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Full Yotpo Reputation Management Software Review. All you need to know about Yotpo


What is Yotpo?

Yotpo is a cloud-based marketing platform specifically for e-Commerce businesses, and is classified within the generic category of Feedback and Reviews Management Software. With Yotpo, businesses are able to collect content generated by their users and manage it to build their brand, and oversee the whole customer experience.

In business since 2011, Yotpo now has more than 300 employees worldwide, with offices in Tel Aviv, New York and London.  Their solution is scalable, and can be used by e-Commerce businesses of any size.

By using the solution, businesses are able to collect, curate, manage, and pro-actively respond to user-generated content, leveraging customer reviews and photos. At the same time they can create customised displays on their websites to increase the visibility of the brand, and can emphasise customer-generated content in their marketing campaigns.

The solution monitors key marketing metrics like SEO rankings, as well as social media channels, and offers a range of content-rich features, including, inter alia, email and social marketing, marketing automation and analytics, and social and mobile marketing functionality. The system is specifically designed not only to generate customer reviews, but also to choose the best among them to help boost marketing initiatives.

Where Yotpo stands out from the competition is not only in its ability to collect more verifiable product reviews than all its main rivals, but also in the way it collates and analyses the data gathered, and translates it into series of actionable plans which help increase organic traffic and improve the performance of paid search ads. The platform collects billions of behavioural data points, and, through the use of artificial intelligence and smart algorithms, is able to optimise every step of the buyer’s journey.

Furthermore, Yotpo is not only focused on customer conversion but on retention as well, with a range of tools designed to not only keep customers coming back, but also to buy more products or services once they arrive on a user’s site.

In summary, Yotpo helps businesses understand what their customers think about their products, and identifies opportunities for businesses to improve the customer experience.

Yotpo Features

Mail After Purchase

Mail After Purchase (MAP) is a review request email which businesses can automatically send to their customers once they have bought products from their store.  They can be used to generate reviews from past customers, and to drive more traffic, and sales to a website.

To maximise this feature, Yotpo provides a number of recommendations. These include making sure that emails are only sent out when orders are complete, and to use a “timing option” when they are delayed.  Emails should be neither too long nor too short, and should be written in such a way that they are catchy and easy to read – in other words, customers need to be enticed to leave a review. They also recommend setting-up a follow-up email, tailored in such a way that only customers who do not respond first time round get the reminder. That way, companies are not spamming their customers with unwanted emails.

Reviews Tab

The Reviews Tab enables a business to showcase all its reviews in one place, with the option either to aggregate reviews or to create a dedicated page for them.

Users can choose to display both site and product reviews, or one or the other, and a range of customisation options is available, including location, colour, and more.


Reviews Carousel

The Reviews Carousel option, which is available under Yotpo’s Premium Plans, is a slider that displays several rotating reviews at a time. It can be display anywhere on a user’s website – such as on their home page, landing pages, or check-out page.  Users can choose either to hand-pick the reviews shown, or to automate the process to display either the top-rated, or the more recent, reviews.

Using the Reviews Carousel, businesses can help improve conversions at the most critical part of the sales process – such as at the check-out stage.

Targeted Review Requests

Using targeted review request emails, companies can ask a list of selected customers for a site review.  In this case it is recommended that businesses clarify to the selected recipients and that they being asked to review the overall shopping experience – website use and functionality, customer service, delivery speed etc.

Such emails should primarily be sent to customers who have already reviewed a product, because they are more likely to be motivated to provide a further review.  It is also a good idea to choose customers who have given favourable reviews in the past, as there is a good chance they will do so again.

Facebook Share

In order to get more site reviews, businesses can also share a link on their Facebook page, either by copying and publishing it manually, or posting it directly from the page to their Facebook account. Customers will click on the link, and will be directed to a landing page where they will see the option to leave a site review.

Reviews which are left there will be seen in the Reviews Tab, the Facebook Reviews Tab, or, if set-up, the dedicated reviews page.

Social Curation Feature

Yotpo is unique in that it offers a recently introduced Social Curation Feature, which allows companies to identify and collect from Instagram photographs of customers actively using their products. They can then create a replica Instagram feed and creating shoppable galleries on their home and product pages. The importance of this is that adding customer photos alongside reviews has been shown to boost conversions by up to 10%.

In addition, Yotpo enables companies to contact customers and obtain the necessary permissions to use their photos.


Yotpo offers extensive analytics which enable businesses to review their User-Generated Content marketing sales funnel and all its many components, such as opinions and reviews, posts on social media and blogs, and comments to report on content, conversion and optimisation practices. Moreover all relevant data is captured and displayed on an easy to read and understand dashboard.

