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Full Zoho Projects PMS Software Review – All you need to know about Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects PMS Software

Are you looking for a cloud-based task management solution that can allow you and your project teams to simply manage both the simple and complex projects and tasks? Zoho Projects PMS software is an ideal tool to achieve this as it allows users to assign projects, track milestones, monitor the hours worked, and share files and comments. With Zoho Projects system, users can plan projects, collaborate with stakeholders, track time, generate reports and charts and manage documents.

Zoho Projects PMS software is part of the Zoho business suite. Users of this task management solution access a central platform from where they can discuss ideas, stay updated and communicate easily, and track project or team progress. As a cloud-based task management solution, Zoho Projects keeps user data safe as it provides strong security systems. The software can also be scaled in accordance with the number of projects being handled as it offers you the option for adding more features.

Using a project management software such as Zoho Project system, teams and project management teams can collaborate and achieve goals within schedule and effectively manage costs and resources. Some of the functions offered by a PMS software include team collaboration, task distribution, resource planning, time tracking, budgeting, and many others.

Without the use of project management software to manage your detailed and complex projects, you will end up finishing your projects past due dates, the projects could be over budgeted and produce a lower return on investment than originally predicted.

As a business professional, you will need to rely on a task management solution such as Zoho Projects system in order to be able to oversee multiple activities of your project. With the time tracking feature offered by project management software, companies can easily mitigate risks and also identify the failing aspects of the project.

What is Zoho Projects PMS Software?

Zoho Projects PMS software is a cloud-based task management solution that has been designed for small and medium-sized business organizations. Zoho Projects offers capabilities such as budgeting and scheduling that make it possible for project managers to define project tasks, estimate the costs, assign tasks to teams and monitor the progress of tasks.

With Zoho Projects system, document processes which include revision tracking, search and retrieval, and access control have been automated. Features like document management allow users to share documents among project members. Issue management features offered by Zoho Projects PMS software help managers to resolve errors that are found in project tasks.

Zoho Projects system has the dashboards and reporting feature that makes it possible for users to generate business reports and summaries. Gannt charts are available for offering a visual presentation on tasks progress in comparison to the initial plan. With the resource allocation chart of this task management solution, users can identify the project members who are free and those who are overloaded with tasks. Using the milestones and task lists, users can break down complex projects into subtasks.

Zoho Projects system

Zoho Projects PMS software is a very popular task management solution. As a free tool, the application helps you to make your projects more productive and complete them within schedule. The functions included in Zoho Projects system are effective at improving team collaboration, allowing easy project monitoring, and improve your productivity and results.

Using Zoho Projects task management solution, you can make sure that your work targets are achieved on time, and you can also use task lists, milestones, and tasks to plan ahead on your tasks. The task management solution works in a very simple way by dividing your complex and large projects into smaller units that are manageable, scheduling recurring tasks, subtasks, and dependencies in accordance with the deadlines. Zoho Projects system is also packed with several tools for seamless collaboration which allows your workforce and consultants to keep in touch with the project progress.

After a project has been completed, Zoho Projects PMS software will provide you with in-depth insights that are offered in graphs and charts that are understandable. With the insights, you can report on your project activities, capture possible drawbacks, and track opportunities. Zoho Projects system has a flexible pricing plan with a free plan available for small teams and freelancers.


Benefits of Zoho Projects PMS

Zoho Projects PMS software provides several benefits to businesses and users. Some of the benefits associated with this task management solution are as follows.

Zoho Projects system makes it easy for you to plan and manage projects

With Zoho Projects system, users can organize their projects using the tools and features provided in the application for the purposes of planning, information management, and scheduling.  The task management solution includes features that are useful when it comes to dividing complex projects into task lists, milestones, tasks, and subtasks.

Zoho Projects task management application - project milestones

You can also control dependencies and recurring tasks. With the Gantt charts offered by Zoho Projects system, you can have a visual progress on tasks and project activities. Zoho Projects PMS software has a Feeds page which allows users to stay up to date in an easy and social manner.  With pages, project managers can create information repositories that are searchable and this helps in publishing documents, links, and other announcements.

Zoho Projects PMS software supports time and issue tracking

Zoho Projects PMS software has a timesheet feature through which users can log both non-billable and billable hours. Zoho Projects system can successfully integrate with Zoho Invoice for the purposes of generating and sending invoices.

Zoho Projects task management solution supports issue tracking

Zoho Projects task management solution incorporates an issue tracking system which necessitates business rules and custom workflows.

Zoho Projects system supports effective resource utilization

As a user of Zoho Projects PMS software, you will be able to access its resource utilization chart when you want to distribute tasks evenly among project members.

Document management and reporting

The document management feature included in Zoho Projects task management solution allows users to share and work collaboratively on project documents. Zoho Projects system integrates with Zoho Reports which allow you to generate insightful, updated and detailed reports related to project progress.

Zoho Projects system supports effective collaboration and communication

Users of Zoho Projects task management solution can effectively collaborate using collaboration features such as shared calendars. With its built-in chat, users can organize, create, and archive communication with other team members. The application also has forums through which users can discuss a specific project. Zoho Projects system also integrates perfectly with Google Apps via single-sign on. Some other integrations available in Zoho Projects PMS software include Slack, Outlook Calendar, Dropbox, Zapier, and GitHub and so on. With Zoho Projects system, Android and iOS apps are also available.

Zoho Projects task management solution provide interactive discussion boards

Zoho project forums act as interactive message boards through which you can put up a topic for discussion while allowing your ideas to flow back and forth. The forums don’t operate like emails because the topics are available through a central location where they can be accessed within the team project.

