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Full Zoho Reports Business Intelligence Software Review – All You Need to Know About Zoho Reports

Zoho Reports
Zoho Reports

What is Zoho Reports?

Zoho Reports is a self-service business analytics and intelligence software built for just about everyone. Powerful and connective, Zoho Reports allows users to create dashboards that analyze and visualize data, so they can see at a glance, how their businesses are doing. By creating insightful dashboards to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), users can easily analyze and corroborate data to make better business decisions.

No matter what your field is or what you need business needs are, Zoho Reports can make your data work for you. Using gathered information about your trade, Zoho Reports lets you keep track of what matters the most. It also lets you visualize things you don’t think actually matters – from revenue projections to campaign click rate, to sales, marketing expenses, and call volume among others. A powerful tool that can weigh and measure just about any information, Zoho Reports can gauge your business data, ensuring you stay in-the-know about everything you need to know.

Zoho Reports

Trusted by over a million users worldwide, Zoho Reports is a critically acclaimed and recommended BI tool. Top brands like Amazon, Facebook, Suzuki Motors, and the Discovery Channel have been using Zoho Reports for years. Countless companies from across the globe rely on Zoho Reports to visualize their data for easier and seamless analysis and collaboration. Zoho Reports empowers them by providing key metrics and a suite of data tools to help identify and track components that are essential for their success. With great reviews, almost all of its users experienced gains in several aspects of their business, be it sales, expense reduction, bounce rates, and other key metrics.

The analytics tool was developed by one of the bleeding edge companies in world-class BI Solutions. Built by Zoho, the same developer that set the bar for productivity and management tools with its internationally recognized line of sales, marketing, finance, collaboration, help desk, and HR software suites, Zoho Reports brings business analytics to a whole new level. The software is offered in several packages, tailored to what your business needs. It comes in the following plans:

  • Free
  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Enterprise
  • White Label

Each of these plans comes with the baseline Zoho Reports functionality, plus additional features and higher limits depending on what’s best for you.


The software allows you to use information of any data source.

  • Files and web feed. Zoho Reports can import data from a wide variety of URL/web feeds and file formats, with the extra option for automatic syncing with your reports. File formats supported include CSV, HTML, JSON, TSV, XLS, XLSX, and XML.
  • Cloud storage. Zoho Reports can connect seamlessly to data from major cloud storage providers, and lets you set up automatic synchronization with your dashboard. Cloud storage providers supported include: Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Zoho Docs
  • Databases. Synchronize and upload data directly from your databases with ease. Zoho Reports NoSQL databases in addition to more popular relational databases, with the option for local hosting behind firewall or cloud hosting.

Zoho Reports Integrates with your business apps right out of the box. Zoho Reports plays well with others, and integrates with most business and intelligence software right out of the box, without the need for technical know-how to properly configure. Zoho Reports integrates seamlessly with:

Sales Analytics

  • Zoho Reports allows users to import data from custom CRM solutions using the web automation app Flatly, including Insightly CRM, Pipedrive CRM, and Base CRM.
  • HubSpot CRM. Get intelligent and actionable data from HubSpot CRM to track key metrics for sales, improve performance, and maximize your conversions.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Go in-depth into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Zoho Reports. Monitor critical success factors and key performance indicators and improve your sales funnel with reliable data to make intelligent business decisions.
  • Use Salesforce with Zoho Reports to instantly track and manage your key performance indicators.
  • Zoho CRM. Quick-start your analysis with seamless integration to Zoho CRM and over a hundred hand-selected dashboards and reports. Enable yourself to make the right business decisions with invaluable insights into your business data.

Marketing AnalyticsZoho Reports

  • Google Ads. Track and monitor your Google Ads campaigns and measure their success. Zoho Reports keeps a tab on your clicks, conversion rates, expenses, and more. Use your data to make insightful reports and informed decisions.
  • Google Analytics. Especially for SEO/SEM and digital marketing professionals, Google Analytics can now be compartmentalized with Zoho Reports. Evaluate key metrics, optimize your SEO/SEM, and more with Zoho Reports.
  • Go deeper into your email marketing campaigns by using Zoho Reports to analyze open rates, click rates, conversion rates, and overall campaign performance from your MailChimp data.
  • Record and analyze your response rate, overall survey performance, and more to get invaluable insights from your SurveyGizmo data, fully integrated with Zoho Reports.
  • Make the most of your SurveyMonkey data by using Zoho Reports to track response rate, completion rate, and your overall survey performance.
  • Zoho Campaigns. Delve deep into your data from Zoho Campaigns and gain a deeper understanding of your campaign performance, recipient behavior, and conversion rates using Zoho Reports.
  • Zoho Survey. Use your Zoho Survey data to create actionable insights and make informed decisions with Zoho Survey. Keep track of survey impact, and monitor key metrics to create insightful reports.

