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Full Ytel Customer Support Software Review. All you need to know about Ytel


What is Ytel?

Ytel is a cloud-based integrated marketing suite, comprising a contact center module and a communications API application. It is aimed primarily at SMB call centers, and businesses with dedicated phone support teams, and simplifies lead generation and sales through the optimisation of communication channels.

The company’s roots are as a full-service telephone carrier, and it has used that knowledge and experience to build a unique tool that can act as a one-stop shop when it comes to customer needs. It also helps ensure superior call quality and dialling capabilities for its clients.

The application offers features including automated call distribution, workflow management, auto-dialling, voice response, and a call scripting module. It is also equipped with tools that can be used across different communication channels, such as email, SMS, voice, and direct mail, and its capabilities are boosted by the fact that it can integrate with over a hundred sales and marketing applications.

Ytel is used in industries as diverse as automotive, utilities, finance, insurance, education, and sports, and by non-profit organisations, who all benefit from access to a qualified, knowledgeable support team, as well as from the expertise of a separate team which advises clients on compliance issues.


Amongst the benefits offered by Ytel are:

Simplicity and Automation

Ytel is a simple application to use. The user interface is attractive, and it is easy to train agents, especially as the vendor recognises that most agents do not have a technical background, and has incorporated this in the design. There is no need to have an expert set-up sales and marketing campaigns in the system, as even non-qualified admins can do it.  The system is led by phone numbers, which makes it easy to search on a lead, whilst it offers a single platform to manage and orchestrate every customer interaction.

Furthermore, with real –time in-tool agent and campaign reporting available in the system, subscribers are able to automate a lot of manual tasks, saving time and allowing resources to be devoted to more customer facing activities.  Campaigns can be scheduled in advanced and will launch when programmed, with no further manual intervention required.

Customer Engagement and Multi-Channel Strategies

With Ytel, companies can both win, and retain, more customers by engaging with them in ways that matches their habits and expectations.  Research has shown that 75% of customers expect contact from a business within 5 minutes of initiating a query. The application enables users to initiate a phone call or SMS to a lead as soon as a potential client submits a form on a company’s website, significantly improving the chances of converting a lead into an eventual sale.

They can also reduce churn and customer satisfaction through proactively communicating with them; by synchronising voice, SMS and email. With Ytel, companies can guide customers through the onboarding process, quickly respond to support questions, or notify clients about product updates.  Ytel has inbound lead conversion tools as part of its platform. These help users manage live conversations better, automate call backs, as well as create personalised follow-up messages.

It takes an average of seven touchpoints with a business before a prospect becomes an actual customer, a study by Salesforce has found. A multi-channel strategy, such as that offered by Ytel’s functionality, allows a business to easily coordinate and direct its communications with customers, and expedites the buyer’s journey.

Consolidates Contact Lists

A common problem faced by many businesses is that contact information may be stored in different databases making it difficult to determine which data is the most recent, and which sales leads are still active. With Ytel, contact lists can be consolidated across all channels, and then, using its Campaign Builder, users can decide how they plan on interacting with their customers and their prospects.

Third Party App Integrations

One of the major benefits of Ytel is that it provides an open API that offers integration with more than a hundred sales, marketing and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions, including Zapier, Pipeliner, Salesforce and Zoho CRM.

Zapier is a web-based tool that allows users to automate their workflows by integrating more than a thousand applications, including CRM customer support, email and a multitude of other tools. Using Zapier integration, users can automate tasks that might be otherwise performed manually, such as creating a new contact for a specific project in Ytel.  Triggers can also be configured to automatically send data to already connected third party apps when a certain action is performed by the program.

Ytel can also be integrated with Zoho’s and Salesforce CRM and lead management platforms, allowing sales teams to streamline the process of converting leads into successful sales, and provided them with full visibility of different pipelines.

This API integration offers the added advantage of enabling companies to customise how their call center is set-up and organised.

Workflow management

Ytel is designed to work seamlessly with existing CRM and marketing automation tools to ensure that communication efforts are aligned with sales and marketing operations. It also utilises intelligent routing capabilities that use information from CRM and marketing systems to route leads based on priority, prices, value, or any other pre-determined criteria.

Users can also choose to pair existing email workflows with additional communication channels like SMS, voice and direct mail to increase their customer outreach.


Ytel offers a highly flexible, data infrastructure that can accommodate any number of contacts, so it is easy for organisations to scale up, or down, according to their current business needs. This eliminates the need to invest in additional software in the event of a growth in the customer base.


The main features of the program are:

Engagement Platform

Ytel provides a single customer engagement platform to unify person to person, marketing and transactional interactions. This ensures that the right message is being delivered through the right channel at the right time, and aligns communication channels with customer preferences.

An API embeds the four communication channels – voice, SMS, email and direct mail – into a company’s existing software, and enables the development of new features. With all channels, users can create trigger-based notifications for internal and external alerts, as well as deliver important communications, such as details of a new product launch, or the release of an update, to customers immediately.

