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Full Zoho CRM Software Review – All You Need to Know About Zoho


What is Zoho?

In today’s technology-filled world, innovations are sprouting in the world wide web. As companies use the world wide web to leverage their reach to various customers or clients, who are thousands of miles, the most effective way to manage the accounts to entice leads, satisfy customers and retain these clients is through the use of a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

One CRM software that has been in use for more than a decade and is being promoted by a number of individuals and business owners. Zoho is one CRM software which is ideal for start-ups and small teams or companies. One does not need to have an intensive training in order to operate Zoho. In other words, the simplicity of Zoho itself is their catch to a number of clients around the world.

Zoho is a cloud-based CRM which means one can access their accounts wherever, whenever and whichever device. It is very simple and user-friendly especially to those who have less or no experience with CRM. It can be fully customized depending on the style of the company and it can integrate with other Zoho applications and non-Zoho applications.

Zoho Benefits

Automation of sales operations for monitoring

Like any other CRM software, Zoho is capable of automating sales tasks on a daily basis.  It also allows your avid visitors to be launched as leads to your leads page. It allows you to manage the accounts of your customers, this is not only limited to monitoring; but it can give a glimpse about your customers’ locations, and their status with regards to their stage in the sales process. With Zoho, one can track purchase histories.

Provides data in real time

The Opportunity Tracking tool of Zoho allows you to see in real time their status, the deal size, and profiles of your customer, including the size of the deal in order that Zoho users will be ahead of their competitors.

Email templates and Social Media

With Zoho, you can be able to check on the profile of your competitors in the industry. This can let Zoho users craft messages that are suited to their customers through email templates.

Zoho has a social feature in their modules which allows teams to communicate about the status of their activities towards a specific lead or accounts and deals. Not only that, it allows leads or contacts or customers to communicate with your company via linked social media apps such as Facebook or Twitter.


Going mobile

Zoho CRM is also available as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. With the mobile app, you can access Zoho and do monitoring, managing and communicating with your lead, clients, and contacts.

Forecasting of sales

It allows customizable reports on the forecast of sales and revenues.


  • The system is efficient once it has been set up.
  • Allows you not only to market your products and services, but it also allows to monitor activities via social media network
  • Pricing is affordable for the various features offered such as the integration with the Zoho suite of products
  • Zoho is said to be a one-stop-shop of everything as far CRM capability is a concern. It is capable of monitoring of activities and managing sales and accounts, other features include invoicing capability, to marketing via email
  • Zoho can help in streamlining operations of your organization whether be it in sales, or in marketing, customer support, and inventory management functions in a single system
  • Data can easily be uploaded from an Excel spreadsheet.


  • Zoho users have a very average user experience compared to the experience they get from other CRM software
  • Zoho’s interface is undeniably basic and is not the choice of many people
  • It is weak on notifying which ones are redundant data
  • In general, the setup of the software needs a lot of time inputting information or data from module to module


Zoho Features

  • Powerful features in less money. The software offers features that are similar to many CRM but at a very low price.
  • Integration with other apps. It allows integration with Google apps, Twitter, MailChimp, Outlook and Microsoft Office Apps, Slack, Zapier, Zendesk, Zoho sales, Zoho mails, and other software.
  • Management of Leads. It allows to generate leads from various online sources such as websites, Google Adwords, social media, or from online digital marketing; or offline from radio ads, billboards etc. that would qualify these leads to be included as part of their contacts and create deals where an account can be generated and close the sell.
  • Management of CRM Workflow. It allows automation that needs to be done that notifies your team depending on the triggers that were set-up.
  • Tracking of Sales. Monitors opportunities in sales across the stages of the sales process, it also allows you to drag and drop the activities


Zoho offers a free edition for three (3) users and once you an intended subscription is finalized,  plans are billed on a yearly basis. It is entitled to the following features:

  • Basic support
  • Automation of sales force on clients leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, task logs, and CRM views
  • Filtering of entries to various modules are available
  • Custom list views are limited only to five (5) per module
  • One (1) workflow rules can only be enjoyed for each module
  • Email notifications are limited to five (5) per action
  • Task actions are also limited to five (5)
  • Standard reports are also provided at this level
  • For social account integration, it is eligible for Twitter, Facebook, Google +
  • On marketing automation, it is limited to ten (10) email templates
  • Forms from websites to acquire leads  and contacts are also provided
  • For easy team collaboration, a calendar is available, including status updates, direct messages, attach file feeds and follow up rules
  • Customer support is limited only to eight (8) business hours only
  • Document library is good for folder sharing, attach documents, file versioning, and reviews
  • File storage is limited to 1GB
  • Data administration features include 25,000 data storage for all modules, 1000 import data
  • Various add-ons and integration such as Zoho Motivator, Zoho Reports, Zoho Projects, Zoho SalesIQ, Zoho Desk, and Zoho Survey.
  • Integration with Google apps include Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Tasks, and
  • 5,000 calls per day per organization.

