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Full ZeraWare EHS Software Review – All You Need to Know About ZeraWare


Ensuring employee safety and compliance with safety and health regulations is a core part of any business. Numerous leading solutions aid in making this easier. One of these solutions is ZeraWare.

ZeraWare safety software is a sustainable system for safety management. It helps in managing the critical aspects of a reliable safety program. It comes with user-friendly software applications which emphasize three major objectives.

They include:

  • Avert staff accidents
  • Ensure compliance with regulations of OSHA
  • Minimize the compensation costs of workers

A C.S.P with over 30 years of experience in safety management was responsible for developing the safety management forms. The C.S.P had experience as a corporate safety director, Facility Safety Manager as well as a safety consultant.

ZeraWare offers safety managers a procedure for administering a robust safety program. It also provides a barrage of safety software tools. These tools aid in preventing oversight and errors as well as streamlining safety management tasks.

The above are just some of the benefits this solution offers. In this review, we will be taking a comprehensive look at this solution. Once you are done with reading, you should be able to decide if this is the best solution for your organization.

What is ZeraWare?

ZeraWare is a safety solution for safety managers. It comes alongside potent tools for safety management that aids in expanding safety functions to another level. It offers management the capacity to control the causes of accident better.

The system also aids in averting staff injuries and offers innovative computer applications. All of these can help in the management of a successful safety program. They help integrate safety with the business production in numerous ways.

ZeraWare provides an advanced system for safety management which aids in monitoring causes of accidents. It also helps in averting injuries in employees.

The solution aims to offer useful tools for safety management. These tools will provide safety managers to establish an excellent safety program which reinforces positive attitudes toward safety. It will also aid in creating a program that is a sustainable success every year.

Overview of ZeraWare Benefits

The solution offers a host of benefits to users. We will be taking a look at some of these benefits below:

Better Streamlining

ZeraWare aids in streamlining the documentation of incident details. It also identifies recurrent safety issues and implements positive corrective actions. Its incident reporting solution offers user-friendly, time-saving applications.

They can aid in tracking and recording the details of any incident that may occur in the work environment. Some of these could include:

  • Chemical Spill
  • Property Damage among others

With the aid of this platform, users can set-up and manage a safety database of incident details. These can help in identifying problems, patterns, and hazards. It can also offer accident prevention efforts when required.

Safety Inspection Module

ZeraWare also provides a module for a safety inspection. It offers a systematic process for developing and implementing safety inspections.

Using the module, safety managers will have an efficient system for eradicating safety hazards. They will also aid in ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations.

Users can use this safety inspection software for creating customized inspection checklist. It can help with anything ranging from housekeeping to equipment to safe work practices among a host of others.

It offers a well-constructed process

Additionally, the solution provides a well-designed method for carrying out a comprehensive incident investigation. The form provides the appropriate questions in a user-friendly format.

The form will aid in explaining the reason for an accident and the necessary actions to avert a recurrence. It also comes with a tutorial for training and root cause analysis process with forms.


Users have noted some drawbacks with this system. They Includes:

  • The software does not support any other language asides English
  • There is no fixed price. The price is only available on request.

ZeraWare Features Overview

  • Safety inspection
  • Incident reporting
  • Workplace safety
  • OSHA compliance
  • Safety training
  • Accident investigation

Other Core Features

The following are some of the features this solution offers to users. They include:

Incident Reporting Software

The module provides user-friendly, time-saving applications for tracking and recording incident details. You will be able to customize the kind of details you desire to monitor and record using ZeraWare.

Some of these include:

  • Chemical Spill
  • Property Damage
  • Employee Injuries
  • Near Miss
  • Fire

The incident report form is user-friendly and comes alongside a host of multiple-choice data fields. You will also be able to customize your choices to suit your workplace better.

With all incident report you complete, you are establishing a database of details that can aid in averting future incidents. With the search and sort functionality, you will be able to pinpoint hazards, patterns and recurrent concerns for safety. You will also be able to direct corrective actions when you need them.

With a compile data feature, you will be able to track incidents and the results of corrective actions. It lets you do these with efficiency and ease. It also allows you to establish safety performance reports in minutes instead of hours.

With the incident reporting application ZeraWare offers, you will be able to streamline your capacity to document incident details. It also lets you pinpoint recurrent safety issues and implement positive corrective measures.

Key features of this module

  • Document core incidents details quickly and easily with a form which is user-friendly
  • Compile safety data to monitor issues, changes, and trends
  • Sort your database for incident reports to show recurrent problems and patterns.
  • Analyze past incidents details and avert future incidents
  • Search and sort through data to find reports quickly or precise details from prior incidents
  • Create safety performance reports quickly

Accident Investigation Software

ZeraWare offers a process for accident investigation that will allow you pinpoint accident causes. It will also allow you to implement corrective measures that are successful in averting similar occurrences in the future.

The system provides four diverse forms for accident investigations for different kinds of incidents. Attaining significant details is crucial to determining the precise causes of accidents.

One standard form will not have the appropriate details applicable to various kinds of incidents. With this solution, you will have more successful and productive investigations. The details of every form the solution provides will be applicable to the incident under investigation.

