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Full Zoho Invoice Time Management Software Review – All You Need To Know About Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice

What is Zoho Invoice?

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is an online invoicing and time management software designed for small businesses that simplifies online billing and invoicing for small business owners and freelancers.

This helps them spend less time sending bills and more time growing their businesses.

Zoho Invoice is also easy to use as you can simply send out invoices to clients and collect payments, as the software is focused on a simple yet powerful platform that gives you all you need to be focused on your business.


Zoho Invoice

Efficient invoicing

Zoho Invoice lets you craft and send out professionally designed and branded invoices within minutes, which are multilingual and multi-currency, and not only get you paid faster but also impress your customers. You can also automatically send out recurring invoices.

Get paid online

If you’re waiting for payments, you need not struggle anymore as Zoho Invoices offers payment gateways you can choose from then start accepting online payments asap.

Easy estimates

Zoho Invoice also allows you to give your clients an estimate or overview of pricing, discounts, and much more through generation of detailed estimates approved through client portals. You can also convert these to invoices in a single click, or directly create projects from estimates.

Project time tracking

Track time effortlessly and bill clients on hours spent on their projects using Zoho Invoice’s timer to log time for projects while billing the hours, and keeping track of unbilled expenses or hours.

Expense tracking

If you incurred expenses for customers, Zoho Invoice tracks reimbursable expenses and bills clients instantly. You can also attach expense receipts and run reports on expenses while recording all of them.

Invoice on the go

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice lets you not just create, but also send and manage invoices on the fly using its mobile app. You can also track project time, and run business health reports.

Template customization

Zoho Invoice offers fully customizable templates so you can build your brand as you like while enjoying the full freedom over the design of your invoices, sales orders, and estimates.

Workflow automation

Automate any recurring but tedious tasks from payment reminders to invoicing workflows by letting Zoho Invoice automatically take care of it.

Easy collaboration

Communicate with clients in real time using Zoho Invoices, which also allows you to discuss pricing, make deals and also negotiate terms and conditions in one client portal.

Compatible with every industry

Zoho Invoices works in any and every industry from professional services to entertainment industry, businesses, freelancers and large enterprises, to trusts and non profits among many others.


Zoho Invoice


This gives an overview of your expenses and sales, due receivables, and top projects among other information. It is the first thing you see when you log into your account on Zoho Invoice, with a clear picture of your finances, how much you expend and receive. It features the following sections:

  • Total Receivables
  • Aging Details report with total receivables that are past and currently due
  • Sales and Expenses with total receipts, total sales, and total expenses
  • Projects section with client and project name, and the number of unbilled hours and expenses
  • Top expenses section with the top expenses over different categories displayed in a pie chart diagram, automatically generated based on the Expense by Category report
  • Sales, Receipts and Dues with receipts, sales and dues over different time periods


Zoho Invoice lets you create and send invoices in a few clicks. You can do the following using the invoicing feature:

  • Customize invoice templates to extend your brand to your invoices for a professional and consistent image
  • Invoice in multiple currencies to bill clients in the currency for their location
  • Communicate in your client’s language as Zoho Invoice supports more than 10 languages
  • Schedule invoices for sending out later, automatically, on dates you choose
  • Capture extra information with more than 30 custom invoice fields
  • Set up and automate workflows and recurring invoices for regular interval transactions to get things done
  • Run and schedule reports to get insight into your business performance and health
  • Invoice by snail mail i.e. send hard copy invoices to clients who prefer paper


Zoho Invoice

With Zoho Invoice, you can also give rough overviews on discounts, pricing, terms and conditions to clients, which are professional. You can also fulfill the following tasks:

  • Create projects from estimates by giving customers a blueprint for approval
  • Get estimates approved through the client portal
  • Add expiry dates to estimates while encouraging clients to promptly accept them thus keeping sales going
  • Add more information using custom fields to capture even more details
  • Track estimates and client interactions
  • Convert estimates to invoices automatically and send for payment

You can add your clients to Zoho Invoice upon entering their contacts, and create transactions asap. You can also use this feature to:

  • Build client portals to have all transactions in one place
  • Attach unpaid invoices to customer statements while encouraging payments to be made
  • Chase payments easily through automated reminders
  • Store client credit card details for automatic charging on recurring transactions
  • Send customers a breakdown of their transaction statements
  • Add and save multiple addresses for easy shipping, and accurate billing
  • Configure customer’s billing and shipping addresses formats displayed in print or PDF versions
  • Give special offers and discounts with price lists to clients
  • Improve business services using customer feedback and reviews

Once you pick a payment gateway suitable to you, from Zoho Invoice, you can begin collecting on time payments online. You can also:

  • Configure payment gateways as Zoho Invoice integrates with more than 10 gateways for secure, global transactions
  • Save client card information and automatically charge transactions that occur regularly
  • Send payment reminders to prompt clients to pay on time
  • Collect and record advance payments with retainer invoices on what you provide
  • Create credit notes and apply to the invoices to handle refunds easily
  • Record paper check, cash or other offline transactions easily
  • Add custom fields to capture more information in payment receipts
  • Customize the look and feel of payment receipts with customizable templates
  • Customize and run insightful and detailed reports into client payment trends


Track your reimbursable expenses while billing clients instantly using Zoho Invoice. You can also do the following:

  • Convert billable expenses to invoices at the click of a button
  • Categorize expenses for easier expense tracking and reporting
  • Record vehicle expenses and get money by converting billable miles with Zoho Invoice’s mileage tracker
  • Upload expense receipts by snapping it and uploading for reference, to Zoho Invoice
  • Create recurrent expense profiles, and run reports with detailed insights