Financial Analytics

  • Connect Zoho Reports to QuickBooks seamlessly with Advanced Analytics. Measure your financial performance and keep track of financial metrics to stay in full control of your cash flow.
  • Keep track of subscription metrics in Stripe with Zoho Reports. Make insightful dashboards and informed decisions from key metrics such as churn, retention, revenue, and more.
  • Get deeper into your Xero data with Advanced Analytics powered by Zoho Reports. Keep track of your accounting performance, evaluate invoices, easily create financial reports, and more.
  • Zoho Books. Create insightful reports and dashboards with your Zoho Books data to analyze your finances at a deeper level, all with Zoho Reports.

Project Management Analytics

Zoho ReportsTeamwork Projects. Use Zoho Reports with Teamwork Projects to empower yourself with rich insights into your project data. Key metrics and performance indicators help you improve your overall project execution.

  • Zoho Projects. Get a big-picture birds-eye view of your entire Zoho Projects data with Project Management Analytics powered by Zoho Reports. And don’t miss out on any of the details with Zoho Reports’ more than 50+ built-in reports and dashboards.

Helpdesk Analytics

  • ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus. Zoho Reports integration with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus comes with 80+ pre-packaged dashboards and reports. Track your key performance indicators and critical success factors to maximize the effectiveness of your IT services.
  • ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus. Analyze your ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus data with Zoho Reports, and keep track of your IT services’ key performance indicators and critical success factors for optimal performance.
  • Teamwork Desk. Extract meaningful and actionable insights from your Teamwork Desk data and measure key metrics to make the right decisions, propelling your business’ success.
  • Use Zoho Reports with your Zendesk data to arrive at intelligent decisions with visual analysis of your helpdesk’s key performance metrics.
  • Zoho Desk. Track data and analyze performance metric seamlessly with Zoho Reports, using your Zoho Desk data to make the best decisions regarding your customer support services.

Recruitment Analytics

  • Zoho Recruit. Go deep int your recruitment data by tying in Zoho Recruit with Zoho Reports. Create insightful dashboards and reports to arrive at the best decisions for your business.

And other software your company may be using, such as Zoho Creator applications, the Zoho Bug Tracker, or applications that use the Zoho Reports Application Programming Interface (API).

Visualize and Analyze

Different reporting components. View your data any way you want with Zoho Reports extensive library of charts, pivots, tabular view components, and widgets to make meaningful reports and dashboards. If we’re missing a component you’re looking for, Zoho Reports adds new types of reporting components frequently, too.

Stunning dashboards. Combine multiple report and components into beautiful dashboards using an easy-to-use and intuitive drag-and-drop designer. Import formattable text, images, web components, and widgets to fully customize your layout, and use design principles to make it easier to track the most important metrics.

Spreadsheet-like interface. Zoho Reports presents your data and reports into a familiar and easy-to-understand spreadsheet interface – making it easier to append, analyze, and report data, especially for users who are already accustomed to a spreadsheet interface.

Build key metrics. Make use of powerful, pre-built functions with a single click, or use the Excel-like formula engine with an expansive library of functions to power up and personalize your analytics with advanced calculations. Extract everything you can from your data and build your key metrics.

Share and Collaborate

Precise access control. Take control of what can be seen and done by clients or colleagues with the reports you give them. The precise access control provided by Zoho Reports comes with specific options, including read-only, read-write, export, drill-down, report authoring, and more.

Publish and embed. Publish your dashboards and reports and make them available for viewing by users you choose or embed them onto websites, blogs, or web-based applications for extended reach.

Print and email. Automate emailing of your reports to follow a schedule you choose or print them seamlessly for offline access.

White Labeling

For independent software vendors, system integrators, consultants, or anyone who needs a reporting solution under their own brand name, Zoho Reports offers white label solutions so you can have the power and functionality of Zoho Reports under your own brand.

Zoho Reports’ white label solutions come with a quick-to-setup and fully rebranded portal, embedded business intelligence solutions that are built to play well with your app or web service, and fully customizable design elements, allowing you to reinvent the look of Zoho Reports without compromising on power and functionality.

Scalable and extensible

Developers use the Zoho Reports development platform and application programming interfaces (APIs) to integrate reporting and business intelligence capabilities into their own applications.

