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Full YetiForce CRM review – all you need to know about YetiForce CRM

YetiForce CRM
YetiForce CRM

What is YetiForce CRM?

Do you want an efficient, flexible yet free customer relationship management (CRM) system for your business? You can achieve this by installing the YetiForce CRM system. It is an open-source software application and absolutely free. To help you run your business smoothly, the YetiForce team and the community are constantly working on the improvement of the application. This system is a Polish product, and it is gaining more and more popularity around the world due to its versatile and rich functionalities. Originally, the YetiForce CRM system was forked from ‘Vtiger’. However, several modifications were introduced in the past years and it differs from its predecessor significantly at present.

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The YetiForce CRM system is being improved by the YetiForce team and their community constantly; new functionalities are developed continuously. It offers unparalleled flexibility and vast customization options to its users due to its open-source design and modular architecture. The system has 40 modules and 50 user panels. The modules can be differentiated into user’s module and administrator’s module. It also provides you with well-designed widgets. The users can develop a CRM system that addresses all their requirements and demands.

The YetiForce CRM system is developed as per the needs of its users and also the market dynamics. Using this system you can manage your business from anywhere at any time. You will feel like you have never left office. With a device with an active Internet connection, you can control your business remotely.

As the YetiForce CRM is an open-source software application, it can be downloaded, installed, and used free of cost. This helps in reducing the cost of your business. Again, you can this system for free for an unlimited number of users. Hence, you do not have to worry about the cost of the CRM system of your growing business. It will help your business reach its full potential. The YetiForce CRM system provides you with custom solutions that are tailored to your business. You are able to configure it to suit all the requirements of your business. If any additional feature or functionality is required by your business, you can add it easily.


The benefits of using the YetiForce CRM system for your business are as follows:

  • The main highlight of the YetiForce CRM system is the open-source design. This system is free for all its users. You can be a part of a large community of contributors who regularly contribute to making the system better. The best part is that you do not have to spend a dime for this purpose.

When your business grows, the number of your requirements increases and the functionalities become complex. Hence, the YetiForce CRM system needs to store more data. Because it is an open-source software, the cost of the system does not increase although there is a change in your requirements. This helps you save a lot of money. The YetiForce CRM system is especially suitable for small and medium businesses. Among the CRM systems available in the market, the open-source nature of the YetiForce CRM system is a unique feature.

  • The YetiForce CRM system uses a modular approach. It provides you with the flexibility to choose features according to your requirement. Thus, you are allowed to develop a CRM system that can be tailored to be suitable for your business. You can also integrate this CRM system into your already existing processes. Hence, you do not have to overhaul the prevailing software of your business and fit the system. With YetiForce, you can not only save money on various packages but also save on modules. Usually, these modules are not free in other CRM systems.
  • When you order one of the support packages of the YetiForce CRM system team, you receive community support and developer support (only for the platinum plan) for free of cost.
  • The YetiForce CRM system has gone through quite a high number of improvements and performance tests. It can be used by large enterprises without the worry about performance loss. More than 20,000 users can use the YetiForce CRM system simultaneously.
  • You can customize and adjust the YetiForce CRM system according to the requirements of your business. You can disable a module if you do not require it. Similarly, if you require a new module, it can be developed and added.
  • Using the YetiForce CRM system, you can remember about important events, meetings, and calls. You can also organize all the information about your contacts properly.
  • It helps you in processing and analyzing business-related information. You can also create different reports, charts, graphs, and tables with the help of this system.
  • The YetiForce CRM system helps you effectively manage different activities related to your business such as projects, storages, sales, and time control. using workflows, this system automates different processes. It also lets you add additional features required by your business.
  • With open-source software like YetiForce CRM, you always get the benefits of continuous development. The YetiForce team, as well as a community around the world, develop the software. You will be surprised by every new update regarding the software. New functionalities are developed quite frequently. The development team of YetiForce publishes dozens of changes on a daily basis. The team also regularly releases update packages that contain new features, bug fixes, and improvements.
  • The YetiForce CRM system is intuitive and quite user-friendly.
  • This system is also known for its versatile functionality. Compared to other open-source systems, YetiForce CRM offers a lot of interacting automated features. These features are easily configurable and transparent. Thus, this system helps users perform their everyday tasks smoothly.


The YetiForce CRM system has a plethora of useful, effective, intuitive, and user-friendly features. these features are designed in such a way that they complement each other. The customers of this system mainly shape its development. When a customer orders a new feature, the YetiForce team performs a series of strict tests. Later, this feature is added to the system that can be used by everyone for free of cost. The features of the YetiForce CRM system are as follows:


Using this feature, you are able to present the widgets and module summaries in a graphical way. The dashboard presents relevant data analyses on a single screen and helps you in making crucial decisions. The list of present widgets contains a calendar, history, tickets, time control, leads, and so on. Compared to other CRM systems, YetiForce offers a rich variety of widgets and additional options. The flexible nature of the system allows for quite a few numbers of possibilities. The system offers functions in the administrator’s panel that allows you to decide which widgets will be visible to which users. These functions also enable you to create widgets with filters. The advanced widget management system lets users access the vital information. In addition, it allows users to share the most recent information to specific teams with a single click.


