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Full Zoho CRM Sales Automation Software Review – All You Need To Know About Zoho CRM

zoho crm

What is Zoho CRM?

zoho crm

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Zoho CRM is a web-based CRM and sales automation software designed to attract, retain as well satisfy customers to enable them grow their business.

The core of this award winning software functionality is lead and sales pipelines and contact management, and purchase control.


zoho crm

Live on the go

Zoho CRM comes in an app for both iOS and Android devices. You can access your appointment, tasks, schedules and any other thing you require.

All in one place

Everything you wish to have can be integrated into Zoho CRM accounts with internal and external integration.

More than just data storage

Zoho CRM sales automation software is more than just a repository for contacts and customer data. It is the fill sales solution for managing pipeline, analysing sales performance and styling in touch with your customer. You can get the best of the lead management and marketing automation at the same time having access to all of the software’s products that allows you to manage business on the cloud.

Get more work done with automation

At Zoho CRM, things are kept simple and ultimately made easy for users to make more deals in the shortest time. From lead intelligent to automated call-logging to process automation, this software ensures that users always have more time selling.

Make it your own

Regardless of how the unconventional the company may be, Zoho CRM can work the way you do, that is from the names of the modules to the data being entered. Any part can be customized to suit your company as you choose what you want to see and eliminate what you don’t want.

It is always available for users

Zoho CRM virtual will come to your help any time. You also chat or email the technical team for assistance and they will get back to you asap.

Ease of use

The Zoho CRM interface requires little explanation. Everything about it has been made as simple and straightforward as possible ranging from terminology to setup.


zoho crm

Performance and analytics

Zoho CRM’s reports, forecast and analytics lets you measure the performance of each sale activity, and break up quotas into the achievable targets found.


You can manage what you measure, and the way your business runs with intelligent reporting that can break down key metrics that relates to sales trends, marketing campaigns and team performance. Choose from over 40 standard reports, or make customized reports from nothing within the shortest time possible.


Build dashboards, stay on top of the key performance indicators, analyse trends, and know where you stand on targets. From lead analytics to deal insights, email analytics, and activity stats, monitor each aspect of sales cycle anytime, anywhere using pre-defined dashboards views. Develop customized dashboards that has sales analytical widgets like charts, target meters, KPIs, and funnels.


You can make more accurate forecasts. Guess future sales and then measure them against the present sales, forecast you revenue and then assign targets for your team using key information such as deals within the pipeline, quotas that are achieved during a given period of time. Identify bottlenecks using real-time data as well as boost the performance of your team.


Customize standard modules, add more functionalities, and then make Zoho CRM to work the same way you want. They help you decide how much data you will require at a given time and in a language you would want.


Create layouts for various processes, control the kind of data that enters the CRM, and close more sales within the shortest time.


Turn a record into a store of information by associating data from different modules in a tabular form.


Link records across numerous modules and establish peculiar relationship between them.

Custom components

Customize the information you wish to see within the CRM with custom modules, button and fields.


Add customized functionalities to the Zoho CRM account by way of deluge scripts, the low-code scripting language of Zoho CRM.

Views and filters

Personalize how you view data within the CRM using custom views, while working efficiently with advanced filters.


A secure sandbox that has advanced deployment options for testing and publishing updates.


Give multilingual support to the users through translation of default modules for localization of sales and marketing.


Connect in real time with your customers and prospects across all channels. This ranges from email to phone, live chat as well social media.

Sales Signals

Zoho CRM brings all the channels together in an organized timeline, and can reach out to each and very prospect. It provides you with the real-time analytics as well as notification that are required in reaching out to each customer.


See how your emails have been organized in accordance to the CRM pipeline and respond to your customers who matter most with Zoho Sales Inbox.


Reach your customers over their phones inside CRM with just one click. Integrate your call management application using Zoho CRM to allow your team to have the CRM context on each call.


Since selling is social, the CRM should also be social. You should put together your sales process with the power of social media so that you can improve the brand awareness, close deals faster, as well as build stronger customer relationships.

Live Chat

Start a live chat using website viewers to know where they are coming from, what they are looking for, and whether there returning or new customers, to improve your sales conversions. This highly interactive channel can allow prospects to ask questions or get advice on the products that can best fit their requirements.


Enable vendors, partners and customers to access their past purchase, invoices and cases through distinct portal to create an informed buying decisions. Channel the power of collaborative selling via Zoho CRM. Portal aids help bring the customers, vendors and partners closer. It enable them make a great buying decisions in the future by giving an excellent visibility across the sales process.

Catalyst and Developer Tools

Create an enterprise-grade app using minimal effort. The software’s enterprise cloud platform gives the right mix of no-code, low-code, and high-level programming interface for developing a seamless third-party integration as well as a white labelled industry-specific application.

Rest API

Apply the Zoho CRM’s OAuth 2.0 authenticated REST API to build apps across various platforms, or even let you integrate the CRM with any third party service.


Build a tight integration by embedding the third-party app with an account. You can work with numerous apps without leaving Ziho CRM.

Developer edition

Apply the full-featured Developer Edition of Zoho CRM to acquire the expertise to take care of even the most complex of CRM implementation.

Serverless code

With the software you can manage code without the web infrastructure. Use the Deluge scripting to test, write and 0run the serverless code from the Zoho CRM account.

