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Full Yaware.TimeManager Time Tracking Software Review – All you need to know about Yaware.TimeManager

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Do you need a time tracking software that can improve your business team productivity? Look no further with Yaware.TimeManager.

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In every business environment, productivity is an important facet of every business operations. Besides, every business administrators are inclined towards improving the overall business productivity. On the other hand, in order to improve business productivity, evaluating the time and resources spent on tasks becomes imperative.

Time is a valuable resource, which is often misused by employees; hence, truncating the company’s level of productivity. To ensure your time is accurately managed and your firm’s level of productivity is sustained, Yaware.TimeManager is a time tracking software to consider.

What is Yaware.TimeManager?

Yaware.TimeManager is a cloud-hosted/on-premise time tracking software, which is designed to facilitate precise data collection and enhance an all-inclusive organizational time tracking and project management functions.

time tracking softwareThe actual goal of Yaware.TimeManager is to assist businesses (regardless of size and function), to precisely identify where each segment of their business fall; under “productive” or “non-productive” categories.

Furthermore, Yaware.TimeManager helps employers in outlining their core business objectives whether short or long term. This time tracking software also assists them in making plans towards achieving the set objectives, thereby ensuring employees follow through with the execution of the plans stipulated by the organization.

Nevertheless, Yaware.TimeManager ensures the goals of your business are achieved, by constantly monitoring your employees’ performance and ensuring the given timeframe for the completion of every project is never elapsed.

Since performance results are important for businesses, in deciding which business department is productive or non-productive. Yaware.TimeManager on the other hand, continuously assists a diverse group of companies and industries, to effectively manage their workforce. With a time tracking software such as Yaware.TimeManager, business organizations can, therefore, improve their productivity as well as profitability.

Benefits of Yaware.TimeManager

Increases morale

As a regulator and resource tracking solution, you are able to use Yaware.TimeManager to determine which employees are striving to increase their level of productivity at work or otherwise. Essentially, you can use such outcomes to motivate and acknowledge such employees on their performance and also reward them as appropriate. This would, no doubt, motivate them to give more.

Furthermore, Yaware.TimeManager time tracking software encourages employees to properly manage their time and be fully dedicated to their assignments. This is made possible with the prospect of being recognized for performance-based accolades like “best employee of the year’, as well as its accompanying benefits.

Cost effective solution

Yaware.TimeManager not only facilitates time tracking but also provides users with additional functionalities such as expense tracking, productivity tracking, internet & software use monitoring, and many more. This enables business organizations from purchasing disparate software solutions which provides functionalities available on the Yaware.TimeManager platform.

Time management

time tracking softwareYaware.TimeManager is designed to enhance efficiency and increase the productivity of your business. It encourages your employees to always strive, towards improving their individual time management ability. This ensures your employees are able to work towards achieving their personal goals, while at the same time, working towards enhancing your firm’s productivity.

Business managers can at any moment take webcam snapshots or screenshots of their employees workstation monitor; hence, employee’s task progress can be monitored by business administrators in real-time.

Increases productivity

Through automation, Yaware.TimeManager ensures project managers or business owners are able to ascertain which routine management activities can be harnessed to intensify productivity.

With the automated time tracking feature, business owners are well-informed to better enhance the balance between off-line and on-line undertakings. Hence, you are able to eradicate wasteful activities or time-wasting software applications; thereby ensuring overall productivity is attained.

Resource management

Yaware.TimeManager’s automated reporting solution is an integrated system that provides business managers with precise, tailor-made reports on employees’ attendance, general internet and software application access habits and so on.

Basically, it is possible to properly design and implement employees’ flex-time and overtime. This is, essentially, aimed at increasing the adeptness of your employees and ensuring your work environment is conducive for productive endeavours.

Access to free demos

Prospective Yaware.TimeManager users are provided with limited free demo, with the option of using the free trial version of the software up to 14 days. Besides, the live demo can be rescheduled to benefit or fit clients’ time timetables.

Exceptional technical support

time tracking softwareFor new users, who lack the basic know-how of the technical platform of Yaware.TimeManager, they can get round-the-clock technical support from the software’s support team. This support is available, uninterrupted, for the entire first year of using Yaware.TimeManager software.

Nevertheless, Yaware.TimeManager support includes the enterprise installation by the company’s engineers, indefinite consultative sessions on system implementation and proper configuration, to ensure you enjoy the full benefits the software offers.

