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Full XSellco Repricer review – all you need to know about XSellco Repricer


If you’re an online seller only two things matter – reputation and price. Managing price effectively helps you win the buy box. This can get you selling up to 10 times more. When you’ve got hundreds or thousands of products pricing your products against other sellers whilst ensuring you make a profit is a daunting task. Even modest inventory can result in thousands of repricing events every day. This is why organizations employ a sales automation software. XSellco Repricer is one of the most commonly used sales automation platforms.

What is XSellco Repricer?

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XSellco Repricer is one of the three modules designed by XSellco. The module helps the organization in real time pricing and margin pricing of their products. This helps small or large scale business increase their sales in a seamless manner. XSellco Repricer employs intelligent pricing rule sets which helps you tailor a unique strategy for each of your rival sellers. It was awarded the Great User Experience Award in the year 2017.

The XSellco Repricer is an instantly pricing solution that combines algorithmic and net margin repricing. This helps you sell your products more profitably. Simply log in, set some rules on how you want to compete and the application will do the rest. It helps in responding to competitors activity immediately to ensure that you’re gaining a higher share of the buy box at the best price.

What makes XSellco Repricer powerful is provides an alternative way of winning the Buy Box rather than the lowest pricing method. In addition, it also keeps an eye on the minimum pricing so that you can adjust your scheme. This helps you maximize your profit whenever there is a chance. The company guarantees that on an average there will be an increase in your sales b 145 % by using the application for just 30 weeks. Due to this ability of drastically increasing sales, the platform is employed by prominent organizations in many countries. The application is available in the German, French, Italian and Spanish language apart from English.

XSellco Repricer is useful because it helps organizations make smart decisions. They can sell on a scale without missing any important changes. The platform tracks your top rivals across all major platforms like Amazon, eBay, and others. It follows the success of every SKU to help you win the Buy Box. The biggest advantage of using the XSellco Repricer is that it helps you set your own competing rules. You can reprice your products the moment your rivals reprice or run out of their products.

When you list a product a lot of repricers only allow you to set your Min and Max pricing. They let you input your costs so that every time you make a sale you know exactly whether you made a profit on it as well as how much profit you can potentially make. With XSellco Repricer you can get full profitability analytics so you always know which products are selling well and which are underperforming. Repricing need not be a race to the bottom. The platform approaches your products both up and down to ensure that you’re always owning the maximum possible amount for each product.

The protector tool shows you which of your products are likely to win the buy box. All this means that as an online seller you can relax in the knowledge that your products are always being priced competitively every single time. XSellco Repricer provides a free 14 days trial. Use the trial plan to explore the features of the application. Start using the platform and you’ll see increased sales at an increased margin.


  • XSellco Repricer helps in the real-time pricing of your products
  • It enables you to win the Buy Box
  • It is intuitive and easy to use
  • Your product pricing is reflected across all Amazon workplace.
  • It helps you track your competitor’s pricing
  • It is simple to setup
  • You can set flexible pricing rules
  • It provides an extensive support team.



XSellco Repricer is a well-designed pricing solution. It combines the algorithmic and net margin repricing to ensure that you win big Buy Box. As a result, you can sell your products more profitably. The application guarantees an average sale increase of around 145 % in just 30 weeks.

It allows repricing across multiple channels. You can manage your pricing across all Amazon marketplace. This way it helps you grow your business internationally.  XSellco Repricer is known for its ability to make smart decisions. It keeps track of your rivals across all major platforms. You can set your own competition rules. This helps you to reprice your products the moment your rivals do so or when they run out of their products.

Additionally, the application provides you with the ability to schedule rules. This helps you to raise your game and improve sales during the quiet periods of the day. The time-specific rules help you optimize your pricing strategy. Additionally, the application automatically identifies the products which have fewer chances of winning the Buy Box. You can then take the necessary actions to improve the chances of winning.

Simple and Quick

XSellco Repricer provides an intuitive and easy to use interface. It does not require a sharp learning curve. You can set up on XSellco Repricer in minutes. Based on your pricing rule set, the application automatically adjusts the pricing of your products and replicates the prices across all your marketplace. This helps you to compete with your rivals 24 by 7.

XSellco Repricer provides various predefined repricing strategy templates. There are 7 predefined repricing templates by default. You can create new templates and save them for future use as well. Additionally, you can edit the existing templates according to your business needs.

The application provides a powerful search feature which helps you search desired products in a click. You can also filter and sort the result set. Another attractive feature of the application is its speed. It helps you to reprice your products at a fast rate so that you are always ahead of your competitors. XSellco Repricer reacts instantly to the product price change so that you can win the Buy Box.

Managing even modest inventory can result in thousands of repricing events every day which is a daunting task. XSellco Repricer follows the success of every SKU to help you win the Buy Box. It helps you perform bulk actions on products by setting their min/max price and repricing rules. All the information you need about your SKUs is available to you in a click.