Analytics on the go

Take your reports and dashboards with you when you’re on the move with the Zoho Reports mobile application, available on the Apple App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android.


Zoho Reports Zoho Reports is available for free or for different plan options that each come with additional functionality over the free version.

Free Plan. The Zoho Reports Free Plan comes with basic Zoho Reports functionality such as mobile app access, the built-in formula engine, and up to 3 query tables, with unlimited dashboards and reports, up to 10,000 rows of records/data, shared across up to 5 workspaces, and up to 2 users. The free plan also includes a seamless connection with cloud drives, files and web feeds, relational databases, and cloud databases. This plan also allows for REST API integration and up to 1000 API units per day.

Basic Plan. The Basic Plan allows for all of the same functionality as the free plan, with the addition of 0.5 million rows of data instead 10,000, 100+ data connectors, connectors for Zoho Apps, the daily sync feature, additional collaboration feature for slideshows, and unlimited workspaces and query tables. This plan allows for 4000 API units per day.

Standard Plan. The Standard Plan comes with all of the functionality of the Basic Plan but allows for a maximum of 5 users and 1 million rows of records/data. Additional features for this plan include hourly data sync, support for groups and group collaboration, Workspace Administrator role assignment, and data backups. This plan also allows for up to 10,000 API units per day.

Premium Plan. The Premium Plan is Zoho Reports most valuable plan option and comes with all of the functionality of the previous plan options. The Premium Plan allows for up to 15 users and 5 million rows of records/data. It comes with logo rebranding and private links to reports and dashboards. This plan allows for up to 30,000 API units per day.

Enterprise Plan. The Enterprise Plan is the top-of-the-line Zoho Reports experience and is built for large organizations. With all of the functionality of the previous plan options, the Zoho Reports Enterprise Plan can accommodate 50 users and keep 50 million rows of records/data. Organizations who avail of this plan receive reports and dashboards at 5x times faster performance and loading of dashboards and reports, in addition to 24/5 live customer support. This plan also accommodates up to 100,000 API units per day.


Free Plan – Free

The Free Plan for Zoho Reports is available for free and requires only registration for the software

Basic Plan – $25/month or $22.50/month if billed annually

The Basic Plan for Zoho Reports is available at $25/month, or if billed annually, $270/year at $22.50/month.

Standard Plan – $50/month or $45/month if billed annually

The Standard Plan for Zoho Reports is available at $50/month, or if billed annually, $540/year at $45/month.

Premium Plan – $125/month or $112.50/month if billed annually

The Zoho Reports Premium Plan is available at $125/month, or if billed annually, $1350/year at $112.50/month.

Enterprise Plan – $495/month or $445.5/month if billed annually

The Enterprise Plan for Zoho Reports is available at $495/month, or if billed annually $5346/year at $445.5/month.

Additional Users

Users subscribed to the Basic plan and up have the option to purchase additional user slots for $8 per month per user. The price for additional users is the same for each plan, with the exception of the Free Plan, for which additional user slots are not available.

Additional Rows

Additional rows for records/data are also purchasable for a monthly fee for users subscribed to the Basic plan and up. Additional rows are priced at the ff. Rates:

  • 5 Million Rows for $25/month
  • 1 Million Rows for $40/month
  • 2 Million Rows for $60/month
  • 5 Million Rows for $80/month
  • 10 Million Rows for $125/month

Additional API Units

Additional API Units are also purchasable for a monthly fee, and is available to users with subscriptions to the Basic Plan and up. Pricing is as follows:

  • 10,000 units/day at $15/month
  • 25,000 units/day at $25/month
  • 50,000 units/day at $40/month
  • 100,000 units/day at $60/month
  • 200,000 units/day at $80/month

Technical Details

Zoho Reports is a web-based reporting and business intelligence application with the option for native applications for Android or iOS. As such, most of the latest browsers across any operating system support Zoho Reports. Officially, the following browsers and operating systems have been tested to be Zoho Reports-compatible.


  • Google Chrome – Latest 3 Versions
  • Safari – Latest 3 Versions
  • Firefox – Latest 3 Versions
  • Internet Explorer – IE9 and above
  • Microsoft Edge – Latest Version

Operating Systems

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 10
  • Mac OS
  • Ubuntu and Linux OS

Support Details

Zoho Reports offers world-class customer support and online resources to help optimize the use of its product. Online learning resources are available to help users learn about functionality, while support emails, 24/5 live chat support, and toll-free numbers for the US, UK, Australia, and India are all provided users as means for troubleshooting and issue resolution.