The Root Cause Analysis offers a diverse form for a more comprehensive accident investigation. The form will let you determine the contributing and precise reasons for any form of incidents. ZeraWare offers you a user-friendly method of tracing the sequence of indirect occurrences that resulted to direct accident causes.

The module consists of additional benefits past the investigation forms. The leading accident investigation will not be productive without measuring that productive actions occur.

The solution offers the process to monitor every corrective measure from every accident investigation to ensure it is complete. It automatically adds all corrective actions to a Corrective Action Log where you can track it to completion with ease.

Additionally, you can use ZeraWare to send e-mail alerts to any designated person. You can do this when you require corrective measure from any accident investigation.

Key Features of this module

  • Pinpoints unsecured acts and conditions that result in an accident
  • Document corrective measures that will avert another accident
  • Four forms for four kinds of incidents offer the appropriate details
  • A user-friendly Root Cause Analysis form supports in-depth analyses
  • Attach videos or photos to investigation forms to portray details
  • Allows you to assign corrective measures to personnel
  • A system for corrective action tracking that makes certain of completion

Safety Inspection Software

ZeraWare offers an efficient and systematic system for eradicating safety hazards. These will ensure OSHA health and safety regulations compliance. It allows you to customize forms for safety inspection that are ideal for your workplace.

It also allows you to develop compliance audits specific to your compliance requirements and operations.

Develop behavior-based safety audits.

Develop a Job Safety Analysis for jobs that have the possibility of accidents or risk. Personalize inspection forms that state the safe work practices each job requires. Then carry our periodic audits to keep track of compliance.

Asides from locating safety issues or OSHA violations, the solution performs other functions. It aids in streamlining your capacity to make corrections to safety hazards quoted in inspections.

The system is also capable of posting completed inspections instantly on the index page for a safety inspection. Personnel using ZeraWare can open to view the results.

Additionally, ZeraWare can aid you in sending e-mail alerts to designated personnel. It does this when an audit or inspection needs corrective action. Using ZeraWare, you can track all corrective actions from audits or inspections to make sure of completion.

Using the corrective action log, monitoring the status of every corrective measure is easy. You cannot forget or overlook them. Using ZeraWare, your safety program comes with a fail-safe system for fixing any form of OSHA violation or safety hazard.

Other Key Features of the module

  • Pinpoint and eradicate hazards. Keep track of compliance using OSHA requirements
  • Customize inspection forms to meet your requirements
  • Keep track of the compliance of your company and customize audits for OSHA compliance
  • Attach videos and pictures to inspections to illustrate issues
  • Assign personnel with corrective actions
  • A tracking system for corrective measures that makes certain of completion

Safety Training Tracking Software

It offers you a safety solution which will save time and eradicate strenuous efforts. These are the efforts in documenting and managing the safety training required. ZeraWare ensures staff safety training is easy to manage and will make sure you are compliant with the OSHA requirements.

ZeraWare allows you to customize your requirements for safety training. It will tell you when it is time for training and who should be in attendance. The software will automatically compile your safety training data in real-time.

Multiple charts and tables will show the present status of employee training in various ways. These include:

  • Per Topic
  • Person
  • Shift
  • Department
  • Job

With this solution, you will be able to monitor the safety training due and the one completed. The present status of your staff training requirements is available at your comfort round the clock. ZeraWare eradicates guesswork or oversights.

The software will tell you when any crucial safety training is ready for the next 30 days. It also notifies you of the topic and staff who require attendance. If you need to repeat a topic, ZeraWare will aid you in tracking as well.

ZeraWare also comes with software solutions for OSHA inspections. You will be able to confirm the requirements of OSHA safety training with documentation.

It creates attendance forms for training sessions which attendees can sign and attach to every session for safety training. Attaching visual/audio training helps in also verifying the content.

Other Key Features of this module

  • Aids you in customizing the safety training requirements of employees
  • Automatically compiles data for safety training and makes updates in real time
  • Displays the safety training your require and those completed to date in numerous ways
  • Keep track of the present status of requirements for safety training with ease round the clock
  • Attach attendance training material and log to training sessions

ZeraWare Pricing

The solution offers a free trial which lasts for 15 days. For users who see that this plan has all that they require, they will need to contact the vendor for a quote.

The enterprise and SMB pricing information of ZeraWare is only available upon request. Reach out to the organization for additional details, and request for your quote.

Technical Details

To ensure users remain connected always, this solution supports a range of devices. They include:

  • Windows
  • Web-based
  • Mac

Language Support

  • English

Pricing Model

  • Quote Based

Customer Types

It is ideal for various customers which include:

  • Small Business
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business


  • Cloud Hosted

Support Details

The software offers a host of support platforms depending on what users prefer. You can reach out to support either by Phone or Email.

Wrap Up

ZeraWare is a system for safety management which is sustainable. It will aid in averting staff injuries and ensuring OSHA compliance. With this solution, users can develop a continuous process of improvement with applications which are user-friendly.

It also lets you pinpoint and eradicate safety hazards. What’s more, you can track the status of safety inspection and OSHA audits. It also offers you the notification of the needed safety training due by topic and person.

The solution also comes with a dashboard which updates in real-time. With this and a host of other features, it will make a great safety solution for any safety manager.