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Full WRS Health EHR Software Review – All You Need to Know About WRS Health


Lawrence Gordon, M.D was responsible for establishing WRS Health. He was a physician who had a taste of the issues that had to do with practicing medicine. The problems also come alongside dealing with the business constraints of operating a medical practice.

The company offers EHR which is web-based and completely integrated. It also provides practice management solutions for medical practices. Across the globe, practices are picking this company because:

They streamline and simplify clinical, patient and business workflows. It brings your healthcare company an increase in return of investment by letting physicians emphasize patient care.

The company’s target has always been to locate solutions to issues physicians deal with daily. By eradicating the noise that develops redundant data entry and tasks, physicians spend less time on screen with a computer. It will let them spend more face time with patients instead.

The organization grew in the year 2013, to offer:

  • Marketing
  • Customized billing
  • Meaningful use and clinical compliance services.

These services make use of innovative technology to offer workflow solutions. All of this occurs while ensuring increased income for the practice.

What is WRS Health?

WRS Health is a platform for EMR or electronic medical records and practice management. It aims to streamline the main activities of medical experts. The system provides modules ranging from:

  • Disease management,
  • Medical billing
  • E-prescribing
  • order management,
  • Image management,
  • Secure faxing
  • HER
  • Patient portal

Also, the platform serves around 35 specialties with specific workflows, templates, and functionality created for each. SureScripts RxHub and InfoGuard are responsible for certifying this solution.

WRS Health is a properly-crafted solution that ensures life is more comfortable for you, your staff and patients. It aids your practice and specialty in attaining its peak potential. It does this by boosting revenues while streamlining the medical practice.

WRS Health Benefits Overview

The solution offers users a host of benefits. Below are some of the major ones. They include:

It offers numerous modules

WRS Health is a comprehensive software that offers powerful modules. The platform is also easy to use and user-friendly. Your patients and staff would be able to find their way around the solution quickly.

Great Patient portal

wrs patient portal

The patient portal this solution offers is worth mentioning. The portal provides patients with basic functionalities and lets them check their health record over time. This portal also gives patients such freedom as to schedule automated reminders to refill prescriptions or for their next appointments.

It ensures it is easy for you to do everything earlier on before an encounter with the patient. The patients’ portal does not have functionality for an online appointment request. Nonetheless, it offers patients access to the tools for direct messaging.

Properly built website

wrs website

WRS Health offers a site with a professional look. The site ensures it is easy to give your patients a great first impression. Navigation is easy and gives you the freedom to choose favorite colors and styles.

Asides from this, it is easy to add information relating to your patients’ forms, specialized services, and provider information.

Complies with MIPS/meaningful use standards

Also, the solution meets the standards of MIPS/meaningful use. In complying with these regulations,, it means the system merges with other facilities to make sure all opportunities work for revenue count.

Also, this aids you in preventing possible negative ratings and payment penalties by government agencies.

Medical Billing Module

wrs billing

The solution offers great medical billing functionality. The various dynamics of a medical billing system which lets you do it yourself can be a tedious practice. With the help of WRS Health system, it places everything in the right place to ensure enhanced revenue and quicker payments.

You can also customize the process to your workflows. The WRS Health team of experts provide complete guidance and transparency to make sure of success.


Users have noted a few drawbacks with this solution. Some of these include:

  • The software has a technical support that is not so great
  • The results/task manager section may require some enhancement.

WRS Health Features Overview

  • Quick charting
  • Note template
  • Risk mitigation
  • Meaningful use
  • Patient portal
  • Marketing
  • Medication management
  • Billing
  • HIPAA compliant


wrs charting

One size is not suitable for all in an EHR. Every medical specialty comes with its charting requirements. The review of systems, physical exam and charting needs are distinct for each subspecialty and specialty.

You can customize the Quick Charting Templates of WRS EHR to meet your specific workflow and practice requirements. From the beginning, you get a default note format that fits perfectly with how you chart.

If the note you want to see is not available, the solution creates it on your behalf.

You also enjoy the following functionalities with this feature:

Ability to Chart Anytime, Anywhere

Majority of the charting events occur in the comfort of your office. However, you won’t always be able to foresee where you may require access to your information. Weekends, Evenings and time away may need easy and quick chart access.

WRS Health provides you the freedom of accessing your data from the cloud. It also lets you chart irrespective of your device. You also get a location or network setup which provides you an element of comfort and control.

These are features you would not get on tethered server based systems.

24/7 Secure Web Access

Clunky VPN connections hinder On-premises systems and get tethered to proprietary software and specific devices. With a system which is cloud-based like WRS Health, all you require is a connection to the web.

WRS Health lets you enhance your access and control with a true web-based EHR.

EHR Medication Management

wrs medication management

Electronically sending a retail prescription is just one aspect of a full e-prescribing EHR Medication Management solution. Lots of vendors end their functionality here. WRS Health offers you other fundamental features like:

  • Medication history: It helps you capture and include it as an aspect of the patient record. It lets you see past prescriptions quickly.
  • E-prescribing: It eradicates the error risks that have to do with handwritten scripts. It also abolishes the possibility of a patient to ask for replacement after losing a paper script.
  • Interaction checking: It offers this feature for all specialties. When you write a script, it makes check automatically and triggers alerts.
  • Health Maintenance Reminders and recalls get set with ease for medications that need ongoing lab work and monitoring. You can determine the protocol depending on your practice, and the system will alert patients automatically by email or phone.