Extensive range of Marketing features

As would be expected with a market leading feedback and reviews product, Yotpo offers a wide range of traditional marketing features. These include social media ads, review generation, customer retention tools, and SEO functionality. Customer reviews can be easily generated using customisable in-mail forms, and mobile apps. Yotpo also uses algorithms to distinguish between quality and average traffic, so that product offerings can be tailored to the right audience, helping to optimise the quality of the reviews.

What are the benefits of using Yotpo?

The value of Social Proof

Social Proof is a psychological phenomenon which refers to the reliance of people on the feedback and actions of others in any given situation as a validation as to the right behaviours to follow. In other words, if enough people suggest a course to action to follow, then they are more likely to imitate them.

Although a concept as old as marketing itself, the advent of social media has greatly enhanced the importance of social proof because feedback from real customers and people is more immediate and accessible than ever before.

Countless studies have shown that customers trust online reviews at least as much, if not more, than personal recommendations. This is even more the case with shoppers under 30, with a recent report finding that 97% of shoppers aged 18 to 29 are extremely heavily influenced by peer reviews when it comes to buying decisions.

Yotpo puts customer reviews at the heart of its offering, and by using data science, it is able to generate up to nine times more reviews that equivalent solutions.  However, it goes further than that searching for relevant photos, posts, blogs, videos and other online content across all marketing channels.

Leverages star ratings

In addition to reviews, customers pay a lot of attention to star ratings – Yotpo itself, in a study of more than a million reviews of over 6,000 products, found that products with 4 star ratings or above accounted for 94% of all purchases.

From a customer perspective, the more easily they can find highly rated products before they check out, they more they are likely to buy, and, in addition, make additional purchases.  Yotpo allows businesses to easily add the average star rating next to each product, along with the number of reviews.

One way that the platform is able to do this is by leveraging its strategic partnerships with Google and Facebook. This makes it easy for the ratings and review widget to include star ratings in both Google AdWords and Product Listing Ads.

Optimises the advantages of Instagram

Yotpo integrates with Instagram in a way that is almost unique amongst software vendors, allowing businesses to benefit from the placement of user-generated phots, content and star ratings. It is also a very cost effective way to advertise – combining Instagram add with Yotpo’s content and photos has been shown to generate up to 4 times as many clicks at 50% of the cost of a normal social media ad. Businesses also can make it easier for their customers to shop with them by setting-up a Shoppable Instagram.

Already optimised for mobile

Although Yotpo does not, in itself, offer a mobile app as yet, all it tools and dashboard are available to be viewed, and have been optimised for use, on mobile devices, which is a must for shoppers today. Research has shown that mobile shoppers spend 37% longer on a site than their desktop equivalents, which creates more opportunities to capture reviews and user-generated content, and to make more sales.

Enables companies to make better business decisions

In addition to increasing traffic and sales, Yotpo provides valuable feedback as to what customers are thinking, and measures their responses.  As a result, businesses can make informed improvements to their product offerings, and the marketing programmes which support them.

Evidence suggests that customers who provide a review are 4 times as likely to make another purchase, which not only increases brand loyalty, but also helps to turn them into brand advocates.

Equally, a proactive response to negative reviews is the best way to limit any damage to a brand on social media and other marketing channels. Yotpo enables companies to manage the reviews process to their advantage.

User-friendly interface

Yotpo has a user-friendly and intuitive interface, which is easy to use even for the most technically illiterate of users.


Yotpo offers three plan tiers based on business need, and metrics such as traffic, the volume of monthly orders, products and the number of site domains. Plans are scalable – as a business grows, it can upgrade to the next level.

Free Plan – This is an entry level plan for small businesses, and includes up to 50 monthly orders, review requests emails, and onsite widgets, as well as some basic customisation and content management and moderation.

Growth Plan – Currently priced at US $29 per month, this offers additional features include Social Push and SEO, a Reviews Carousel, Rich Snippets, and Coupon and Email Upselling tools. There is no limit on the number of monthly orders.

Premium Plans – Premium Plan pricing is on offer for fast-growing brands and larger businesses. Advanced functionality includes multi-channel content generation, Google and Facebook integration, multiple domain support, and access to a dedicated success manager. Pricing for these plans needs to be negotiated directly with Yotpo.

Technical Details

Yotpo is a cloud-based web platform which is supported by Windows, Android and Mac, and is sold as Saas (Software-as-a-service). There is no mobile app as yet, and language support is currently available only in English.

The program offers integration with a range of popular e-Commerce platforms and apps, including Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce and WooCommerce, as well as partnerships with all the major social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram and Pinterest.

Support Details

Yotpo principally offers customer support via their Help Center (Knowledge Centre), or through an email-based support ticketing system. There is the option to phone the company, but this is limited to sales-based enquiries.

Alternatively, users can contact the company through social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.