With Zoho Projects system, task management is made easy

Zoho Projects PMS software provides you with task lists, tasks, and subtasks that allow you to easily manage and organize your project deliverables and work items in a single and easily accessible location. This task management solution allows for the monitoring of task’ status, assigning of tasks to team members, sending of email reminders and tracking of project progress.

Zoho Projects is a reliable, fast and secure task management solution

Zoho Projects system guarantees the safety of your data by offering different security features.

Zoho Projects PMS software is affordable

You dan’t have to be part of a long-term, commitment or incur hidden charges when it comes to using Zoho Projects PMS software. The task management solution allows you to sign up as a monthly customer and use their services at your convenience. You can also delete your account in a one-click process.

Zoho Projects system is user-friendly and intuitive

With Zoho Projects, you are guaranteed the best interaction between team members and you can use Gantt charts to display your project progress. In most cases, you will complete your project activities from a central location and store valuable documentation and information in one database.

Zoho Projects PMS software helps you to track and eliminate bugs

As a user of Zoho Projects task management solution, you can track and eliminate bugs and thus a user can quickly test the system and allow problems to be fixed. Users can define their own business rules and workflows and track each code change effected in GitHub or Bitbucket.

Zoho Projects PMS can serve businesses of all scales and different industries

The special thing about Zoho Projects PMS software is that it is an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes and industries and it is designed in a way that allows you to save your finances. Another unique feature of Zoho Projects system is its code-free customization that allows you to expand the functionality of the system and collaborate at any time.

Features of Zoho Projects system

Zoho Projects - projectcalendar

Zoho Projects task management solution has several features that make it one of the most important project management software in the industry today. We list some of these features below.

  • Time Logging
  • Expense Tracking
  • Resource Utilization
  • Project Budgeting
  • Critical Path
  • Dependencies
  • Invoicing
  • Global/Project Dashboards
  • SLA Integration
  • Bitbucket Integration
  • Custom Permissions (Profiles &and Roles)
  • Custom Domain
  • Import from Basecamp and JIRA
  • Custom widgets, fields and views
  • Android app plus iPhone app
  • Project Feed
  • Kanban Board for Tasks and Issues
  • Forums and Discussions

Zoho Projects - kanban board

Let’s now look into the summary of some of the capabilities offered by Zoho Projects PMS software.

Task management

Zoho Projects task management application- task dependency

With this feature of Zoho Projects PMS software, you can easily break bigger projects into smaller tasks that can be easily managed. The feature allows you to assign work to your project members and specify when a task will start and when it will end. You can also view progress in multiple ways.

Zoho Projects system - task view

Social project management

With Zoho Projects system, you can comment on tasks, milestones and events and view updates from your feed.

Charts and reports

Charts, reports, and dashboards available in Zoho Projects task management solution can be used by organizations of different levels and this means these organizations will not lack the appropriate information for making good decisions.

Time Tracking

Zoho Projects PMS software offers several tools that are useful in making sure that projects stay on schedule, work is coordinated, and that you account for every work done.

Issue tracking and workflow

This feature allows users to organize issue by how severe they are or according to their due date and this makes it easy for you to log, track and fix problems. Most features in Zoho Projects PMS including workflow and status can be customized to suit the exact needs of a specific project.


Zoho Projects PMS software offers 4 pricing plans that are designed to solve the varying needs of different business types. The plans are as follows.


  • 5 Users
  • Attach Files Up to 10MB
  • 2 Projects
  • Custom Status for Tasks
  • Calendar and Forums
  • Google Apps Integration
  • Feeds

Standard – priced at $25/month and billed monthly or $20/month and billed annually plus tax, as applicable

  • 10 Projects
  • 5 Project Templates
  • Gamescope
  • Task Duration in Hours
  • Attach Files Up to 5GB
  • Task Dependency (Finish-to-Start)
  • Subtasks, Task Reminders
  • Google Task Sync
  • Basic Issue Tracking for All Projects
  • 15 Users
  • CRM Integration
  • Time Tracking

Express –  priced at $50/month and billed monthly  or $40/month and billed annually plus tax, as applicable

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Editable Gantt Chart
  • Attach Files Up to 20GB
  • Invoice and Books Integration
  • 25 Users
  • Custom Views (Task/Issue)
  • Recurring Tasks
  • 10 Project Templates
  • $2/additional user/month
  • Timesheet Approval
  • Includes All Standard Features
  • Project Budget

Premium – priced at $100/month and billed monthly or $85/month and billed annually plus tax, as applicable

  • Unlimited Projects
  • 25 Users
  • Attach Files Up to 100GB
  • 20 Project Templates
  • Multiple Integrations
  • Work – Planned vs Actual
  • Business Rules and Automation for Issues
  • Four Types of Task Dependency
  • Strict Project Management
  • $3/additional user/month
  • Includes All Express Features
  • Business Hours, Skip Weekends & Holidays
  • Resource Utilization Chart Within a Project

Enterprise – priced at $150/month and billed monthly or $125/month billed annually plus tax, as applicable

  • Includes All Premium Features
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Global Resource Utilization Chart
  • Custom Fields (Project/Task/Issue)
  • SLA for Issues
  • Custom Domain
  • Attach Files Up to 120GB
  • Global Gantt Chart
  • 25 Users
  • Critical Path
  • 30 Project Templates
  • $4 per additional user per month

Technical Details

Zoho Projects Management software runs on devices that support Windows, Mac, Android, Mac, iPhone/iPad. This task management solution only supports the English language. The pricing model for Zoho Projects system is a monthly payment. The customer types supported by the software are small business and freelancers. Deployment of Zoho Projects PMS is done through cloud-hosting.

Support Details

Vendors of Zoho Projects PMS software offer their support through Email, tickets, phone, and live support.

Facebook: Zoho

Twitter: @Zoho

YouTube: Zoho Projects

Google +: Zoho

More contact details at zoho.com.