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Full xSellco Repricer Sales Automation Software Review – All you need to know about Sellco Repricer Sales Automation Software

What is

What basically is the function of xSellco Repricer? This software helps business to make shrewd business decisions. Most importantly without missing any opportunity, it allows the businesses to sell on the scale.

On a technical standpoint, this software acts as a spying agent upon the leading competitors of any business. It also spies on any similar platform incorporated with it.

The perk of spying with this software is that you end up devising your own competing policies. So, by utilizing Amazon’s web service you reprise your products at the time your rival business run out of their products.

The process may appear very simple but it is not as it seems. The difficult part is how it all happens. Reprising may be swift but it is not immediate. It offers a net profit margin so that the users can regulate prices to the desired revenue.

For such a robust network, xSellco is amazingly convenient to establish, operate and maintain.

The users can investigate the features of this software without any charge. The software offers its regular two weeks free trial period. In this time, the companies can decide which package is appropriate for them depending on their business situations.

At the same time, the purchasers should ensure that they check the software’s support system. Secondly, they should be at ease with their trained team members.

What is xSellco Repricer?

What is

xSellco Repricer is one of the three renowned business components of xSellco. This component looks after the present reprising strategy.

Alongside, this software also manages the margin and competitive pricing that enables the small business to make thriving profits.

xSellco works in an entirely different manner from the mercantile sellers. In order to compete with the FBA, this software designs its own set of pricing regulations.

In this way for each seller, the software strives to create a different strategy.

This software, as a result, won the award for fostering a thumbs up experience among users in 2017.

The perk of using this software solution is that it paves you for acquiring the buy box as opposed to offering lowermost price.

At the same time, this solution also keeps an eye on the lowest possible price ranges. This helps the users to regulate their own policies and maximize profit whenever the situation favors them.

The company reports that upon the product launching on Amazon, the profit increased to 145% just thirty weeks later.

So because of the software’s incredible effects, it is the most prominent and renowned software in the country. It is the number one choice of the retailers.

Europe is the birthplace of this platform. In this respect, it is used in a variety of languages such as English, German, Italian, French and Spanish

Benefits of xSellco Repricer

To make an immediate grab for Amazon Buy Box, a proficient vendor should acknowledge the significance of this software. Thus, the vendor should not ignore numerous benefits of this modern up to date competition tracker.

As soon as your rival business runs out of stock, this software immediately notifies you. in this way, you can take the necessary action and formulate your own policies accordingly.

Similarly, upon any negative response and low probability SKUs, you can direct your decisions consequently. And you will not miss any opportunity to produce income if this circumstances occur.

However, the main question is how this all happen?

Comprehensive Competitor Insights


This whole process occurs within the confines of comprehensive competitor insight. As a result, much more than simple aspects of pricing and product amounts come in to the larger picture.

As mentioned, this software spies on the leading ten rivals of Amazon so that it can highlight any reprising situation.

Therefore, instead of just itemizing the leading products of the rivals, this software goes one step ahead. By being picky, it makes diverse tactics for each of the rival business in the light of their respective behavior.

Five-star Seller Metrics

In order to retain a competitive adjust, you should try to adjust your pricing strategies in accordance with your rivals. This advice is appropriate even in situations when the competitor’s pricing is far beyond your range.

However, with the five-star seller metrics, you can do that in an unconventional form. They ensure that you base your final reprising upon the feedback and reviews of the end consumer.

So, as opposed to setting pricing based on pricing data this alternative solution is one step ahead. It will allow you to stay in the market even when the rivals are leveraging the opportunities for their dominance.

Keeps Check on Competitors

The best part of xSellco is that it tracks and keeps check on the competitors pricing moves. In this way, this software guarantees that the retailers will get profits even when they are sound asleep.

Additionally, xSellco is also an efficient net profit reprising system. As a result, it makes sure that as you reach the expected profit margin, you immediately sell the product. This move is irrespective of the amount or prices or products have listed in the system.

Consistent Pricing

This software system has a unique pricing replicator which guarantees that there is unswerving pricings on all platforms. These platforms include eBay, Shopify, Magneto and many more.

In other words, it implies that you can take prompt action without adhering to any platform imposing limitations.

As mentioned earlier as well, you are in charge of designing those rules that you are at ease with.

Safe Environment

The xSellco system fosters a safe and secure environment where you can work with utmost comfort. The triple check safeguards strength the working environment.

These robust security mechanisms ensure that you do not implement the product once its prices goes below the expected one.

This safeguarding environment is the guarantee which the company promises its clients. And for the most part, the system’s efficiency is never put to question.

Features of xSellco

In order to use this reprising system efficiently, let us have a look at some of its outstanding features. But before that, keep in mind that not all reprising systems are not the same.

Some of them highly automate the process. But at the same time, they take advantage of users experience and skill.

Multiple Channel Reprising

This feature enables the management of pricing on each and every domain of Amazon. As a result, the business sees success and expansion at an international level.

Stabilizing Pricing

This feature allow the users to manage the duplicate pricing of their products throughout all channels of sales. The sales channels include Magneto, eBay, amazon and many more

Automated Price Adjustment

At the best possible price, strive to win the Amazon Buy Box. In this way, you can spontaneously make the pricing go up pertaining to the requirements of the competitive environment.

Net-Margin Reprising

On each and every sale, make an enduring goal that is striving for profit. As you enter your cost, observe that through this feature, you will only make sales at your perceived profit margin.