Aside from the Free edition package which is relatively very limited, another four (4) option packages are set for Zoho clients these include Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate packages.

Standard package allows to make an efficient sales process for $12 per user per month and is billed yearly. With this package, a user can do the following:

  • enabled to do forecasting of sales,
  • Use scoring rules,
  • Allowance storage of 512MB per user license
  • Utilize Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to give a concise picture of the necessary sales figures
  • Zoho CRM document library enables to organize and access your collateral in one location, organizing it into folders and sub-folders for easy reference
  • assignment of roles which would be based on the type of user (i.e. sales manager or salesperson etc.).
  • custom fields of the module depending on the business you are in.
  • Is able to use smart web forms without writing a code.
  • Has the ability to encrypt and protect data.
  • Workflow rules automatically trigger actions when conditions are met.

Professional Package best value plan is priced at $20 monthly enables you to use the features in Standard package plus the features such as the following:

  • Integrate email campaigns,
  • Combine the power of social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google +) in selling your products and services,
  • Taking advantage of sale signals with the help of third-party apps such as Survey Monkey, Mailchimp, Ytel, Adobe sign, Docusign, and Zendesk,
  • use macros to send an email, update a record, and create a task with just one click.
  • Use of Blueprint, a technology specific for Zoho CRM that guides users as to what actions should be done and when. Prompts the team for the right information in the right sequencing.
  • Management of inventories,
  • Records that are unlimited
  • Utilize Google Ads to give a complete picture of how much sales do your online ad campaigns are generating


Enterprise Package is priced at $35 per month, and is a combination of all the features in Professional package plus various features including the following:

  • Zia, the conversational AI assistant of Zoho CRM, who will assist you from simple data to the analysis of complex information.
  • Zoho CRM portals allow most valuable customers the leeway to interact with your vendors, team etc. and allowing them to place orders and see invoices at their convenience,
  • AI forms trends that enable to predict irregularities in future sales trends.
  • Customize buttons and modules to personalize forms and dashboards
  • Use smart contact data to learn more valuable information about the leads with a click of a button,
  • SDK for iOS and Android platforms to enable to build highly customizable applications for mobile which enhances interaction engagements.
  • Convert a record into a pool of much information by associating these data from across modules coming from leads, deals, contacts, and customers among others into a tabular form
  • Encryption at Rest or (EAR) is to protect data by storing it in an encrypted format when it is dormant or not moving. EAR is enabled by enabling the Encrypt data property for data stored in the fields of Zoho Creator app.

Finally, Ultimate Package is priced at $100 per month, and is a combination of all the features in Enterprise package plus various features including the following:

  • Enabling of dedicated database cluster,
  • Premium support is for free,
  • Automation can be suggested as support to this premium package,
  • With Zia, your CRM data could be enriched with much details useful for your company
  • Storage enhancement to 50GB and;
  • Email sentiment analyzes the tone emails sent to you without the need to open it. In 150 territories, angry customers could be identified through the emails they sent giving a proactive stance in dealing with such customers.


Technical Support

Supported Devices

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Web-based

Supported Language

  • English
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • German
  • Italian
  • Turkish
  • Japanese
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • Swedish

Pricing Model

  • Annual subscription
  • Monthly payment


  • Cloud Hosted



Support Details

Being a cloud-based application, Zoho supports Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone/ iPad, Mac, and other web-based devices.

Zoho Desk is committed to putting customer service at the heart of the company. The idea that customers who need help must be attended by highly capable technical people, making help and attention so natural, seamlessly providing solutions to customer problems, making you, the clients, feel eased. Zoho Desk is multi-channel, and allows support and help readily easily available.

In order to efficiently provide the solutions, first, Zoho built a highly intuitive ticket screen in order that their technical staff would be able to dissect the problem with reference also to past interactions with the struggling clients. Cases or usually called Trouble tickets refer feedbacks emanated from struggling clients on various issues on the use of products and services of Zoho CRM. Clients are able to present or submit their feedbacks or issues through the Web-to-Case forms which are easily deployable, capturing various specific cases.

These trouble tickets are presented to technical support staff and are being analyzed in order to come up with the solutions needed. One element of efficient solutions-finding efforts by Zoho is the synchronization of specific emails or Cases from Microsoft Outlook to the Cases module within the Zoho CRM system.

At Zoho, Cases and Solutions functionality was created to streamline the work related to customer support service. This means that finding the solutions are not left for the Customer Support Department only, because even the Sales Department and various Units within the Zoho organization, team up in order to find appropriate and timely solutions to various issues brought by clients.

While Zoho is committed to small and medium clients, who are provided with Classic Support, Zoho’s commitment to service encompasses high-level CRM clients also which needs premium support. These clients are those who subscribed both to Professional and Enterprise Plans. They are entitled to dedicated Customer Relationship Managers who designate to assist them with regards to customization. Moreover, these clients are entitled to expert advice, timely reports on the usage of Zoho and reports on the recommendations that would facilitate the streamlining of the operations of clients.