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Full Workamajig Platinum project management software review. All you need to know about Workamajig Platinum


What is Workamajig Platinum?

Workamajig Platinum is a project management software solution that has been designed specifically for creative industries and in-house advertising teams. Owing its origins as far back as 1986, the software was originally known as Creative Manager Pro, changing its name to Workamajig in 2008.

Designed as an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, the program helps creative companies manage all aspects of their business, encompassing activities such as revenue forecasting and finance management, through to customised management reporting, and assessments of profitability.

In terms of project management, the program enables users to create tasks, assign to staff members, and, via single message portal, to collaborate together. They are also able to create project schedules, manage consultants and freelancers, and, with the help of automated timesheets, track time spent on each project.  Meanwhile, via the program’s resource management features, users can plan and execute their marketing schedules, and monitor, through a single portal, all their current projects.

Amongst the current client roster are leading names like Hallmark, Liberty Mutual, Black & Decker, Comcast, and a prominent number of universities and educational establishments. The vendor claims that their platform is used by more than 3,000 creative agencies, and that 20% of the Fortune 500 uses their marketing management software.


The main benefits of the program are:

Helps Agencies Capitalise on New Opportunities

Workamajig’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module enables users to view opportunities and leads, and determine how far advanced they are in the sales pipeline. The program streamlines the process of matching specific client requirements with estimates, and expedites the starting of new projects by directly routing estimates for approval.

Real-time Project Monitoring

The program offers real-time project monitoring capabilities, including scheduling, the defining of resource requirements, and the automatic estimation of project timelines. Project progress is monitored by tracking budgets, schedules and alerts, so that owners can identify issues and bottlenecks, both real and potential, as they occur.

Helps Manage Project Requests

Through the portal provided, new project requests can be submitted which will be routed automatically to the correct approver. In the event that additional information or clarification is required from somebody else within an organisation, then these can be re-routed instantly. Once a request has been approved, just a single click is needed to start a new project.

Optimises Resource Allocation

Workamajig provides tools to optimise resource allocation to ensure that all projects are staffed appropriately by people with the right experience and skill sets. Functionality allows users to match projects with individual staff members, and freelancers, manage priorities and workloads, and generate a range of custom reports.  In addition, the platform enables them to forecast the revenue from every project; this gives them the ability to adjust plans, as required, in terms of staff levels, scheduling, and the use of non-organisational resource such as freelancers and consultants.

Organisation and Collaboration Tools

The program aims to give users visibility into those issues and tasks that are most relevant to them. Once a new project has been approved and created, it will appear automatically in the dashboard of every team member assigned to it, providing a single workspace where they can communicate and collaborate with colleagues effectively on projects and individual tasks. Time spent on projects can be tracked and tasks updated by accessing a variety of assets.


Workamajig’s features are best understood by functional area.

CRM and Sales

Through the platform, users can see, at a glance, all their projects in progress, their status, and when they are expected to finish. This visibility gives them a better understanding of business trends and patterns, and helps to convert leads and prospects into real clients.

The program offers unlimited estimate formats to match the specific needs of clients; direct approval routings help speed-up the process of getting projects started. Integrated calendars and scheduling ensure that client appointments are never missed, whilst notes and feedback can be added for later reference and follow-up.

Through integration with email programs like Gmail and Outlook, all inbound and outbound messages are automatically recorded, whilst integration with Twitter and LinkedIn, and, through Zapier, with more than a thousand apps, provides deeper sales insights.

A fully customisable dashboard allows users to view their sales pipelines in its entirety, and to drill down to the individual project level.

Project and Account Management

Workamajig offers users a range of easy-to-use templates which enable them to create project estimates. These can be sent to clients for approval, developed into schedules with multiple deadlines and target dates, and to quickly generate custom briefs for customers and internal teams.

All project communication, including conversations with clients, can be tracked, organised and shared to facilitate project management. To ensure that targets are met, budget tracking and insights can be integrated into every project, so that, in the event of potential cost over-runs, additional resources can be added, or deployed more effectively.

Time spent on projects can be tracked which enables additional resources to be deployed, if required, or the staffing mix to be changed. At the same time the feedback process is streamlined, so that client comments and approvals can be obtained more quickly.

Project status reports can be generated easily which can be shared with clients and team members, whilst real-time updates ensure that the current status of all projects is accurately displayed.

Resource and Task Management

To ensure that all projects are staffed appropriately, the program determines resource allocation and project needs, assessing the available skills and experience both of in-house employees, and external freelancers and consultants. This enables tasks to be matched with suitable resources quickly and accurately.

Through the use of calendars which are updated in real-time, users can see how time is being spent, when client feedback may be required, and where bottlenecks or roadblocks may occur. Resource demand can be forecast in advance so that, in the event of a ramp-up or slowdown in demand, capacity can be adjusted accordingly.

Powerful vendor search capabilities can be used to match freelancers and consultants with a project quickly and simply, whilst customised templates allow users to create project reports specific to project owners, teams, or clients.

