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Full Zoho CRM Software Review – All you need to know about Zoho CRM Software

What is

The Zoho CRM is the best customer r/p management application available on the market. This has so many features that you actually want to keep the track of all deals, contacts, and leads. It also turns the data into comprehensive reports.

The Zoho CRM also contains a cost-free limited version. This free version is for the small teams having 3 or just a few people. It makes this a superb option for so many startup companies and enterprises which are small right now but they plan to grow gradually.

There are just a few CRMs that provide a cost-free tier of its service. Also, because this application is developed by Zoho, this integrates quite easily with some other business applications.

The design and look of the Zoho CRM are same as other Zoho applications. Hence, the interface would be quite familiar to anybody already using the Zoho products.

What is Zoho CRM?

What is

The Zoho CRM is the award-winning CRM that is developed to satisfy, attract, and retain the customers in order to grow the business.

The major functionality of Zoho CRM is contact and lead management. It also sales the pipeline management and buy control.

You could already think what such features could do while bundled together, particularly when they are placed on the easy-to-use and revamped interface. This is quite typical about the Zoho.

Its home screen also includes ten different components, along with core module navigation panel that is still there on the top for easy searching.

Nevertheless, its users are always welcomed for customizing its dashboard and also make that look quite business-specific.

This works nicely regardless in case you are having a small-scale business, the entrepreneur, or some large-scale enterprise. The Zoho CRM could automate the track sales, business activities, and also engage clients in various platforms.

Additionally, the mobile platform allows you to take the CRM on exact location hence could get the updates quickly and real-time, as well as close deals even if on the go.

Benefits of Zoho CRM


Mobile CRM of the Zoho assists you to stay on the top of all sales activities. You can be the pro lead manager if you track and follow efficiently up on the leads or some sales manager that everybody envies with the top-notch contacts management.

Therefore, you can also turn your mobile into the personal sales assistant for helping you in the field sales.

But you can also boost sales with mobile CRM by just scheduling meetings, locating leads, and closing deals.

Makes Maximum Use of The Social Media

Whether you like it or not, many customers are coming from Facebook pages and Twitter that is why this is crucial to have the CRM which could link these to the products or services.

The Zoho CRM, for example, follows your customer behaviors and also categorizes these as contacts and leads. This allows you to connect with your customers and also send them an invitation for giving your work a great look.

Permits You to go Mobile

The Zoho CRM has one special and dedicated phone edition for the iOS as well as Android users that assists to stay in customers’ control even if on the go.

You could also control customers’ actions, access the sales records, or even send the invitations from the mobile device.

It’s Integrated with the Google Apps

The Zoho CRM is also connected to the large number of different Google Apps that include the crucial Docs, Contacts, Gmail, Tasks, and Calendar.

You could also use this in the synergy along with some other Zoho products even without changing the account.

Provides Access to Crucial Data in Real Time


The Zoho CRM provides an Opportunity Tracking tool. This permits you to view where the customer is actually in a sales cycle that is a dealer’s contact history, size, and the competitor profile in order to assist you in crafting several fitting messages.

You can find the data in an easy and correct Dashboards and Dynamic Reports.

The Zoho also allows you to identify as well as target the inactive leads along with their historical data for realigning the customer messaging. For example, a Business Card View lets you immediately access the important customer information just in a window even without any need of scrolling or searching.

Features of Zoho CRM

The Zoho CRM provides a large variety of features. Most of them are basically related to attracting customers and closing sales. Rather than delivering important information to the spreadsheets or the database programs, the Zoho CRM actually imports crucial information into records that generate a list of different leads.

This Automates the Vital Sales Operations

The Zoho CRM’s core value is that this automates the sales tasks, changes web visitors into the hot leads also imports different prospects from the external parties and sources that include direct emails, trade shows, and seminars.

When imported in this system; the leads are typically matched with suitable sales agents and converts into the buyers so quickly than you can ever think.

Mostly the Zoho CRM’s sales operations are just one-click ones, and could also be customized in order to meet the particular requirements of the business.

The Zoho CRM also permits you to organize the customer accounts, just like: monitor every account from the shared database; see these across the status, products, account, and locations; and also track the purchasing history for upselling or cross-sell opportunities.

In addition, you could forecast the revenue, assign/establish/edit the sales quotas, measure the forecast accuracy, identify team/individual performance, as well as creating the customizable forecast dashboards and reports.

Managing Contacts

Whilst contacts stay critical to the sales team, some powerful argument can be actually made that they’re the lifeblood of the business.

The Zoho CRM gives the ability for linking everything from the emails to mobile chats and conversations to past tasks. As well as social media that makes it easy for the salespersons to be completely informed while making the sales call.

The Zoho contacts could be alphabetically searched, by the information that is contained in the CRM records and through specific criteria.

It could be even synced with the Microsoft Office or Microsoft Outlook via plug-ins. The contacts could be imported from the external sources by using XLS or CSV files.

The contacts could also be then captured from its visitors to a company website, and later converted from the leads with an option to just map the information for customized field and associate crucial information with some CRM records.

