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Full WordPerfect Office X8 Productivity Suite review – All you need to know about WordPerfect Office X8 Productivity Suite


What is WordPerfect Office X8?

WordPerfect Office X8 is the most prominent and comprehensive office suite developed for business experts, educational domain purposes and for other sector of users. This Corel- designed product offers exciting and effective solutions with the support of its modernized and new technology features. The tools that are included in WordPerfect office X8 permits users to make most of this software.

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With the implementation of WordPerfect Office X8, businesses can easily systemize and equalize their workflow scenarios so that any kind of complications and issues can be resolved. This office suite is available with multiple templates that helps for the support of various file types. These kinds of scenarios allow many business enterprises to work more efficient and to be productive in the maintenance of their organization documents.

Adding to these, WordPerfect Office X8 also supports PDF creation, modifying and sharing files at no cost involvement. This enhances the implementation of office suite apart from the traditional office suite file types and allows organizations to save money in software.

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WordPerfect Office X8 is not only the software that helps in the creation of office suite files, it also engages in creating, sharing and editing PDF documents too. Besides these, users can also make PDFs with various forms that can be filled by their peers, admins, colleagues and clients in more ease. This allow businesses to invest less money on software as because something important like PDF is already handled by the program itself. WordPerfect Office X8 is more extended into business organizations because

  • More added up features

This leading WordPerfect Office X8 features are more enhanced that results in delivering improvised tools added up with additional functionalities. These also include accelerated Microsoft office functionalities that allows users to create their document using multiple file formats and various styles and fonts. In addition, this office suite itself has more than 60 file formats made by another office program suites.

  • Inclusion of workflows

With the support of WordPerfect Office X8, office workforce accomplishes to work in a more efficient and productive way. As because, this office suite is integrated with numerous tools which allow them to work in a faster mode. Also, inclusion of workflows can make their work to be more organized and they can focus more on the document that they are working on.

  • Improvised section scenarios

Users are also allowed to create documents with some sections that they wish can be kept hidden. This benefit allows WordPerfect Office X8 to be more engaged with users that provides them with to conceal sensitive kind of data. So, with this advantage one can make sure that their content is more secured including with the right set of authorization tools which is hidden by black bars.


WordPerfect Office X8 holds unique features which makes it to stand ahead from its competitors. Also, with these organizations can gratify to the needs of their requirement. The in-built features of WordPerfect Office X8 allows you to create, analyse, and correlate legal kind of files, import and export those files and to publish legal documents in multiple formats as you wish for. Also, you can create unique documents like cases and pleadings.

The legal and authorized features of WordPerfect Office X8 will not be available at the time of installation. If you require these legal features, you are supposed to add these legal features during the installation process.

So, let’s see what are the features that the office suite makes available to its users.

Concede codes

The most popular feature that got more enhancement in office X8 is its reveal code feature. You can have the advantage of more authorization over the display of reveal codes by modifying the colour of the space character which is used to separate words. Also, you can gain quick accessibility to this feature just be clicking on the Reveal Codes on and off option that is located at the default toolbar.

Template viewer

Allow your workflows to be more simplified with the collaboration of time-saving view thumbnails which make the guesswork of the template to complete in a more simplified process. With this instinctive Template Viewer feature, you can have quick move on browsing your installed or already created templates that makes your selection process so easy to end up.

Function key template

With the help of this feature, you can use just few click to get the required template as you need. The template may be from the customized keystrokes or from the updated version of WordPerfect. Using this function key template, you can simply create printable keyboard templates that drafts every single detail which allows you to not miss any mandatory options.

In correspondence with Microsoft office

Office X8, well-known for its exceptional compatibility, WordPerfect allows you to work on more documents than any other office suite. Almost, Office X8 supports more than 60 file formats along with Microsoft Office (.docx, .xlsx and .pptx). The compatibility feature of Office X8 with Microsoft Office is going be to be ended soon. So, make sure that installation version of Office X8 supports this pack or not when you buy this software.

Access to multiple documents at a time

You can open as many files as that of your computer memory which permits you to open multiple WordPerfect Windows. The unique factor that comes with this feature is without any limitation of opening nine documents per each window the sky’s the limit.

Access to all the favourite features

It may be somewhat a complicated task to follow up with various documents that are placed on your desktop. So, with the help of Favourites feature you can simply mark all the relevant documents. And then click on your required toolbar that synchronously opens you required set of documents.

Multiple format saving options

Office X8 holds the feature of multitasking. With this advanced feature, WordPerfect makes you to save a single document in multiple formats such as PDF, HTML5 and WDP at the same time. Within the feature itself, there comes the option of ‘Save to Multiple Formats’ so select this option to Play your macro, save your document in various formats and then click on the option Play and then it will export your document in the required formats.

