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Full ZOHO Social Marketing Software Review – All You Need to Know About ZOHO Social

ZOHO Social
ZOHO Social

What is ZOHO Social?

ZOHO Social is a tool intended to help businesses grow their virtual presence online through social media. It is about reaching the right audience with the right timing.

For many businesses, tracking campaigns is essential to help determine the efficiency of a marketing content. ZOHO Social helps you with this by tracking revenue from campaigns promoted online, social media marketing ads, management of multiple social media platforms, monitoring keywords (what works and what doesn’t), social media post scheduling and collaboration of multiple teams using a single dashboard.

ZOHO Social

Most social media apps such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+ are compatible with ZOHO Social. This can also be integrated with ZOHO CRM.

This software is embedded with a prediction engine to help you know the kind of content that is relevant and engaging for your followers. With this tool, you will be able to know what content to put out where your followers can relate and engage with your brand. You will also know from here what kind of products and services you’ll need to come up to help your business fly above your competition.

You can opt to have a customized or ready-made tool for reporting insights on the performance of marketing ads you place online. From here, you can have the team to check on the status of campaigns and marketing ads as well as collaborate to create better solutions to optimize performance for every ad you place online. With data-backed information about your ads, you are getting the most value of ZOHO Social and come up with efficient decisions to grow your business.

ZOHO Social Benefits

It’s an efficient publishing tool that guides you in making valuable decisions for your business. ZOHO Social is a smart tool for publishing content on social media and content creator rolled into one application.

You need content that compels your audience to follow what your brand is about and avail of products and services from you. Save the effort of posting content one platform after another. ZOHO does that for you by simply letting you schedule all your post for a day to a week.

Posts can be scheduled and segregated according to several social media platforms without you having to go there separately to post contents. Real-time insights are also found on a single compose window where you’ll be able to know which content gets the most engagement and view on specific periods of time.

SmartQ or prediction engine helps you pinpoint a time where you get the most engagement where followers get to see them. ZOHO Social also helps you find where most of your followers are located in various time zones.

Bulk scheduler helps you to schedule posts in one go. You can also use this with your Android or iOS apps to help you post content while you’re on the move.

ZOHO Social

SociaShare extensions are found in Chrome and Firefox. It allows users to share content instantly using your browsers. You can easily collaborate with your teams to come up with fresh and likable content that would draw your followers, attract new ones, and share them with their networks.

Monitoring tools let you track how your followers react to your brand, instantly reply to comments or posts, or check conversations in the history section.

With search tools, you can check out what your competition is up to or discover new business prospects. You can also check events as well as hashtags and keep them for reference.

ZOHO Social’s Brand Inbox allows you to check messages in one view page. From here, you can turn these into conversation topics and filter these messages according to a social network.

Statistics and Analytics feature provides the data you need to check for any campaign you place on your social networks. It gives you a visual report for the content’s presence as well as performance.

ZOHO Social

ZOHO Social Features

To create a strong presence online, you need a smart tool to keep you up-to-date with what your followers are checking and how your brand’s presence is performing online.

ZOHO Social is a cost-efficient way to monitor and publish content easily on the go.

Automatic Scheduling

It can be tasking to post your content online in individual social media platforms.

ZOHO Social keeps things simple and easy for you. With Automatic Scheduling, you can create content ahead of time and schedule them accordingly. Whether it’s an image, video, or blog content, you can schedule multiple posts using this feature to keep your followers up-to-date.

With this powerful tool, you can schedule your content posting all in one-sitting with less effort.

You can also save your post as a draft so you can discuss this with your team prior posting.

Publish this in your calendar to keep you updated about your scheduled posts and manage them with ease. Simply drag and drop content further eases scheduling of your content. You can also arrange your posts by author, network, or type.

ZOHO Social

Bulk Scheduler

This feature from ZOHO Social helps you schedule multiple posts in various social media networks. You can manage your content in your calendar more easily with Bulk Scheduler.


Unlike traditional posting, you can use ZShare to help manage your posts on multiple social media networks like Facebook, Google+, and Instagram.

ZOHO Social is compatible with most browsers like Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Safari. Extensions are available for Chrome and Firefox your convenience.

Share content, images, and text using ZShare. If you happen to chance upon an article that your audience might benefit from, you can simply click the ZShare button on the browser and instantly share or schedule this post for later.

For platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, or Google+, you will need catchy images that your followers will want to share as well. Once you’ve chosen the image, hover the pointer over the image and simply click the ZShare icon.

If you find texts that you think your audience may like, simply select the texts you’d like to share by clicking the ZShare icon and add an image accordingly.

Smart Collaboration

When you’re handling content with your team, you need the right messages, platform, and audience to make your brand stand out.

To get better results, discussing this over with your team using ZOHO Social gets things done faster and easier. Plan your content, talk about popular posts, and share custom reports all in one platform.