Price Scheduler


During the times when the sales are at rest, keep yourself in the picture by programming time-specific policies. Such policies and rules will augment and enhance your pricing strategies.

Amazon Buy Box Predictor

By aiming to win the exclusive buy box feature, take action with determination. In the process, you will be able to recognize and pinpoint products having low probability.

Centralized Dashboard

By means of a single interactive and spontaneous dashboard, you can regulate customer support from all the sales channels.

Snippets and Templates

By applying double clicks to the Xsellco’s signature message templates, you can respond to customer’s queries.

Snippets on the other hand, add promptness to the responding process. It is because snippets automates the important facts concerning the customers such as name, order and delivery details.

Auto Translation

The features allows the retailers to broaden their existing selling platform on an international level.

Through this feature, there is no need for translators or multilingual individuals who help to erase the language barriers.

Because through xSellco, your team members can easily and efficiently communicate in diverse languages.

Complete Order Details

This feature allows the retailers to reach out to their customers at a faster rate. Within each message, there is a full view of the customers’ order details, delivery status and method of payment.

Auto Responder

Through the feature of Auto-responder, the xSellco ensures that none of the customers is left waiting. Thus through automated responses, reach out to your customers and fulfill their expectation.

Customer satisfaction is a guarantee through this feature even during times when sales are at its pinnacle and business is thriving. Furthermore, auto responder reach out to customers even during out of office timings as well.

Listing and Viewing

Every support ticket allows the viewing of complete order details a customer places. This viewing is possible through the integration of e-commerce administration podiums to your xSellco account. These podiums include Skubana, BrightPearl, Channel Advisor and Linnworks.


xSellco Repricer offers various payment strategies nd procedures to the interesting parties. Different factors define which plan they might choose.

It depends on whether the purchasers want to manage a small team or they want to manage a huge enterprise. So accordingly, they can choose from the payment plans of the xSellco.

Keep in mind that whatever plan you opt, you can enjoy a free trial of 2 weeks from the company. In this way, you can test the features beforehand.

So below are some of the details of each plan:

Basic Payment Plan

You can purchase this basic plan for $69 per month. The company expects that the purchasers collective pay for this plan at the end of the year.

This plan allows the users to keep a 24 hour check on the moves of the competitors. They can also have an access to unlimited marketplaces.

At every hour, there is a perk of repricing. There is support via email and product performance reports feature is also given.

An Add-On Plan

At the price of $199 per month, this plan provides add-on benefits to the users. at the year of the year, the company collects the bill of this plan.

This plan gives the users the benefit of getting access to unlimited SKUs and immediate reprising. For seven days, the retailers can keep a check on their rivals’ business moves.

Along with the product performance report facility, there is support through live chats, emails and phone. Buy Box predictor is an add-on feature of this plan.

Ultimate Plan

At the price of $349, this plan is an amalgamation of the add-on and basic plan along with some distinctive features.

The features that make this plan ultimate and exclusive include a month long surveillance on competitor’s pricing activities. And there are four extra features. They are Replicator, Price Scheduler, Profitability Analysis and Net-Margin Reprising.

Technical Details

Devices Supported

As multiple devices support xSellco, this system is highly popular among the retailers. On your system such as PC, you can access it as a software. On android devices and smartphones, you can access it as an application

You can download this system with great ease on any device. So the system can be web-based, Mac, window or Linux.

You can also use it on IPhone, IPads and Windows mobile and android phones.

Language Support

English is the only language support for this software

Pricing Model

There are two types of pricing models for xSellco software/application. They are convenient as on the basis of them you can establish auto payments. Without incurring any hassle online you can pay for it every month or opt for annual subscriptions

Customer Types


All businesses can make use of this application by downloading it. However, in order to download it, you need to register as a business.

So whether the setup is small or large, this application has far reaching results.

Just as it serves small business clients, it can also serve big influential clients of large enterprises.


Cloud hosting service is the only means of deployment of this application.

Support Details

In order to avail the facility of support service from XSellco Company, the purchasers have various options. These options are always available through phone and email.

You have one option of signing in your email account and send the message directly to the company. And if you do not desire to use the email option, you can get access to live support.

The representatives of the company are always at your assistance for live support. They ensure that receive utmost satisfaction from their part. And if at some point, they cease to satisfy you, they will schedule a next appointment to reach out to your queries.

Furthermore, you also have the option of obtaining training from the experts of xSellco. All you need to do is book an empty time slot and attend the training.


As opposed to other Amazon Repricers that operate within the confines of their own web-servers, xSellco is slightly different. The xSellco repricer makes sure that you reprice all your SKUs at a faster speed.

So, the minute your competitor runs out of stock, this swift repricing software informs you promptly. In this way, you can be one step ahead of your competitors.

Do not rely on price as a defining feature of your business strategy. Keep a bull’s eye on the leading ten rivals through the features of tracking and competitor insights.

On the success of each SKU, try to obtain intelligence. Try to get the buy box in your court and formulate such policies to compete against your rivals.

On the basis of potential benefit, give your products their deserving prices. In to the repricer, xSellco allows the retailers to list and record their prices. Then use net-margin pricing feature to make a profit at all times.

Reprice either all or some of your inventory, set easy or complicated rules and the target the desired competitors. In the timespan of just minutes, you can activate the repricer. However, at any stage you acquire help and assistance, xSellco experts will be willing to give you a helping hand.