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Full Yotpo eCommerce Software Review-All You Need to Know About Yotpo


Thanks to software like Yotpo! Authentic product reviews are now available for sellers to leverage on. Tomer Tagrin and Omri Cohen founded this software company in 2011. This software helps brands to accelerate growth by maximizing the lifetime value of customers.

Yotpo has multiple offices around the world. Top areas include Isreal, UK, New York, Boston among others.

The Yotpo e-commerce software targets e-commerce stores and retail businesses by allowing clients to generate product reviews and using the best reviews to boost sales.

In this article, we will uncover a detailed understanding of this software including its pros and cons. By the end, you’ll know enough to decide if you would use it for business purposes.

Let’s start with the obvious question

What is Yotpo?

The Yotpo e-commerce software is a marketing app that accelerates brand growth with a full marketing cloud of solutions for customer reviews, visual marketing, loyalty programs, and referrals.

This software helps e-commerce and retail businesses generate reviews, pictures, and other user-generated content. These contents are then used to drive traffic, increase conversion rate and boost sales.

This software plug-and-play social design enables it to collect verified reviews, and it is very easy to setup and use. Yotpo invariably increases the credibility of businesses.

Yotpo generates 9x more customer-generated content than any solution.

Yotpo has partnerships with Google, Facebook< Instagram and Pinterest to make sure users rank higher in search results. This way, you can drive qualified and engaged social traffic to the e-commerce website.

This software integrates with standard apps and services such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Hubspot, Zendesk, Demandware, and others. Yotpo supports over 25 languages.

With Yotpo, brands can leverage social proof to increase trust and sales, cultivate loyal customers and make sound business decisions based on customer feedback.

This software serves over a thousand brands including Away Travel, Patagonia, MVMT and Glossier. Yotpo has over 1,000 successful deployments with an average of 900% ROI delivered.

How Does Yotpo Work

There are different platforms on this e-commerce software such as visual marketing, reviews & ratings, referrals & loyalty and more.

Each of these platforms come with different sets of features. Let’s take a look at these platforms, shall we?

Visual Marketing Platform

On the visual marketing platform, customer photos and reviews combined with flexible display option will enhance your brand and engage your customers.

This visual platform allows customer photos to be showcased in galleries across your business site to boost brand engagement, increase product discovery and create new purchase pathways.

You can convert more browsers into buyers by displaying UGC galleries for your products on category pages. This platform provides necessary visual marketing tools needed for customers to build trust in your brand and product.

This visual platform allows you to maximize opportunities to get photos from customers. With just one click on this platform, you can request and secure rights to customer photos.

You can ask for photos with reviews or curate photos directly from Instagram. This photos can be used in visual galleries across your site to boost customer trust.

Yotpo’s partnership with social platforms like Facebook and Instagram help to drive quality traffic to your site.

This visual marketing platform allows you to leverage on these partnerships by creating shoppable customer photos and turning these photos into high-performing ads.

This marketing platform allows you to automatically share customer reviews and photos directly to your Facebook page. You can showcase your best customer photos for recently viewed products to automatically target previous customers.

Reviews and Rating Platform

This reviews & rating platform has AI-powered solutions that allow you to turn your customer review content into sales.

There are data-driven tools available to make it easy for customers to give their reviews. The in-mail technology allows you to collect more site and product reviews, ratings and Q&A using artificially intelligent (AI) requests.

The community Q&A enables customers to ask questions from past buyers and your team quickly. The customizable widgets on-site are available to motivate shoppers to write reviews.

This ratings and reviews platform provides you with the necessary tools such as custom questions and coupons which help to increase customer lifetime value.

You can display customer review content at significant conversion points across your site using widgets. This platform enables you to include reviews on your homepage, category page, product page, and checkout page to maximize conversion rate.

The partnership with Google and Facebook can be leveraged on this platform to boost brand discovery and increase search and social traffic.

You can stand out on search engines by showcasing product ratings in organic search results and adding seller ratings to Google Adwords campaigns.

This platform allows you to connect Yotpo to your favorite tools to increase search revenue by showing on-site search star ratings.

Loyalty & Referrals Platforms

Swell Rewards is a Yotpo platform that allows you to engage existing customers and reach new ones by building customized loyalty and referral programs.

This platform allows you to reward customers for the most impactful actions on your business. Some pre-built campaigns are designed to boost retention effectively.

You can customize your brand and integrate across every channel. You can do tier-based programs based on purchases or referrals.

Swell Rewards allows you complete visibility into the investment and value gotten from your loyalty campaigns.

This platform also comes with a customer management tool which allows you to gain intel into customer’s actions to personalize future activities.

With this platform, you can build a referral marketing program that turns customer referral into your most cost-efficient revenue driver.

You can do some things on this platform such as plan a flexible reward structure, provide incentives for repeat referrals and monitor & evaluate your referral program performance.

This platform supports multiple channel referral and numerous sharing options.

You can also build a dedicated strategy that allows you to capture up to 20% of your site visitors emails. This dedicated strategy enables you to capture emails without compromising user experience.

Insights Platform

This platform allows you to turn customer feedback into actionable insights. This way, you can make better business decisions from understanding what your customers are saying.

You can analyze customer feedback at scale by using sentiment analysis and natural language processing. Insights show you the attributes of your business and customer sentiments towards your products.

This platform allows you to compare your results against industry benchmarks. This way, you can see how your business stacks up against other similar companies.

