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Full Zoho Sprints Agile Project Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About Zoho Sprints

Zoho Sprints
Zoho Sprints

What is Zoho Sprints?

Zoho Sprints is a tool that is designed for tracking and planning for all of those energetic or agile teams out there. With this, you can deliver all the best products just every time. You have the power to always be ready for something new, ready for a change.

It will help you and your team to track, plan and check on their work. It is very simple, and it is so clutter-free. With this tool, it lets all your focus on creating the new best possible product.

Here you can create multiple user stories; keep track with different scrum boards that are personalized; add new estimation points; and you can also schedule your retrospective meetings and review from just one place.

Zoho Sprints Benefits

With Zoho Sprints you can:

Plan to welcome change – All of the projects is packed with backlogs, like some prioritized number of tasks. Move what is on the top here on to the following sprint so that you can build on what really matters first. Get quick and early feedback, then transport all the products that all of your customers actually want.

Track your progress right on the board – We have a Scrum Board, it will let you track all your tasks using the ‘to do’, ‘done’, and ‘in progress’ columns. If you wish to do so, you may also add some of your own customized columns so that it would all match to the unique needs of your team.

Account all your money – Zoho Sprints will make the logging of your non-billable and billable hours even simpler just for everyone else. You can also use this so that you can give all of your clients a frame of the possible time involved or just to estimate than the next sprint way better.

Zoho Sprints

Get an instant status of the project – The dashboard will give you all the overview of how the things are going, or where the things are standing. At the same time, you can also see and check who are the current top users, the brief summary or conclusion of the recent sprint activities, backlog metrics, the actual vs the planned graph and more.

Always maintain to improve with the analytics – Here you can see the burn-down reports, velocity charts, and Cumulative Flow Diagrams that will you turn your raw data into something like an actionable insight. With her, you can learn from each of the sprints and surely get more for the next!

Keep connected with each other, face-to-face – You can also set all your meetings in regard to sprint planning, retrospectives, and reviews. Also, the Zoho App will remind you and everyone who is part of the team to be there! There is also a live feed for every project so that it will help take all the discussions online.

Since Zoho Sprints is a tool that will help your team do all of the sprints in no time, plan everything else, know more about your project and have your collaboration with your team even easier, it has managed to acquire different features that will certainly help your team to become even better. Here are some of the features that Zoho Sprints has:

Plan: Prioritize, then repeat – You can create a newsprint and some backlog items with something like a calm dragging and dropping planning center. Also, you can break down all the nuances that each user story may have through the different priority lists, estimation points, user assignments and epics. Then set the duration and the different timely reminders that will make the releasing of every sprint even easier.

Zoho Sprints

Board: Have an idea where your task stands – There is a Scrum Board that will let you visualize all the jobs that you need to do in every single sprint given. This is done so that all can see and check the progress that you have in every task. Simply just by dragging and dropping all the bugs, items and stories through the various levels of completion. Personalize all the work statuses and customize your board. When all of you guys on the board are active, so as you work will be.

Epics: Construct your sprints – The epics will assist you in organizing your work items all across the multiple sprints, all done with a common objective. You can also do the dragging and dropping of the different work items all across your sprints within just an epic. Also, track the status of all the sprints all according to their epics.

Timesheet: Know your hours – All the users can log the non-billable and billable hours for all the work items that are found in the Timesheet. Correctly estimate than the next sprint by just tracking the counted time each specific task will take. Just with a one-click approval, your transparent user time sheets will just help you go through the thin red tape.

Dashboard: Have a fast review of all your projects – Using the dashboard, you can view your completion status, look at the top 5 users for both open and closed work items and have a summarized sprint activity graph, all among the other things. Be ready for the daily stand-ups if ever your key metrics for all the sprint are at there right at your fingertips.

Reports: Keep getting better with the analytics – The reports will let you develop velocity charts, burn down Cumulative Flow Diagrams and drown reports automatically so that your team will know where the current efficiently lies. You can also identify the bottlenecks, estimate and track your progress, and look at the raw data become actionable insights. You can also learn from the different completed sprints and have more about the retrospectives using the activity charts and other user summaries.

Zoho Sprints

Meetings: Make all the interaction possible – The different comprehensive Meetings modules will let you schedule all the sprint reviews, the retrospectives and also you can automate all the daily and weekly stand-up reminders.

