search & eDiscovery, Users/Policy Management.

Business Plan

  • Up to 50TB Cold Storage
  • Up to 50TB Hot Storage
  • Free 50 Servers
  • Free 500 Users
  • Gold Customer Support

Media / Enterprise Plan

  • Up to Unlimited Cold Storage
  • Up to Unlimited Hot Storage
  • Free Unlimited Servers
  • Free Unlimited Users
  • Platinum Customer Support
  • Support 4K and 8K videos
  • Free Remote System Setup (Upon Request)

NOTE: Both Business and Media pricing plans offer SD and HD Media Streaming, Users/Policy Management, Content Search & eDiscovery, Support Cloud Services Backup, Auditing, Support Mobiles/Tablets Backup, Dedicated Account Manager, OCR, and Free Snowball Import/Export Service.

Technical Details

Devices: Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Web-based

Language: English

Pricing Model: Monthly payment; quotation-based

Customer Types: Small and medium businesses; Large Enterprises

Deployment: Cloud Hosted

Support Details

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Help Center
  • Feedback
  • Online contact forms
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