The users have an option to customize its contacts homepage and using the standard views. Famous options are “My Contacts,” “Unread Contacts,” “New this Week,” and “New Last Week.” The options of checkbox “mass” include emails, transfers, exports, and delete make this easy for keeping a focus on the active contacts. The Zoho CRM permits the users to send five-hundred mass emails on daily basis.


The Workflows actually put enterprises in charge, allowing them to automate several tasks.

Same as the rules that are set up in the email software. The Workflows allow the users to set up some action (that is sending their email) and the event which must trigger that particular action (that is a recent lead is included in the system).

The tasks could be actually automated by using the Workflows. Every time an event happens, the Zoho CRM could be actually set to deploy automatically the new task that is assigning this to a particular user.

That user can have the notification every time the new task is assigned automatically to her or him.

Lead Follow-Up

The emails could be directly generated within the interface of Zoho CRM. The user only navigates to its Leads module, also checks a box of every lead that would get the email, and then clicks the “Send Email.”

That user could then select from the list of old created templates for sending a good email to some group of leads.

Every email is there on a dashboard in its email section. From there, users could give a response to the scheduled meetings, emails, convert a lead to the contact, and much more.


The Zoho CRM provides one free edition per-user subscription packages which are offering yearly billing.

Here are the enterprise and SMB pricing packages to select from:

Free Edition

This pricing plan includes leads, status updates, contacts, advanced filters, accounts, CRM views, opportunities, notes, tasks, call logs and events.

Free edition plan also offers direct messages, email opt-out, attach files to feeds, 10 email templates, follow up rules, Facebook and Google+ integration, Twitter, and some other features.

Standard – $18/month (Annually Billed)

The Standard plan includes all features of the free edition along with sales forecasting. Also with other features such as custom fields, scoring rules, roles and profiles, charts and KPIs, and document library.

This pricing package also offers call center connectors, encrypted & secure transmission, and Web forms.

Professional – $30/month (Annually Billed)

The Professional plan contains features from the Standard Plan along with email integration, Blueprint – process management, Workflows and macros, social CRM, and sales signals.

It also offers inventory management, Google AdWords integration, and unlimited records.

Enterprise – $45/month (Annually Billed)


This plan offers all features of the Professional Plan along with Zia Voice, custom buttons and modules, multi-user portals, predictive AI, Target meters, and anomaly detectors.

It also includes mobile app distribution and SDK, encryption at Rest, conditional fields, and subforms.

Ultimate – $100/month (Annually Billed)

The Ultimate plan includes complete features of other plans along with dedicated database cluster, email sentiment, free premium support, enhanced storage, automation suggestions, and data enrichment.

Bundle – $50/month (Annually Billed)

This includes CRM, BugTracker, Campaigns, Motivator, Desk, SalesInbox, SalesIQ, Reports, Social, Survey, and Projects.

Technical Details

Devices Supported

The Zoho CRM is compatible with any kind of device available on the market. This makes it easily accessible across the world.

This device supports Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, iOS, and web-based devices.

Language Support

The Zoho CRM supports so many languages that include English, Dutch, Chinese, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, French, and Spanish.

This software also supports Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, and Turkish.

Pricing Model

The pricing model of the Zoho CRM is quite easy and simple. There are 2 major packages available and you will not have an issue while selecting any of them.

The users can also choose between monthly payment and annual subscription model. You need to keep in this in your mind that annual subscription brings better advantages.

Customer Types

In case you give a quick look at the packages which the Zoho CRM offers; then you would come to know that the Zoho CRM is appropriate for every type of the customers.

This software is appropriate for the business of any size that is the small business, medium business, large enterprises, and Freelancers.


This software uses the cloud-based hosted so you can use the Zoho CRM on any device.

Support Details

The Zoho CRM excels in the support service. Even this software is very much simple to use. It also features the easy interface. There is a professional-grade support service in order to assist you at any time and anywhere.

You could also contact its support service via several communication channels that include email, phone, training, and support tickets.

In case you are a newbie and want help to use your very first collaboration software; then the Zoho CRM even provides a training session along with the software assistance.

You could also learn how to use this software. But also to get benefits from this with the help of its professional team.


The Zoho CRM makes the small and large-scale organizations powerful. It does so with full customer r/p lifecycle management for marketing, managing organization-wide Sales, customer support and service, and the Inventory Management in one business system.

If the CRM is good then it empowers different businesses as well as teams which use this software. A good CRM provides you important information that you want in a way you could use this.

The ideal and smart CRM can provide you a good solution in order to simplify the processes. Even from day one. The Zoho CRM also includes the smart, the ideal, and the good in the enterprise-ready package.

The Zoho CRM also assists an automation of the administrative responsibilities, sales activities, and processes. In order to enhance sales effectiveness of the sales experts.

Along with Zoho CRM automation, you could plan effectively about the marketing activities, boost its quality of the leads generation processes.

Finally, you could measure the effectiveness as well as performance (ROI) of the campaigns.