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Full WordPress Blog Software Review – All You Need to Know About WordPress


WordPress leads the content management systems market. The platform also maintains a website hosting service.

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Most people easily associate this CMS and hosting service with blogging, but that’s not all to the platform! It supports other web contents like online stores, media galleries, and traditional forums and mailing lists.

Released under the GPLv2 back in May 2003, today over 60 million websites use WordPress. According to reports, as of April 2018, 30.6% of the 10 million leading sites use the platform.

Gaining popularity since its birth, WordPress has become one of the most seamless and useful CMS and web development platforms in the market.

However, the platform has a tiny issue.

Dealing with the regular update of WordPress can sometimes be frustrating. Though these updates are necessary for the health of the platform, they can be a nuisance.

In this review, you’ll get a detailed understanding of the WordPress platform, its features, pricing, benefits, and weaknesses.

Let’s dive in.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an accessible website management system used around the world. It’s also used for pervasive display systems and other application domains.

This platform is a software app used for content management but first started out as a blogging system.

The platform has advanced over the years to become a fully operational CMS. It hosts a massive repository of themes, widgets, and plugins.

You can manage your website from any mobile device or computer. You don’t need an FTP software or HTML editing because the platform is a self-maintaining and self-contained system.

With WordPress, you can create your website or blog in a few minutes. All you need is to download and install the application.

What you’ll need next is a web host that meets the requirements. You can host your site on WordPress.com for free. Albeit, they have a paid version.

Whatever design you choose, the platform is entirely customizable. This flexibility comes from WordPress’s built-in and ready-to-go blogs.

Developers continuously create plugins and themes for WordPress. This versatility makes it possible to find nearly any feature you’d want to incorporate to your site. And these features are easy to implement.

Pros of Using WordPress

Using WordPress comes with its perks. These benefits attract many website owners to the platform.

Awesome Content Management

The platform’s simple navigation tool is one of the biggest perks of using the platform. You can easily navigate through content and pages, no matter how many they are. This feature is why it’s an excellent CMS.

WordPress is intuitive to use. If you understand only the basics of computers, you’ll find this platform an easy-use.

Based on your preferences, you can adjust the platform as you please and customize it to your specific needs.

Great SEO

Developers keep both simplicity and SEO in mind when building WordPress plugins. These programmers know it. Users must find the plugins easy to use, and these software solutions must be search engine friendly too.

The platform is also excellent for learning search optimization. Some plugins assist you with phrases and words that suite searchers’ intent.

With proper optimization, these words or phrases help your content reach their appropriate target audiences.


If you use WordPress, then you’ll befriend plugins.

The platform’s plugins help you extend the functionality of your site. They are useful for performing specific tasks on your site, whether on the backend or the front end of the site.

You can choose from a wide variety of paid and free plugins. No hassle, install the plugin you prefer and quickly develop your site.


You can turn your site into an online forum by merely installing a plugin. The platform has many options for you here.

Just install it and get to work. It’s that simple!

eCommerce Support

WordPress supports eCommerce sites. The internet is booming with more buying and selling today than ever, and this platform has played an enormous part in this.

With an efficiently optimized content, you can reach a wider audience and drive more people to your brand. Make sales and earn repeat customers.


Although this platform has moved on from being just a blogging site. However, blogging remains a core part of the platform.

For most webmasters, WordPress is top-on their list when evaluating content management systems for your organization’s blog, a personal blog or a client’s blog.

Professional-Looking Themes

This content management system offers a ton of professional themes you can choose from for your site.

While some of these themes are free, you will have to pay for others. For the paid themes, prices range from as little as $19 to $99 or even higher for premium themes.

Low Cost

You can install WordPress on your server completely free. With this free package, you get to enjoy a lot of free themes.

Great Performance

With this platform, your site loads quickly because the platform is built with minimal PHP coding.

Compatible With Mobile Devices

Most WordPress themes are compatible with mobile devices by design. These themes adapt your sites’ pages tablet, phone, and other mobile screen displays.

Regular Updates

The platform updates on a regular basis. These updates fix bugs, improve the user experience, tighten the platform’s security, and more.

Cons of Using WordPress

WordPress has flaws. No content management system has it all figured out. Here’s where the platform could use some improvement.

Complex Custom Layouts

One of the downsides of using this CMS is its layout. Though these layouts are customizable, it gets a bit tricky when it comes to navigation.

This complexity also applies to the process of designing your website. You can not easily access some of the designs when you want or need them.

Steep Learning Curve

WordPress might be easily accessible, but you might need some prior knowledge of its system. If you’re already in the marketing and web development spaces or have a background in them, you’ll find the platform impressive. Without a technical experience, you’ll struggle.

Though you don’t need to be proficient in these areas, some knowledge might be required. This knowledge helps you to navigate through WordPress easily.