Voice: Users can enable an array of voice capabilities, such as phone calls, voicemails and messages, with functionality including inbound and outbound calls, conference calls, and verifications and notifications.  Organisations can use automated voice messaging to remind customers of appointments, make recall announcements, and notify them of upcoming sales and promotions.

SMS: Subscribers can enable any business number, or choose from local, 800 numbers (in the US), and short-code phone numbers. They can also opt for P2P (Person to Person) communication. Users are able to add a keyword SMS to their website, business cards, print ads, trade show messaging, and more, to enable to get their message seen more widely.  In addition, SMS messages can be sent as a follow-up to voice campaigns.

Email: They can also enable email in their platform, and start to send, receive and track email conversations, and support email marketing campaigns.

Direct Mail: For those companies that still use direct mail as part of their marketing efforts, the system enables quality printed material, and the ability to generate letters and postcards, and customer addresses for distribution in a given area.

Content Management: Ytel’s content management features mean that users can update messages and receive notifications on demand without the need for developmental resources or coding. They can manage marketing and transactional messages, and dynamically update messages with tokens. It also offer A/B testing capabilities, so users can run experiments to determine which communication channels and marketing messages are the most effective.

Interactive Campaigns: From the engagement platform, subscribers can also coordinate and schedule outbound and inbound campaigns to targeted audiences, across multiple communication channels.

Conversational Inbox: Users can also enable a conversational inbox which enables their customers to interact with them in real-time.

Event-based customer verification

With Ytel users can easily deploy 2-factor authentication, geo-location, SMS, voice and email verification into customer onboarding processes to collect accurate client data, increase product security, and mitigate risks.

Dashboards and Analytics

The application provides users with access to real-time agent reporting to generate metrics on call lengths and contact center staff performance. Through an intuitive dashboard, all reporting is centralised, and managers can view data based on customisable parameters.

Businesses can use filters to produce the analytics and metrics that are most valuable to them, while call recordings, lead reviews and contact searches are available as standard applications. It is easy to create custom reports, and the vendor is always prepared to work with its clients if they need to view data in a certain way.

Ytel API

With the Ytel API, uses can enable voice, text, email and direct mail features within any application. In addition, the application offers integration with a range of third party applications, including sales, marketing, and CRM and email programs.

Answering Machine Detection

The Engagement Platform offers an answer machine detection (AMD) feature which runs in the background and detects answering machines, allowing a user to leave an audio message of their choice.  Users have stated that competing diallers with AMD lag behind the accuracy and power of Ytel’s capabilities.

Full Service Carrier Network

Because Ytel offers a full service carrier network, with Tier-1 and Tier-2 relationships, Ytel is able to offer its clients superior call quality, and enhanced dialling capabilities and accuracy.


Ytel’s pricing information is available only on a quotation base, and no details are disclosed on their website. Interested parties should contact the vendor directly for more information, and they can also schedule a product demo.


Ytel is a cloud-hosted web-based platform that supports Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems. It is accessible via various mobile devices, and offers a mobile application for Android and iOS devices.

Ytel’s API is built around REST (Representational Static Transfer) principles, and is organised into four communication channels – Voice, Text, Email and Direct Mail – with approximately 80 endpoints. There is a detailed overview of the Ytel API, its structure and functionality, available for developers and the technically minded, on their website.

In addition, Ytel is a tier-1 carrier network, with 24/7 monitoring, and a 99.999% API success rate.

As an additional resource, Ytel has its own compliance team that can advise clients on the latest regulations and industry standards, and how best to amend their existing processes and practices to comply with these ever-changing requirements.


Support is available through phone and email, and the vendor can also be contacted via social media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. They also have their own YouTube channel.

Every customer, regardless of size, has a technical account manager assigned to them, with multiple ways on offer to get in touch with support, day or night. For those customers who grow into top tier accounts, by company size and/or volume, they are given priority when calling-in, and given direct access to Ytel’s level 3 support through Slackline direct messaging.

The support team is based in the US and online reviews have commented on how friendly and knowledgeable they are, and willingness to deal with customer issues.

In addition, subscribers have the option to request remote support; using TeamViewer software, Ytel’s engineers with temporarily assume remote control of user’s PC or Mac to fix problems over the internet.

Furthermore, through the Resources section of the website, there is a range of Testimonial & Use Cases which can be accessed, highlighting ways in which clients have successfully implemented Ytel, and there is also a Resource Library, which includes e-books, white papers, guides, videos and infographics, all of which provide tips to clients on how to connect with more customers.

There is also a Ytel blog (guest posts are encouraged) where users can read articles on strategies for customer retention, loyalty and growth.

Ytel also hosts and take part in customer events and technology sessions in their capacity as a member of the Internet Marketing Association, sharing platforms with Google and Evite amongst others.