You can also view how various variables affect the customer experience. Tracking changes with time will enable you to recognize consumer preference trends.

Features of  the Yotpo E-commerce Software

Yotpo platforms have a distinctive set of features. You have visual text, customization, artificial intelligence, privacy, consultative service and more.

Let’s explore the features that come with each of these platforms, shall we?

Features of the Visual Marketing Platform

Visual Texts

Combining customer reviews and photos into beautiful displays on all marketing channels and your site is a good way of building brand trust.

These visual and text representations show how existing customers have reacted to your product. It will in turn help to drive in more customers.

Album Customization

You can customize your album and gallery to match your brands look and feel. This customization guides shoppers towards conversion.

Multiple Galleries

The availability of numerous galleries allows you to design custom UGC galleries for each product or collection. You can display this gallery on any site and across all social channels.

Analytics Tool

The analytics tool lets you know the location of your best-performing photos. It also shows you how your bottom line is affected by these photos.

Rights Management Tool

The rights management tool allows you to gain the rights from customers to make use of their Instagram photos to display on your site.

Features of the Reviews & Ratings Platform

Scalable Infrastructure

This scalable infrastructure allows for businesses of all sizes to use Yotpo. This software is designed to grow along with you.

Content Moderation

All your content is owned and controlled by you. You can either moderate your content or automate it with AI.

Privacy & Security

Yotpo is GDPR compliant and has an approved SOC2 & Privacy Shield.

Artificial Intelligence

Yotpo comes with robust solutions that leverage deep-learning technology to improve the performance of your brand.

The AI engine gives businesses smarter and smarter solutions to collect high-quality customer content, distribute it intelligently across every channel and analyze consumer sentiment at scale.

The AI engine also extracts informative reviews from past buyers. It displays this content with smart filters so consumers can find the information they need to drive purchase decisions forward.

Advanced Customization

The customizing tool allows you to tailor Yotpo to match your brand. You can change the look and feel of this software to suit your brand’s specifications.

Performance Analytics

The performance analytics tool allows you to measure your bottom line is affected by User Generated Content (UGC).

Features of the Loyalty & Referrals Platform

Consultative Service

Building a custom program tailored to your brand requires in-depth consultation during onboarding.

Custom Implementation Tools

With this tool, you can implement and manage the design, copywriting and development of your brand.

Deployment Program

This feature allows brands to deploy branded assets related to their programs from anywhere on-site.

Granular Analytics

You can quickly evaluate and optimize your incentive marketing program with this detailed, granular analytics.

Marketing Integrations

Integration tools on this software allow you to integrate with standard marketing tools easily. These tools include email, social, reviews, support and more.

Account Management Tool

The proactive CSM on this software will help you implement and improve programs to get better results.

Pros of Yotpo

Yotpo provides marketing tools that improve the growth of e-commerce and retail stores. Let’s explore the benefits of this e-commerce software.


A Gartner survey carried out in 2013 found that companies spend approximately 2.5% of their annual revenue on digital marketing. Gartner’s 2014 study found that there was a 17% increase in the digital marketing budget for 2015.

These reports show that companies are spending a fortune on online marketing. Compared to these annual digital marketing budgets, Yotpo is relatively affordable.

High Search Engine Optimization

Search engines consider user-generated contents. Reviews provide search engines with relevant content which improves search engine optimization.

Customer reviews help your site ranking for long-tail keywords. This reviews will boost your brand’s social SEO.

Improves Customer Loyalty

Because Yotpo makes use of visual and text content, this USG increases your brand’s ability to build customer loyalty.

The referral and loyalty programs are an added incentive to keep existing customers engaged while getting new customers. The Yotpo software makes use of social commerce which has proven to improve brand identity and customer loyalty.

Builds Customer Relationship

This software allows you to build relationships with customers. Yotpo ensures that brands respond to all reviews and engage with all customers.

Prospective customers also have the opportunity to ask the community of existing customers questions to determine the authenticity of your products. This way, the customers are sure of your brand and where it stands.

The retention tools ensure that the customers keep coming back to purchase more items.

Improves Ad-ROI

Yotpo comes with social media ads, retention, review generation and SEO functions that help increase your brands ad-ROI. Conversion rate also doubles as a result of the impact of user-generated content that Yotpo makes use of for marketing your brand.

Increases Brand Credibility

Yotpo increases the credibility of your business with the generation of contents from users such as photo content, reviews, Q&A and others.

Cons of Yotpo

Even the best software has limitations, and Yotpo isn’t immune. Let’s take a look at the drawback(s) of this e-commerce software.

Limited Moderation Menu

The moderation menu is confusing with the recently updated interface.

Poor Setup

The setup and installation setup is confusing for new users without any prior coding knowledge.


There is a free plan that comes with an array of features. However, the pricing information for the premium price model is not readily available. You have to contact the company to request a quote.

Technical Details

Here is what you need to know about the technical details.

Platforms Supported

Yotpo supports many operating systems and platforms. These include

  • Windows
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Web-based

Customer types

  • Small Business
  • Medium Business
  • Large Enterprises



Support Details

Their customer service team behind this software offers support via phone, tickets, training, resources and live support.

To Wrap It Up

Yotpo’s single platform allows brands to collect, curate and manage user-generated content using its integrated solution. With this user-generated content, Yotpo helps you build a stronger brand and better customer experience. However, this marketing software does have its drawbacks.

So, is Yotpo the best e-commerce software in the market? We don’t know, you tell us.