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Full Zoho Cliq Communication Software Review – All you need to know about Zoho Cliq Communication Software


Scheduling meetings from any part of the world were never this easy! Cliq introduces a new, real-time group video calling feature, Primetime.

Need for collaboration, even when proximity is technically not possible especially in the business world, Primetime helps meeting your colleagues and clients from virtually any part of the world.

Another fantastic aspect that differentiates Primetime from the rest of the competitors in the market is its function of keeping just the two speakers on at a time, ensuring that no background noise is there during meetings that can hamper the effectiveness of the event scheduled.

Zoho’s Intelligent Assistant, which is Cliq’s event scheduler bot, schedule meetings, tasks, training, webinars, sessions, collaborative sessions and much more with just a Cliq!

The Z.I.A never makes you miss important events on your calendar. It automatically sends reminders and scheduling notifications on your screen ensuring that it does its job promptly.

Also, it helps you value your commitments!

Finally, the chat feature called Zoho Cliq, lets you chat with ease without worrying to open different chats in different tabs. For this, Zoho Cliq provides a multi-panel view for all your chats.

What is Zoho Cliq?

What is

Zoho Chat rebranded itself to Zoho Cliq that is the new name. The company decided to rebrand itself in September last year (2017).

The app now comes with even more features to cater to the growing needs of businesses across the globe. Office users, sometimes working under the same company but in remote locations.

It super helpful and the features added have been designed after carefully studying the needs and conducting user testing.

Overcoming the old version, limited to sharing and conventional chat, Zoho Cliq now encompasses voice and video feature for an even improved communication and comprehensive collaboration.

Additionally, just like the best communication tools out there in the market, Zoho Cliq is no different in offering chat and messaging with a single user or a group in a channel or a chat room.

There is no limit to creating channels, and simultaneously, you can join and chat multiple channels, all accessible through the same window.

Just like the older version, file sharing is still applicable whether you’d like sharing a PDF, a word doc or a JPEG file, the noticeable addition to this offering is making video and audio calls right from within the selected channel.

Zoho Cliq has further expanded its deployment to host both cloud and desktop app for Macintosh, Ubuntu, and Windows. Mobile applications are also available for both iOS and Android.

Benefits of Zoho Cliq


No more “following a thread”

There’s now simply no need to keep up on important posts from extensive and confusing streams of chats or conversations. An inbuilt feature called, Fork, allows you to separate important and useful posts from the entire channel.

After the post is not there, start a direct messaging session to continue talking further with a particular colleague/member.

Video and Voice calls

Simply start an audio or video calls, right from your channel or chat room. No additional tools required. Yes, it is that simple and easy!

Seamless Integration Capabilities

Zoho Cliq, not just allows its interface to integrate seamlessly with all Zoho productivity and business software, you can also start conversations with others using Zoho, using the multi-protocol support.

Nonetheless, this is on top of Cliq’s ability to publicly integrate with several leading external services and apps using its public API key.

Share is as easy as Drag-and-Drop

Select a file or multiple files and drag them to a channel where you’d like to post it. As soon as it dropped, you can add a message along with it and send it.

Universally Compatible

This software is compatible with laptops, desktop computers via its applications for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Along with that mobile device that is web-connected, allowing you to enjoy a universal platform and seamless device compatibility.


Free for Lifetime

Zoho has ensured on several different forums that they don’t intend to charge for Cliq. This service would remain free forever that would include unlimited calling, video calling, etc.

Features of Zoho Cliq


Along with all the information, there are numerous features which Zoho Cliq supports. All the features are to utilize and fit the needs of the business.

If you do not want something in the package, you can also remove it. The features help you in running the program easily so you can manage the activities.

Here are some of the features highlighted for you to understand the software easily.

Real-Time Messaging

You can have real-time messaging with this software. There is an option for you have to private chat so that you can share any information.

If you want to talk to your loved ones, you can also use this software. The interaction becomes easier when you have this kind of feature in the software.

It helps you in knowing the person well especially if it’s the client. For the small businesses, it necessary to build a connection.

This software enables you to talk online and frequently with the client. It helps you in understanding their needs and getting to know them.

Before doing the business, you can learn a lot of about the customer through this software.

Video Call

The option for video call gives you the opportunity to explore about the clients. You can find out that the client is real or not.

Video call cannot deceive you. Along with the video call, there is an option for voice call too.

You can have great interactions when you are on video as it helps in figuring out the work better. The automation of task is easier when you are on a video call.