When you order labs, the Order Tracking System aids in monitoring the status. It also notifies you if you need any actions and saves patients communications.

Patient Portal

Using the patient portal, users can gain access using a secure login. New patients who need an appointment can head online and add all insurance, demographic and medical information. They can do this before they even head to your office.

Practices can sort all of these out before the patient encounter, and the data heads into the integrated EMR. Practices will be able to upload forms specific to their practices. In turn, patients will be able to print at home before heading to the practice.

The feature aids in strengthening patient relationships in the following ways:

  • Your patients get frequent communications with information of high value from your practice. These could consist of health education significant to their appointment reminders, diagnoses and maintenance reminders.
  • Patients enjoy the comfort of viewing lab results, requesting Rx refills, and arranging appointments online via the secure patient portal.
  • Send your patient’s test results alongside educational materials and medication instructions. It also encrypts all data making sure you meet HIPAA standards.
  • You can develop your patient communications or customize regular communications to achieve your goals. You could include a link and map to locate a new office or information about products and books. What’s more, you will also get a link to buy them or a survey to estimate the satisfaction of patients.
  • It gives you complete authority as regards how you convey data to your patients using the patient portal. Your patients will be able to see just what you want them to and physician notes stay protected.

Faster Deposits and Payments

Using the posting and payment workflow the solution provides, it helps you deposit money in the bank immediately. It does this automatically.

Electronic payment occurs averagely two weeks quicker than paper checks. It drastically enhances the effect on your cash flow. By controlling the payment and aiding you in posting workflow, it frees your billing staff to sort other billing functions.

It also offers the following functionalities:

The solution alerts your front desk with the appropriate amount of the patient responsibility. These could be for coinsurance, co-payment, and deductible at both check-out and check-in. It ensures all payments occur before patients head out of your office.

  • The system integrates automatic payment and electronic deposits. It does this quicker than paper checks which in turn enhances your cash flow.
  • The system integrates online bill payment and credit card processing. It does this without the need to go to a third party software or separate portal
  • When the office gets any form of payment, all the linked electronic payment posting, entry or adjustments occur easily without any extra work.

Reports Tool

WRS Health offers a broad range of reports which cover billing, EMR, and accurate practice metrics. These could include:

  • Provider Time Spent with Patients
  • Patient Wait Time
  • Order Tracking

A tool for report customization allows you make changes to reports in existence or establish yours from the start. The canned reports emphasize being compliant with the Meaningful use program as well as claims and billings.

You will also be able to reach any information you store in the system with little effort.

WRS Health Pricing

wrs pricing

WRS Health provides three custom enterprise pricing plans for a host of teams and institutions. Pricing for the clinical package of WRS Health begins from $274 each month for each doctor.
The Enterprise edition costs $450 each month per doctor.

The following are the features that come with these plans. They include:

Clinical plan

  • EHR
  • SureScriot gateway connection
  • State public health registry connections
  • Laboratory connection
  • 4 step encounter tracking
  • Health information exchange connection
  • Patient secure messaging
  • Automated appointment reminders and alerts
  • Clearinghouse connection
  • Customized and branded physician communication
  • Web platform and web access
  • Patient’s education module
  • Patient portal
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • EHR connectivity
  • Professional specialty specific website
  • Online Bill payment
  • Customized web scheduling
  • Online registration
  • Customized and branded patients communication

RCM and PM

  • Revenue cycle management
  • Personalized web scheduling
  • Patient secure messaging
  • Automated appointment reminders and alerts
  • Online registration
  • Patients education module
  • Automated eligibility checking
  • Referral management
  • SMS patients messaging
  • Web platform and web access
  • 4 step encounter tracking
  • Professional specialty specific website

Enterprise plan

  • Everything in Clinical plan and the RCM and PM plan plus
  • ERx Gold Module with Formulary Check
  • EHR Customization Engine
  • Document Management Integration
  • Meaningful Use Dashboard
  • Integrated Incoming & Outgoing Fax
  • Digital Pen Integration
  • E&M Coding Pack
  • Patient Portal & Personal Health Record
  • Surgical Scheduling Queue & Communication Module
  • Patient Lab Alerts & Reporting
  • Health Maintenance Module
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Online Appointment Scheduling
  • Check-in Module
  • EHR Connectivity
  • Cloud EHR with 24×7 Access
  • Online Bill Payment

Technical Details

Supported Devices

This solution supports a range of devices to ensure that you always stay connected. They include:

  • Windows
  • Web-based
  • Mac

Language Support

  • English

Pricing Model

  • Quote-based

Customer Types

It is ideal for various customers ranging from:

  • Small Business
  • Medium Business
  • Large Enterprises


  • Cloud Hosted

Support Details

Depending on what users prefer, support is available in either:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Live Support

To Wrap Up

WRS Health is an extremely functional application. It provides lots of unique features that ensure the clinicians remain at the center of the design team. It makes it a leader in the field of EMR.

WRS Health personalizes the system for over 35 specialty fields. However, if a practice is not in the system already customizing one can take time via the customer support network.

Also, the amount of data the EMR application fits into the screen can be overwhelming. As a result, it may require a long learning curve. If you are bent on using a suitable EMR solution, WRS Health might be the way to go.