Invite your team members with specific roles on them. You can choose from ZOHO Social’s roles or you can create new ones. From here, you can arrange them according to social media channels or available features for specific roles.

If a team member comes up with an idea, they can create a draft and discuss these over with members involved.

Reporting comes easy with detailed data report form campaigns and other marketing ads you post online. You can also highlight numbers and tag team members from the reports you share to the group. Should someone outside the team need to see data, simply send them over via email.

ZOHO Social also functions as a project management application to see what members have been up to. You can see discussions and reports each member has shared. You can also make an announcement using this platform for important messages and changes you want for your content.

Filter your feed through your Collaborate tab. You can label conversations by Discussions, Posts, Connections, Drafts, or Reports for easy accessibility should you want to check your conversations later.

Brand Mentions

You can now see what your audience talks about your brand by checking your followers’ mentions. You can reply to posts immediately or check the history to give you an idea about the conversations that transpired.


Check what your followers are talking about through conversations and hashtags? If you want to pursue them in the future, you can keep these in your History tab and check them again in the future.

Also, get quick access to your Twitter list under the Twitter List Tab.

Brand Inbox

You get all messages filed in one view page using this tool. Brand Inbox keeps everything organized and updates you of conversations by filtering them according to network or close-loop important conversations you may have had.

Stats and Analytics

Get all meaningful data and turn them into stepping stones for your business momentum. Insightful reports about engagement, presence, and efficiency of your social media posts are found in the Stats and Analytics tab.


You can get the feel of how ZOHO Social works by starting using a ‘freemium’ service.

If you want to pursue your subscription and get access to all features, here some rates to check.

Standard ($8 per month billed as per annum)

You get access to using one brand with 7 channels. You can have two members onboard. You also get the basic features.

  • Access to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, and Linked In
  • Publish and Schedule
  • SmartQ
  • Pause/Resume post schedules
  • Repeat posts
  • URL shortener (Bitly)
  • Standard Reports-Stats
  • Collaborate with team members
  • Monitor all your campaigns and posts (5 column per brand)
  • CRM integration
  • Quick access to ZOHO Social using ZShare browser extension

Professional ($41.66 per month billed as per annum)

With this, you get to use three brands with 21 channels. You also get to have five team members onboard.

  • Get access to all standard features
  • Publishing Calendar
  • Bulk Scheduler
  • Advanced Stats and Reports
  • Custom Audience Targeting
  • Custom Reports
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Facebook Lead Ads

Agency ($83.33 per month billed as per annum)

This tier lets you use 15 brands with 105 channels. You also get to have 5 team members onboard.

  • Get all access to Professional features
  • Free log-in for clients
  • Agency name, favicons, custom domain, and logo
  • Custom view for clients
  • Personalized client invite emails
  • Agency-branded reports

Agency Plus ($125 per month billed as per annum)

This tier lets you have 25 brands with 175 channels. You also get to have 5 team members onboard.

  • Get all access to Professional features
  • Free log-in for clients
  • Agency name, favicons, custom domain, and logo
  • Custom view for clients
  • Personalized client invite emails
  • Agency-branded reports

All of the pricing are tax excluded.

Users who wanted to get look into ZOHO Social for a short span of time can opt for a monthly payment for Standard at $10 per month and Professional at $50 per month (all pricing are tax excluded).

For Standard and Professional tiers, if you want to add more team members, you can pay an additional fee of $100 per member. For additional brands, you just pay $100/brand  

For Agency and Agency Plus tiers, you can add 5 team members with a premium of $350 per year. For an additional 5 brands, you get to pay $350 per year.

ZOHO Social

Technical details

ZOHO Social can be accessed using various devices and platforms. It is supported using Windows, Linux, and Mac. You can also use Android, iPhone, iPad, and other web-based platforms as well.

The current language supported is English. But this may be available in other languages in the future.

As a ‘test drive’, you can take advantage of the free pricing tier that ZOHO Social is offering. Should you want to take on a full-on subscription, there are available tiers starting at $8 per month.

This tool is intended for small to medium enterprises (but not limited to). You can start by using 3 brands at the Standard tier pricing to a maximum of 25 brands at Agency Plus pricing. However, you can add members and brands for a premium.

ZOHO Social is primarily cloud hosted and can be accessed anywhere with an Internet.

Support details

ZOHO Social can be reached via phone or email.

For sales inquiries, they are available in the following countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • France
  • China
  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • India

Their sales representatives can also be reached through email.

Clients who’ve already locked-in and needing some technical assistance, they have an online resource platform to see to help you integrate third-party applications suitable with ZOHO Social.  

If you want to personally come to their office to give you a walk-through about their services and products, they have offices available in the following countries:

  • United States of America (California and Austin)
  • India (Chennai, Tenkasi, and Renigunta)
  • China (Beijing)
  • Japan (Yokohama)
  • United Arab Emirates (Dubai)
  • Singapore
  • Netherlands