Agency Management

Agency Management tools include the ability to forecast the revenue from every project – this enables users to make changes, when required, to internal resources, scheduling, and the use of external capabilities, such as freelancers. A single management dashboard provides complete project visibility, and insights into bottlenecks and workflow efficiencies.

Through Workamajig’s integrated accounting and project management modules, subscribers are also able to accurate assess profitability at both the client and the individual project level. Additional functionality also includes detailed budget tracking, cash flow projections, and customised reporting.

Creative Management

Through the “My Tasks” feature, users can better and more efficiently organise themselves by consolidating their targets and responsibilities in one place. To boost productivity and collaboration, the program offers users the ability to view the to-do lists and calendars of everybody working on a project, eliminating the need for unproductive email threads and follow-up notes. Documents and files can also be securely shared between team members.

Additional features include a powerful search engine, integration with Outlook and Google, and the ability to create online proofs that can be viewed, edited, and approved on line by teams, and clients. Furthermore, calendar appointments and tasks can be automatically added to timesheets, making the process of time tracking and recording more efficient and accurate.

Finance and Accounting

The program also provides a range of advanced features especially designed to meet the needs of a creative agency’s finance team. These extend beyond the ability to produce a range of customised financial reports – such as profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow, and revenue and expense analysis – to include the automatic streamlining of the accruals process, so they can obtain a true picture of work-in-progress for any project.

Meanwhile, a simple billing workflow allows them to generate, automatically, invoices that contain details such as time incurred, charge-out rates, materials used, and mark-ups. This not only saves time, but reduces the risk of misunderstanding with clients, helping ensure that invoices will be paid faster, boosting cash flow.

In addition, corporate credit card statements can be uploaded directly into the program, and expenses allocated to projects, whilst bank accounts can be connected directly, making the bank reconciliation process much simpler and faster.

The program also enables finance teams to improve the efficiency of their accounts payable process, with easy-to-use tools and workflows.

Additional Features

The additional functionality offered by the program includes:

File Storage: Users have the choice of storing files and documents either on local servers, or in the cloud.

Media Billing: Accurate invoices based on media orders can be prepared automatically because of Workamajig’s integration with STRATA and SmartPlus.

Integration with MyEmma: Intelligent email campaigns that maximise their marketing efforts can be built thanks to the system’s integration with the MyEmma marketing platform.

Print Specs: Users can easily create print specs and route them where they need to go, either within an organisation, or to clients and outside agencies.

Customised dashboards: Subscribers are able to completely customise their dashboard with project details, schedules, calendars, and anything else they need.

Daily Tasks view: They can also boost their efficiency with a “Today” page that gives them an overview of all that they need to do.


The vendor offers 4 pricing tiers – Entry level, Agencies, Mid-Sized Agencies, and Larger Agencies.  All pricing plans include ongoing support and training, whilst client and vendor log-ins are always free. Pricing is available either monthly or annually, and works on the principle that the more users are added to a pricing plan, the lower the cost for an individual user.

Entry Level: This is for a maximum of 5 users. Monthly costs US $50 per month per user; annually US $550 per user.

Agencies: This is for up to 10 users. Monthly costs US $38 per month per user; annually US $418 per user.

Mid-Sized Agencies: This is for up to 50 users. Monthly costs US $34 per month per user; annually US $374 per user.

Larger Agencies: This is for up to 100 users. Monthly costs US $32 per month per user; annually US $352 per user.

In addition, for those enterprise organisations that have more than 200 potential users, they can contact the vendor to arrange for a custom quote.

Prospective users can view a product demo by registering through their web site.


Workamajig is a web-based platform built completely in HTLML5 that is deployed on premise. It can also be hosted via the cloud on Workamajig servers. The vendor advices that the normal implementation time for the system is between two and three months. This allows for basic training sessions to be complete, information to be input, customisation of the system, and testing of the workflow.

The program can be accessed from any mobile device; however, some of the application’s more advanced features are only accessible through desktop.

Through an open API users are able to manage all email communication and calendars through integration with Microsoft Outlook and Google; additionally they can access various social networks and more than a thousand apps with its integration with Zapier.


Every Workamajig installation comes with initial training and deployment support. In addition every account offers unlimited email support, as well as phone support and ongoing training.  There is also a live chat facility on their site, although this is primarily for sales-based enquiries.

Training sessions are typically via browser-based sessions and are conducted over the phone. They are included with all subscriptions for free. Every account is assigned a dedicated account manager and trainer who is responsible both for managing the system implementation and continuous ongoing support.

In addition, at an extra cost, clients can employ the services of a Workamajig consultant who provide industry expertise and knowledge as to how to configure the system to meet the needs of the business. This service is particularly helpful for those companies looking to accelerate the deployment and implementation phase.

The vendor can also be contacted via social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

In terms of self-service resources, users can choose from a list of FAQs, e-Books, case studies, and a blog section with generic regular postings aimed at those in creative industries and advertising. There is also a monthly podcast available for download called Thrive.