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Full Workplace by Facebook Collaboration Software review – all you need to know about Workplace by Facebook Collaboration Software

Workplace by Facebook
Workplace by Facebook

What is Workplace by Facebook?

Workplace by Facebook is a collaboration application that helps you connect, collaborate, and communicate across desktop and mobile devices. Workplace by Facebook offers some of our familiar features such as groups, chats, and video calls.

With Workplace by Facebook, you can get rid of tedious email chains by replacing them email chains with instant messaging and video calls. With Workplace, you can start a chat or a video call for a one-to-one as well as a group conversation. You are able to connect with anyone from within your business or anyone from outside the business. Using Workplace by Facebook, you can communicate instantly whenever you want from wherever you want.

Workplace by Facebook allows you to collaborate on projects. The groups are private spaces that can be used to manage information, discuss projects, share documents, and thus work together. You are allowed to create as many groups as you need and invite the people you require to be the part of the groups from inside or outside of your business. Finally, you can work together on a task or a project in a group.

Workplace offers News Feed, which is a personalized guide to what is happening in a business. News Feed keeps you up-to-date with the information that is important to you. News Feed used artificial intelligence (AI) for showing you posts from the projects and people you are interested in. Therefore, you are able to keep your required information and filter out the unwanted information. On the other hand, News Feed ensures that your posts are viewed by the right people at the right moment.

Workplace by Facebook offers you the opportunity to integrate it into your favorite enterprise tools. This results in better productivity. You can connect to the applications and services which you are already using for storing information, developing your team members, getting the work done. Some of the tools with which you are able to integrate Workplace are Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint, Dropbox, Box, Egnyte, Quip, AODocs, Bloomberg, Smartsheet, Jira Cloud, Adobe Sign, and Zoom.


The benefits of using Workplace by Facebook as a collaboration tool for your business are as follows:

  • By combining next-generation technology and user-friendly features, Workplace transforms workflows, culture, and communications inside your business.
  • Workplace is suitable for all kinds of businesses, irrespective of their sizes, shapes, and types.
  • Workplace allows you to create ‘groups’ which are private places to discuss projects, share documents, and share and manage information.
  • With workplace, you are able to share important information regarding your projects or any other things via News Feed.
  • Workplace helps you to receive real-time feedback on anything you share via reactions, likes, and comments.
  • Using live video, you can share something immediately, directly, and in a more authentic way.
  • With the auto-translate feature of Workplace, you can become a global communicator.
  • To know the immediate reaction on an issue, you can run polls in groups.
  • Workplace by Facebook offers chatbots that makes onboarding, benefits, and payroll processes easy and fast.
  • With Workplace, you are able to share live videos, articles, and webinars for the purpose of efficient training.
  • Workplace offers the combination of the real-time urgency of instant messaging with careful discussions in groups. You can get responses in Workplace Chat in real time. The groups can be used for deliberate conversations.
  • With one-click provisioning and single sign-on, Workplace offers simple deployment model.
  • With Workplace, you can connect to tools that are already been used in your business. You also get the opportunity to search for new applications in the integration directory. You can also develop custom integrations with the service partners of Workplace.
  • When you opt for Workplace Premium, you will always have full control over the data related to your business.


Workplace by Facebook has quite a few attractive features. They are as follows:

Workplace Chat

Workplace offers you Workplace Chat, which acts as the communication portal for your entire business. In Workplace Chat, your team members can start a conversation, share ideas, and take quick decisions. Thus, Workplace Chat helps get quality work done in less time. The Workplace Chat application can be installed in mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems. There is also a desktop application. Using Workplace Chat, you can communicate with anyone with stickers, GIFs, emojis, etc. You are also able to send voice clips, share your current location, or run a poll. You can think of Workplace Chat as Facebook Messenger for business. With Workplace Chat, you can conduct one-to-one meetings as well as group meetings. You are able to invite up to 50 people for video conferencing. Thus, Workplace Chat helps in bringing your team together.


Groups are private collaboration spaces created to discuss projects, manage information, and share documents securely with team members or clients. Using groups feature, you can assign tasks to your team members and share feedback on a task. You can also post updates related to your project in groups. With Workplace, you can create an unlimited number of groups. Each group guarantees secure file sharing and has an unlimited amount of storage. Your groups can be open, closed, or secret. Hence, you can make sure that the right people gain the access to their required information.

Video Chat

Using Workplace, you can make high definition (HD) video calls by touching a button from your Workplace Chat. You can start video conferencing where you can add up to 50 people no matter where they are located.

Org Chart

With Org Chart, you can find people in your business and build connections with them just as Facebook. It allows you to look up individuals profiles of the people at your business and their team information. Org Chart shows the contact details, location, manager, team structure, and daily schedules of all the people in your business. In this way, you do not have to waste time thinking about whom to ask for help if you face any issue.