Track Competitor

XSellco Repricer helps you track your competitors across all Amazon Marketplace. It shows you which competitor’s products are beating your products. This way you can take necessary actions and ensure that you win back the Buy Box. It offers various reports which show the key trends that affect your sales. This helps you make informed business decisions.

With XSellco Repricer you make decisions based on the price and sale history of your products. You also take into account the corresponding Buy Box winner for every SKU. This increases your chances of winning Buy Box.

Flexible Rules

XSellco Repricer allows you to set intelligent pricing rules which helps you win Buy Box. It helps you compete with seller-fulfilled and FBA merchants differently. You can target individual seller by setting specific pricing rules for them. In case you have a 5-star seller metric, you can use them to target your rivals by their feedback.

With XSellco Repricer you can easily manage your stock level. When your rival runs out of product, you can increase your product pricing. The application enables you to adjust your strategy when your stock level is low. When you own the Buy Box, increment your product pricing exponentially to earn big.

No matter whether you are selling locally or internationally, you can set rules that take into account your rivals locations. This ensures that you win the sale at the best price. Additionally, it provides you the feature to ignore sellers who sell outside your price range. This helps you to make a better-informed decision.

Safe and Secure

XSellco Repricer ensures that you always sell products at a profit and are never at loss. It allows you to sell products at a price that you are comfortable with. You can set the product minimum and maximum price. The application then automatically adjusts prices between this range. The triple check mechanism ensures that you never sell a product below the minimum set price. This ensures that you are never at loss.

XSellco Repricer partners with Amazon and is hosted on Amazon Web Service. This ensures that it responds to rival product price change instantly.

5-star seller metrics

Sometimes your competitor is priced outside your price range. Even then you can adjust your pricing to remain competitive. XSellco Repricer provides a 5-star seller metrics to do so. It tracks competitor’s reviews and empowers pricing based on what end users have to say. This piece of information is even more important than the pricing data. It helps you keep over the threshold.

Consistent Pricing

XSellco Repricer ensures that your product pricing is consistent across all Amazon workplace. This ensures that you are able to take actions instantly without complying with any threshold imposed by the platform.


XSellco Repricer provides several pricing plans to choose from. Have a look at the details of the plan and choose the one best suited for you. In addition, it provides  14 days free trial to its users. Use the trial period to explore all the features of the application. The details of the plans are:

Basics – USD 69 per month billed annually.

  • 5000 SKUs
  • Unlimited marketplace
  • 24 hours competitor tracking
  • Email support
  • Repricing every hour
  • Product performance reports
  • 3 channels
  • Standard support

Plus – USD 199 per month billed annually.

  • Unlimited SKUs
  • Unlimited marketplace
  • 7 days competitor tracking
  • Email, phone, live support
  • Instant repricing
  • Product performance reports
  • Unlimited channels
  • Standard support
  • Buy Box predictor

Ultimate – USD 349 per month billed annually.

  • Unlimited SKUs
  • Unlimited marketplace
  • 30 days competitor tracking
  • Email, phone, live support
  • Instant repricing
  • Product performance reports
  • Unlimited channels
  • Standard support
  • Buy Box predictor
  • Net margin repricing
  • Profitability analysis
  • Scheduler
  • Replicator

Technical Details

XSellco Repricer is a cloud-based platform. It does not rely on any hardware or software. Just log in to the website using a modern day browser and get started with your work. The platform is available in 5 different languages. As a result users across the globe can access the application.

  • Device Supported – Android, Web-based, Mac.
  • Language Supported – English, German, French, Italian, Spanish.
  • Pricing Model – Annual Subscription.
  • Customer Types – Small Business, Medium Business, Large Business, Freelancers.
  • Deployment –Cloud Hosted.

Support Details

XSellco Repricer is known for its excellent support team. The team ensures that customers get timely help. The support is available to all the user 24 by 7. The support team takes up to 24 hours to respond to your query. To get help, contact https://www.xsellco.com/contact. The various support options are:

  • Email – Facing issues while using the application or want to know more about it? Write to the support team at support@xsellco.com. Make sure you provide a detailed description of your issue in the email. This helps the support team to understand your problem better.
  • Phone – Want instant help? Call the support team at +35316760777. A knowledgeable person from the support team will address your issues.
  • Online Resources – There are various online resources available which help you solve your issues. These online videos and documents help you get an in-depth understanding of your issues. Refer these resources to save your time. In case you are still facing issues, consider emailing or calling the support team.


XSellco Repricer offered by XSellco is widely used by organizations to intelligently price their products. It helps you increase your sales and win Buy Box. Additionally, you can track your rival’s business performance as well and improve your strategy accordingly. With excellent support and 14 days trial to explore the application, XSellco Repricer is worth trying if you have an online store.

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