White labeled solutions

Build a vertical CRM applications as well as integrated components with Zoho Developers and then sell them under your very own brand.


Stay on top of your business anywhere anytime using the Zoho CRM Mobile Edition.

Card scanner

Say goodbye to the old binder of business cards. You can easily digitize and start saving them right to the phone.

Sales App

Schedule meetings, locates leads as well as close more deals.


Enhance the core functionality of Zoho CRM. Zoho marketplace provides a host of integrations for third-party applications that are used every day, such as the MailChimp, DocuSign, Google Drive, Google Ads, LinkedIn Sales Navigators and more.


Security is always the first priority. It is understandable for each organization must strike the right balance between protecting customer’s data as well as providing employees with the freedom of getting their work done. The software meets both of these requirements.

Roles, Profiles and Teams

You can allocate duties for users, define permissions and have control of access to the information found within the Zoho CRM.

Data security

With the availability of a comprehensive data security features, you can protect both your data as well as your customer’s from unauthorized access.

Marketing Automation

You can get the sales and marketing team on the same page. Produce new leads, compare ad spending to sales revenue, and execute email marketing campaigns that are targeted using the Google Ads integration.


You can easily get every website visitor as a lead into the CRM, without writing a single line of code.

Google Ads

You ought to know exactly how much you spend on every marketing campaign, at the same time knowing which one performed the best using the Google Ads integration.


Keep track of every campaign. Assign tasks to the right persons, set budget, as well as run the campaign for the beginning to the finish within Zoho CRM.

Process management

Define sales process and then turn all the team has to do if follow it.


Build and execute custom sales processes using a Blueprint which is the easiest way to do the process automation.

Approval Process

Approval Rules within the Zoho CRM can help you in getting the right sales agent on board so that you can resolve the pending requests.

Team collaboration

Zoho CRM’s chat, real-time, centralized calendar, repository to share sale collateral this makes closing a deal simpler for everyone.

Documentary library

Allow reps to access the sales collateral that responds with their respective deals through a centralized repository.


This adds healthy completion to your team through awarding badges and trophies with each sale task is completed with Gamescope.


Zoho CRM has a built-in calendar which syncs other popular calendar applications so you can execute all your CRM activities without missing a beat.


Keep your team updated through geo-tag your in-person meetings, and share documents in Feeds – a centralized area and @mentions for all CRM discussion.

Event integration

You should create conferences and invite attendees for inside Zoho CRM. The attendee details as well as video recordings are readily available to enable you keep your team on the same page.


You can chat with teammates to share deal updates, dashboards and reports. The notifications and the follow-ups from the Sales Signals can help you in responding to customers quicker.


Create segmenting together with searching to enable customers to records more efficiently through keywords tagging.

Project management

Make projects then associate them with a contact or an account and monitor the process from the begging to the closure.


Free edition 

  • 3 free users
  • Leads
  • documents
  • contacts
  • accounts
  • opportunities
  • tasks, events, call logs and notes
  • CRM views Advanced filters
  • Status updates
  • Direct messages
  • Attach files to feeds
  • Follow up rules
  • Twitter, Facebook and Googles+ integration
  • 10 Email templates
  • Email opt-out
  • Among other mobile apps

Standard – $12 for every user/ month when billed annually with tax, as applicable

  • All features that are available in Free Edition
  • Sales forecasting
  • KPIs and Charts
  • Scoring rules
  • Roles and profiles
  • Document library
  • Custom fields
  • Call centre connectors
  • Webforms
  • Workflow rules
  • Secure, encrypted transmission

Professional – $20 per user/month when billed annually as well as tax, as applicable

  • Everything found in Standard plan
  • Google Ads integration
  • Unlimited records
  • Inventory management
  • Blueprint- Process management
  • Macros
  • Sales Signals
  • Social CRM
  • Email Integration

The other popular plans includes;

Enterprise – $35 per user every month when billed annually plus tax, as applicable

  • Everything in Professional plan
  • Encryption at Rest
  • Sub forms
  • Conditional fields
  • Mobile SDK and app distribution
  • Custom modules and buttons
  • Anomaly detectors, Target meters, Predictive Al
  • Multi-user Portals
  • Zia Voice – Conversational Al

Ultimate – $100 for each user per month when billed annually as well as tax, as applicable

  • Everything that is found in Enterprise plan
  • Email sentiment
  • Enhanced storage
  • Data enrichment
  • Automation suggestions
  • Free Premium support
  • Dedicated database cluster

Bundle – $50 for each user per month when billed annually and $60 per user per month when billed monthly.

Integrations: BugTracker, Motivator, SalesInbox, Reports, Survey, Projects, Social salesIQ, Desk, Campaigns, CRM

Technical Details

Devices: Windows, Web-based, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Linux and Android

Languages: Swedish, Turkish, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish, French and Russian

Pricing Model: Monthly payment and Annual Subscription

Customer Type: Small Business, Large Enterprises, Medium Business and Freelancers

Deployment: Cloud Hosted

Support Details

  • Tickets
  • Documentation
  • Video
  • Webinars
  • Ebooks
  • CRM Tips
  • Self service portal
  • User community
  • Training
  • Phone
  • Email
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