Key Features of Yaware.TimeManager Time Tracking Software

Online/Offline Time Tracking

Yaware.TimeManager time tracking software facilitates both online and offline time tracking process. With Yaware.TimeManager, business managers can track time spent by employees on assigned tasks within the organization. This time tracking software allows you to capture webcam snapshots and screenshots of your employees’ workstations in real-time.

In addition, Yaware.TimeManager also supports automatic categorization of work time thereby allowing users to filter between important or less important tasks. Nevertheless, time entries recorded by Yaware.TimeManager while in offline mode is automatically synced on the platform after internet connectivity.

Internet & Software Monitoring

Yaware.TimeManager comes with a powerful monitoring tool, which allows you to regulate resource utilization within your company, in order to eliminate time-wasting and expenses. Hence, you are able to optimize your resource usage by ensuring you expend more resources on productive activities.

In essence, the time tracking software helps you keep close watch over your working time, to determine how many hours are spent (by you and your employees) on every website or software application opened, during working hours.

Productivity Analytics

Productivity analytics ensures the precise classification of your working days, based on a three-cluster system; “productive”, “unproductive” and “neutral”. These classifications help you determine where time is being misused; hence, you are able to adjust your schedule as appropriate.

With this feature, you are able to schedule your tasks and prioritize more effectively. This ensures you maintain practical balance and sustained the level of productivity in your firm.

Remote Resource Monitoring

Yaware.TimeManager’s time tracking software provides business managers with a real-time overview of their organization’s resources. Besides, this time tracking software assists employers to remotely connect to the platform via web-enabled devices in order to track employees’ productivity, classify their working hours, and automatically receive spontaneous notifications on work progress.

Additionally, this time tracking software helps business managers in generating comprehensive reports, for review which facilitates effective decision-making process in the conduct business operations.

Organize & Delegate

time tracking softwareYaware.TimeManager facilitates better organization and allocation of tasks to your employees. This time tracking enables the creation of stronger and collaborative workforce, between managers and their personnel while working on projects, either onsite or offsite.

In addition, Yaware.TimeManager allows business administrators to utilize employees’ previous output information, to effectively carry out performance evaluation thereby improving employees’ efficiency.


Yaware.TimeManager is designed to fully comply with existent clients’/companies’ regulatory and security standards. This enables you, as an employer, to maintain overall control of the workflow and protection of confidential information for your firm.

Basically, this time tracking software provides you with an on-premise deployment option, which ensures that your company’s critical information will remain on your preferred (personal) server; hence, such information can only be obtained by top management or specific personnel with permissible security clearance.

Other important features of Yaware.TimeManager include:

  • Overtime management
  • Job performance boost
  • Email and mobile notifications
  • Expense tracking
  • Automatic time capture
  • Billable and non-billable hours
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Employee database
  • Expense tracking
  • Mobile time tracking
  • Multiple billing rates
  • Time per project reporting
  • Vacation/leave tracking


time tracking softwareYaware.TimeManager time tracking software caters to the needs of all kinds of business organizations regardless of their sizes.

Here are the pricing plans for Yaware.TimeManager:

TimeWatcher – $45.49 per employee when billed annually, or $5.49 per employee when billed on a monthly basis

  • Automatic activity monitoring
  • Time and productivity reports
  • User group management
  • Screenshots and snapshots
  • IOS/Android applications
  • Six months data storage
  • .CSV data export

TimeManager Basic – $49.99 per employee when billed annually, or $5.99 per employee when billed on a monthly basis

  • All features of the TimeWatcher plan, including:
  • Project and task management dashboard
  • Visual project and task time planning
  • Project and task budgeting
  • Personal time request and management
  • Real-time notifications
  • Real-time project dashboard

TimeManager Full – $83.89 per employee when billed annually, or $9.99 per employee when billed on a monthly basis

  • All features of the TimeManager Basic plan, including:
  • Third-party integrations


Yaware.TimeManager offers a free trial of the 14-day period for intending users to test evaluate the platform prior to subscribing to any of its pricing plans.

Technical Details

Supported devices: Any web-enabled devices, Android, Linux, Windows, iPhone/iPad, Mac

Locations serviced: United States, United Kingdom, China, Canada, Latin America, Germany, Africa, Middle-East, Europe

Pricing model: Monthly payment, Annual Subscription

Supported Language: English, French

Customer Types: Small Business, Freelancer, Medium Business, Large Enterprises

API Availability: Yes, Yaware.TimeManager comes with an available API for use

Deployment: Cloud-Hosted, Open API, On-Premise

Support Details

Yaware.TimeManager time tracking software offers the following after-sales support:

Email Support: contact@yaware.ca

Phone Support: +1 888 9 020 020

Online Support


Live Chat

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