This feature helps you plan and manage the business activities. This feature was developed with an intention to meet the expectations of demanding professionals. The calendar feature has got all the functions required for effective time and human resource management. This feature can be customized depending on the requirements of the users with the help of the tools present in the admin panel. You can also color code different events, entries, users, groups and modules to easily distinguish among them. You are able to view the calendar as a month, week, or day. You can also share the calendar with your team members. Additionally, you can display the calendar as a list of records.

Companies and Contacts

This feature comprises six modules: leads, accounts, partners, vendors, competition, and contacts. These modules help you assemble important information about your clients, vendors, and competitors. When you start working with the YetiForce CRM system, this feature should be taken care of at first. A lead refers to a potential customer for your business. if a contact with a lead is successful, the lead can be turned into an account. Various employees can be associated with an account to focus on customers and their requirements.


The built-in email module of the YetiForce CRM system helps you send and receive emails directly from or to your system. This module guarantees a high level of security and makes sure that your emails remain fully confidential. You can relate this feature to contacts, leads, accounts, vendors, and competitors along with various processes and subprocesses. Hence, you can see all the emails related to a record in the record’s preview. With YetiForce, you can also switch between mailboxes. You can also label emails with different colors to distinguish between them.


This feature of the YetiForce CRM system consists of nine modules: opportunities, sales inquiries, sales requirements, calculations, quotes, sales order, recurring sales order, vendor inquiries, and price books. These nine modules help you manage and control the sales process of your business from the starting to the end. The sales process begins with an opportunity. if this opportunity is a success, it can be converted to a sales inquiry. You will receive complete guidance from the YetiForce CRM system through the subsequent stages of the sales process.

The widgets present in the dashboard plays a crucial role in the sales process. You can use the widgets to reflect information from the system in the form of charts, tables, and graphs.


You can utilize all the attractive features of the YetiForce CRM system without spending a dime. Because this is an open-source software, it is the most innovative free CRM system.

Technical Details

The YetiForce CRM system is a web-based application. It supports desktops and laptops with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating system. You can also use this system form your smartphone or tablet. There are two deployment models: cloud-hosted and open API. The customer types of this system are small businesses, medium businesses, and large enterprises. The languages supported by this CRM system are English and Polish.

Support Details

The YetiForce team offers various support packages for their customers. They are as follows:


This package offers basic remote support with a total of four man-hours. This one is ideal for the new customers of YetiForce CRM. The cost of this support package is 163,00 EUR. In case of any issues, one of the specialists of the YetiForce team helps you configure and fine-tune your server as per the requirements. The solutions provided by this package are as follows:

  • To implement small fixes
  • To perform error diagnosis
  • To perform enhancements
  • To incorporate updates
  • To write new functionalities


With a total of 14 man-hours, the gold package is the most commonly chosen support package offered by the YetiForce team. When you opt for this package, you should pay 469,99 EUR. This package provides the following solutions:

  • To resolve more serious errors
  • To write more complex functionalities


The platinum package is the most exclusive support package offered by the YetiForce team. This package comes with a total of 30 man-hours. This package costs 953,99 EUR. The platinum package is ideal for you if you want to expand your system or adjust your system according to your business requirements.

If you opt for the platinum package, the YetiForce team will provide you with a dedicated developer. The developer will be at your service during the business hours of the team.

Training (PL)

You can opt for this package if you want to train your employees on the YetiForce CRM system. The cost of this package is 585,00 EUR. Expert YetiForce experts conduct these training sessions for your employees. These experts have quite a few years of experience in dealing with CRM systems and open source software. The training helps employees learn the key functions of the system as well as how to solve the problems they might face while using the system. As per the individual requirements and your company’s operational industry, the training program can be refined. The length of the training is 7 hours.

This support package is only available in Poland.

You can send a description of your needs or the bugs you wish the YetiForce team to fix to info@yetiforce.shop. They will let you know the support package that is suitable for you. Also, they will inform you when they can start working on the order. After receiving an email from the team and accepting the estimated time, you will be able to purchase your support package. As soon as they finish working on your order, you will receive a link where you can test the functionality of the system. You can send your feedback and necessary suggestion to the team.

Apart from these support packages, YetiForce also provides you with a platform on which you can report any issues you face while using the system.


The YetiForce CRM system is an open-source software application that can be downloaded, installed, and used free of cost. This system offers you control, efficiency, innovation, and multitasking. Due to its flexibility, you are able to customize and adjust this system according to your business needs. It gives you the freedom to disable its unnecessary modules and also to develop and add the required modules. The YetiForce team and the YetiForce community constantly work for the improvement of this system. The rich features and versatile functionalities help you manage all of your business-related tasks smoothly and efficiently.

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