Too Many Updates

WordPress essentially runs on your server so that updates for easy updates. These updates might not be daily, but you should expect a lot of them.

You should be ready to update your core WordPress plugins, themes, or files a couple of times a month. However, if you run into any trouble, you might need to revert this CMS to a previous state.

Site Hacks

Being an open-source CMS, WordPress is highly susceptible to hacks.

Features of the WordPress Platform

WordPress comes with unique features that make it easy, appealing, and pleasing. You get a flexible platform that is simple, user-friendly, and more.

Let’s examine this content management system’s features.

Publishing Tools

WordPress has publishing tools that help you efficiently manage your content. You can schedule publications, view post revisions, and create drafts.

With WordPress, you can also make your content private or public, and also use passwords to secure pages and post.

User Management

As an administrator on your WordPress site, you authorize the level of access granted to people. You manage the site, your editors review contents, authors develop those contents, and subscribers manage their profiles.

This feature lets you manage all the people working on your website. User management enables others to form a community.

Easy Theme Setup

WordPress has two default themes. If you don’t like these themes, you can select one from the theme directory. This directory comes with thousands of themes you can use to create your website.

Don’t like these themes still? Then you can upload a personal theme with the push of a button. You can transform your website as you please.

Plugin Extensions

WordPress is laden with features, and for those you won’t find on the platform, you’d find a plugin directory for it. You can include forums, multiple galleries, social media widgets, social networking, calendars, spam protection, forms, and more.

WordPress Community

Being one of the most used open-source CMS, WordPress has a supportive and active community.

You can ask a question and get a response from a volunteer in the support forum. You become a part of the WordPress family.

Application Framework

As a developer using WordPress, you can build applications.

WordPress gives you access to many features like databases, HTTP requests, user management, URL routing, translations, and more.

Library Scripts

You can make use of the script libraries that comes with WordPress. These scripts include Plupload, Backbone.js, Underscore.js, and jQuery.

Importing Tools

You can import your data from other website software or blogs. This ease of information transfer is possible because WordPress has importers integrated into it.

These importers can be used by LiveJournal, TypePad, Tumblr, Blogger, and more.

Built-in Comments

WordPress has a comment tool that helps you with forums on your site. Your followers can easily make comments and engage with your content.


WordPress lets you create the exact type of website you want. Whether it’s a personal blog, a business website, a photoblog, a government or news website this platform lets you design anything you want.

You can use themes to beautify your site, and also use plugins to extend it. And, you can develop your application.

Easy Publishing

By only creating a document, you are already on your way to creating contents with WordPress.

Quickly, you can create pages and posts, insert media, edit and format them, and publish your content. All of this can go live in minutes with the click of a button.


Depending on your preference, you can select from any of the pricing plans the platform has to offer.

Let’s examine this platform’s pricing model.

Free Plan

This plan is best if you are new to content creation and management. You can get a free site and start publishing in a matter of minutes.

Personal Plan

This personal plan boosts your website by giving you a custom domain name. It also gets rid of ads.

This plan goes for $48 per year. You get high-quality live chat support and email, dozens of free themes, and 6GB storage.

Premium Plan

The premium plan is suitable for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

This plan sells for $96 per year, and with it, you can design a website using advanced design tools. You also get access to CSS editing and 13GB storage space. Monetizing your site with ads is also possible with this plan.

Business Plan

If you have a small business, then this plan might work for you.

Valued at $300 per year, you get an unlimited number of themes, storage space, and data from Google Analytics.

This plan also lets you get rid of branding by WordPress.com.

Technical Details

It’s easy to use this CMS or their hosting plan to create your website because:

  • WordPress comes with a free plan, so you don’t have to worry about price unless you need advanced tools.
  • The software supports over 70 languages.
  • The platform is an open-source and cloud-based CMS
  • WordPress customer base covers freelancers, small businesses, medium businesses, and large enterprises.
  • Being web-based, you can access this CMS from any computer with an iOS, Linux or Windows operating systems. You can also use any Android or iOS mobile device.

Support Details

WordPress has a fantastic customer service that makes it easy for you to get issues resolved.

Do you want to learn more about the CMS? Then join a forum!

If you’re having any challenges and need help – installing a plugin, sharing information, or any other inquiries, you can go directly to the platform’s support page.

The platform also has a documentation section which is an online manual for using the platform.

To Wrap It Up

WordPress is one of the most comfortable content management systems to use out there. The platform lets you make changes and customize your website without any stress.

The CMS software also comes with a wide range of themes that you can use to design your site creatively.

Developers can also play around with the WordPress code. You can modify and extend the code in any way, and even build your applications. All of this can be done without a licensing fee.

With the platform being easy to use, you waste little time developing your site.

Although it has flaws, WordPress remains one of the best content management software out there right now.

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