Furthermore, you can access multiple channels to have support from the employees and clients.

The employees within the organization can also access this software to communicate. It makes their goals clear and also helps in monitoring each other to reach the goal.

File Sharing

 Not only commination by chat or video call but also through file sharing. If there is any document which you have to share and has information in it.

Present the information to the client easily by dropping it into the thread. The file sharing option is both for web-based and application version which you have it in your phone.

Anyone who has a smartphone can easily access it no matter where they are. The support of the application is there for you whenever you need it.

You do not have to miss out on any meetings with this software. It is better to download it on the phone, so you do not have to stay restricted.

The application runs smoothly on the phones even if you are away from your office. You only need good internet service to make it run.

Make sure to avail all the features so you can use it efficiently.


Sometimes the business owners have to be on alert situations. It is because they cannot miss any information. Even if you are on vacation, you can know about the business updates.

This application helps you in knowing about the updates through the employees. They can message you anytime to reach out.

You can respond to them instantly without any hassle. The encryption of messages is safe, and unless you delete the conversation, it stays in the panel.


With the help of sign on to Facebook and Twitter, you can easily use it conveniently. The sign in option is there for you to get access by the social media networks.

You can make updates about the software or inform others about the information. With the help of social media networks, you can expand the business and explore more information.

Multi-protocol support is there for you to get help when you need it. Along with that, you can depend upon the software without missing out on any important information.


The pricing model for this software is convenient for anyone but preferable for small and medium businesses.

There are a lot of things which the free version that you won’t require to purchase. If you want to have more access to the software, then the purchase is necessary.

Check out the pricing plans for Zoho Cliq which you will like for sure.

Free Version

The free version allows the user to have access for anyone in the software. It can have unlimited users. Along with that, there are policies for security and data retention.

Two-factor authentication works great with it. It adds the security layer to the software knowing that the data will be secure.

Sign in throughGoogle easily. It supports the storage of 100 GB which is enough for a small business set up.

There are integrations up to ten which can be active when you are using this software. It is compatible with the phone or laptop both so you do not have to depend on it.

You do not have to sit or wait for the messages, but the phone will serve great for it. There can be a channel keeping up to 100 users in the chat so they can interact easily through it.

Unlimited Edition

There are costs for the unlimited edition. All the features mentioned above are in this version as well.

With that, you have to pay for the users. For up to 10 users, the cost is $3 monthly/user. For the users up to 100, the cost will be $2 monthly/user.

For more than 500 users, you have to pay $1 monthly/user. There is unlimited storage available with this plan.

Along with this, you get the guest access and the external entries too. You also have permission to join other channels. You can also have control over the history with managing it well.

Technical Details

Device Supported

Zoho Cliq supports all kinds of devices to operate. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, and web-based.

Along with that, there is an application for Android and iPhone as well. You can download it and use it anywhere you want to.

Without any restrictions, these all software help you to use the application without complications.

Language Support

The software supports three kinds of languages. Languages are Dutch, English, and Swedish. Anyone from the European countries can also access it easily without any language barrier.

Pricing Model

There is one kind of pricing model. The first one is the free version of its which you can get but for few features.

Besides that, there is a monthly payment mode. You can select the package plan and pay monthly for it. Even the set up for auto payments is there for you to select.

Customer Types

The software is suitable for small and medium businesses only. Those who want to communicate easily within or outside the business.

It runs smoothly for them with the interactive features.


This software supports the cloud hosting system.

Support Details

For the support service, there are multiple channels to contact Zoho Cliq. It works perfectly when you can email or contact by phone.

If there is any problem within the application or web portal, you can contact the representatives.

There is no delay in the response instead they like to help you. You can also get training from the professionals so that there is right guidance.

Instead of using the software wrong, it is better to get help from the experts. They guide you step by step to operate Zoho Cliq.

The email version helps you figure out the system step by step. It is better to know the right usage so that you can have fair counting for the cost.


The amazing results of Zoho Cliq compel many people in the market to purchase it. You can get the help for this software through the representatives.

They guide you according to the business needs. When you face any problem with the software, you have to contact them immediately.

The support service is there for you to help you in an utmost manner. The downloading of this application is easy and without any cost.

If you wish to get the pricing packages, those are affordable too. There is a trial version for you to look out for features.

It helps you in recognizing whether it is compatible with your business or not. You can decide then if you want to get the service or not. Zoho Ciliqis one of the cost-effective and efficient software to avail.