Feeds: Agility within a social feel – Feel the interaction of a social media feeling! This place will act something like a social media within your projects, you can post your statuses and have comments there on the feed if you want to take the discussions online. This will let people say the things that they want to say at a very convenient time that will make the distributed, far away, and unconnected teams closer and connected.

Zoho Sprints Features

There are different things located inside the Zoho Sprints so that it could assist you whenever you have something that you do not understand. Just right there in the website, you can look for the different ways that Zoho can assist you. If you have a specific question, you may just type in it there in Zoho’s website, for sure you will be assisted.

Zoho Sprints

Zoho Sprints has these prepared for you:

  1. User Guide – Explore the user guide to get going with the sprints. With this, you can understand more the product functionalities and make more use of the Zoho Sprints so that your business can grow.
  2. Knowledge Base – The Frequently Asked Questions will provide you the very accurate information located on standard solutions that will help you to easily and quickly resolve the most simple and common problems.
  3. Sprint Community – Just in case you want to communicate and collaborate with other people, you may do so with the Sprint Community. You can visit the Sprint Community and create more discussions on the newest features, enhancements and the functionalities of the product.
  4. Blogs – You can also read the blogs on the Agile and then improve your knowledge about the product, including the hows and whys.
  5. Webinars – If you wish to do so, you may join the webinars so that you will have a quick walkthrough on the Zoho Sprints. If this does not suit you, you may contact the technical experts at supoprt@zohosprints.com and know more about the Zoho Sprints.
  6. API Guide – Leaning the data more is very important. With the API Guide, you will learn more on who to access the data within your projects that are located in the Zoho Sprints using the different APIs, all with the assistance of this simple developer guide.


Zoho Sprints is made available to everyone. Even if you are just an individual who wishes to know more about the tool, or if you are striving business trying to make an impact in the industry, Zoho Sprints has made it all available for you. By saying so, you can access the software for free, or at a given price.

Zoho Sprints

Here are the rates of Zoho Sprints.

  • Free Plan – $0
    • This plan is accessible to up to 5 projects and 5 users
  • 10-user Plan – $8.3
    • This plan is charged per user per month and is billed annually, which also includes tax, as applicable.
    • This plan is accessible to up to 10 users, with an unlimited number of projects.
    • All of the features discussed are made available in this plan.
  • 11-100-user Plan – $2.5
    • This plan is charged per user per month and is billed annually, which also includes tax, as applicable.
    • This plan is accessible to up to 100 users, with an unlimited number of projects.
    • All of the features discussed are made available in this plan.
  • 100+ users Plan – To be discussed with Zoho Sprints
    • Zoho Sprints prices will fall as your team or number of users will grow.
  • 500+ users Plan – To be discussed with Zoho Sprints
    • Zoho Sprints prices will fall as your team or number of users will grow.

Zoho Sprints’ plan is only payable for ten months within the annual plan. The trial will give you a hands-on experience regarding the software using all the features of the paid edition. You can also request for a trial of the different paid plans so that you can have a feel and try it out, all for free.

Your data is all safe with Zoho Sprints. When paying, Zoho Sprints accept payment via MasterCard, Visa or American Express. If you have a PayPal account or Wire Transfer, you may also do that. You can downgrade and upgrade at any time you wish to do so. There are no long-term licenses that are required, for Zoho Sprints is not a contract-based company. If you wish to have more questions, you may contact sales@zohocorp.com

Technical Details

Zoho Sprints is a Project Management tool for all of the agile teams out there. This means that it is made available for almost everyone that wishes to learn more about it. Since Zoho Sprints wants every business out there to become even more effective and beneficial to its group.

Zoho Sprints

There are not much of requirements for the software itself. It runs on almost all of the platforms that are available out there, such as Windows and Mac. Also, there is an app for Zoho Sprints, which is also available on Android and iOS.

Support Details

Zoho Sprints customer services are very responsive to all of its customers. If you wish to contact them, you may check them on the websites that are given or just simply click here. If you have something that you do not understand, you may ask the community or rather ask the Zoho Sprints support itself. They will be gladder to help you and assist your business to reach its goal.

If you are a team out there that is so active, agile and workaholics, then Zoho Sprints is the tool designed just for you. Know more about your team, project and yourself using this software. Check the future outcomes, estimate whatever will happen soon, and see the changes in your company.

Do not hesitate to check out Zoho Sprints! This is probably the time that you are waiting for, make your business become better and faster! Those sprints will not be there for long anymore! Get Zoho Sprints by checking out this link right over here.