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Full YouBIM Building Information Modeling Software Review – All You Need To Know About YouBIM


Unlike the past traditional methods used in the building and construction industry, solutions today are useful in streamlining and automating construction management and thus have become crucial now, more than ever.

Similarly, construction projects have also become more bold making them even more complex to build, which in turn comes with more risks.

Managing the complexities that come with the new style of construction is to be prioritized because any rework done becomes an expensive cost.

Building information modeling tools provide AEC professionals and businesses with many opportunities to detect potential issues while saving on costs and time.

This intelligent approach has the right insights and tools in the planning and design, construction and management of buildings and infrastructures with efficiency.

Without BIM software, there’s a tendency for projects to overlook lapses and errors that can be avoided.

YouBIM helps you as a facility owner and your staff focus on simplicity as it is built for management of facilities and works with multiple databases. Its interface is user friendly with easy navigation of tools and locating data, so your staff are empowered to adopt it with less friction.

What is YouBIM?


YouBIM is a cloud-based building information modeling software that extends BIM value through to the lifecycle of buildings, giving building owners a database that is integrated and instant access to asset and location information via a navigable and web-based 2D/3D interface for BIM.

The software attaches documents like JPGs, PDFs and Excel documents, as well as rich data to smart objects in the online BIM dataset. Additionally, YouBIM includes preventative maintenance and light work orders functionalities plus it integrates seamlessly with systems such as CAFM and CMMS such as Planon Software, IBM Maximo, ArchiBUS, and others.

It also integrates with BMS/BAS, to bring live data on performance which is displayed in the YouBIM environment.

The user interface is different from other BIM software solutions by designing the UX focusing on the facility owner and staff.

It is described as being more like an iMaps or Google Maps for a facility as it answers the location (where) and attributes, specs, warranty information (what) of the facility’s components (assets, spaces, and systems), which are all enhanced with performance data live from BAS and Work Orders.

There’s proven value to the design and construction process through BIM software but it is only just coming out in the management of facilities. Current tools that are at hand are hard to apply and use and usually need personnel who are trained, to get access to them. Even with the right skills to operate and access them, the data isn’t integrated nor is it accessible to the personnel in the facilities.

YouBIM is designed to focus on simplicity for easy access especially to users who are non-BIM experts. It can also act as a BIM for FM middleware acting as a bridge from construction/design to facilities/operations management. It brings together BIM, BAS, and Work Management data from CMMS into one platform.

The software is available for use by:

  • Owners or operators by giving them the power of BIM in their hands with simplicity.
  • General and trade contractors as YouBIM helps you hand-off completed projects to owners from advanced technical multi-property and global corporations to small owners with single properties
  • Architects and engineers to help clients beyond design and construction and through the project lifecycle
  • Facility managers with streaming cloud-based software for facility management and using BIM as the daily user’s core interface



Searches for inefficiencies

Studies across the globe estimate that about 80 percent of total building lifecycle costs are spent in operations while only 20 percent go to design and construction. This supports YouBIM’s focus on searching for inefficiencies during management of facilities as it leverages on what owners and/or operators can gain from BIM.

Contributes across many aspects of the building lifecycle

YouBIM contributes especially when it comes to two main inefficiencies. The first one consists of all building data lost during transfers from design to construction and final handovers, where a lot of money is wasted collecting information previously gathered and generated, but not efficiently transferred. Secondly, the resolution for wasted time that facility staff spend looking for critical information about systems or assets so as to perform maintenance that is essential. This consists of digging into disperse or folders, plans and other items that are inaccessible. Asset data that is not easily accessible can have direct consequences of poor maintenance of assets leading to higher unpredicted failures, utility bills, replacement costs, and short asset lifespan or unhappy customers among other disadvantages.


YouBIM is simple and lets you locate valuable asset information and facility equipment in 2D/ED which can consist of work management information or equipment and asset information, understanding and visualization of systems and components and physical location or real time data for performance in your facility within seconds.

Intuitive application

All the fast searches and efficiencies can happen through YouBIM as it is an intuitive application accessed from any location and doesn’t need plugin installations or software, neither does it need any special training.

Open platform

YouBIM is an open platform based on its ability to integrated with various legacy FM systems like CAFM or CMMS and can integrate with facility BAS or BMS, so data is accessible easily and can be utilized.

Streamlines handover and effectively uses data

Key data on equipment types, spaces, finishes, systems, and zones among others can be captured from BIM without reentering into downstream FM system. This helps prevent costs of data entry thereby generating higher quality data.

Accurate and complete information

YouBIM also provides valuable benefits during the lifecycle of buildings resulting from integrated systems that offer complete and accurate information including:

  • Reduction in cost of utilities
  • Improved efficiency of workforce
  • Reduced equipment failures
  • Improvements in management of inventories and better tracking of equipment and asset histories
  • Equipment lives are longer supported by longer use of PM instead of breakdown maintenance, thereby reducing equipment replacement costs




YouBIM can be accessed via any web browser without installing any software. It has powerful search which works in seconds, while utilizing Search box and find systems, assets, work orders, rooms among other information, with instant access.

Overview widgets

The homepage on YouBIM has customizable widgets for faster overview of the performance of your facilities, status of work orders, alarms and other things, without leaving the page.