In-built PDF feature

This feature allows you to create fillable forms for collecting data in a more interactive way. You can simply add various range of form controls together with the inclusion of check boxes, font styles, font colours, drop-down lists, text fields and other. You can easily access the option of changing the form’s appearance.

eBook publisher

Together with MOBI, eBook Publish in Office X8 also supports EPUB format. Allowing this option in X8 provides compatibility with other eBook devices like Sony Reader, Nook, and Kobo. In addition to these, eBook also supports corresponding font and graphic sizing, font and direct conversion of footnotes to cross-linked endnotes.

Macro Manager

Place all your macros to work as soon as you require them with the Macro Manager. This latest dialog box provides all the WordPerfect macros to be placed in a single and appropriate location. So that you can quickly view macro descriptions, properties and run or modify the macros in an easy way.

Ms-office SharePoint

SharePoint is completely embedded with Office X8 that makes you to communicate in a simpler scenario. The communication is through processes, content and business information. Transfer knowledge find out the data and communicate with more confidence either it may be inside or outside of the organization.

PDF Import

You can easily and directly open documents in PDF format and can also reuse graphics and text. You can also choose the option of importing only PDF’s text and then convert text PDF into image PDF.

PDF export

WordPerfect Office X8 is available with numerous publishing options which makes you to share your documents, files, charts and presentations in any format with anyone. Also, adjust file size and print resolution options so that it suits with other destination platforms also like email, print and web.

PDF archive and security

This PDF feature also supports password protection capability which permits you to control who can copy, view, and edit your PDFs or already created PDFs. The office suite also supports the feature of PDF/A which is a standard format used by government for archiving multiple documents.

Make It Fit

The Make It Fit feature in WordPerfect office X8 allows you to choose some part of the text and then resize that fits with the format of specified number of pages. You can easily and simply adjust margins and fonts or removing the selected text. Support of Make It Fit in Office X8 will display every document in a more organized and beautiful way.

Enhanced monitor support

Integration of your organization with Office X8 will surely enhance your productivity to the next level. Multiple monitor support in Office X8 will allow you to open multiple files in various monitors so that you can work simultaneously on all of those.

Database management

This kind of file-based and proximate database management system makes you to store and retrieve information in multiple ways. Allowing you to organize, track and compile data in a more processed format. This entire database management system stores data in a more effective and searchable tables.

Windows Explorer approach

Have a look on WordPerfect file before opening it by choosing the file in Windows Explorer or Outlook and then select the corresponding set of right-click options. After the selection of required options, you can search, copy text, browse a file or even print directly from the Preview panel thus simplifying the opening of files.

Conceptualized training videos

These training videos assists for beginners to learn in a more quick and easy way. With these videos, one can learn WordPerfect Office X8 in a more conceptualized way where it also helps multiple tips and tricks for both newbies and professionals. Be aware of knowing Office X8 inside and out with Brainstorm.

Perfect professional

Make a start to move easily with Office X8 with the step-by-step guide that provides multiple project templates and required advices. When you start to work with PerfectExpert project, this panel automatically updates to provide help and support to the necessary tasks.


WordPerfect X8 is available in the market with three types of SMB and enterprise pricing plans that makes users to choose as per their business requirements. Get to know what are the features and benefits that every plan offers

Standard Edition – This plan is priced at $179.00 which is a single time payment method. It comes up with the features of

  • Creating documents
  • Extended compatibility
  • Predefined PDF Forms
  • eBook publishing approach

Professional Edition – This plan is priced at $319.00 which is a single time payment method. It comes up with the features of

  • Creating documents
  • Extended compatibility
  • Predefined PDF Forms
  • eBook publishing approach
  • Document-based database management system

Home and Student Edition – This plan is priced at $84.99 which is a single time payment method. It comes up with the features of

  • Support of various learning resources
  • Extended compatibility
  • Instructive tools
  • eBook publishing approach
  • Accessibility to free templates, images and graphics

Apart from all these plans, volume licensing and education pricing plans are also available in Office X8.

Technical Details

Apache OpenOffice is accessible only through Windows. The supported language of OpenOffice is English, Dutch, Polish, Swedish and Turkish.

The supporting pricing model of this open-source suite is one-time payment and quote-based and it can easily provide its services for any level of enterprises ranging from small-scale businesses, medium-scale businesses, large-scale business and for freelancers.

Finally, Apache OpenOffice runs on On-Premise environment.

Support Details

WordPerfect Office X8 provides support to its users through phone, conducting live support sessions and tickets.


One of the most trusted solution for creating organized documents, spreadsheets, presentations and many more. With the assistance of advantageous and familiar features, it allows you to work in a productive way. It is available with user-suggested developments and streamlined workflows that makes you to find out impressive tools and make success in any of the organization you choose.

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