News Feed

With News Feed, you can keep yourself up-to-date with all the information that matters to you. As businesses run on information, you may get overwhelmed by a plethora of information. With an advanced AI, News Feed shows you only relevant information. You are able to stay connected to your team and your work. News Feed also ensures that your posts get viewed the right people.

Live Video

Workplace by Facebook helps you show your team your best side with Live Video feature. You are able to connect to your entire project group or team instantly with live video. The live video feature also lets you collect real-time feedback in the form of reactions and comments.


The auto-translate feature of Workplace allows you to break the language barrier. THus, it helps you make your business a global one. This feature especially helps businesses with offices in different parts of the world. With auto-translate, global communications become easy. When the News Feed feature sees any post in a different language, it will translate that post to your desired language instantly.


You can integrate Workplace with many popular enterprise tools. This helps your team share easily, stay connected, simplify processes, and get work done faster. You can enable bots to send notifications automatically in Workplace Chats or groups. In this way, information travels faster than usual. Bots can also help you streamline common tasks such as managing leaves of your team members, filing task sheets from Workplace Chat.


Workplace by Facebook offers two plans: Standard and Premium. You can use the Standard plan without spending a dime. Yes, it is absolutely free. Some of the key highlights of the Standard plan are as follows:

  • It offers live video streaming
  • It offers voice and video calling facility from desktop and mobile devices
  • It presents Workplace and Work Chat applications for Android and iOS devices
  • It offers an unlimited amount of file storage
  • It presents an unlimited number of team and project groups
  • It offers integration with other file storage providers
  • It presents desktop notifier for Windows
  • It offers secure collaboration between businesses

To experience a few more powerful feature of Workplace by Facebook, you can opt for the Premium plan. You have to pay $3 per active user per month for the Premium plan. Please note that you should only for your active users. For example, you have subscribed to the Premium plan for 30 members. However, only 20 of them are actively using the application. In this case, you have to pay for only those 20 members. You can try premium for free for 90 days. Registered non-profit organizations and staff of educational institutions can use Workplace Premium for free of cost.

Some of the key highlights of the Premium plan are as follows:

  • It offers live video streaming
  • It offers voice and video calling facility from desktop and mobile devices
  • It presents Workplace and Work Chat applications for Android and iOS devices
  • It offers an unlimited amount of file storage
  • It presents an unlimited number of team and project groups
  • It offers integration with other file storage providers
  • It presents desktop notifier for Windows
  • It offers secure collaboration between businesses
  • It presents a directory of pre-built integrations
  • It offers administrative controls to manage your community
  • It presents IT teams with monitoring tools
  • It presents APIs for custom integrations and bots
  • It offers integration with e-discovery and compliance providers
  • It presents Single Sign-On (SSO) and Active Directory support
  • It offers integration with Windows Azure AD, G Suite, Okta, and many more
  • It offers one-to-one email support to administrators

For further information on pricing for Workplace by Facebook, please visit the webpage https://www.facebook.com/workplace/pricing?source=topbar.

Technical Details

Workplace by Facebook is a web-based collaboration application that supports systems with Windows and Mac operating systems. You can also download the mobile application of Samepage on your smartphone with Android or iOS operating system. Workplace has a cloud-hosted deployment model.  The languages supported by Workplace are English, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French, and Spanish.

Support Details

The support team of Workplace by Facebook offers services via email and phone. However, you are able to contact the support team only if you are an admin on Workplace Premium. You should click the ‘question mark’ symbol present at the top right corner of your page for getting all types of support. You can visit ‘Contact Workplace Support’, and the support team will contact you within 48 hours. However, the support team usually tries to reply within 24 hours. Next, you can go to your ‘Support Inbox’. Here, you will be able to find your correspondence with Workplace support. You can also reply to your messages from the Support inbox, or you can use your work email for this purpose.

You can visit the webpage https://developers.facebook.com/docs/workplace for developer support. It is a place where you can learn about technical integration between your business and the Workplace application. Workplace offers the Transformation Center, which is a central repository for all the best practices of Workplace. Here, you will also find resources for ensuring a successful Workplace launch and gain quick and effective results within your business.

To get the necessary information about this software, you can visit the webpage https://www.facebook.com/help/work/?ref=workplace_marketing_site. You can use the nifty search tool present in this page to search answers for your questions. You can read about some of the popular topics such as joining Workplace, managing your account, and learning about groups. Workplace allows you to share, learn, and collaborate by visiting the Workplace help community.


With its simple yet powerful features, Workplace by Facebook can transform culture, communications, and workflows inside your business. You are able to share important information with your team as well as other people from your business using News Feed. You can use the live video feature for direct, authentic, and immediate sharing of information. With Workplace Chat bots, you can make onboarding, payroll, and benefits processes faster and easier. Auto-translate lets you become a global communicator. Moreover, Workplace can be integrated with many popular enterprise tools such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and many more. You can use Workplace for free, and you can use a considerable amount of its features. Workplace premium is also a cost-effective solution as it only charges for active users.