Mobile app

YouBIM has a mobile app for easy retrieval of assets location and information through Scan of QR codes, Search or Voice. Work Orders can be created and/or update, and all of them sync with YouBIM’s centralized database.

2D/3D Viewer

Quick 2D viewer

YouBIM has a new browser agnostic viewer with 2D web-based floor plans viewer for easy location of Work Orders, Assets, alarms etc, plus selection of assets, rooms, and systems to get information out. The 2D viewer also lets you switch quickly to 3D.

Powerful 3D viewer

YouBIM’s new browser agnostic viewer also lets you stream viewing online as it has this capability you can use for rich 3D building models to give facilities staff a whole new level of understanding of the structures or building they have to operate  within seconds and without moving from their desks. It also lets users make building parts transparent to see through walls, floors or ceilings and find devices they couldn’t see or find before visiting the facility. Models can be obtained through direct importation of BIM models that were produced in construction, or created as as-built models. Models can be from Bentley, REVIT, DWG, IFC, NWD or other software. The viewer takes large models and is designed with easily navigable tools inspired by gaming.

Information access

Click and data

Selecting systems, facilities, assets and rooms in 2D/3D or from search gives users instant access to data including model number, manufacturer, warranty period, serial numbers or any other useful attribute to the operation which can be uploaded from Excel, BIM, COBie spreadsheet, AutoDesk Field 360 or other databases. You can also enter them manually in the YouBIM environment.

Import of information


COBie Import and Export

YouBIM lets you directly import COBie spreadsheets and merge them with its integrated database. It also lets you export the database into COBie formatted database spreadsheets.


This lets you extract and process REVIT models and data while publishing them to your secure or your client’s secured YouBIM cloud. It lets users select severally to upload the information they need during operations.

AUTODESK Navisworks plugin

This allows you to extract and process models and data from several 3D and BIM authoring tools and publish them to your client’s secured YouBIM cloud. YouBIM’s development team is creating plugins for a variety of CAD and BIM authoring software, so contact them for more information on this.

APIs for integration

YouBIM has APIs that integrate with CAFM/CMMS, BMS/BAS or other systems, each of which is different and the implementation team analyzes use cases that you envision for your facility and thereby decide on which integration to apply.

CMMS/CAFM integration

Properties usually have sophisticated solutions for facilities/maintenance management that manage not just Work Orders and Preventive maintenance processes but all your building lifecycle operations. YouBIM can integrate with IBM MAXIMO, PLANON-FM, INFOR, TMA, TRIRIGA and many more.

BMS/BAS/SCADA Integration

BMS or BAS are increasingly becoming prevalent to help facilities managers in management and running of their facilities. YouBIM integrates with most existing BIM systems like JOHNSON CONTROL, NIAGARA, HONEYWELL, SIEMENS and others, but plan to integrate most relevant data points for sensors with other building information for quick building performance diagnosis

BMS Quick Look

This lets you get a quick overview of equipment performance when you integrate BAS and YouBIM. Performance of assets can be viewed in the model as well.

Work Order Module

This YouBIM module allows for triggering of Work Orders or Work Requests directly from 2D or 3D viewers, tiding to an asset, room or system. You can update its status all through its completion and save history to the corresponding asset. It can be found quickly from Search Box and in the 2D/3D viewers, in bath or individually. Work Order can be retrieved or pushed from CMMS. It isn’t a replacement of the latter system, but is tailored to complement a client’s Work Order Management System.

Security and Customizations

Client Server option

By default, YouBIM is cloud-based although it can be installed alternatively behind client’s firewall or on-premise, or in a private cloud and accessed via mobile devices or web browsers.

Custom reports and alarms

YouBIM carries out customizations to allow special visual reports or visual alarms go through the 2D and 3D as per the specific requirements of the owner. It can also include custom dashboards.

The YouBIM will perform customizations to allow special visual alarms or visual reports through the 2D and 3D, as per owner specific requirements. The BIM software can also can include custom dashboards.


YouBIM for FM: Simple

  • Full YouBIM product
  • All features available
  • Version can be hosted on Secure YouBIM cloud or Client’s server (behind firewall)
  • Cloud: pricing based on annual subscription per named user
  • On premise: pricing based on annual subscription per named user + purchase of one-time server license

YouBIM Viewer

  • Proprietary 3D WebGL viewing technology comes as an independent product. Can be embedded in CAFM/CMMS systems
  • APIs integrated to any solution you want integrated with BIM
  • Cloud: pricing based on annual subscription per named user
  • On premise: pricing based on annual subscription per user

YouBIM Viewer for IBM Maximo®

  • Two options: Cloud or on premise
  • Best 3D/BIM viewer – integrates seamlessly with IBM Maximo
  • Available with Maximo 7.5/7.6
  • Cloud: pricing based on annual subscription per user
  • On premise: pricing based on annual subscription per Maximo authorized users

Technical Details

Devices: Windows, Mac, Web-based

Language: English

Pricing Model: Annual Subscription; Quote-based

Customer Types: Small and medium business; Large Enterprises

Deployment: Cloud Hosted

Support Details

  • Demos
  • Training
  • Case Studies
  • Global Partner channel
  • Technical experts to provide guidance and assist during implementation and throughout your building’s lifecycle
  • Email: support@youbim.com
  • Phone: 949.340.6924 in the US