Projects & Timesheets

Track time and bill clients on project hours by selecting from a variety of methods to convert them to invoices. You can also:

  • Create invoices from projects directly for a convenient billing system
  • Track hours worked on projects for accurate billing
  • Track unbilled expenses and hours as Zoho Invoice offers a detailed breakdown on this information, then convert them to invoices
  • Bill based on task or project hours, or what makes sense for you
  • Request and receive advance payments for planning, scheduling, and carrying out projects without being broke
  • Associate unbilled project hours to invoices that recur


A gallery of customizable templates is available in Zoho Invoice so you can create and send professional invoices. It also lets you:

  • Customize your templates, invoices, receipts and documents based on your brand
  • Customize designs of item tables from the header to rows, and descriptions
  • Invoice in multiple languages based on your customer’s language
  • Stay tax compliant with information on invoices and breakdown on taxes charged
  • Customize templates while assigning them to contacts for personalization


Zoho Invoice lets you automate tedious tasks so you can focus on what matters. You can also:

  • Issue automated payment reminders
  • Set up recurring invoices to automatically rebill clients at chosen intervals
  • Save customer card details to auto-collect payments for recurring transactions
  • Create recurrence profiles on regularly occurring expenses and automatically rebill
  • Automate workflows while streamlining invoicing to eliminate manual tasks and save time
  • Create webhooks to facilitate third-party app communications by sending instant web notifications with each occurring event

Client portal

Give clients convenience by allowing them to access all their dealings in one platform. With Zoho Invoice’s client portal, you can also:

  • Allow clients to make bulk payments
  • Let them view, accept and comment on estimates
  • Allow clients to view invoices and pay through the portal, directly
  • Let clients access estimates, invoices and timesheets in one place
  • Share project details with clients such as unbilled expenses or logged hours
  • Listen to customer feedback, reviews, and ratings on your services


Run reports using Zoho Invoice for better business health insights and share with your staff. You can also:

  • Run insightful reports with support for about 30 detailed reports
  • Schedule and run reports weekly/monthly/quarterly/annually based on preferences
  • Get quick insights from the intuitive dashbaord
  • Share reports with whoever you want
  • Customize and tailor reports to suit the needs of your business
  • Get advanced analytics to create reports from scratch

Users & Roles

Zoho Invoice’s organization also lets you work better with your team by giving them user roles. You can:

  • Create roles and permissions by inviting users to your organization; you need not share passwords or username information
  • Increase accuracy of transactions as each sale is validated for accurate accounting
  • Restrict user access by creating custom user roles
  • Share insights into your business via progress reports
  • Change user status for specific timings
  • Add more details like contacts to custom fields for users


This feature lets you capture the goods/services you offer so you can add them quickly to your transactions. You can also:

  • Create custom price lists for specific clients to bill on agreed prices
  • Add stock-keeping units for better management of inventory
  • Capture additional info on items using custom field support
  • Mark goods (seasonal) as active/inactive so they’re not displayed when you create your transactions

Zoho Invoice’s module page is designed for ease of creating transactions, filtering them and navigating to module settings so you can carry out other functions. It features tools such as a sidebar, quick create, gear icon to access settings and configure for your business, Help icon, Notifications, Organization to switch/manage multiple organizations, Recent History, Page filters, Creation button, action and collapse buttons, and the hamburger icon that has options for sorting the module.

Online Invoicing for Mac

You can use Zoho Invoice with your MacBook for an intuitive, clutter-free, smooth, feature-laden, and hassle-free invoicing. With the Mac version, you get industry-best customer service, a convenient client portal, cloud accessibility, faster payments, and automated invoicing.

Mobile app

This is best for those who travel light, or are always on the go and is available for iOS (phone and Apple Watch), Android (phone and Smart Watch), and Windows (currently in beta testing) platforms.

Zoho Invoice offers a huge array of payment gateways, add-ons, integrations and APIs including PayPal Website Payment Standard, PayPal Business, Stripe, Authorize.Net, Forte, and Worldpay; G Suite, Cloud Picker and Cloud Uploader, Zoho Apps including Zoho CRM, Zoho Reports, Zoho Projects, Zoho People, Clockodo, Temponia, Slack, and Office 365.


Free trial: Free

  • 1 User
  • Invoice 5 customers
  • 5 automated workflows

Basic: $9 per month, per organization/ $90 per year per organization

  • 1 user
  • Invoice 50 customers
  • 5 Automated Workflows
  • All other features in Free trial version

Standard: $19 per month, per organization/ $190 per year per organization

  • 3 users
  • Invoice 500 customers
  • 10 Automated Module/Workflows

Professional: $29 per month, per organization or $290 per year per organization

  • custom domain
  • Up to 10 Users
  • Unlimited Customers’ invoicing
  • 10 Automated Module/Workflows

All plans (including free trial) come with the following features:

  • Timesheets, Time Tracking, and Expense Tracking
  • Customizable Invoice Templates
  • Multi-currency Support
  • Customer Portal
  • Recurring Invoices
  • SSL Encryption and Two-Factor Authentication
  • Snail Mail

Add-ons: $2 per additional user for monthly plans, and $20 for yearly plans

Technical Details

Devices: Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Web-based

Languages: English

Pricing Model: Free, Monthly payment, Annual Subscription

Customer Type: Small and Medium Business; Freelancers

Deployment: Cloud Hosted

Support Details

  • Email
  • Phone
  • FAQs
  • Webinars
  • Release Notes
  • Blogs
  • Help Documentation
  • API Documentation
  • Feedback Forums with other Zoho Invoice users